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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Metamorphosis Frank Kafka, Discussion, Books & Reading, UGC NET English Literature

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suppose tomorrow you wake up and find

yourself changed into a big celebrity

you would be very very happy

suppose you're old and you wake up as a

young man again it will be blessing and

suppose when you wake up and find

yourself transformed into a monstrous

woman I have an absurd large insect

looking creature hello welcome to

American English language energy

institute I'm professor of Ashura and

today I am in front of you with a very

famous 20th century writer Frank Papa

and his work metal officers metal

officers was also written back opened in

the prehistoric era or say we ancient

era but then this is based on modern


the modern concept of life Frank Kafka

was born in 1883 in a german-speaking

chief family in Prague which is now in

Czech Republic but previously it was

somewhere with between Austria and shape

connected with Germany so he was the

eldest he had three sisters and he

shared a very intimate relationship with

his little sister the youngest of the

three he had a very tyrannous father who

was very strict and dillards dead he

could not forgive him or not forget

about his time we all his three sisters

perished in the concentrated camps when

the Germans the Nazis they took hold of

the chains captured them and massacred

them so that was a very different time

so his writing has brought the impact of

big world wars as well and the quality

of the

of the Jews today we are going to do a

very famous love love of Frank Kafka

that is metamorphosis which is written

in 1915 although he did not write

anything for publication

again and he wanted all his writings to

be learned but then one of his close

friends did not listen to his plea even

before his death he had plead him to

burn but he did not and made all this

writings open and today we've got such a

different aspect of life through this

world no Vinay is shorter than a good

noggin but bigger than a short story it

is a linear story it has got the events

which do not confuse the reader and

there are few characters in undeveloped

variants novel has more layers

characters with plots most of his works

are shorter in length and this is one of

the work which is comparatively longer

than his other works this is a story

about Gregor Samsa he is a travelling

agent a textile agent nothing more is

explained about his work just that he

used traveler Lord he used to think

about the trains the connections used to

get up early he never got time to rest

he had to eat out he had to meet

strangers all the time so he had no

close friends his family also just

wanted him to earn for them he was just

supporting them he was paying the debts

of his family his father and he was

living a very monotonous life he had

nothing of his own he had no time to

think anything else so he used to have

very terrible dreams so one day after

those terrible dreams when he wakes up

he this see is that he is already late

for work he had to catch a fight five

o'clock train and he had an his alarm

set on 4 o clock but then God knows what

happened and he could not wake up when

it was already 5:00

by qualified and he's trying to wake up

he says that he will take the next train

otherwise the office assistant will be

after him looking for him because he

keeps and I over all the employees he

thinks that he's keeping an eye on him

but all the employees must be having the

same check because the companies do not

have faith on anyone they just torture

them they just want a would work out of


they don't want the people to live their

own life because they paint them and he

wanted to say so many things to his

employer all the bad things which would

be him fall down the desk but then he

would not because he could not quit his

job so he thought that whenever even

quit he will say all of the things which

he loves his family he had to pay the

debts of his family so he so all these

thoughts in the novel through the main

protagonist that is Gregor Samsa know

when you when you read you don't find

any other characters thinking they're

all single dimensionally be projected to

the reader where is Gregor trains

multi-dimensionally now when he wakes up

he tries to get up he hears to knock on

his door by his mother who is fired that

why is he sleeping late he was supposed

to go early in the morning so he is

trying to say but I'm getting up mom

but then the voice which comes out is

incomprehensible very very very hard to

you so then he tries to move because he

just takes a turn and just moves his

head and tries to just see what is

making him to move he sees himself he

changed into a very different kind of

creature only large insect kind his body

has got segments and various small thin

legs just moving around like an insect

like a monstrous woman he tries to lift

his head he couldn't lift his head but

he could not Robert with something and

he uses severe pain that means nobody

was having a very sensitive paths so he

could not do that he had to really go to

the bed in model

don't open the the door he had a habit

of locking the doors because he used to

stay all the time out so when he used to

lock his toes inside his house also know

the people were out his father his

sister his mother they were just trying

to knock at work forehead and there was

a stranger also who had been a guest and

he imagined him to be the office

assistant and he was right because he

put her and recognized his voice a sight

the the dollar and he tried to open and

the office assistant thought that he's

just pretending to be sick and I'm not

going to work so he was all about to

report it to the employer so he ran out

of the door and the father also in order

to and this player also wanted to stop

him so that he does not complain to the

employer and he would then not lose his

job so he tries to come out and there is

a chair he hits himself with the

different furniture somehow

he tries to open it and there the family

was very very worried they call the

doctor at all they think that something

bad has happened to him that's why he's

taking so it's time to open the door the

click on the door makes the people aware

that this woman and then when the this

monstrous creature

insect looking creature wants to come

out wriggle out the father

it's the stick I rush him back inside

they're so confused they do not

understand what has happened and neither

are they sure this is the thing which is

shown my friend Kosta that he changed

into a monstrous woman or an insect

which is not defined at all the families

that showed their harsh wind side and

then the various activities they start

by going back he smells the milk he

tries to drink it but he does not like

it and those can fight the sister

notices that the insect or this creature

has not dragged in them that means his

brother is still hungry so she brings in

different things spread on the newspaper

like rotten cheese and vegetables bones

at all and she goes out and the creature

comes and eats whatever is rotten he he

doesn't like the smell of the of the

fresh things but he likes all the rotten

things and this continued for days and

night he used to get his meals twice a

day the cleaning was done by the maid or

the sister the sister wanted to remove

all the furniture so that her brother

does not get hurt by the furniture


but the mother stopped her because she

wanted to keep a hope that one day he

would again change into her own son so

he used to hide behind the couch

whenever the sister used to come and lay

the food there now this was going on and

on and once he came out and scared his

mother so the father threw some apples

on him and he got hurt his back was hurt

very severely he could not move but

somehow he was pushed inside the room

and then he stayed there only for the

early longer period and he could not eat

properly the family went through a very

bad time because the only the sole bread

earner was now no more than earning for

them so they have to take up tenants I

once the donor was left open the sister

was playing a guitar and he came to

listen to the music the Kenan notices

him panicked shouts and threatens to

leave the house and this way the family

was too sad built now considered him as

a burden on them

the sister stopped coming to his room

they get a new maid who was very crude

very rude his room slowly turned into

her storehouse he had hardly any space

to be there he stopped with hunger and

what did he died the mail notices the

dead cops there at shouts and the family

so relieved when he is dead and in the

end they noticed that the sister has

grown it and they should find a groom

for her this way the story ends the

story begins when he's awakened he and

finds itself into a monstrous woman and

the story ends with his death but the

family moves on so it is very very

pathetic the family does not remember

him as long as he was earning for them

he was a member of the family but as

soon as as his body stopped going out or

did not help him to earth he was

forgotten so the family ties are there

it has been as a team of alienation that

he was already alienated with the world

working too hard

he had no close friends but then

whatever closeness he had with his

sister it was also lost when he was

changed into this priest looking


existentialism is too much projected

here what was he living for we'll need

to pay the debts of his father there was

no life of his own so when he changed

himself and his body was changed and was

relaxing in his room he was a worthless

creature he was of no use to anyone

he himself was in too much of pain when

he was working he was in pain when he

was not he was into more of pain because

he was still thinking there's a

duplicate see in the double the overlap

species are there the human mind and

thoughts and the animal body the human

mind is to thinking only one person is

thinking here are the others this

overlap of human species and the animal

species is there that means man things

on his mind is complex but his body

doesn't support the boy by he was not

compatible with the life he was living

therefore he was transformed and why an

insect that means a totally worthless

creature on earth if you are worthless

you have like people they pray for your

death they don't want to see you they

have more love left for you so this kind

of thing is also there the theme of

existentialism overlapping of species

then the human complex brain the life of

an animal confused with the life of man

there are autobiographical notes also in

this story from Cosmo pitch Rises or

things his father's image as Gregor

sepsis father who was very strict and he

had no word of sympathy for his son at

all and then this little sister the

younger sister used to take care of him


so maybe because after himself was

attached to be a younger sister and also

they use this life because people were

dying they were killed by the Nazis at

the concentration camps and there was so

much chaos in the world because of the

world wars

so all this

which has affected his mind therefore he

used to help though all those bad dreams

and it affected him so much but he sees

himself as a changed species no it looks

like a fiction it looks like a magical

realism it looks like a fairytale

people ought to know what to see what

kind of animal he was transformed into

but you cannot just mean one some change

that he looked like a cockroach

centipede with many legs or a monstrous

one like the centipede from the lowest I

live with so many LEDs or other novel

kind of building things and all so this

means that dehumanization is there like

we say when this world does a lot of

quality and over here disappearing

dissimulation is there yeah

the human has been changed into a

worthless beast or an insect that

dehumanization is there he was a human

good thing then the life made him be

humanized this absurd team of

dehumanization gives us the absurd theme

of existentialism he lived as a double

minority person as for children speaking

Jew in Czech Republic so his life was

ended with people around him so his sons

were different

it shows the incomprehensible

stubbornness of human life I hope you

must have understood the story please

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linguistics and language take care until

we meet again and you


The Description of Metamorphosis Frank Kafka, Discussion, Books & Reading, UGC NET English Literature