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( music playing )

Shawn McCray: I always tell people there's two worlds.

The streets is a different world.

In the city of Newark, you know, carjackings and murders--

and sometimes I wake up and it's like,

"How much of a difference am I really making?"

Deny, Omar!

Stop ball, stop ball!

I wanna win the state championship, too,

but I want people to go to college,

I don't just wanna win

and ain't nobody going to college.

What's it for?

People don't understand,

if you don't have a plan,

the streets have a plan out there for you.

Nikkita: We went to the court

and they didn't even have him in the system.

So it's like he was never arrested.

- Right. - And then a month from now,

he'll have a warrant.

Nikkita: Exactly. For not showing up to court.

Shawn: I know the story

'cause I was a street kid.

But I was given second chances

and I think people deserve a second chance

'cause not everybody's bad, man.

Some people just make bad decisions.

( motorcycle engine revving )

Bulls guard Jay Williams

has been involved in a motorcycle accident.

The second player taken in the draft

was transported to the hospital in critical condition.

These injuries could definitely

change his career permanently.

Jay Williams: For a long time, I was a victim to my circumstance.

"Woe is me. Jay with the accident that changed my life."

But there was a moment where I took that circumstance

and I let it empower me, 'cause I wanna make change.

Not just in myself, but within other people.

Y'all need to come together, man.

Y'all play like this. Y'all need to play like this.

Y'all will keep having this feeling

if y'all keep playing like this.

I want this experience to change lives.

Yeah, I read it.

It's my job to keep pushing you step by step.


Start over. Kareem's knees touched.


Jay: For so long in my life, I let my past

define who I was.

But if I'm too focused on what was,

I'll never focus on what's going to come.

Hey, guys at home,

I got somebody that wants to say what's up to you.

- Hold on. - Yo, what's up, y'all?

( clamoring )

Every experience in life is a teacher.

My dad, he's in jail.

Sometime I cry at night

'cause he's not here.

In these last few months,

I probably been in, like,

ten different houses.

People want power and money.

They try to kill each other for it.

Shawn: We just found out that Jihad's father passed away.

You'll be all right, man. You'll be all right.

At the end of the day,

you guys got an unbelievable mentor,

and I want you to learn from everything that you've done.

You gonna be great.

Mike Samsel: Dee-End down court to Zarique!

( cheering )

( cheering )

You don't know how great you are.

You're held prisoner to your circumstances.

There was a moment where I took my circumstance

and I let it empower me.

I said, "No longer 'Why me?'.

It became 'Why not me?'"

And that's what I want to imprint on these kids.

They were built for these type of moments.

( music playing )

This is where it all started,

the 1967 riots.

They pulled over a cab driver up on 16th Avenue.

Allegedly, they beat him up,

and, you know, a large crowd thought the cab driver died.

They took him out the back

and took him to the hospital.

But, you know, the people thought he died,

so they start throwing rocks and bottles at the police.

( clamoring )

And then they went to over to Springfield Avenue

where a majority of the businesses were.

They started torching all the businesses.

( siren wailing )

But there was a build up to that.

I mean, I think poverty overrides all of the crime, you know?

And that's why most crime is committed,

'cause people really don't have anything.

( over P.A.) There will be a curfew starting at 11...

I call the Newark Riots a rebellion

because that's exactly what I think it was.

( siren wailing )

It was rebelling,

not just the arrest of John Smith,

but the conditions that people were living in in the city.

Politicians were corrupt,

the school system was not sufficiently funded,

police brutality was legendary.

There were no jobs here, there was no opportunity.

And Newark, it exploded.

Officer 1: Bay window!

Officer 2: Where? Where?

- Above the front door. - Yeah, yeah.

The first window next to that door.

I was born in Brooklyn,

lived in Newark for almost 50 years.

And this is the end. I'm through!

Through with Newark because Newark is bad.

Can I say something?

Listen, all we want is the equal right.

That's all we're asking for.

And as long as they keep this up,

we gon' burn the white out.

( siren wailing )

Shawn: You know, the riots lasted a few days.

Some people died, people got arrested.

But this where it started at, right here, in 1967 in June.

Ras Baraka: Since that time, Newark has been trying to endure

and transcend difficult times.

Buildings that were burnt out,

whole communities that were devastated

and had not been repaired--

I'm still building in areas

that were abandoned for 50 years.

You know, the city gives people their personality,

gave them their grit, their sense of determination.

All of those things, you know, associated with the idea

of "I'm from the bricks. You know, brick city."


We try to take what's bad

and stand on top of it.

And we call it enduring.

Or we call it, "Oh, we persevered."

But the reality is, you've been affected by that.

And there is some real emotional

and psychological distress that you're under

because of these situations.

Shawn: Um, this is where I grew up.

This actually used to be projects.

This was like a big square

with about 12 to 15 buildings

with about 5,000 people living in this...

this one little area.

And you knew, like, everybody.

You know?

Hey, what's up, bro? How are you?

I'm all right. What's going on?

All right.

It was fun, man, and I always said,

if they had the projects still up,

I probably would live in it.

I just miss the love and the togetherness from the projects.

And I think when they tore the projects down,

it broke a lot of unity.

Dr. Epps: Poverty has its bad side,

but there's also a rich culture that comes from poverty.

- Man: Make some noise! - ( cheering )

Shawn: Most of the guys that moved from the block

were from the same project.

And some guys were throwing parties.

My friend Red, he had a rapper living with him.

And, of course, if you got Biz Markie and Cool V,

you gonna get people.

Shawn: The following was big.

So it was like, "We have to come up with a name

to put on some T-shirts and get people to know it's us."

My friend was like, "The police call us animals.

Why don't we just call ourselves the 'Zoo Crew?'"

Because we was caged in,

you know, locked in your ghetto environment.

Shawn: We would have rappers come to the parties,

like Queen Latifah, Treach from Naughty by Nature.

It was like, "Oh, yeah, yeah, Zoo Crew?

We going to the party because it's safe,

everybody having fun."

Man, we fed the whole community, man.

And it was-- it was beautiful, man,

I miss those days. I really do.

I think some people in the community

thought they were entrepreneurs and philanthropists

who were giving back to the community,

because they would do things for the community.

But the problem is, you know,

where are they getting the money to do that?

They were a criminal enterprise.

Shawn: We cared about the community,

but we did things that we shouldn't have been doing.

This is the driveway where we hung and did our business.

I used to put my stash on this wall right here.

One time I got chased.

Police were right there, but I made it--

I made it to the house. They didn't even know it was me.

I got a phone call 6:00 in the morning

and they saying they rounding up members of the Zoo Crew.

And I went and sat in the living room,

I said, "Damn, it's over."

Like, "I'm going to jail.

This is it."

And I just waited for them to kick the door in.

It never happened.

When stuff like that happen, you start to reflect.

Do you really wanna live this life?

After that I was like, "That's it.

I can't do this anymore."

Teen: Dee-End, go, go, go, go.

Shawn: So I started to bring kids in through basketball.

Lot of people don't understand

some of the things that these kids go through,

but I know how it is out there.

Everybody can't survive out there.

He's scared of the pressure!

He's scared of the pressure! Cut deep!

All: Oh!

( laughter )

Shawn: Let's go, baseline, let's go!

Smallest to tallest.

I've lost a lot of kids, man.

The numbers of former players that have been killed?

We're at about 19 right now

in the last 21 years.

And the crazy part is...

...the crazy part is, like,

it started within the last ten years.

Then, all of a sudden, it's like

every six months somebody was getting killed

and it was like...

it was tough, man.

And kids grow up and think that's the norm.

Quan Quan brother in jail,

Brill brother in jail,

Dee-End brother in jail,

Jihad brother in and out of jail,

and it's crazy.

And you gotta try to keep all that together

to get your season the way you want it to be.

It's 37 kids, man. We got 15 spots.

That's all I'ma tell you.

I don't care what grade you in.

If you one of the top 15, you will be on the team.

If you a senior

and a freshman is the same caliber as you,

you getting cut.

My expectation for this team is

win the states. It is time for us to win.

We haven't won since 2011.

I think it's time.

Shawn: Baseline, three lines.

Coach: On a hop, on a hop!

Sharnee: I think another expectation is more academic.

We just have an awesome set of young men

graduating this year, and the expectation is

to just end the year with a bang.

( music playing )

Shawn: Let's go, Dee-End!

Catch the ball!

( music continues )

Catch the ball!

Bounce, Quan, bounce, Quan.

Shawn: I would rather bypass tryouts.

To understand the game, you have to play.

I mean, practice is great,

but game is the teacher because it's live.

Pay attention, man, pay attention!

We have a lot of talented kids in the city of Newark,

but, you know, sports is a way to get that free education

and it could take you anywhere.

Dee-End, he's one of those kids you root for.

We always say he's the best player in Newark

and he wants to go to school.

So that's the easy part right there,

that he wants to go.

First five on defense.

I would love to see all my kids go to college,

but some of the kids, they just not good enough

to play college basketball.

Use your head.

Take care of the ball! This is varsity!

( whistle blows )

Go academically,

everybody not going for basketball.

He coming. Coming left.

Where's my ball? Where's my ball?

( whistle blows )

Um, we still got 37? Ain't nobody leave yet?

Look like them same 12 that played last year

don't really want they spot.

Shawn: So, we here tomorrow. Come to school.

You can't try out if you don't come to school.

School is fun.

We love Central, right.

- Yeah. - Yes, sir.

We love Central, right?

- ( muttering ) - Psh.

I graduated from Central, man.

I love Central.

I'm a Blue Devil. It's a dream.

I'm coaching the school I played at.

You could be standing here one day. Who knows?

Anything can happen, man.

If you don't think you good enough,

then stay home tomorrow.

If you think you got a shot?

Show up, man. Don't be nervous, man.

( music playing )

...nine, ten,

11, 12, 13...

Teen: Go back, go back, go back!

- What, 19? - Yeah.

Who this? That's a freshman?

Yeah, he-- yeah.

- All right. - All right, take that.

- 18. - ( muttering )

14, 15, 16.

So, what do we have? Who am I missing?

Anybody else y'all see over there?

Let me just put them on the baseline.

- All right. - ( blows whistle )


Shawn: If I call your name,

you staying till 3:00.

If I don't call you,

don't take it personal.

It just wasn't your time.

So, um...

DJ, go to half-court.

( applause )

Kareem Davis.

Quan Quan.

- Haddie. - ( applause )

- Zarique. - ( applause )


The cutting part is tough, man.

I hate it.


I don't like cutting kids,

because they want to be a part of something

because they're coming out.

But we trying to build a team. Gotta cut 'em.

You see some of the kids standing there,

like, waiting to see if they name gonna get called.

And, you know, you see some of the faces of these kids,

and it's like, "Damn."




I gave all I got.

I just feel empty now. I feel like I have nothing.

It's how I feel.

Hey, clap it up for yourselves, man.

'Cause everybody didn't make it.

It be like that sometimes.

Now, how many seniors we got? Eight.

What year y'all came to high school?

- '14. - 2014.

That's the last thing we won,

and that was when y'all came in here.

So leave something in here, so you can walk in here

and say, "Yeah, I did that."

All right?

When you dealing with kids,

you gotta talk to 'em, and try to help 'em

and guide 'em through it.

And, you know, that's where I come in at

'cause I understand.

Father don't come around, mom wasn't around.

Like, I understand. Your mother raised you.

My mother raised me, like...

I can relate to y'all. I know the story.

I know the struggle.

This is life, man. It's life.

That's why I stay on Shaquan Clark so much

because I see his-- I see his potential.

Not basketball potential,

I see his street potential.

'Cause he has the potential to be in the street.

My brother called me yesterday morning

and said they came and got Shaquan,

and I said, "Well, why?"

They said because he was in a fight,

and apparently the person who they were fighting

only knew Shaquan, so they named Shaquan's name

and said that he stole their cell phone.

Now, Shaquan called me from the jail yesterday,

and I asked him-- I said, "You know I'm disappointed."

And he said, "Yes, but I did not take a cell phone."

( laughter )

I wouldn't even take this fight serious,

because they're laughing and it didn't seem

like anyone really fought anyone.

So I don't know what's gonna happen.

My sister gave me temporary rights over Shaquan.

So what I'm gonna do is go down there and plead with the judge

to release him in my custody.

His coach said that he'll get out.

Maybe he's more familiar with this kind of situation.

I'm not.

This is East Orange.

I just-- when I moved here two years ago,

I moved from Newark.

That's where Shaquan was with me full-time

'cause his school was right down the street

from where I lived at.

But because of the area,

I had to get my kids out of there.

( intercom beeps )

I'ma say this,

sometimes you just adapt to your situation.

The older brother's incarcerated.

And I think Shaquan is adapting

to what he's used to seeing his older brother do.

Man: Y'all take care.

All right.

I gotta call your mother.

We's all right. I went to sleep early.

Nikkita: Shaquan's a sweetheart.

I just think he's around the wrong people sometimes.

And, unfortunately,

he gets influenced by what they're doing.

Better be focused, boy.

Your goal is to focus in school,

and go to college,

and get your mother out that hood.

There go my brother right there.

Oh, God.

In and out, Shaquan.

You know Brett like to talk.

Yo, man! It's my little nephew.

How y'all doing? How y'all doing?

Go ahead, little man!

Newark gets transformation stories,

because we understand that sometimes

in a society to survive, people make bad decisions.

And I'm not talking about something extremely dangerous

and borderline criminal, I'm just talking about

that maturity stuff that gets us in situations.

And so I also want to create an environment

where people feel they are safe.

I think that that's why sports or basketball is important.

What are we giving our kids

to choose something different over the other?

All right, I'll see you later.

All right, yo. Y'all be easy, y'all be easy.

- Be... - All right, love you.

All right, y'all.

I do think you have to hold people accountable.

If they think that there are no consequences?

Big trouble.

But if there's only consequences,

and there's no resiliency?

Kid's gonna say, "I'm just gonna give up.

What's gonna happen?

You're gonna get rid of my anyway, right?

You're going to punish me anyway,

so I'ma give you something for you to punish me for."

As opposed to saying, "Look, you made a bad decision,

but you're in a place of love.

You know, you gotta give some love back, too."

I'm back. Hi, baby!

( phone ringing )

I'm at my aunt's house.

Shawn: That's good, stay there.

- Yeah, I am. - Can I speak to him?

Hey, OG, my aunt want to speak to you real fast.

The judge said he's only allowed to go to school,

go to basketball practice if he's with you,

but then he has to come back here

because somebody's gonna come here and sign--

He has to sign a form.

The reason why they gotta come here

is to make sure he's not outside in the streets.

Oh, okay.

- Okay. - All right, hold on.

All right. Uh-huh.



What you doing now?

All right, all right, all right.

You gonna miss me?

( laughs )

All right, O.

All right, see you on Monday.

- All right. - All right.

I'll fight for these kids, man.

I mean, we gotta fix these problems ourselves.

And if we can't come together collectively,

it's gonna continue to be the way it is.

We sitting here waiting for Superman. He not coming.

He's not coming. Superman is not coming.

I would love to see him fly in and flex his muscles,

but it's not happening.

Jay: Say hello.

Say hello, D.

You don't wanna say hello? You camera shy?

Okay, all right.

Producer: Who is that?

Denzel Washington. He's a stud.

Got him from a rescue.

Camera shy.

Your name is Denzel Washington.

You're supposed to be good on camera.

Let's go.

Let's get it.

( music playing )

Anxiety level's pretty high right now

considering that I have no idea

what the hell I'm walking into.

But it's kinda-- it's kinda cool, too,

in the same breath.

Yeah, I've been thinking about coaching for a while now,

and this opportunity came across my plate

to work with Coach McCray over at Central High School.

I don't know anything about these kids

or their background.

I don't know what Coach has in store.

So I just wanna make sure that I get in

where I fit in with him first.

So I think the relationship that we have

is the most important.

How you doing, man? What's up, man? I'm Jay.

- Doing good? What's your name? - Yeah. Dee.

Nice to meet you, Dee. Pleasure.

- Coach. - How you doing?

I'm doing good, man. How you been?

- You been good? - Yeah, I'm hanging in there.

It's a pleasure to meet you.

I'm doing all right. I'm hanging in there.

- All right? - I'm a little bit tired,

but the gym finds a way to revive me.

- Why you tired? - I'm grinding. I'm grinding.

Actually, I love what you're doing.

Oh, thank you, man. I'm trying to, you know, save lives, man.

That's it, man. Somebody did it for me when I was a kid.

So, you know, it took me a minute to get it together,

so now, I'm-- you know, that's what I'm doing in the community.

So, I wanted to ask you, what made you--

why coaching?

Why coaching? I love the game, man.

I love, you know, I played, um--

you know, I just, I love the kids.

Like, you know, it's a little different with the inner-city kids,

'cause they got so many other things going on in they life.

So I got a good bunch of guys.

And we try to build a family atmosphere.

So if I live over here and you live over there,

that stuff doesn't matter. Like, you play for me.

- Yeah. - And we're all in this program,

so this is-- we're supposed to interact with each other,

not worrying about what other people are saying.

You got any extracurricular stuff going on

- with any of the kids? - Like, as far as?

As far as kids doing anything that they shouldn't be doing?

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Actually just got a kid just got out of youth house.

Shaquan Clark, he got a little issues in the streets

with the neighborhood he lives.

Last year, he got in a stolen car.

Police chased the van, they crashed,

five kids, he got stuck in the van.

He couldn't get out. He tore his femur bone.

So he missed the whole season.

He's still not 100%.

You can tell he doesn't have that lift anymore, so--

Hey, Ms. Brown. You can come in.

- This is your school. - Hi, Ms. Brown.

- Hi, I'm Jay. - How you doing? Sharnee Brown.

- Nice to meet you. - It's a pleasure to meet you.

Thank you so much for what you guys are doing.

No, I'm happy to be here.

Look, for me, I just love hoop.

I get a chance to work with him.

I get a chance to, you know, know these kids

and hopefully, you know, make a difference

- in a small way. - That's great.

Well, we have a lot of young people

you can make a difference with.

So we need support always. I mean, it takes a village.

Can I just tell you? I'm just smiling at you

because my mother worked for over 35 years

to finally become a vice principal.

- Wow. - And, um,

to see you walk in the door like that,

I might have to take a picture of you

- and send it to her. - Aww!

'Cause she will go on a tangent.

"It's about time we got some color

running the whole thing!"

Like, she will be big on that, so....

- Tell her I said hello. - I will.

- I got you. - Nice to meet you.

It was a pleasure to meet you.

Anything you need, you just let us know.

- 'Cause we need support. - Okay, I got you.

Got the same vision, same heart for young people.

- I will be around. - All right.

As long as Coach allows me to stay around.

- ( laughter ) - You know?

Damn! Hand me that, Davey!

( whistle blows )

Let's go, man.

Bring it in a little bit, man.

I don't know how many of y'all are familiar with Jay Williams.

He from New Jersey, played at Duke.

National championship with Duke, right?

Yeah, we got one. We snuck one.

- Snuck one in. - National champion right here.

So he gonna come in, he gon' help out with us, coaching,

giving y'all a little some of his knowledge

that he know about the game, some of the things he did when he played.

- You wanna speak to 'em for a few? - Yeah, sure.

I'm gonna be quick, man. I have a passion for this game.

My rookie year, we were playing against the Lakers, okay?

They just won multiple championships.

I'm a rookie for the Bulls. I'm like, "Yo, I wanna win this game more than anything."

I walk into the gym.

I sit down to put my sneakers on. Who do I see working out?

I see Kobe Bryant working out at the other end of the court.

Like, busting his ass working out,

like, grinding, working his ass out.

So I put in the time, and guess who's still working out

at the same pace he was working out when I first walked in.

It was Kobe.

We playing a game, Kobe dropped 40 plus on us.

So I found him after the game. I'm like,

"Yo, why did you stay and work out for long as you did?"

He's like, "'Cause I saw you walk in the gym.

And I wanted you to know that, no matter how hard you work,

I was willing to outwork you and that made me better."

Right? So that's the mentality you need

to go to the next level.

This is a chance for me to learn

and for all of us to learn together.

So thank you for having me. I appreciate it.

I got the first drill? I get the first drill?

I just want one drill today, that's all.

Can everybody grab a ball?

( shouting )

All we gonna do is we doing ball handling.

We're just getting warmed up.

All we got is 13 minutes, all right?

Can you start that clock?

Here you go. Slap the ball.

As hard as you can. Above your head.

Only fingertips. Keep going.

Front of your face. Waist. Knees.

If you feel your forearms starting to burn, that's a good thing.

Ankles. Around your waist.

Faster. Look at my speed. Look at yours.

Around your head. Come on, Quan Quan.

I know you behind me. I'm watching you.

Waist. Keep going, keep going.

Knees. Yeah! Love it, love it!

Keep going, keep going.

We only at a minute and a half in. Ankles.

Feel that burn, boy. Yeah, it should hurt!

Pound the ball with your right hand through the ground.

Don't let me get the ball. Protect the ball.

Protect the ball. Oh!

Protect the ball, protect it. Don't let me get through.

Go fast like this, let's go!

Let's get it! Pound it, pound it.

It's okay for it to burn.

Pound it, left hand.

( chattering )

Fingertips! You got it.

Keep going, keep going!


- Come on, Brill. - Let's go!

Keep going, let's go!

Behind back snapping. Keep going.

Make it right. This is a warm-up.

Right hand! Left hand!

Shawn: Head up, man, head up.

- Head up, head up. - Spider, let's go.

Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap. Bah!

Speed it up, go faster!

Go faster! Let's get it.

It's a warm-up.

Stop, stop.

Ball above your head.

I know that you are mentally weak

because you are not in the conditioning

that you need to be in.

It's time for me to put my foot

even more in the gas.

I'm gonna run you into the ground.

Last minute, everybody pay attention.

Between your legs, figure eights.

One minute.

( panting )

- Let's go, let's go. - Work, work, work, work.

Jay: That's your move right there.

Shawn: Come on, Haddie.

Jay: Yeah! Yeah, Dee, let's go!

- Let's get it! - Finish strong.

Keep going. Keep going!

- Five, four, three... - Let's go! Legs!

- Finish, finish. - Two.

- ( whistle blows ) - Yo, bring it in.

Real quick, that's all, I'm done.

Hey, by the way? By the way?

You feel the way you're breathing right now?

That's a warm-up.

- ( whistle blows ) - Shawn: Let's go, baseline, man.


Since Z don't wanna take off his do-rag in school,

Solomon don't wanna take his hood off.

Assistant Coach: Now you gotta pay like you weigh.

Told, y'all, man, I don't wanna walk down the hall

and, "Coach, can I talk to you about your player?"

I don't wanna hear that stuff, man.

We talking about a do-rag and a hood.

That's what we talking about.

Not an A and a B.

A do-rag and a hood.

That's why we running.

( whistle blowing )

Hey, touch the wall!

Run it again.

- Come on, Za! - Come on, man, run this out.

Run it out, run it out!

Assistant Coach: I'm gonna get tired of running these shits.

- ( whistle blows ) - We're in again.

Come on, man, come on.

Jay: Do-rag and a hoodie, huh?

In class, though. In class.

All they gotta do is take this shit off, man.

They make things so difficult.

Yes, sir!

Let's go! Let's go!

( whistle blows )

Line 'em up!

- Come on, let's go! - Find another gear.

Not gonna save you!

Come on, Dee-End! Come on, Sincere.

Get up, get up, man. Suck it up, suck it up.

We don't got no subs, man. You gotta play the whole four quarters.

No sub, no time-outs.

Jay: Stay with Haddie. Stay with him.

Stay on his ass.

Shawn: Come on, Quan Quan.

Jay: You right there, QQ!

You right there, QQ!

- You almost there. - Come on!

Yeah, it's all right.

Solomon, you gonna wear your hoodie at work?

If you don't take it off for them,

what you think they gon' do?

They gonna fire you.

Come on, man, last one. Run it out.

Jay: Get it, Brill.

- Get it, Haddie. - ( whistle blows )

Get it, Haddie. You got somebody on you now.

Get it, Brill! No, Brill, nah, nah!

Nah! Nah! Come on, Brill!

Assistant Coach: Get it, Brill.

Come on, don't fade!

Come on, Quan Quan. Let's go, man.

Let's go. Don't give up, man.

Good work, Haddie. Good work.

That's why he on the court.

He played defense, he hustled.

Jay: Come on, Quan Quan!

Shawn: Don't give up, don't give up!

Yeah, I'll take that. I like the effort.

- I like the effort. - I can't breathe.

Come on, man, you wanna win, you gotta work, man.

Yo, I don't wanna hear from no teachers, man.

I don't hear about no hoodie and no damn do-rag.

So obey the rules. It's not hard, man.

It's not hard.

Wait, who got us-- when we got that scrimmage?

Next week. There's a scrimmage next week.

( indistinct chatter )

She wouldn't tell me what I did.

It always be like that.

It be like that all the time.

Shawn: People don't understand the community.

The relationship you have with these kids,

you see 'em before they become the monster

everybody calls 'em.

Yeah, I'm like the bad one.

I'm like the bad boy of the team.

What's good, boy-boy?

Shawn: I have a kid on my team right now,

Shaquan Clark, he stays with an aunt

because he doesn't wanna go where the mother lives

because it's not a safe area

from the area he came from.

So he lived in a certain area,

and now his mom moved to another part of Newark,

and he doesn't feel safe going back and forth

from that neighborhood.

Yo, yo!

Shawn: We gotta understand the problem

before we could, like, say,

"No, just lock 'em all up."

No, they don't all need to be in jail, man.

They got real issues that we not tackling.

Like, we worrying about development.

Like, that's all great,

but what about the community that's underdeveloped?

What do these kids-- they gotta go somewhere else

to see nice things.

I can't walk out my door

and see a nice park.

I gotta go to another part of town.

That's crazy, man.

These kids think this is normal,

but it's not.

Some neighborhoods are labeled as a gang neighborhood.

So you may not even be a gang member,

but because you live in that neighborhood,

you're a target just like

the guys that hang in the neighborhood.

I always tell people there's two worlds, you know?

There's your world and somebody else's world.

People don't understand that the streets

is a different world.

Yeah! Gang shit. Gang shit.

- Gang shit. - ( chattering )

I like Quan Quan 'cause I love kids.

I love street kids, man,

'cause I was a street kid.

I just love him.

I can't say nothing bad about him, you know,

just the people he hang around.

But as a kid, if you take him

out of that element, he's great.

Yeah, man.

I wanna see something.

Yeah! Yeah!

Don't take them in my room, neither.

( chattering )

Get us up out of here.

Get us up out of here. Take us out of here.


Beat the odds. That's all I'ma say to you.

Make this your last mistake.

You gotta get up from it and do what you gotta do.

You know, I've lost brothers, a boyfriend,

I done lost cousins.

I done lost a lot to the streets.

And not saying that you gotta get rid of your friends,

but they might not have the same intentions for you that you have for yourself.

Like, if they not with what your accord is, then they gotta go.

Word. My mother told me the same thing.

I'm trying to tell you.

You think that they care about,

"Oh, well, if Quan get in trouble--"

They don't care.

'Cause if they cared, they would keep you out

of the crap that they got going on

and they would tell you, "No, Quan, go to basketball practice.

No, get out of here," you know what I'm saying?

No, they don't egg on to do stupidness. Like, uncool.

- Yeah. - That's it.

If they ain't for you, they against you.

That's it, that's all.

Yes, let's get it. Get us out of here.

Put me in a big house. ( laughs )

Put me in a big house, that's right.

( P.A. beeps )

Woman: Good afternoon, Centralites,

and these are your afternoon announcements.

Keep in mind, students, you must be in full uniform

on Monday, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Thursdays and Fridays is a polo shirt and khaki pants.

The school store is open...

Shawn: Get your daily, man.

Give me your daily.

No, give me the daily, man.

Tired of this guy taking the daily.

Stay ahead, man. Tell Dee-End and them I said come here.

Teen: You too generous...

Yeah, these are dailies.

Student report. They give it to each teacher

in each class and the teacher signs it at the end of class

to let us know what they was doing in class that day.

Sometimes they write "Playing on their phone."

Sometimes they write "Went to sleep."

If it's something negative, we punish the whole team for it.

If they don't bring one, they can't practice.

That mean they probably wasn't in school.

( chattering )


Dave. "Late again, first period."


First of all, Dave, Quan Quan, Zarique,

y'all GPAs is terrible, man.

You eligible to play, but your GPA terrible, man.

Some people don't think stuff be real until it happen to 'em.

Haddie can't play 'cause Haddie ain't eligible.

'Cause they checked everybody grades today.

He don't have enough credits.

Now, Haddie crying 'cause he can't play.

We see the same stuff every year, man.

People graduate, go to jail.

People graduate, they get killed.

Some graduate and go to college,

I mean, but we got more failures than successes.

Do you understand how they recruit players?

They put names on the board.

"We need a point guard next year. Call the school.

Hey, how is Shaquan Clark doing?

Oh, well, his GPA is 1.2.

We gon' cross Shaquan Clark off."

It's about money, man. Don't nobody parents in here

got no money to pay for college.

Mine didn't.

My senior year, I got MVP on Central team.

You know where I went?

Junior college, 'cause I ain't do no work.

Could've played D1. I ain't had no grades.

So I already know. I've been there.

That's why I be on y'all. I don't want you to go that way.

If you gotta go that way, go that way.

But you don't have to go that way.

I wanna win the state championship, too,

but I want people to go to college.

I don't just wanna win and ain't nobody going to college.

What's it for?

So that's why he was crying.

He didn't want to tell you.

He can practice, he can come to the games,

he can go to study hall, he can do everything y'all do.

But he can't play.

So y'all gotta encourage him now.

Y'all gotta be his inspiration.

"Haddie, what's good, man?

What classes you failing?

You need some help?"

You see him, go, "Let's go to study hall, man."

He in there doing nothing, "Yo, come on, bro.

You gotta do some work, man. We need you for February."

That's when it get thick. County, states--

that's when it get thick.

Y'all gotta trust each other, man.

You gotta encourage each other, too, man.

I think we got a team where everybody can play.

( chattering )

( music playing )

Jay: Hands off.

Shawn: Come on, Brill. We can't do that, man.

Okay, okay, you had Joel the first time.

There's some talent, you know?

Their shooting's getting a little better.

Their defense is getting a little better.

I can see the wheels starting to spin.

When they go against Orange,

it's gonna be a good, competitive game.

They're gonna have to work hard,

They're gonna have to play a lot of defense.

Get up in that, Z. Z, get in him, Z.

Mike: I think they can beat Orange,

I think they can get a good start to the season. I really do.

- ( whistle blows ) - Stop, stop, stop.

Yo, come on, man.

I just want you to think for yourself.

That's all I want you to do.

My first impression of Coach was

as a high school player back in the mid '80s.

Yo, y'all-- it's evident that y'all ain't know the play.

You should be paying attention.

But he was always pretty nimble on his feet.

He was a tremendous rebounder, and he scored,

but also knew his game

and was passionate about his game.

Come on, box him out! How he getting the rebound?

Coach McCray's with these kids all year long.

They know him. He's part of the fabric here.

I got that.

No, I want this group. I got this group.

You bring a fresh perspective,

a guy like Jay who is just--

the minute he sits and talks to you,

you're engaged with him.

Everybody talk. Communicate to each other.

You guys ready? Here's one rule.

You have to yell the person's name you pass the ball to.

Does everybody know each other's name?

The minute he opens his mouth,

"He knows what he's talking about, absolutely.

- I better listen." - Let's go, communicate!

Who has the ball out? Uh-uh, doesn't count.

Doesn't count. He didn't yell Brill's name.

Stay in group. Yo, if you're in the middle,

it sucks and that's okay. Own it.

Mike: He knows the game so well.

He played it at the highest level.

He can break it down and go, "You're doing this wrong,

you're doing this, you gotta step over here."

Hey, come here. You ain't that tired.

You see what happens when you guys get tired?

Everybody points fingers. "Your fault. It's your fault.

You ain't catching the ball." Come together, y'all.

Look each other-- Hey, it's all right.

People mess up, all right? Figure it out.

Come together, say it's gonna be all right, and get on the same page.

Y'all gonna come together? Y'all don't even look at each other.

That's the difference between a winning and a losing team.

And I think it can make a profound difference on this,

especially since there's so many young guys.

They're still learning. They're still malleable.

Jay: One dribble, Z. Next group.

My thing is, I just wanna be able to add to the equation.

I feel like I have so much that I have.

There you go. Yeah, yeah, dug down.

- Uh, yeah. - I didn't know...

I didn't know-- Zarique, right?

Yo, that kid-- wow.

Yo, Z, come here. How big are your hands, yo?

That dude is, like, major D1 talent

and he doesn't even know it.

( music playing )

He does not even know it yet.

He's a sophomore, he's 6'3",

and he has a 6'8" wingspan.

His hands are almost two times the size of mine.

That's special.

Producer: Are they ready?

- No. - What do you mean?

I mean... what?

They've had two weeks of practice?

They're not-- I mean, you're never really ready.

You can't really be ready

until you go through some adversity.

You know, I think those moments

teach you how to become ready.

And it's not until you have that experience collectively...

...until you recognize what that preparation needs to be.

For these kids, how you get hit in the mouth,

how you respond to that.

Shawn: Opening game of the season.

I don't know what team gonna show up, you know.

So, hopefully, we get settled in, fill the crowd.

You know, first game of the season,

so it's gon' be jitters for everybody.

Shawn: We're missing Shaquan Clark.

An old injury that he had last year has come back.

Man, my leg, bro-- mine done just acting up.

I'm mad, too, that I can't play.

I've been waiting two years.

Shawn: So we're missing a starter, Jihad Evans.

We just found out he was ineligible about a week ago.

He's our best on-the-ball defender.

I was slacking last year third and fourth cycle.

And it backed up on me. I can't play until February.

It's gonna get to me, 'cause it's the first game.

I've been waiting for it, too,

but I just gotta help my team out, practice,

and just wait till I come back and play.

Isaiah: I know my team, man.

I know we come out there and play the way we play

at practice, tornado hit 'em.

They ain't gonna be able to keep up.

To me, Orange is ass.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

( cheerleaders chanting )

( cheering )

Mike Samsel: It is a snowy night here in North Jersey.

Good evening, everyone, I'm Mike Samsel.

Great to have you along with us.

A huge rivalry tonight

as it's Orange taking on Central

to start the 2017-18 season.

( chattering )

- What's your city like? - What's your city like?

We're doing this for Haddie since he can't play,

Quan Quan, Kain.

We doing this for all the doubters,

all the people that said we can't do nothing,

we ain't going nowhere.

Play, your game, yo.

( clamoring )

All: Yeah!

"All we got" on three. One, two, three.

- All: All we got! - Let's go! We out of here.

( cheering )

Samsel: We are under way

as it's controlled by Central.


Joel Uzoka trouble with the dribble,

able to re-gather, drives baseline.

Pulls up with a fadeaway jumper.

Airballs it. The crowd letting him have it.

Jacques steps around the defender,

drives in high off the glass, and good with the layup.

Dee-End McRae, jab steps on the right wing,

a long three and another airball for Central.

Shawn: There you go.

Jacques splits a double team, puts up a floater, and hits.

Can we get a stop?

Zarique Nutter on the right elbow, pass to Brill.

Off his foot and out of bounds.

A tough start for Central.

Y'all gotta settle down, man.

Dee-End to underneath,

kicks it back out to Zarique Nutter,

splits the double team

and finishes with a right hand.

Jay: There you go, Zarique.

Shawn: No, stop ball!

Samsel: Doelvil penetrates for Orange,

up with a lefty layup.

It's gonna be tight as hell.

We play six pop, three minutes.

Samsel: Deep left wing, it's Brill. Tries to split a double team.

Poked away out of bounds,

and it'll be Orange's basketball.

Shawn: No, timeout, man, timeout, timeout.

Yo, what kind of pass is that?

They doing what they wanna do, man.

So's from the gate, we rushing.

First two shots, we ain't call nothing.

We just went to the basket. That ain't how we play.

The first play of three scrimmages been what?

So why it ain't it today?

Back off him. He ain't made one shot yet.

He wants to drive every time.

- ( buzzer ) - All right?

Calm down. Settle into the game.

Dee, Dee!

Drive, get to the line. It's a long game.

Samsel: Jacques at the top of the key.

Tipped and stolen.

Dee-End down court to Zarique!

Throws down the one-hand jam.

What a start to the season for the sophomore.

Let's go! Let's go!

Samsel: Some signs of life here from Central.

Blackmond drives in and throws down a thunderous slam.

How's that for an answer from Orange?

Dee-End gets stripped.

Near the midcourt circle,

Joel saves it to David French.


Left wing blocked by Blackmond.

Another block!

Orange is making life in the paint

very difficult for Central.

Shawn: Yo, is you serious, man?

Hey, Duke, Duke, Duke! I want a three-ball.

I want a three-ball.

Samsel: A couple of seconds to play here

in the first half.

Dee-End, he's gotta get it off.

Come on, Dee-End!

I don't think he knows how much time is left.

- ( buzzer ) - A wasted opportunity,

and Central will go to halftime trailing.

You gotta look at the clock.

You gotta look at the clock, man.

Yo, you gave them at least 24 points.

They ain't earned nothing, man.

Same shit we talk about in practice, no... help D.

These booty-ass guards going down the middle!

These... ain't shit!

Get in the game, one more... killing!

Hit this... and get him out the paint!

How the... does he keep flying in there getting the rebound

and nobody gonna put a body on him?

Not one of y'all!

I told you, if we play D, they don't score.

We ain't playing D, so they got 36 points.

- Jay: Who's the one shooter on the floor? - All: Five.

Five, all right. That's the only shooter on the floor, right,

that's made some shots. What else do they do?

How hard is that?

You got a driver, a shooter, and offensive rebound.

If y'all do those three things, you win the game by 20.

Shit is all heart, man! It's all heart!

It's that easy! This shit ain't hard!

Samsel: About midway through the second half

and Central has fought their way back into this game

behind their sophomore, number two, Zarique Nutter,

who's really stepped up tonight.

Brill, gives it off to Joel, right wing.

Penetrates, off to Zarique, into the paint.

Able to finish through contact!

Count the bucket in the ballot.

Chance for a three-point play.

What a second half we've had here at Orange.

Shawn: Hey, one stop! One stop!

Samsel: Jacques to Doelvil.

- Zarique! - Lob underneath

tipped away from Blackmond and stolen.

Zarique into the lane.

( crowd groans )

Ooh, did he hit the ground hard.

Some concerned faces on Central fans

as the sophomore remains down.

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