Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The Tomboy on Bar Z

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The Tomboy on Bar Z

Mary, the pretty girl from the gold-diggers camp, is everyones favorite and despite the many jokes she pulls, no one gets mad at her.

Salt in the washing water

Arthur Springer A travelling salesman.

Come John, take me quickly to Davids store.

Miss, may I offer you this bottle of perfume?

John declares his love to Mary.

Do you want to go on a ride with me?

Some time later. Mary says goodbye because she will marry Arthur Springer in town the next day.

John Blake, sheriff in Snake, Winnipeg Arrest Arthur Springer who is posing as a salesman in your district. He is a dangerous villain who stills has 15 years imprisonment pending. D. Milles, chief of police

I know someone who may be better suited to comfort her.

The Description of The Tomboy on Bar Z