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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Craig Thaine - The Future of Professional Development

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so mine is the property of a third New

Zealand accident you've seen so maybe

the future lies on the other side of the

world so I'm in much of the literature

on continuous professional development

there's a focus on the teacher

developing skills and knowledge over

time so often that getting this

knowledge and skills from books as Scott

has said or they're going through

seminars or the reading stuff online or

whatever but there might also be a

context where there's a teacher trainer

a teacher educator or a an academic

manager who kind of mentors the teacher

as part of their continuous professional

development so that to me is a pretty

sort of typical scenario the thing that

I have noted and often have felt is that

the learners to some degree are kind of

left out of this process and their views

are not always referred to or reported

on in the discussion of teachers

continuous professional development but

I think that learners have actually got

some quite good ideas about learning if

we talk to them they actually have got

some interesting stuff to say and

they've also some got some very clear

ideas on how teachers can deliver

effective lessons so I think that the

voice of the learners is a really

valuable tool in professional

development so I think that learners

increased participation in teacher

learning would be a beneficial future

development in in continuous

professional development so what I mean

here is that for example teachers could

seek direct feedback from learners on a

lesson when observations are set up the

observer and the teacher and the

learners could actually have a

conversation together and we could get

the learners perspective on the lesson

but then also action research projects

could be set up in which learner's are

involved in they're kind of getting

their feedback and evaluation to some

degree this is already happening Judith

Hanks to work on exploratory practice

and Peter Dudley his lesson study

they've both written on this kind of

professional development and what

they're focusing on is that they want it

to get teachers away from thinking about

they're performing

and more on the actual learning what's

happening for students in the classroom

so it's less on what the teachers doing

their delivery their performance and

more on student learning another thing

is in the January edition of the ELT J

does an article by Emily ed wisdom and

burns and they were reporting on us the

sustainability of professional

development in a nationwide program that

was delivered in Australia so on my side

of the world and one of the interesting

things is that one of the four key

impact that they noted was a stronger

connection this is for the teachers the

key impacts for the teachers in the

study was a stronger connection with

learners needs and perspectives and I

think there's a difference between a

need and a perspective so I think that

that's interesting so that's it in some

way that's my that's my prediction for

the future of continuous professional

development that the learners are

included far more in the project thanks

for listening


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