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In case you missed them

We've done a few best bang for the buck round ups for the super budget-conscious lately and today

That dollar menu gravy train keeps on blowin', baby.

You've got your cheap gaming peripherals already, which means now it's time to start building your cheap gaming

PC. So we teamed up with Newegg to test seven of the best rated cases on their site for under

35 bucks before sale or rebate pricing.

Zotac's Magnus EN1070 mini gaming PC comes VR and AAA-game ready. Check it out now at the link below.

We'll be judging the cases in order of their popularity on based on three main metrics.

One: compatibility.

How much can we comfortably stuff inside?

Are there any component size limitations to take into account?

Two: performance.

Does the case have air flow issues? How many fans can you mount? Can you mount a radiator?

And three: injury factor.

Are there any sharp edges?

"Umm.. so I got sliced open."

Is it awkwardly top-heavy?

Oh, and actually, for a 10% bonus: extras and aesthetics.

These aren't necessities at this kind of a price, but they're certainly nice to have.

So first up is the micro-ATX Xion XON-310_BK.

It's the most popular case in our roundup

and it's certainly the cheapest at just $23, but...

That may be its only selling point. It's pretty sharp looking it- includes a USB 3 port.

It's sturdy enough, and it's extremely lightweight, but installing anything

but a mini-sized graphics card is a carnival of frustration and sadness, and.. oh yeah!

There's this thing the screw retaining it is on the inside

And it just swings out of place to install a card

Also while the Box claims that it has five and a quarter inch bays

They're mia, but the rails are there making usable space so tight that it's almost impossible

to mount the power supply and cable management was even worse the cables just kind of

Hang out at the bottom of the case

And there's no top or side ventilation thermal performance is utter balls

There's nowhere for the heat or even air to go not recommended

We'd actually prefer a milk crate off eBay and some zip ties instead

Next up is the full ATX log-assist es350 BK. Which is both solidly built and

Thoughtfully laid out

For a design from 2003 to its credit

It comes with a power supply, but the claim that it can handle three hundred and thirty watts of total continuous load is

probably bullsh*t.

This thing won't be powering anything north of a GTX 1050 Ti and even for that

I wouldn't recommend it now the case is rolled edges help with preventing injury

But they aren't totally pinched off

And there's also these break off PCI slot covers and a rear i/o shield to contend with

Otherwise there is plenty of space in here which is good

But there's nowhere to throw cables so managing them is a chore

The aesthetics of the case other than the glossy plastic are fairly inoffensive so that also is good

But with only a single intake fan for cooling this case pulled off some of the worst thermals in this group

And that is saying a lot

Not recommended our third most popular case is the micro ATX

Zalman t3 it's a little cramped to work in but it's also the first in our roundup so far with a semi

reasonable modern layout the edges are pretty smooth and the overall fit and finishes oh-kay.

The reset buttons mushy, and this is starting to look like a pattern here

Actually, there is only one USB 3 port on the front panel again rather than the two supported by the motherboard header

I mean I guess copper prices are going up but geez you guys

Building in it though was mostly painless the hard drives can only be accessed by removing the front panel for some reason

But the two and a half inch SSD mounts are easily accessible

And there's actually quite a nice amount of cable management room behind the back panel

there's no included radiator mount but up top you will actually find cutouts for use with an

External radiator an old feature that dates the core design here a little bit

It's a touch game relooking, but overall this case has pretty excellent thermals mesh covered fan mounts and clean cable management

recommended on

to the Compu case


Where is the Voyager going?

somewhere far away

I hope this is a MIDI

Computer case that I would raid a "meh" D out of 10 on its looks alone the front panel is adorned with brightly colored

headphone and mic jacks straight out of 2005 the power button kind of looks like a cigarette lighter and

When your PC freezes you can call team rocket with this button right here

Inside isn't much to write home about either

It's a very early 2000 style with a top mounted power supply

Taste the rainbow style front panel cables and very little room for cable management to hide them there aren't really any sharp edges

But with these breakaway PCI slot covers, and its thin metal construction. You'll be creating your own soon enough

Drive bays line the entire front of the chassis

Which means that you will need a dremel for a large,

High-performance graphics card not that you should be putting any decent gear in here anyway our CPU got

Super toasty without a fresh supply of cool air not


In the number five spot is the apex sk3, and you know what who cares it doesn't matter

I'm calling this one the disappointment not only does it look like a

2005 piece of steel junk it's got so many sharp edges that I had to dish out

Hazard pay to the unlucky sod who built the system in it in any way there is

Nowhere for cables to hide so have fun with that the PCI slot covers are tear off without

a tab to which a screwdriver into so you'll be using your hands and

While there's a 120mm fan mount in the front of the case and an 80/92 mount in the rear

Both of them are unoccupied by default so out of the box the power supply acts as the main

Exhaust this thing's an oven not



most of these sucks so far

Next up is the DIY PC Jack's 12 BK which


Actually doesn't look too bad

it's got a nice clean aesthetic as long as you're into pandas a single USB 3 port on the front panel with a

Twin USB 2.0 to boot and on the inside

It's even got a shroud to hide the power supply and three and a half inch bays

And you can see them through a nice wide acrylic window

The full ATX layout is as open as you could want with SSD mounts to the right of the motherboard

and I mean really all we're missing here is a

Radiator mount and some topside ventilation both of which can be remedied with a dremel and some time

The construction is sturdy though with rolled and smooth edges throughout

And we've also got a huge area in the rear for hiding all of the junk in the trunk

It's not an

ideal config; the breakaway slot covers are a good example of this as is the minimal clearance about the motherboard

But it is leagues better than everything else

we've seen so far and

perhaps unsurprisingly then

Its thermal performance is pretty good too with 120mm fans on the front and rear complementing its wide-open interior

highly recommended

Finally we've got the Cougar

The cougar mg 110, another micro ATX case

We've got single USB 3 and USB 2 ports on the front and on the rear we got those

blasted breakaway PCI brackets on the interior though

We've got smooth edges all around and it looks like that 5.25" bay is tool less too

with a nice little handle labled "gaming"

We've got a 120 mm case fan pre-installed on the rear, and we even get space on this one for a 2 by 120

mm radiator on the top if you remove the yes

Removable optical drive mount there's also a removable three and a half inch hard drive tray and a decently sized area

In the rear panel for cable management

Complete with management points and two and a half inch SSD mounts

Thermal performance was actually stellar too, owing to the clean interior and decent placement of the exhaust fan and copious ventilation holes

recommended again, so

Overall then what we learned today, is that the one with the most votes

Might not actually be the best choice in all cases

The Cougar mg 110 was the best case overall and our pick for an M

ATX build with the Jax 12 over here

Creaming the rest of the competition if you've got a full sized ATX board

The Zalman t3 then gets an honorable mention

For sucking a lot less than the rest of them and as for the rest of them

The Sennheiser 5 8x from mass drop uses Sennheiser's new

150 ohm drivers making these headphones easier to power from devices like your cell phone then their predecessors

The emphasis of this particular set is on clean extended bass with a smooth, but clear upper range

They've got soft velour earpads with elliptical ear cups that I know it's crazy follow the anatomy of the ear

round on an ear I don't know where that idea ever came from but

Not with these they come with a handy detachable cable

And they're available now on Massdrop for ($159.99) US

With free shipping to the USA so check it out at the link below

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