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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 3 Reasons Your Shot is Broke: Basketball Shooting Tips

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What's good Coach Collin Castellaw with shot mechanics basketball. Today we're gonna show you three reasons

why your shot probably broken, and how to fix it.

All right

so most the time players are just one or two small tweaks away from hitting a much higher percentage, really really quickly.

Today what I wanted to do is walk you through the three main keys that I see a lot of times players are doing wrong that

make them miss more shots, and a lot of times by just fixing one of these you can see a big increase in your shooting

percentage. So before we get started, I want to give you free access to my seven days shooting challenge.

This is seven days worth of workouts

They're gonna change the way you think about your training, and probably increase your scoring average and your shooting in the first couple of days

that you do it

So all you got to do is click the button above, or link in description to get free access to that. Now when we're thinking about

our jump shot the very first thing that a lot of players mess up is the targeting, meaning that their eyes are up on the

basket. If you think about it your brain is almost like a supercomputer, and any time you're getting ready to shoot or catching or

moving your brain has to make calculations as to where you are in relationship to the basket.

So the number one thing you can do is really work on targeting early with your eyes up on the basket as soon as you

possibly can. So if I'm catching a pass out here, instead of catching

turning and then finding the hoop. Instead


Catching and my eyes are already up on target all the way. If you watch the best shooters in the world guys in the NBA

Guys who play Overseas even the best college players

Most all the really really good shooters when they're catching their eyes they're feeling the ball without having to look at it

the whole time. Their eyes are on target, that way their brain can make those calculations

Because again like any hand-eye coordination sport the longer you aim at something the more accurate

it's gonna be. I like to think of it like if you're playing darts, right if I was trying to throw darts at a dartboard

If I turn away from it

And then I snap back to the dartboard

It's gonna be really hard to hit that bullseye because I can only see it for a split second. And shooting

it's the exact same way. So really push yourself and try to get your eyes up on target as soon as you possibly can.

The next thing I see a lot of players do especially young players that can mess up their shot, is their head position. Now a

lot of people don't even think about their head position

but it can really kind of change the rest of your mechanics, and by that I mean this when you're getting ready to shoot we

don't want our head tilted way back. Just like this.

I see a lot of times young players will tilt their head back, so they can find the basket,

but the problem with that is then it brings their set back as well.

So this is what I mean by that, is if my head is tilted back like this,

And I get ready to shoot and if I bring it up by my forehead, now my elbow is pointing up towards the basket.

Right I get an angle like this it pulls the ball back, and it actually becomes a flatter shot.

But if my head's pretty straight

and I'm coming up, and I'm targeting through my eyebrows rather than tilting back. Now when I bring it up

my elbow is down. Just like this, and I'm gonna get more optimized arch on your on my shot

So what a lot of players, that really really helps them is if they film themselves

shooting, if you can film yourself shooting on a smartphone or a video camera or whatever it is, a lot of times you'll see

that if your head is tilting back like this,

that means that the balls coming back too far your elbows coming up and your shots gonna be too flat

getting worse arch and most of time and giving you a lower

percentage on your jump shot. Because the flatter arch you have, the smaller target the ball actually sees.

So, the big key you might have heard me mention it before, target through your eyebrows, target through your eyebrows. Now

what that means is, instead of having my eyes in the center of my head, and moving my head up to find the hoop, instead

now I'm keeping my head steady nice and straight,

but my eyes are going up through my eyebrows to target. If you watch the best shooters in the world, most all of them when

their getting ready to shoot, their head is down,

just like this, and their eyes are up in their head. That way we can stay on balance everything's gonna be perfect,

everything's gonna be smooth, and then the rest of your mechanics are gonna fall into place if your head can stay in that perfect

position. Right so we talked about our targeting, and we talked about our head position,

but now I want to talk about your body space, and basically that just means the space between your body and the basketball as it's

coming up into your shot.

Now a lot of times young players are looking to get extra power, and so they end up bringing the ball really close to their

body so they can roll it up, and throw it up towards the basket.

Now the issue with this is, is not a good way to get power, because what ends up happening is, the closer

I bring the basketball to my body, the further

my elbow is going to get pushed out most of the time. So you can kind of see that, if I'm faced over the camera

like this if I push it out, you see as the ball comes back my elbow has to go somewhere?

Especially with my hands on the back of the ball.

I push it back this elbow is naturally going to drift out.

Now the elbow is one of the things that causes a lot of players to miss shots, because if your elbows out,

everything's out of alignment. It's not going to be straight towards the basket.

So one simple, simple fix is to think about keeping the ball away from your body as you're bringing it up on your shot.

So as I catch, and I'm loading, you can see that as I come up

I'm keeping a pretty decent space between my chest and the basketball right here. So as I'm coming up,

it's coming up just like this, that way I can get my elbow underneath, snap it all the way through the basket.

So again video works really really well. Get a friend film you on their phone,

whatever it is, and see how much space you have in between your chest and the ball. If there's very little space that

probably means your elbow is getting flared out, and you're gonna have some issues. Now like everything we're shooting

it's all kind of interconnected, so if you change one thing it's going to have a ripple effect through your body.

So what I would recommend is, number one, trying to tilt your feet a little bit.

That's gonna help you get more space away from your body, and number two, try to keep it outside

here by your knee to start. So as you're getting ready to shoot and you load it down,

You're either gonna load it at your waist, or just barely above your knee

and that's gonna keep it away from your body if you load it back here by your hip it's gonna be a little tighter, you're

gonna turn to that tight body space. So remember, try keep a little space on your body, right, the more space

you're gonna have coming up generally the better, but you can get too far.

We still want to have nice flex in our elbow. You see some people kind of go the opposite direction,

and they bring it up too far like this.

But if you don't have a nice bend in your elbow

you're gonna have to bend it and then snap it and we don't want that

We don't want that last little kind of correction at the very very end.

So instead check it bodyspace,

but we're still getting about a 90 degree bend in our elbow right here, that when we come up through, we're snapping,

everything's smooth, and you should be good to go.

Alright if this video helps you out, hit the subscribe button, hit the like button, and then hit the comments section down below and let me

know what sort of video you want to see next. This is a channel for the people, by the people, and I run pretty much

everything I've had requeststed. So leave it down below and hopefully I'll get to it. And don't forget, if you're new to shot mechanics

you're gonna want to get a free copy of my 7 days shooting challenge. It's seven days worth of free workouts.

That's gonna turbocharge, your jump shot and help you score more points almost immediately. People are loving it across the world.

And it's really gonna kind of revolutionize your training. So you definitely want to check that out. Again

I'm coach Collin with shot mechanics basketball. Thanks for watching and until next

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