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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: NTA/UGC- NET/JRF English Literature, December 2019, Ma/BA/BA Hons Miracle

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hello and welcome to American English

language and literacy Institute I'm

professor of mashenka the new session in

miracle is beginning now it is July and

the session for 2019 and 20 is on away

so I'm announcing the new batteries for

NTA UGC net gr s English masters that is

MA bachelors ba we honors classes in

miracle let me introduce the new

students the new viewers of this channel

that miracle was launched by me in 1998

I was in the college education that is

our PSC college education since 1991 I

was posted at different places as a

lecturer but then I decided to quit the

government gazetted post and launched

this institute in July 1998 and it has

been now 21 years miracle has become an


it has given so many selections in Nets

let said the top university results in

master's bachelor's honours we have seen

so much of success everywhere and have

enjoyed teaching literature my students

have enjoyed learning literature in a

passionate way so explore a website and

vote for 200 videos on this channel to

make sure and get a passion to learn

more and more come and join us for this


you know the students right from Kashmir

to Kanyakumari from Kargil to Tamilnadu

Kerala from all the states of India like

Gujarat like Madhya Pradesh Uttarakhand

yupi many states we have covered that

means the students

even the lecturers have come from

different places they have stayed here

in Jaipur for their netclassroom

coaching and they have given successful

results along with the UGC net we run

all of the courses of different

universities that has made us very

strong for this net coaching we can

teach them everything under the sky and

this time we have covered the new

syllabus very nicely and we have an

expectation of many successful results

with a change of time with the increase

of internet with the excess and

abundance of knowledge people have

started preferring for online coaching

of course online coaching is a very

comfortable one you can sit at home

relax and excess your classes whenever

you want but then the real success is

only when you leave your comfort walks

when you come out of that when you make

efforts you go out have a direct

communication and interaction with your

guide or mentor there are so many things

other than the audio lectures which we

do here the practical knowledge is also

very much important if you gain if you

prove yourself that they are all wrong

knowledge of literature then only we'll

be able to stand in a class and beat you

won't be teaching from home only you

will be appearing in the different

interviews in the colleges and

universities so for that you need to

have knowledge just passing out the exam

or cracking net is not sufficient you

have to have the deep knowledge I have

had students who had qualified net but

they still come for the knowledge the

complete knowledge

I have seen people aspiring to take the

net exam only after bachelor's they've

not even completed their master

Stickley so I would request all the

students you can come here for your

master's coaching and please read deeply

give your complete time to masters do

not jump because neck is a very

different thing and it can only be

achieved or read nicely when you have

finished your bachelor's and master's

with great knowledge I mean with great

results there are so many colorful books

in the market there is so much material

on internet but how many candidates

crack takes them so the teachers since

the Eternity have been there to guide

their need is always felt by the

students in the ancient time the

education system had gurus where

students used to go and study today also

if you want the same knowledge if you

have the same passion you have to step

up at home to come to the classes it

gives you a different environment you

are not disturbed there while on a

mobile or a laptop when you are doing

the online coaching you're taking the

lessons there you have to engage

yourself in different things all at the

same time but here when you come to the

classes lure away from all the tensions

all the way you use all the other

assignments and then you are totally

involved in what you're told

keep your focus steady and have the

passion to read more and more some lines

in the syllabus too much complete your

actual knowledge which you need to know

you have to step out of your home to

gain the actual knowledge which will be

there with you for the life our motto is

free literature in its true spirit not

just virtually but in reality relate

everything to yourself because

literature is all about let's

I hope you would meditate all these

points think deeply and would make up

your mind to come out and join miracle

for a better future this is the oldest

and best Institute of literature

I appreciate the other Institute's and

the teachers also because they are also

giving their print there is no

competition between any teachers or any

Institute god bless them all one more

thing I would like to emphasize on that

better invest on education rather than

other things people very happily readily

invest in marriages and other things but

they hesitate to pay a little amount

which is not even 1/10 of the school

students who pay for their science


so it is very less it is not much

increase your horizons increase your

vision if you really want to make

something of your life and back to in

education so hope to see you all in

miracle daily I get so many phone calls

from the net s parents and they tell me

that they have watched all my videos and

have got enormous help while doing their

masters or even by preparing for net so

I am really happy for them that they

have made use of my videos there are

around 200 videos and you can watch them

you can know us better know my teaching

better because they are full of pure

content they are very specific in their

topics and very easily explained and do

make up your mind to join for the next

UGC net exam and I know you would be

successful because here we do every

student in an individual month so like

comment and share this video with your


we'll be seeing you soon thank you so



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