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we turn out at net price former CIA

intelligence analyst National Security

Council spokesman under President Obama

also an MSNBC contributor and Danielle

Pike a vice president the American

Enterprise Institute also an MSNBC

contributor and has worked in and around

mr. Bolton off and on for four years so

I want to basically use the two of you

to talk about the apparatus and look

what the heck's around the president

you'd explain mr. Bolton so let's start

with mr. poll this he's not going out

without a fight

how long is he gonna keep

I mean is this do you expect him to

become Anthony scarran Moochie and like

he will keep this up or is this going to

be the slow torture of push back i don't

think john bolton is an anthony

scaramouche yet he never has been what

will be interesting to see is whether he

can go back and take his on his previous

role which was as a defender of the

President this is how he came to the

president drew affectionate eyes what

was he doing that just to get this job I

don't think so no I think there were

some people who thought maybe he wanted

he wanted to end when he thought at a

job that he never no other Republican

president consider the two are not

exclusive let's put it that way but but

will he go back to defending the

president again and if he's not willing

to go back and he's gonna be attacking

the president what place is he gonna be

doing it from is it gonna be from

conservative circles it's a hard call

friend so I think he's gonna walk very

carefully he's a shrewd guy Ned just

look there were disputes in the Obama

White House between the National

Security Council State at times national

security constant defense there were

you'd hear pushback from Pentagon all

the time too much of this but this seems

like divides that are that make make

those look like small but explain how

that does regularly happen well in some

ways Chuck the role of the National

Party Council staff is to actually

surface those disputes the National

Security Adviser in the best of times

plays the role of honest broker someone

who doesn't come to the job with her or

his own solid convictions but someone

who has the clout who has the respect

the authority to assemble literally

around an oval table all of the heads of

departments and agencies to surface

their views and importantly to surface

disagreements so that the National

Security Advisor can then present to the

president the consensus in some cases

it's unanimous in some cases is highly

divided but a consensus among the

national security team for the president

to check yes or no was there it's not

clear that bolt never set up a shop like

no no a parrot it's whether we would

think it's a good idea or bad idea he

didn't set up his well I think there's a

misperception out there that the process

under under Bolton was broken the

process was actually absent Bolton

didn't do what national security

advisors are do are supposed to do it's

months since he held what's called a

principals meeting that's where the

Secretary of State and secretary defense

and other principals from the national

security realm get together in a

Situation Room to discuss issues that

they then present to the president this

was an ad hoc process and involved

essentially two people John Bolton and

Mike Pompeo others were brought in

occasionally their views were solicited

occasionally but there was not this

holistic process that surfaced

disagreements in that hopefully arrived

to consensus given the type of

personality Donald Trump is shouldn't

Mike Pompeo to say just pull a Henry

Kissinger and just say I should be the

National Security Advisor and I'm

sitting in there only being half the

CSIs here I don't know if the president

sees the distinction between the two

well to be fair right not just Donald

Trump but many presidents have had a

national security adviser who viewed

himself not as a functionary but as a

cabinet official national security and

imminent President started Kissinger

being the most infamous sir absolutely

but there have been plenty since

Republican and Democrat but all of us

here of course that Mike Pompeo wasn't

necessarily long for the Secretary of

State's job I doubt he wants to go out

of the frying pan and into the that

particular fire I certainly wouldn't do

that if I were Mike Pompeo I do want to

raise this this is Republican senator

Jerry Moran and he tweeted the following

I think probably senators the country

looks for stability consistency and it's

another person out of the administration

that we developed a relationship had a

sense of where he was coming from and

now he's not there it is interesting to

me to hear a whole bunch of people who

weren't the biggest John Bolton fans

left and right but it does show you the

chaos of the administration Bolton

whatever you thought of him

ideologically you always knew where he

stood and I think that's essentially

where these guys are going when we knew

where he stood now what well I think we

had an incredibly depressing and ominous

snapshot of this administration earlier

this morning there was a period of time

where senior White House officials

couldn't tell reporters and in turn the

American public who the Acting National

Security Advisor was President Trump in

his own tweet this morning said that it

would be until next week until he would

name a successor to John Bolton and I

think you add this on top of the already

mounds and mounds of chaos in this

administration in the national security

realm there's no Director of National

Intelligence there's no Deputy Director

of National Intelligence

there's no director of Homeland Security

no deputy director of Homeland Security

you can go on down to Acting montage

it's unbelievable but the point is this

is just one more element of chaos at a

central and pivotal role Danny in many

ways you are an evaluator of global risk

in different ways okay you've got a

president right here who I feel like

some of these brush fires were there

some he helped instigate but they're all

over the world are they ready for this

one of them and it does feel as if we've

all just been lucky that this White

House hasn't been tested internationally

yet look I I think you're exactly right

and while we have all spent the day

obsessing about was he fired or did not

resign in fact the reality is we've got

an unbelievable situation going on in

Afghanistan we have got risk in the

Middle East we've got the Iranians

returning to a nuclear program India

what's going on with Kashmir right now

that feels like it's item which is

completely irrelevant to almost

everybody and and I got to say if I'm

our allies what I do is I look at this

White House and I say what are you gonna

do next who are you gonna screw next

because they're all worried that Donald

Trump has you know has professed his

support for this company this government

that government and he's not gonna be

there tomorrow and what I find

interesting here you guys could be

debating philosophically on all sorts of

issues you guys are sitting here and

looking at this as just professionals

going oh my god

and I think that that's what I think

people need to see here this is not a

ideological divide this is a we've got

to run the country anyway Danny placa

Ned price thank you both

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