Practice English Speaking&Listening with: PC Building with my 3 Year Old

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So today's video is going to be a little bit different. I have recruited a special helper

Who just locked me out of... hey you

Do you want to help me build a computer?

Are you going to build your own computer?

All right should we get started?

Let's do it


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So I want you to help me pick out your favorite linus tech tips shirt to wear. Do you like this one?

this one

No, do you like black and white and orange one?

Okay, alright. Well the decision has been made. I think what we might have to do is maybe some clothes pins, okay.

This is signature, and there's your mail. Oh I have mail too. Excellent. All right now you get to wear

A microphone

I've never put one on someone else. You got to do a microphone. Test. Make sure it's working. Can you yell Ah! [laughs] Ah [laughs].

I'll have to clip it to like the back of his neck or something

aright, so do you want to go pick out the parts for the computer?

Let's go, okay. Hold on tight

First thing we need to pick is a case. Why don't you point it the one you want

You Want the Cooler Master Master Case five?

I had sort of wanted to go with something that we haven't covered before, do you want to help me pick out the motherboard? mhm

Why don't you wait for me to show you all the options first this time okay? You can pick this one

or.. That one

Okay, so now we need to pick a power supply, power supply. Do you want this one?

Oh that one's an empty box That's not gonna work. I guess I gotcha. Do you want this one or

This One

All right, so now I'm gonna pick the CPU because we can't have one that's not compatible

5960x. I will let you pick out the memory though

Hmm, okay, you got one choice for memory. Do you like these ones, okay? Well that worked out.

Which one do you like?

You like the red one alright. We're going with the HyperX Savage

Okay, little man. You got to pick something on these shelves here. You got to pick one

Show me which one you like. You like this one

Okay, apparently we're using the RAIJINTEK TRITON. So now this is really important

You gotta pick your graphics card, which of these ones do you prefer?

Okay, we got ourselves an AMD boy here

So the R9 Fury it is


You wanna try. It's very heavy

Can you lift it way up on top of the table?

Good job, what do you think red screwdriver Okay? Yeah? You're like a little early version of Linus aren't you? Hey!

Alright, that's enough. That's enough

Stop it.

What do you want to start with?

good choice

We always start by assembling the components on the motherboard

Outside of the case. I think Luke forgot to put the I/O shield for our wS board back in the box

What part do you think goes next?

Great choice, all right, hold on hold up! Oh okay hold on hold on, and your right hand here both at the same time push down

All right next one you ready


Great okay, so you want to show me the next piece you need?

Oh not that one yet, you wanna try again?

That's right

We need our CPU. You push it down and away from you, is it too hard

Do you need help with that part


There you go! There you go. Then were gonna lower that down into the CPU socket

Put this one down.

Whoa is that too hard? Okay I can help you with that one

There we go. Tell me which part you think we need next. This one, you think it's the water cooler

Wow, you picked out a pretty cool looking water cooler there Hey? this is fun

With this one we get to pick what color we want to make the water

What color do you like?

Red. That's a great choice

That's Gonna

Go perfectly with our red graphics card. You want the big one or the small one big?

Small. You want the small one. Yeah that I can carry, that is a good choice

So you can choose red white or green. Red.

Good choice

Red just Because the water is red. That's right

So what part do you think we need next?

That's right. We're gonna open up our case.

Oh there we go. What do you think the quality of the packing materials for this case?

Yeah, that's what I thought. He laughed at it

What do you think of the case you picked out?

You like it?

Alright, you gotta work on your screwdriver technique a little bit, there you go now turn this way

There we go

So the first step is your motherboard standoffs. Keep trying

Now you put your screwdriver in there, and turn it this way.

Good computer Building.

I got it. You did. What do you think the first part we put in is?

Wow okay, unconventional. we'll install our SSD first. All done! Next one

great job



Great choice, okay there we go, and then down. Do you want to put the screws in the motherboard?

All the way till it's tight

Okay, what part do you want to do next. Power supply? This one? Alright Rock on!

Ope the other one popped out already

Huh? You want a little bit of help there you go

And turn it in. Great job.

Can you slide it in for me though?

What's the next thing to install?


great job

Alright you put in however much red you want. Okay tip it over


Is that pretty Red? Do you want more?


awesome job

Okay, I'm actually Gonna. I am gonna top this up

Just because I don't want it to run out of fluid so I'll be right back. Okay little man

What do you think is that red enough for you?

squeeze Harder


All right now we can put our CPU cooler on.

We got to get our radiator up in the top of our case. Are you kidding me Cooler Master?

Okay, the radiator isn't going there


Should we put it in the front?

Yeah, okay. Let's do that

Oops, it's always good to have a helper when you Install the Io liquid cooler.

Yeah, there you go

Gotta push a little harder

So, how are we gonna power our fans? How? How are we gonna Do it? Yeah?

Yeah, there we go

Now we need our 8 pin connector for the back of the motherboard

all right, so that's in



This is the best part



Yeah, are you ready to install the video card? Yeah, push, push, push!

is it all the way in


We still need power for our graphics card

there you go is it in

You got to hit it can't push there you go harder


further down

That's my computer! You betcha!

Can you screw these in?

We have to make the most important decision of all

Do we want the side panel with the window? Yeah. Or the side panel with no window? I want the side panel with the window.

Window please. Alright should we power on our system? Yeah, all right. Let's do it. Hey, Dad

Can I put my screwdriver away, please

Oh sure. Where do you want to put it?

You did that again? How do you even know how to do that?

Hey, little man. Do you want to find out if it powers on in the fan Spin Hmm? Where'd he go?

No he's out here. Oh, there he is. Hey! What the heck? Why do you keep running?


Can i go down please?

Sure after we finish your computer. This is the last step let's find out if it works

Are the fans spinning?

Hey where you going bud?

I don't really want to play snowballs.

Well, I think that pretty much wraps it up. How hard is it to join the PC master-Race? my son plays 50 fps roblox now

Well it couldn't be that hard my 3 year old can do it

Thanks for watching this little fun build log

That I decided to do on a Friday

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