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Hi there, welcome to educational technagogy


ya that's a sheep you heard. Did you know

that sheep had knuckles?

That's what the first dice were played with

sheeps knuckles. Well, they were made out of a sheeps knuckles.

BAM! Yeah

that's right football WhoYa

Fumble! I'd like to tell you a story.

The ancient Lydians

were a group of people that lived around three thousand years ago.

in the Mediterranean area the world most likely near

present-day Turkey. They had a problem, no this problem didn't have

anything to do with sheep knuckles, they had a problem

with food. There was a great famine throughout the land that lasted at least

two decades.

And, what these people decided to do to handle this famine

was they would eat one day

and the next day they would play games the entire day.

without eating. This would take ,playing games, would take their minds

off the fact that they didn't have enough food

and so they ate every other day and played

good hard games the other days of the week.

They did this for at least eighteen years

so the story goes whether it's true or not

we're not quite sure but we have found, through research,

that games do even today

help take our minds off of the

awful things that may be happening in our lives. BOOM! Baseball!

it's a game it's not just a game

some people make a living at baseball.

Oh mighty Time Lord!

yes my sonic screwdriver just like Doctor Who

I can pretend to be in a game

game-based learning

game-based learning GBL is simply

taking games and implementing them into your curriculum

It can be as simple as taking an off-the-shelf game such as Monopoly

to teach economic facts or it can be using computer-based games

such as doctor Kurt Squire from University Wisconsin used in his

doctoral research

Civilization 3. Civilization 3 he

found really helped his students

to understand geographical concepts through time

he was hoping that it would help them

understand history better but going through these periods of time

they learned geographic concepts much better

than historical ones but games can be used

to learn any number of concepts there are

tons of games available and game-based learning

is something that we've been doing throughout time.

I was thinking just the other day how could I

take a twenty sided and in use in my classroom?


Gamification is basically taking

game dynamics and game mechanics

and using them in non-game settings such as a classroom.

Game dynamics are kinda the touchy-feely sort of stuff

the narrative, the relationships, the emotions,

progression, and storyline. All these things

are qualities of good game dynamics. Game mechanics

also need to play into gamification this is HOW

the game is played it's the rules it's things like

leader-boards, levels, resources, badges,

how are you going to win? what are the winning conditions?

challenges, quests. These are the

mechanics that make up a good game.

Some the story lines that people use are story lines from great games such


World of Warcraft, Game of Thrones

is a good excellent story line The Hunger Games

is a story line that's often used, Some people have even used the

different factions from Veronica Roth's Divergent series

as a setting for their games.

I think that's all I'm going to go over for this week.

Join me next week for a further discussion

of gamification in education.

Go ahead roll the dice,

and see if you can implement games in the classroom.

Thanks and have a great week! yeah

okay yeah yeah

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from the I the deck today I

implied by me works me

Wow pardoned by yes

Honda for like

I wonder if John Green started out this way?

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