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- The New Relic you know and use

just got a lot better.

You now have a single destination

for the entire New Relic platform.

You may have already noticed several improvements in-

- All right, we're just gonna hit pause there, buddy.

Hi, it's Reli here,

just dropping in with a little good news,

a little diamond in the rough for you.

A little silver lining for your cloud journey, get me?

Look, you're probably thinking, you're looking around

and you notice that the New Relic One fairy came around,

and put the kibosh on all the stuff that didn't spark joy.


So you're used to firing up the jalopy,

clicking over to APM.

Now, all you gotta do

is drag that mouse right up to that APM

at that top navigation bar,

you click that APM

and guess what you gonna see?


It's the same thing.

But just now all that New Relic goodness

is in one cozy little wrapper,

like some kinda data candy bar.

All your links still work

and they all take you to the same feature creatures.

Same Infra, same Browser, whatever.

"Oh my gosh!

But look at the top, I don't see Insights.

They've killed Insights.

What's gone with Insights."

You want your dashboards?

Just click on Dashboards up at the top.

All right, pop quiz people:

You want to find something like a name

or tag or New Relic account?

Where are you going to search for it?

Up top, just like everything else.

Keep up people.

All right.

So you're looking at around, you see some kind of pages

and there's a toggle on them.

You flip the toggle and you see some kinda

brave new world where Marie Kondo is queen of Rivendell.

It's like those homes in the ads where you wish you lived,

but then no one actually lives in them

'cause they're just ads.

But then you just hit this toggle and you're there.

You can't do that in real life.

And it's okay, Dorothy 'cause guess what?

You just take that blue pill and you toggle right back.

So, New Relic One, it's got this thing.

It's super crazy.

It's like this WYSIWYG editor,

but you can browse through raw metrics

and just add in some of events,

hit the button and voil!

You got yourself some dynamic queries. Too cool for school?

No worries.

There's an advanced tab at the top

and you've got yourself a query prompt my friend.

You got your query and you can just go ahead and save them

bad boys to the Dashboards, alert on 'em

or just forget about it.

Cause, it's all just a click away.

It's a world that works people.

And obviously Alerts are still on the top nav,

same deal, but now they've got AI.

So there's this thing called

Incident Intelligence that groups together alerts

that are part of the same, you know, incident.

Then there's Proactive Detection. It monitors

your system for irregular behaviors,

gets in it's mind you know.

You don't even need to set it up.

It's like Minority Report for your environment.

We're talking about OpenSource integrations

like top-notch Kubernetes monitoring.

You can make custom UIs and freaking share 'em.

And you're actually getting the same data and tools

that New Relic devs get.

I mean what?

Well, listen to me, blah, blah, blah, marketing.

Let's get real here for a moment.

This stuff, all the stuff, we didn't do for us.

We did for you.

We're not mind readers.

So instead of just thinking about New Relic One,

there's this feedback form in the product,

and you can just tell us what's going on using your words.

Then we gonna read it and someone will get back to you.

Not me, but I read them you know,

not in a creepy way,

but it can be a bit hard working from home

and it's just good to get contact.

So see on the nets and in the meantime,

I'll just be chilling in this video.

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