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(Finebros) So this episode, you are NOT reacting to a video.

What're we doing?

(Finebros) Today, you are reacting to fashion.


Ooh. That's interesting.

To fashion?! Why would you have me react to fashion?

- I can do this! Okay. - (Finebros) 1980's fashion.

Uh, alright then.

Oh no! I hate the '80s.


Isn't that, like, hippy?

It was very neon.

There's some '80s fashion that is really fun,

like the '80s movie's fashion. My mom has Flash Dance.

My dad has The Breakfast Club.

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(Finebros) What do you know about '80s fashion?

Absolutely nothing.

I don't know anything about that.

'80s fashion is what hipsters are wearing today.

The headbands across, with the leotards and the colored tights.

Women in blazers all the time. Awful!

Shoulderpads. Awful.

(Finebros) First off, one of the biggest trends in the '80s

for women, clothing that had built-in shoulder pads.

Did they play football in the '80s?

That's actually cute.

Benny, this is yours, right?

It's kinda weird. It looks like you're wearing

the coat hanger with your coat.

I think that girls should look dainty and cute,

and not like--(laughs)

I think it would be really weird to feel, like...

If you just had your arm around a girl, and it's just pad.

- (Finebros) Go ahead and try it on. - (whispers) Oh god.

You just want me to wear women's clothing, guys.

I think I could pull it off.

I feel powerful. I feel like a man.

I feel like a governor.

I feel like a newswoman. Like, "Hello! Channel 4 News."

Who thought of this idea, to do that?

Like, "Oh, let's be like football players. Let's be powerful."

Didn't Madonna do that? Madonna definitely did this.

(Finebros) So here's an image of some celebrities of the era,

- all in shoulder pads. - Fashion's weird, man.

I don't like it. Two thumbs down.

They look like the people in my textbooks, man.

That's from Ferris Bueller.

There's Princess Diana.

Oprah Winfrey, I don't know why she's wearing a yellow stripe.

You're not an astronaut or Zenon.

(Finebros) Why do you think this was a thing in the '80s?

You tell me! I don't know.

I wasn't alive in the '80s.

I don't even know. I didn't know shoulder pads were that serious.

Maybe it made their waists seem more smaller.

Maybe it makes their heads look smaller?

I don't know. (laughs)

Women were becoming more active in business,

and they wanted to show that they were capable,

and they wanted to show that they were--not masculine, necessarily--

but could handle the same things as men.

(Finebros) Well, one of the reasons was a movement called Power Dressing.

Power Dressing. Sounds so awesome.

(with emphasis) Power Dressing!

(Finebros) Women wanted to show that they were capable in society,

- so they wanted to look more masculine. - Okay, that makes sense.

When I put it on, it makes me feel powerful.

I think women can be as powerful as men without making

themselves look like men.

I don't think you need shoulder pads to make you, you know, feel powerful.

(Finebros) You don't feel more powerful right now?

Actually, I kinda do. I'm not gonna lie. (laughs)

(Finebros) Everything they made came with shoulder pads,

- including t-shirts! - You're not serious.

A t-shirt with shoulder pads.


This looks so stupid.

Why? Why? Why?

I want to try everything on. This is fun. It's like a fashion show.

This is so ugly! I would never wear this.

This needs to be burned.

No! I don't feel powerful in this.

(Finebros) Another trend was the fitness boom.

I have a horror story. I walked into my mom's closet one time,

and I saw so much neon, like fitness clothing.

I was so scarred.

- (Finebros) Here is an example. - Sick.

I'm not gonna lie. I like those pants.

God, the leg warmers! I forgot about leg warmers.

They're horrible.

People would wear this on a daily basis, not just when they're working out?

It just seems like a whole generation that was so lost.

These all look like pictures of my mom in the '80s.

My dad had one of [sea] jackets, and he still wears it.

- (Finebros) So we have some of this. - Oh?

Do I get to wear them?

(Finebros) So we have some windbreaker suits.

Oh no, these are so disgusting. People wore this?

This is like a Halloween costume.

I feel like this is kind of coming back.

Do I look good?

No! You can' this to yourself.

- (Finebros) There also was leg warmers. - Oh yeah! (laughs)

I love leg warmers so much.

This is as hipster as it gets.

These are actually really comfortable. I want a pair of these now.

I actually wear some to school. These are still in today.

- (Finebros) We have headbands. - Oh, joy! We get four of 'em.

I'm gonna keep this forever.

I gotta be as '80s as possible. Alright. (laughs)

Breaking a sweat, React in the day!

(Finebros) Scrunchies that girls used to love.

Scrunchies aren't terrible. I'm okay with scrunchies,

unless they're neon...and they're neon.

I'm gonna look back at this in ten years and I'm gonna be like,

"What was I doing?!" But you know what?

Whatever. I was I gonna say, "YOLO!" But I'm not a 13 year old boy.

- (Finebros) And there was also zubaz. - Zubaz?

This sounds amazing.


Are they sweatpants?

I would totally wear these.

Dude! I've seen my dad with these.

Where did you guys even find this stuff?

That's what I'm concerned about.

(Finebros) Put on the windbreaker and the Zubaz.

Yeah. I like this one.

How do I look? (laughs)

These are amazing!

Seriously, these are awesome!

Let's do it!

Why? How?

'80s! I'm so happy right now.

I feel like the douchebag in every '80s movie.

Come at me! I'm single! (laughs)

(Finebros) So, last but not least, who could forget the greatest trend

- in the '80s history? - I'm scared.


Why was this ever a trend?

Yes! Fanny packs.

Yeah! I have three of these.

Here we go. I've never put one on,

but I'll figure it out.

These are actually pretty practical.

I hate people that [bleep] on fanny packs.

(Finebros) What do you think of the loud colors of the '80s?

It's not for me.

They were very loud and eccentric back then, weren't they?

We're more subdued now.

I love it. It's so fun.

As a person that dresses in black almost 24-7,

this is a fun change!

I love it. (laughs)

But that's coming from me, who has no fashion sense whatsoever.

(Finebros) Can you talk about why you think fashion trends even happen?

Why is something that is cool not always cool?

Maybe because people realize how stupid it is.

'Cause they're horrible.

Each generation sees their parents in things, and they're like

"Ew! I don't want to wear those."

If I saw my mom in zubaz, this would be the geekiest thing I'd ever seen.

But now that I'm wearing it, I love it.

You can't wear the same thing forever. It has to change up,

and then it comes back.

This is creative.

That's all what fashion is, just creating art.

(Finebros) What fashion trend today do you think would be laughed at

- 30 years from now. - Ugs.

Man tank tops.

Skinny jeans!

Animal prints on things.

I think shorty shorts, like girls shorty shorts.

Wearing leggings and tights as pants.

They're NOT pants! You can see everything!

(Finebros) Finally, do you prefer fashion today, or do you wish

you could've been around in the '80s?

Do you see how good these look on me? (laughs)

Of course I wish I was in the '80s.

I would totally rock the '80s fashion.

God, please take me back to the '80s. I need all of this.

I'm going thrift shopping-- I swear to god,

I'm not even joking.

I don't want to wear these fashions of the '80s.

I want to wear Guns N' Roses fashion.

- Ooh, yeah! I could rock that. - (Finebros laughs)

Oh, definitely today.


It looks like a bunch of highlighters threw up!

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