Practice English Speaking&Listening with: ASMR ROLEPLAY | POISON IVY and HARLEY QUINN kiss

Difficulty: 0

Ivy: oh Harley... Harley: you were right ivy joker never loved me he only loves batman...

Harley: i will make my own crew bad guys and i will show him yes

Ivy: Oh Harley for once you listen to are a strong and independent don't need Joker. Finally you discovered that.

Ivy: I'm so happy for you my dear Harley: yes yes yes exactly about that that i wanted to talk about...

Harley: You know ivy i might like someone else now....

Harley: Ivy my dear is not like you would like to well um be together? Ivy: Mmmh i don't know.

Harley: oh no no no you don't have to answer me now...first thing first i need to show you my surprise...

Harley: Yes you will like it Ivy: oooh Harley: Oh look here...

Ivy: Oh a gift for interesting...

Ivy: Oh i see...a little one...captured by my little darling Harley...for me... Harley: Aren't you happy?

Ivy: Oh thank you...oh yes...yes i might like it... Harley: yes yes...

Harley: oh yes i'll leave you two alone to play Ivy: Yes my darling...

Ivy: Oooh are all mine now

Little new little plaything...

isn't she such a good girl my Harley yes my sweet darling Harley

i think i think i might love her oh you poor thing, poor little thing don't you worry

you will like it you will ...oh what is that face?

you're shivering like a little one ...oh but don't you worry little ivy have something for you

to make you more serene more peaceful more a condescending...

oh yes you know what i'm speaking about i'm sure about it you sure know about me

the most beautiful villain in gotham

oh yes...where we were?

a little bit of my poisoned powder

little one wants to play with ivy yes play with me

do you want a kiss because

i would like to give you a kiss oh yes my little one my new sweet plaything

maybe if i'll like you enough

i might keep you for quite some time

my little sweet new plaything

you're so sweet ...oh you like me

my precious kiss always do the job

no one can resist Poison Ivy... no one can resist me

oh don't you think don't you think i'm the most beautiful villain in gotham?

oh but my plans are to go everywhere i will bring my little green babies all over the world

and maybe i will bring you with me yes such a sweet gift you are... a gift from my lovely Harley

i might think that i truly like you

oh yes yes

sweet sweet one so sweet so beautiful

you smell of strawberries i like strawberries yes they're red

my little surprise my littlesweet gift

Do you think that i should give you a name? oh youalready have a name? how silly of you

How silly!

you will be my little one i like that way yes mine oh well i will share you with harley

maybe i should go now i will play again with you later ...

...i need to see if harley didn't burn the house while i was playing with you

she'ssuch a sweet darling girl but she is a bit crazy

but love is can't look

but i will keep looking at you

a little more kiss ...all right

i like your smell

see you soon my new dear one my little one

Harley: Uh Ivy...she never believes in me i didn't burn anything oh maybe maybe a little...

a cookies huh...little cookies burned...

Huh yes...Hello my new plaything! Did you play with Harley?....huh it's me Harley...

you will play with harley now

oh yes Ivy is so sweet.... but i see something strange did she used her poison tricks?

and i wanted to have fun now you are so sleepy


why are you so sad?

Harley will make you happy

coming back in a second

oh such a sad face let's fix it The voices aretelling me that you want a new makeup yes yes

yes like this like this like this oh yes the voices are speaking to me every day every night

they talk a lot oh but you want to know what they said

yes that you will stay with me and ivy forever

But let's begin!

my favorite one

oh yes yes what is happening?

A new makeup for you...a new make up for you

you are starting to look better beautiful beautiful little thing

But i'm not happy of this result

What i might do?

starting to be better and now

I like eyeliner a lot!

let's make a little hearth

now you have an hearth like me!

let's see what we can do yes your eyebrows they look shabby

hmm a lot...a lot better!

what is inside my Bag?

oh yes i don't like your nails not even a bit they are dirty...dirty nails not good

they look so better now

Let's do the best part now...i will make you smile!

let's do like this yes...a bit here...

My mission is done...mission...

Yes i like purple! But i like more...Red, Black, pink, blue

Yes...the voices are talking to me again

They say...we are not done!

oh yes!

look at that smile

I bet Ivy would like you more like that yes... She will like you more

let's be a bit serious

we are adults... i didn't think so...we are....

i think i did the perfect work like always harley is always the best

and i will teach to Joker that

Let's not say bad words

but you know what i meant...Joker...pfff

But now i have Ivy...

She is all mine... i bet that after a gift like you she won't leave me she will accept my proposal

Our little little little little sweet sweet play thing

Plaything...yes you are a little bit my plaything but also Ivy's plaything...but also mine....our plaything...

she's coming back she's coming back my love

Sssssh don't tell her anything...or i will...mmmh ooooh sweet dear Ivy

IVY: Oh i like it...So funny...

IVY: Thank you so much my dear Harley... this is an amazing gift

IVY: what a beautiful gift

Harley: I love you so so much Ivy: and Harley yes...i love you

IVY:Do you think... is jealous? HARLEY: Oooh Ivy...

Ivy: Yes...maybe we should kiss our little thing...our new sweet little plaything...

*Bell ringing*

CATWOMAN: the two witches are finally gone...

Bad girls...they wanted to keep you all for themselves ...but now we can have some fun...

Tell me if ifree you... will you bring me some precious?

yes i like precious ...diamond... gold ...silver... i like them so much

....but i was kidding i'm not going to free you

i still want to play with you

...but maybe you can be useful

yes you are rich ... you know what the other peoplewith a lot of money are...

Yes you would like to be my new assistant? yes usually i workalone... but i will make an exception for you

so what do you say?

Good...good then let's go we have a city to rob...

Oh yes i need to free you before...