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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Data Defense: An inside look at your secure cloud

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Welcome to the season three premiere of Modern Workplace.

I'm standing in the middle of one of Microsoft's massive data centers,

and I'm gonna take you on an exclusive tour

to learn how the Cloud really works.

This is a facility that really underpins and

powers our modern life and work.

We've already gone through

a couple of layers of security before even getting here.

But as you can see behind me we got a couple of these security

vestibules that everybody entering the facility must past through.

>> You're talking hundreds of thousands of computers in these data


The size is on the order of 20 to 30 football fields.

>> Now, this is important,

you said that this is a generation two data center.

What are we gonna see as we go through the data center,

in terms of evolution?

>> You're gonna see everything look much more industrialized,

and how we do the cooling will change.

>> What happened to the building between generation two, and

where we are in generation four?

>> This is where we're using outside cooling, an adiabatic cooler.

Adiabatic cooling,

very similar to just spraying mist into the air to cool it down.

We do the same thing when the temperature gets too hot.

>> [INAUDIBLE] You've talked about the importance of power and cooling.

I imagine connectivity is one of the other things that is vital.


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