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Hey guys this is Karina.

It's Ronald from--

Sis versus-- [Karina And Ronald] Bro!

And today, we're going to be testing baby toys

on our baby sister.

[Karina And Ronald] Aria!

So, if you guys don't know, this is our sister Aria,

she's four months old.

She is the cutest little thing ever


and Aria has lots of toys already but she wants more.

More! So we bought

a whole bunch of toys,

we're gonna test them on her

and we'll see how Aria likes them.

Yeah, I'm a chicken.

Aria, are you so excited?

are you so excited to play with all the new toys?

You like my chicken?

You like my flying chicken?

(comedic ding)

Aria, are you so excited?


I think Aria is super, super excited.

So, let's go play with some of her toys.

Well she's gonna play with them.


Okay, so the first toy we're gonna show Aria is this one.

I don't really know what it does,

I think it makes noises and babies shake it,

I think that's what goes on with it.


There's a picture on the back, Aria do you like that?

Are you excited?

Oh, she's interested.

Oo, okay, so let's open

it up for her. She's intrigued.

My trusty Harold scissors.

I'm gonna call these Harold for the rest of the video.




(groaning) Gotta cut that bit,

Oh, you want your toy right now, Ronald.

Okay, okay, okay! Go faster,

she wants it right now.

Okay, I'm sorry Aria.

I can't cut--

Do you don't know how to cut?

Wait, I'm almost there.


Okay, I have it.

Oh, just one more bit.

C'mon Ronald, Aria wants the toy right now!



Twist this,

there you go!


Okay, first you have to turn it on, I think,

oh it needs batteries for this.

(toy babbles)

Oh there we go,



(toy singing in a foreign language)

Aria do you like that?

It's Spanish but whatever.


She must like it!

Aww, she likes it!

If Aria's gonna put it in her mouth,

that means she likes it.

All right, aw you like that toy?

(upbeat music)

Do you like that?

Do you like that Aria?

The cheeks are turning red!


Aria, you want it?

You wanna hold it?

(fun music)


She just wants to eat it, all right!

Aria, it's not for eating,

it's your friend!

Aw, she was smiling!


Aw, that means she likes it.

Okay on to the next toy, okay Aria.

You have so many more toys,

I know you love this one

but we have so many more okay, Aria.

Oh, you're gonna have so many toys after this.


Oh yeah, okay thank you, Aria.

Okay so this toy is Aria approved, she really likes it,

she just wants to eat it all day and--

Hashtag AA.

Now it's time for the next toy.

So, the next toy we're gonna try is this one.

It's a mat, and I think you put water in it

and it's kind of like, a cool kind of mat.

Oh you like that?


You think it's cool, all right.

Okay, let's open this, Aria, so now--

(cardboard ripping)

Just this box, you don't care about the box, Aria, do you?



Oh you want your toy right now, Ronald.

Ah, ah, Aria!

You have to fill it up with water.

(plastic crackles)

No, you need to fill it up with air!

No, you put water in here.

Okay yeah, so Aria's aquarium is finished

and we're gonna put it down

and she's gonna have tummy time on it.

Aria, are you excited?

Are you gonna go on your little aquarium?

Okay, come on.

All right Aria.

Look at all the stars!


Okay Aria.

Look at that!

Do you like that, Aria?



Are you having fun?

Oh look there's a fishie!

Look there's a fishie!

Look at all the fishies.

Oh look there's a blue fish right there.

Oh, it's moving, it's moving, ah!

Aria do you like that?

Is that cool?



Oh, a duckie!


It's a little duckie, Aria.

Why would there be a duckie here?


Aria, you love your game so much!

Is it so cool?

Well, it feels really cool.

I could sleep on this.


(water slashes)

Aria, do you like that?

Turtle, turtle.


Are we having fun, Aria?

Oh there's a fishie.

There's a fishie, there's a fishie!

There's a fishie!

It's not moving but there a fishie.

All right, I think its pretty safe to say

that Aria likes this toy.

So, let's move on to the next one.

Aria approved.

Okay guys, the next toy is an epic playground,

hashtag Gymini Deluxe for Aria.

Aria wants it right now!

She wants it right now!

Okay, Gymini Deluxe.

So we gotta open it up, Aria.


Aria, we're opening it up, okay?

Oh it's nice bag, Aria.

Aria, your toy's coming in just a second.

It's deluxe, Aria, for you!

(plastic rattles)

Okay one of the toys fell out, but that's all right.

All right Aria.

Playground, ultimate playground.

So guys, the playground for Aria is all set up.

We have the bars hanging over,

Aria can play with all the toys.

And we've got some things on the mat as well.

Aria, I think you're gonna love it

and it's super, super colorful!

Yeah, so tummy time?

All right, oh yeah, tummy time again?

Okay Aria you're gonna go on your back for this time.

You're gonna play with all your toys?

Hello, Aria.

Look at that!

You love that Aria?

(short pop)

My name is Clementine!


You'll have so much fun to give out.


Oh yeah, you dropped your pacifier!

I think Aria is just so amazed that she just

(long gasp)

She dropped her pacifier.

This looks like a really skinny-legged Pokemon

Why does Aria look annoyed,

she's like, "what is all of this?"


Aria, don't worry.

"What am I supposed to do with all this?"

Don't worry, this is Clementine

and this is some kinda Pokemon

with really skinny legs.



Hello (mumbles)


Look, Aria, there's even a mirror

so you can see your cute face!

My name is--

Look how cute you are, Aria!


My name is Sara

and we're gonna have so much fun together Aria!


Aria's playing with her toys!


Aria touched her toys!


Pokemon, gotta catch them all!


Especially this one.

Aria's going closer to her pacifier,

she's saying, "gimme that, I want the pacifier!"

Wait, I want to see her put it in her mouth.

Aria's just gonna grab the pacifier.

C'mon Aria.

(baby babbling)

Pokemon got to catch them all...

I don't think Aria really likes this,

I think it's just a little too much;

too many things just hanging down

and too many things that are saying hello.


I know it's a lot Aria, it's okay.


But we have so many other toys that we think you'd like.

Okay, Aria!


We're gonna move on to next toy okay?


(baby babbling)

Okay guys, so the next toy Aria

is gonna try out is this one,

I'm not quite sure what it is,

so let's open it up and see it together.

(plastic rattles)

All right, okay, I think you're supposed to put this

on Aria's hands and feet.

Oh my goodness!

And she could just like kinda play with them.

It's Gerald!


All right, Aria,

I think this is supposed to go on your foot,

so we're gonna put this on your foot.

Gerald Junior and Gerald!


And you're gonna have a little,

a little duck thing on your foot.

Aria, you have one of your fun socks on!

Alright, now we're gonna put on one of your wrist bands.

So you're gonna have a cool Rolex wristband watch.

Hashtag Aria Rolex


(funky bass music plays)

(mumbles) You're just so cute.

Twenty thousand dollars on my wrists.


Aria, you like that?

Alright, there you go Aria.

You got these two zebra creatures on your feet and wrists.

Hashtag ZebraGirl.

Dun duh da da! ♪

Zebra power!

Dun dun da na na na! ♪

Aria, do you like your watches?

She's grabbing my finger,

Aria, can I have my finger.

(low bass single note)

She's like,

"you're the bad guy, I need to defeat you"


All right, I think this is okay for Aria,

she doesn't really know they exist

but, they look super cute on her so,

let's just say that she likes them.

On with the next toy!

So guys, now it's the second day

because there were too many toys for Aria in one day

and she wanted to go to sleep.

So now it's time to play with some more toys.

Yes, Aria!

Do you want to play with some more toys?


Aria's got her awesome, Rolex wristbands on.

Ah yes, Rolex.

All right, so Aria.

Okay, so our next toy is a duckie-bird thing.

It's a duck-bird version Frankenstein thing.


Aria do you like duck-birds?


She's looking at it and she's like,

"oh, what is that?"

Mr. Duck Bird, yes.

Okay Aria, say hello to duck bird!


(toy chirping)

(toy speaking in a foreign language)

Aria, speak Spanish,

you can learn Spanish!

Dun na na na

Hola, Aria!

We can make our own music, it's fine.

Dun na na na na na na na na na na na na na

Now press the music button.

(upbeat music)

Aria, do you like it?

I think Aria's interested!

She's like, "wow, I want it!"



Aria, do you, she's like,

"oh my god, I love it,

"it's so awesome!"

Oh, it's a duck-bird!

Roaming in the wild, Aria, it's a duck-bird

Aw, you love it so much?

Oh, Aria's intrigued

She's saying,

"oh my god, it's so amazing, I want it"


She's saying, "oh my god, look at it, it's a duck-bird!"

Aria, do you want the duck-bird?

No, I have it because it's too legendary




Look at you!

Oh, oh, oh no, duck bird fell!


When she likes something, she drools everywhere

and she's drooling all over her hand

and all over herself, so that means she likes it.


Alright, next toy.

Okay, Aria, do you wanna go onto the next toy?

Do you?

She's still looking at it!

She's still looking at it!

Ba ba ba ba!

Okay guys, so the next toy is an elephant!

A pink one!

Dun du na na

Hi, Aria!

Hello, Aria!

(playful upbeat music)

Hello baby! Ooh he sings!

Sing together!

Do your ears hang low? ♪


Do they wabble too and fro? ♪

Aria do you like that?

Can you tie them in a knot? ♪

Can you tie them in a bow? ♪

I'm opening and closing my eyes!

Can you throw 'em over your shoulder

Like a continental soldier? ♪



Do your ears hang low? ♪

Aria's so amazed.


Do your ears stand high? ♪

Aria's intrigued!

Do they reach up to the sky? ♪

Do you like my flapping?

Do they hang when they're wet? ♪

I'm so good at flapping.

Do they-- ♪

Hey! Oh yeah, did you like that?

That was so cool right, Aria?

I think Aria likes it!

Aria, somehow you got drool all over your nose,

I don't know how you did that.


Okay so, I think Aria likes this toy.

Let's move onto the next one. She was like, "Oh my god!

"I love it so much!"


Aria, is it time for your next toy?

Time for the next toy?


Okay guys, so the next toy is the activity center!

La la la

Aria, you can stand, you can play with all the toys,

are you so excited?

Oh my goodness, Aria's looking at the box

and she's already like, "oh!"

Aria, are you gonna be just like that baby right there?

You're already like that baby!


She's going like,

"I wanna play with all those toys right now!"

All right so let's set it up,

'cause Aria's just obviously so excited!

Okay guys, so Aria's activity center is finished!

Aria are you ready to step inside the magical land?

Are you ready to have fun in the activity center?

Yes. Are you so excited?

Okay, Aria we're just gonna drop you in.

There you go!


Okay, cute! Cool!

Are you intrigued right away?


[Karina And Ronald] Oh the snail!

She's playing with the snail!

The snail?

Aw, look at you, Aria, good job!


Good job, Aria.


Aria, do you love your activity center?

All of the activity's

right where you want it to be!

And then we can also move around activities,

so you can have different activities all the time!


Okay, we have to do a rotation,

rotation so Aria can play with all the toys.

Aria really likes this one though.

Oh my goodness, Aria!

Are you intrigued?

Look at that, look at all your toys!

There's so many, Aria.

Aria, we can do numbers too!

One, two, three!


Look at that Aria, look at the panda too!


Oh my goodness!

She's so amazed at the panda!


Aria, do you love your activity center so much?

Do you?

Aria's like, "yeah it's fine".


Are you having fun?

Okay let's move the one activity this way for Aria.

Oh, you wanna track your eyes on it?

Oh, Aria's tracking!


Aria's angered.

Aria's playing with the jingly things!

Aria do you love that?

Do you love that, Aria?

Are you having fun?

Whoa, oh no it's fell off!

Ronnie, you broke Aria's toy!

Ah, I didn't I fixed it!

Aria, are you having fun?

Look at you!

Okay guys, I think Aria likes this toy

but there's some parts about it

that she doesn't really care about.


Aria's mostly looking at everything like,


So I think that's a win!

Now it's time for the next toy, Aria, what do you think?


"I'm loving these toys!"

Are we onto your next one?

Okay, so guys the next toy is this mini wheelie thing,

you spin it around, there's little animals on it,

let's see if Aria likes this.

We're gonna leave her in her chair

because she likes sitting in it

but we moved all the toys from it.


So she won't get distracted.

All right Ron, here you go.

Okay, let's open this bad boy up.

Okay guys, so the toy is out, Aria let's turn up the noise.

(playful xylophone music)


All right, Aria, what do you think?

Okay, spin!

Oh, you spinning it?

Aria, you're spinning!

Oh, you already know what to do!

Good job!

Good job, Aria!

(toy speaks in a foreign language

Aria's mesmerized.

You can hypnotize her,

'cause there's a little hypnotizer in the middle

Aria's like, (gasps).

Aria, do you love it so much?

Oh my goodness she just gave, like,

a happiness attack!

(futuristic musical run)

Aria, look at that, you can spin it!

(futuristic musical run)

It makes noises when you spin!

Do you love that, Aria?

Are you having fun?

(playful song in a foreign language)


She really likes this toy!

I think she really likes the lights.

(xylophone musical run)

And how colorful it is.

(xylophone musical run)

She like, knows how to spin!

(xylophone musical run)

I don't need to spin it.

She's looking at it like she knows what to do

and how to do it!

(toy speaks in a foreign language)

Why are you putting you head into that?


(playful song in a foreign language)

Aria has her mouth open just staring at it like, "whoa!"

Okay I think Aria likes this toy

but we've been showing it to her for too long,

so, let's move onto the next one!

So guys, for the next magical toy or chair!

Is Aria's magical arena!


There's a little book on it and there's some new toys,


Aria's like,

"I wanna sit in it right now!"

Okay Aria, you can sit in your chair right now.

(upbeat music)


There you go.

Okay, okay first, the spinny-airplane thing.

Aria, why are you playing with this toy?

Oh, okay!

Aria, do you wanna read the book?

'Meet cuddly, fluffy, koala bear'

Okay you've read the book there's a mirror, Aria!

You can see how cute you are in the mirror!


Aria, look there's a flower with balls in it.

She can't reach it though.

No, but maybe one day she'll be able to reach it.

Yes one day, Aria, she can watch us play with it.

I don't think Aria's really intrigued,

'cause she can't really play with most of the toys

except this little spinny-thing,

I don't think she really likes sitting,

I think she likes standing more.

What do you think, Aria?


She's like, "yeah, it's okay, five outta 10".

Okay, so the next toy is this monkey!

We have a little monkey, it sings,

Aria, do you like monkeys?

Monkey, monkey! I think Aria likes monkeys

so, Ronald,

open it up please.

Okay, let's find out.

Okay guys so the monkey is out of his cage,

look how happy he is

and now he's about the same height to Aria!

(toy speaks in a foreign language)

(speaks in a foreign language)


Aria, do you like your monkey?

He's giving you an apple!

Do you like apples?

Oh what is this?


Banana, I like my bananas, Aria,

look at my bananas.


Aria do you like bananas?

In a few months, Aria, you can have bananas!

Oh you want my bananas?

I like sharing!

Sharing is caring!



Aw, she doesn't like it, she doesn't like bananas!


So you, Mr. Monkey, have to go bye bye!


Aria's now happy.

Okay guys so the next toy is this bouncer,

Aria can jump around in it, there's toys hanging from it

and what's really cool about this is that when I was a baby,

I had the exact same one so,

Aria had better like it!

Aria, do you think you're gonna like this one?


Are you ready to bounce around?

Yes she is!

Okay guys, so the ultimate jumper is ready!

(fanfare plays)

Dun dun na na

Aria, are you so excited to go on your jumper?

You're gonna be jumping around?

You're gonna go jump jump jump jump jump!

All right, aria, Jump jump jump, jump

let's go in.

There you go, Aria can you touch the ground?

Aria, you can barely touch the ground

She's not gonna do much jumping

but she can play with the toys!


I can jump her, hup!

hup da.

hup da.

Aria are you having fun?


Are you playing with all of the toys?

Hup, hup, hup, hup, hup.

Look at you!


Look, there's a little butterfly.

I can see her intrigued.

And everything, look at that!

So guys, this is very similar

to the other one she was playing in but this one,

she can jump in because it's hanging!

So, Aria do you like it?

Do you like jumping?

Hup, hup!

Sort of?

Hup! Hup!


Jump, jump, jump!

Aria is just touching with her tippy-toes.

Well, I can pull it down

so she can touch it more.


Do you like playing with the toys?

She's like, "meh, they're okay".


You look straight?

Are you intrigued?

Are you Excited?

She's kinda just looking at them like,

"eh this is all I can do right now".


So guys, as I said before I had the exact same one

but I loved it so much,

I was always smiling and jumping around, but Aria?

She's not into it, she's not into jumping.


Maybe Aria doesn't really like it so much

'cause it's her first day in this jumper

and I don't think I liked it in my first day,

as I was told, but anyway,

we're gonna post a picture on our Instagram,

link down below,

of Aria in her jumper versus me

and comment down below, which one do you think is which.

Oh, Hohoho!

Oh, oh, now she's intrigued.


Aria, do you like bouncing around?

Hup, hup, hup, hup, hup, hup, hup, hup, hup.

She's holding on she's like,

"wait save me, I better hold on!"


It's an earthquake, Aria, it's an earthquake!

Shakey shakey shake.

Shakey shakey shake.



She looked into the camera!


Aria, do you like that?


So guys, that was the last toy that we have for Aria,

Aria has so many toys that can last a lifetime Aria,

you have so many toys!

It took us two day to show you all of them.


Because there's so many!

Okay, so make sure to go to our Instagram,

which will be linked down below,

and comment which one is me and which one is Aria,

I don't think you guys are gonna be able to tell,

we look pretty similar, right Aria?

Just pick the photo that looks the oldest.


All right guys, we hope you liked this video, if you did,

[Karina and Ronald] Smash that like button

and we'll see you the next time, goodbye!

Aria say goodbye!

Bye bye Aria!

(upbeat techno music)

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