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hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech & iOS 13 has a lot of new features and I

wanted to share with you five of them that you might not know and the first

one has to do with photos now you can use even an older device the oldest

supported device is a 6s or 6s Plus that I have here and if we go into photos and

then we edit a photo what you can do is tap on the little crop button here and

you have a couple of new options and this has to do with perspective if you

hit this little button here and use this little slider dial you can adjust

perspective so maybe we want to make it look like we're looking top-down and

then we can adjust it horizontally from the side however you'd like and then

when you're done if you're happy whether it hit done and it saves now if you want

to revert back you can do that hit revert go back to the original it takes

a moment and it will go back to what it was before and you didn't lose anything

so it's really nice it's a little hidden feature there and helps specifically

with people if you're adjusting perspective so that's really nice now

the next feature is kind of interesting and one of my favorites that's pretty

well hidden now shortcuts is installed with iOS 13

by default so if we go into shortcuts we can create an automation using an NFC

tag so maybe we want to automate something like turn off Wi-Fi as you can

see Wi-Fi here in fact I'll go into settings and show you this will go into

Wi-Fi you'll see it's on if I bring over an NFC tag such as this amiibo tap it on

the back here it shuts off my Wi-Fi so you can program different NFC tags now

amiibo have NFC tags built in so it works very simply because of that but if

we want to create another one we hit the plus create personable automation then

we scroll down to settings tap on NFC then we scan an NFC tag so in this case

I have a Yoshi amiibo tap it on the back and then we can name it so we'll name it

Yoshi hit done then we'll hit next and then we can add an action now under the

action there's a bunch of different things we'll go to apps and under apps

we have a bunch of different actions we can perform so maybe we want to go to

weather and details of weather conditions and you'll

see details of details from weather conditions will hit next we'll hit done

and if we bring this NFC tag close to the back it should give me details of

weather conditions now all of these do not work 100% sometimes it works well

sometimes it doesn't and it depends on what audio it's using at the time as

well but you get the idea you can set up your

different automations to use different NFC tags they don't have to be amiibo

they can be any NFC tag and you can just tag those and change lights or anything

you can do with shortcuts you can have it do automatically so that's really

really interesting and should be really nice once iOS 13 has a lot more

shortcuts even though there's a lot there's going to be a lot more with this

update now if you're like me and you use Safari all the time you're probably

going to have a bunch of different tabs open well if you don't want all of those

open which they can be using memory in the background if you don't want all of

those open all you have to do is go into settings we'll go down to Safari and

under Safari now if we scroll down we can close tabs manually after one day

after one week or after one month so we can change that depending on what we

want it to do I changed it to after one month it's set to manually by default

but I changed it to after one month and if I haven't used those tabs within a

month it will just close them out after a month so it's really nice very simple

but nice to see now if we're in the App Store and maybe we have an app let's

turn on Wi-Fi again maybe we're in the App Store and we go to our updates and

we see an app that we don't use a whole lot anymore maybe it's could be anything

here let's see if we can find one maybe I don't want to use this one I can just

slide it over hit delete and it's gone so we no longer have to find the app

wherever we put it we can just simply slide over delete it and get rid of it

it's a nice little extra feature in case you see something that you're updating

and you didn't realize was there now speaking of apps this should help a lot

of people that don't have access to Wi-Fi all of the time so again with apps

if we go to settings and then we'll find iTunes and App Store under iTunes and

apps or there's now a little tab here that

says app downloads will tap on this and it says ask if over 200 megabytes always

ask or always allow if you don't care about the data cap or anything like that

turn on all the way always allow and you can install apps no matter how big they

are you should be able to install those it says allow all apps to download

automatically using cellular data when roaming permission to download is always

required so it will allow you to do this now and you can no longer have to wait

until you're on a Wi-Fi connection unfortunately they haven't done that for

updates just yet now many of you are familiar with this new setting in the

battery if we go into battery and then go to battery health there's optimized

battery charging now when you have this turned on when it's actually working

some people have seen a little pop-up that pops up and lets you know it's

working so that part's really nice it's just a little extra thing there that you

can see and then finally I wanted to share with you that they've improved

search a lot an iMessage so if you go into iMessage and then you pull down

from the top you have a little search box type in the search box if we type in

Google at the search box there you'll see it gives us a little contact if we

have a contact it gives us all of the information in our conversations and

also links to different things with the word Google in them so it provides all

of this information that's here that wasn't there before it works really well

and you can search any word from a conversation that's there and then go

directly to that conversation if you want to see that so it's really nice

some really simple updates that they've done that should help quite a few people

with different things anything from shortcuts to editing photos so let me

know if you have any other hidden features that you haven't seen yet I'd

love to hear what you have to say in the comments below I think those are all

pretty good and I'm sure there's a lot more so let me know if you'd like to see

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