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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: #090 Introvert vs Extrovert - What’s the difference? ESL

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welcome to speak English now podcast

with your host Georgiana the podcast

that will help you to speak English

fluently with no grammar and no

textbooks hi everybody I'm Georgiana

your online English teacher and founder

of speak English my mission

is to help you to speak English fluently

today I'd like to talk about introverts

and extroverts and at the end of the

lesson you'll learn how English grammar

changes through a small point of view

lesson you're gonna meet Tom a guy who

doesn't like to be around people much so

how was your week I hope everything went


I've already recovered from the effort

of decorating my house if you don't know

what I'm talking about you can listen to

episode 88 remember that you can find

the text of this episode on my website

speak English ok let's start

what's extraversion extroverts are

usually the life of the party with their

outgoing and magnetic personality they

easily draw people to them so if you

want to know if you're an extrovert just

think about how much you enjoy being and

interacting with other people

do you enjoy chatting and having long

conversations with all kinds of people

do you get bored if you're home alone if

the answers to most of these questions

are yes then you're probably an

extroverted person that is you are a

very sociable person and apparently

there are more X

words in the world then introverts can

you guess what Tom Hanks Oprah Johnny

Depp Madonna and Jim Carrey have in

common that's right they are all

extroverts and do you know how to tell

me the opposite of extraversion well

this one is easy the opposite word is

introversion if you like having your

Innerspace spending time alone with your

stuff then you're an introverted person

by the way make sure you don't confuse

the term introversion with shyness a shy

person is someone anxious about

interacting with people especially

strangers however an introverted person

simply prefers to spend less time with

other people in my case I enjoy going

out and I have a lot of friends though

from time to time I need some alone time

if you're an extrovert you're probably

asking yourself just how an introvert

survives alone well as an introvert when

I am at home I enjoy cooking something

healthy and watched my favorite TV show

on Netflix other days I just read an

interesting book and what do I do when

I'm not at home well I usually love

going for a walk as much as possible

it's a great way to relax and I often

listen to an audiobook or a podcast and

no I don't listen to the speak English

now podcast although if you want to

improve your English you should

definitely give it a try anyways the

bottom line is that I consider myself

moderately introverted what about you

what's your personality type are you an


or an extrovert I'd really love to know

and you know what Michael Jackson

Marilyn Monroe Britney Spears Julia

Roberts and Lady gaga these are all

introverts okay so let's continue with

the point of view lesson this way you

can practice grammar intuitively and

without memorizing anything I will tell

you the same story twice but in the

second part I'll change the grammar

point of view that way you'll be able to

observe how a specific grammatical

aspect it's a technique that I use

intensively in my English courses let's

start the first time in the present

tense in the third-person tom is a very

introverted man and not only that he's

also timid in fact Tom hates being with

other people he works from home and buys

everything he needs online he goes for a


at night because he doesn't want to meet

anyone tom thinks his situation is

miserable because he can't lead a normal

life so he hires the famous psychiatrist

called dr. fraud this doctor prescribes

a shock therapy he has to travel to

Japan to take the subway every day at

rush hour because tom is so desperate he

follows the strange advice after three

months of treatment Tom feels like a new


he doesn't mind being with other people


in fact the more people the merrier but

now he has another problem he's afraid

of being alone

now in the past tense in the first

person I was a very introverted person

and not only that I was also timid in

fact I hated being with other people I

worked from home and bought everything I

needed online I went out for a walk at

night so I wouldn't meet anyone I

thought my situation was miserable

because I couldn't live a normal life so

I hired the famous psychiatrist dr.

fraud the doctor prescribed shock

therapy I had to travel to Japan and

every day to take the subway at rush

hour because I was so desperate I

followed the strange advice after three

months of treatment I felt like a new


I was cured because I didn't mind being

with other people in fact the more

people the merrier but now I have

another problem I'm afraid to be alone

okay great this is the end of this

little exercise practicing the past and

the present tense the grammar changes

are subtle but they need to be

understood that's why it's handy to have

the same story from different grammar

points so you can easily compare by the

way I don't know if it's a good idea to

hire that dr. fraud if you enjoy

learning this way how about more than

eight hours of exclusive content

designed to take your English to the

next level I recommend one of my most

popular courses the fluency course you

can get an app fluency

speak English well that's it

for today please help me spread the word

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that would make me very happy see you

soon bye bye did you enjoy today's

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