Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Artist Creates ASL Emoji's Just in Time for National ASL Day

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This time last year people were gearing up for ASL Day -- and now its back!

Video: "Hello, everyone! Welcome to National ASL Day!"

April 15th is National ASL Day so we wanted to bring you a new development in the ASL community:

ASL emojis!

Words like "champ," "awful" and "kissfist" could be making an appearance

in your texts and Facebook messages.

We sat down with the artist to discuss why she made them.

Adrean: "I felt like my art was a wonderful opportunity to show that ASL is just as good as English.

That we can have emojis too!"

Adrean Clark is a long time artist, activist and writer.

Adrean: "When it comes to my art or really any of my work, its always related to signing.

The language has always touched me and I -- I feel like its so important."

She is one of the many proponents of making ASL Day a true celebration.

Adrean: "We already have everything -- the history, the people -- so now we just want to give it back

and encourage people to be proud of their language -- to celebrate."

Adrean is one of the 3 people who has been promoting ASL Day.

Theyve started a Facebook page and a website.

Celebrations happened all over the nation,

as last week people gathered in Washington D.C. for the ASL Deaf Pride Parade.

Adrean, her teammates and many other proponents of ASL Day hope this holiday will

continue and inspire everyone to value ASL.

Tell us how youre celebrating ASL Day below or on Twitter and Instagram using #ASLDay.

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