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Hello everyone, nice that you are watch TOPFIT: the online exercise program.

Pim, are you ready?

I am certainly ready Evi and hopefully people at home are as well?

Before we start, first make sure you stow potential obstacles away.

Ensure that you have enough space to participate and do so at your own pace.

Sports is not only good for your health, it's also fun to do.

So please enjoy the TOPFIT trainings.

In order to loosen our shoulders: we bring our arms alongside our body.

Then we bring our lower arms up and down again.

Make sure that you keep your shoulders low and that you raise your arms at a 90 degree angle.

Okay, let's start. Are you ready for it Pim?

I'm ready, you all as well?

Let's assume the starting position and from here we start with the movement upwards.

Move your arms upwards.

And bring them down again.

Upwards and down again.

You can make this exercise more challenging by taking on heavier weights.

If you can only do the exercise with one arm, no problem. Then do it like this.

Okay, just a few more

5 more.




Let's wrap it up, the last one. Yes, very well done.

During this boxing exercise we turn our upper body while we punch to the side.

Take on a stance with your feet facing forward.

And on shoulder width.

Bend your knees slightly.

Let's start punching to the side.

Follow your punches with your eyes.

If you are in a wheelchair, sit up straight against the backrest and keep your feet under your knees.

Turn your upper body. Let's do 2 more.

And that's how we do this boxing exercise.

Okay, let's do the exercise together. We hold our hands in front of our faces and start punching 10 times to the right.

Let's go.

Put some power in those punches.





The final one before we go to the other side.

Sit straight up against your backrest when sitting in a wheelchair.

Just three more repetitions and then we cross, so as of now we will punch right and left.

When you turn use your entire body.

Ensure that your feet are under your knees.

Tighten your abdominal muscles, because this enables you to get the most strength out of your upper body.

We do both sides on more time. Right, left. And done very well!

The bent over flies, we do these as follows: take position on the edge of your chair.

Please bring your upper body to your knees.

From this position you will stretch out your arms behind you.

Move them upwards like this.

This exercise is for the back of the shoulders so you should feel there.

If you want to make it a bit harder you can choose to take two bottles of water to increase the weight.

And keep moving your arms upwards.

If you are in a wheelchair try to sit at the front part of your seat.

If this is impossible due your stability, then sit with your buttocks against the backrest.

This improves your balance during this exercise.

Let's do 2 more.

And the last one.

Like this you can do the flies.

Okay so let's start with the bent over flies.

Go to the front end of your chair.

Bring your chest to your knees and if desired grab the bottles right away. Here we go.

If you have difficulty with your stability when you are in a wheelchair:

then make sure can rest your upper body on top of something you have placed on your knees.

Think for example of two books or two towels.

Let's do 5 more.



2 and the last one.

Yes, very well done.

The front raises, this is an exercise for the shoulders.

Make sure you are in a firm stance.

Bring your arms forward.

And bring them back alongside your body.

Same thing: forward and alongside your body.

You can make this exercise more challenging by taking weights in your hands or by slowing down the movement.

That looks like this.

Hold on for a bit.

And slowly down. Let's do it one more time: up and slowly down.

And these are the variations that you can choose from during our workout.

Let's get to work together, so join us.

Take on a firm stance.

Arms alongside our bodies and from there forward.

Bring them down and forward.

Make sure that your back is against the backrest, if you perform this exercise while sitting down.

Very good, just continue.

Make sure you do not raise your hands above your shoulders.

If you want to make it a bit more challenging you can grab some extra weight like Pim.

This is up to you.

You could also do an extra set of repetitions after this one.

Let's do 3 more.


1, and the last one.

Yes, super.

Okay we will show an exercise for the abdominal muscles, which we do as follows.

Let's sit at the front end of the seat, lean backwards with your upper body but do not touch the backrest.

And lift your knees in the air.

You yourself can choose whether you keep your feet up or just your knees. That looks like this.

If you are in a wheelchair, make sure your wheelchair is on the brakes before you do this exercise.

Because otherwise you might make a trip through the house.

Probably making the exercise heavier, but it is not recommended.

When the exercise is too heavy you can drop your feet to the ground, rest and immediately raise them again.

Although you do this exercise while sitting down, it is important that you keep your back from the backrest.

And we eventually come back to the starting position.

Okay, let's train our abdominal muscles. Move to the front end of the seat, lean backwards and keep your legs in the air.

Let's try to hold this position for 30 seconds. It will probably be tough, but stay strong.

You can stretch your legs out or raise your knees just a little higher.

When necessary you can lower your feet to the ground and raise them shortly afterwards.

Keep your legs in the air and your back from the backrest.

Just for 5 more seconds.





And then we go back to the starting position.

If you want to challenge yourself once more, you can of course do an extra set afterwards.

Okay, we will show a nice exercise for your balance.

In this exercise we use a towel.

Place the towel on the floor and just step on top of it.

This exercise is to improve your balance. Tighten your abdominal muscles, keep your back straight.

If this is too easy for you, you can fold the towel once or twice.

Contract your abdomen, and you can even do this exercise on one leg.

For people sitting down, we have a nice alternative to this exercise.

Within this alternative there are several variations.

The first option is to make circles with your arms stretched out.

You could increase or decrease the size of the circles to variate.

The second option is that you stretch your arms forward and then make circles.

Having demonstrated these variations, it is up to you which one you will perform during our workout.

Okay, let's start.

Those who use a towel may already step on it.

And let's try to lift one leg up. Here we go.

Contract your abdomen.

If this is too difficult, you can stand on both feet,

or restore your balance by shortly lowering your foot to the floor before lifting it back up.

People who are sitting down make circles with their arms.

Stretch your arms out and make the circles as big as possible for you.

If it is difficult to stretch your arms sideways, you can stretch them forward as well and doing the same.

And we switch to the other leg.

You can fold the towel once more in order to make the exercise more challenging.

As such the surface becomes more unstable.

Let's hold on for a moment.

We could use weights in order to make this exercise heavier.

Very well done!

We will show an exercise to stretch our shoulders.

We do this as follows: take on a firm stance.

Cross your left arm in front of your body, place your other hand on your elbow and pull your elbow towards you.

Let's switch to the other side.

And do the same.

If you are unable to pull your elbow further,

then pull it as far as possible for you.

We will show the exercise to both sides again.

So we switch to the left.

Perform this exercise at your own capacity.

If this is your maximum stretch then that is fine, if you can stretch further you do that.

And we will switch once more to the right.

That was an exercise to stretch the shoulders.

Let's stretch our shoulders. We do this as follows:

take on a steady stance, possibly you bend your knees a little.

Bring your arm across your body.

We hold this for a few seconds.

Let's switch to the other side.

Your shoulder and the back of your shoulder have to feel that good stretch.

Do not overdo the exercise, only stretch as far as possible for you.

Let us switch to other side again.

Make sure you keep your back straight and tighten your abdominal muscles.

If you are sitting down, make sure you are sitting against the backrest.

Let's switch.

And then we both do the sides again.

So, first left.

Hold on for a moment.

Then right again.

And then you can go back to the starting position.

Okay, an exercise to stretch our upper body.

In particular for the obliques and shoulders. We do this as follows:

Stand firmly, bring your arm over your head and you bow to the side.

Hold it for a moment and come back to the centre.

We do the same in the other direction.

If you do this exercise while sitting down and you have problems with your balance,

then hold on to something nearby ensuring your stability.

We will show both sides again.

So stretch to the side.

You should feel the abs stretching on this side.

And come back to the centre again.

Okay let us stretch the upper body, so be ready.

Lift your hand over your head.

Feel the stretch in your abs.

Then we go to the centre.

And bend over to the other side.

Switch back to the other side.

If you are unable to lift your arm over your head, you can just leave it hanging alongside your body.

If you have less balance, for example due to paraplegia, grab onto something.

Also sit against the backrest.

Because we do not want any accidents to happen.

We just do a few more repetitions.

Well donel!

Another switch.

Hold on briefly.

Yes that was the final stretch, well done.

That was it for today. Thanks for your participation and until the next TOPFIT training.

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