Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Proposals for improving the driving test

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you want to pass your driving test quickly but you also want to keep the

cost of learning to drive down trouble is the majority of people taking the

test don't pass first time because they aren't ready so the Department for

Transport is looking at ways to encourage learner drivers to do more

practice before their tests and to encourage learners to do more practice

by considering giving a cash back to those who pass first time so making it

cheaper a bit more practice before your test doesn't have to mean paying for

extra lessons you can do with a family member or another experienced driver and

evidence shows that the more you practice and vary practice for example

experience of driving and different weather conditions different roads at

different times of day it also lowers your chance of being in an accident

after passing your test younger in new drivers are one of the group's most

likely to be involved in an accident a quarter of drivers killed and seriously

injured on our roads are between 17 and 24 and many people are involved in

accidents within six months of passing their driving test we don't want to push

up the cost of the test we know that many people don't just want to drive but

needs to be able to drive to work and to see family and friends so we're very

keen to hear what you think of this idea and whether it would help improve young

driver safety whether this would work and if you think it's fair you can let

us know your views by responding to the consultation by commenting on our

proposals on the DVSA Facebook page

The Description of Proposals for improving the driving test