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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 31 Days of Learning English - DAY 16 - improve your English - In the Kitchen / phones - 16th October

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oh look at the view today it is looking rather nice outside the window because

the sun is out the sky is blue and there isn't a single cloud to spoil my view

welcome to another day of 31 days of learning English during October 2019

hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in England how are you today

are you ok I hope so are you happy I really really hope so here we are

together all together live on YouTube yes I'm not joking we are here right now

as live as live can be there it is look 4 minutes past 2 o'clock on what is it

what is today ah it's Wednesday

yes it's Wednesday welcome to another day of live English and of course

because it's Wednesday we are in the kitchen I have a feeling that you may

have already noticed that because clearly I am in the kitchen I'm

definitely not in the toilet I am definitely not in the studio I'm not in

the garden I am in the kitchen so welcome to another livestream for those

who are wondering what this is all about well I am doing this during October to

celebrate my 13th year on youtube so for those who are wondering why I'm doing

this and I can tell you once more this has nothing to do with brexit nothing

whatsoever monday to friday 2 p.m. UK time also on saturday 12 p.m. just after

midday and on sunday 2 p.m. all the way through october has a special way of

celebrating my 13 years so at the end of this month on the 31st of October it

will be my 13th anniversary also I suppose we should mention that it is

also brexit day on the 31st of October isn't that strange sometimes fate can be

a very strange thing and as you can see bricks it will also be taking place the

second attempt at leaving the European Union because it was supposed to happen

on March the 29th but they decided to postpone it and now it will be happening

or as far as we know it will be happening on the same day as my

anniversary so not only is the 31st of October Halloween it is also my

anniversary on YouTube and can you believe it also it is brexit day i must

apologize today my throat is feeling a little bit sensitive I think I have a

little bit of asthma at the moment so I have my asthma medication ready just in

case I have to take a little puff from my medicine so yes I'm suffering a

little bit today with asthma I think it is the change in the weather so as the

seasons change especially at the moment because the cold air is starting to

return to the UK so I do apologize if my voice sounds a little strange today

in places I will try my best to persevere I will try to carry on so here

we go I suppose we should mention the live chat hello

to the live chat nice to see you here welcome to my little kitchen in Much

Wenlock and i suppose i should also say hello to ciao hello

ciao and also by anne and Yaman you are the first three people on today's live


I'm feeling very generous today normally I give the applause to one person but I

thought today because I'm feeling very generous I don't know why I thought I

would give the applause to Joe by Anne and also llaman is well if Irene is

watching yes I did receive your video and I will be showing it later on today

so today we will see a lovely video from Irene something very unusual concerning

animals oh I wonder what that could be all about also thank you very much once

a game to Mika for sending some lovely photographs from your recent trip that

you took in Japan and I will be showing those later on as well but once more

let's have a look outside beautiful day the Sun is out everything is looking

nice you can see just in the distance you can see a little bit of the blue sky

on the horizon everything is rather nice today I must admit and as I woke up this

morning I looked at the window and the first thing I saw was this oh look at

that you can really see that the leaves are starting to turn when the leaves

turn it means that autumn has arrived and when we say turn we mean the colour

of the leaves they change sometimes they change from green to yellow and

sometimes they change from green to red so it depends really on the type of tree

but already you can see my garden there are leaves already that have fallen from

one of my trees in the garden so that is what was happening this morning when I

woke up from my slumber meanwhile here in the kitchen I've got a

lot of things to show you many things to explain to you now I

thought today I would show some of the types of food that I eat and maybe today

you will realize that perhaps my eating habits are a little unhealthy also I

should mention that we haven't done any shopping for nearly three weeks so at

the moment we are actually running low on food so today I'm showing you some of

the things but not everything because I have to do an online shop so that's what

is happening so today we will have to is that upside down I think it is sorry we

will have to make do so when you make do it means you manage with what you have

quite often if you come to a situation where you only have a little bit of food

left in your kitchen you will have to make do perhaps you only have a little

bit of money left you have to make do so this is a very interesting phrase that

we use quite often in English when we are talking about survival so maybe you

only have a little bit of food left so you have to make do

I'm sorry we don't have much in I will make some food for you but we will have

to make do so to make do means to have what is there even if there is only a

small amount of the thing available so you are you are forced to make do you

will have to make do an interesting question that I'm going to ask today

very interesting question now I as you know I love technology very much I am a

big fan of Technology just to show you how Tecna

is really amazing if you actually click there you can actually have captions

live can you believe it so if you press this on your keyboard

during the live stream you can actually watch what I'm saying with captions

live it's incredible so that's why I love technology before and always so

I've always been interested in electronics since I was a little child I

always remember the first time I tried to do something with an electrical

device I was very young and I actually took my mother's hair dryer to pieces I

actually I got a screwdriver and I actually took my mother's hair dryer to

pieces needless to say she was not pleased so I have always been fascinated

since an early age about things that work using electricity and of course all

sorts of Technology however an interesting conversation took place the

other night at the dinner table between myself and Steve and I was asking Steve

what did you do before we had all of this wonderful technology so what did we

do what did we do before we had cell phones for example so I think this is a

good one to start with so what did we do before we had cell

phones can you remember that far back so I suppose if you are a very young person

maybe you don't remember a time when there were no cell phones

so maybe cell phones have been around all your life however for some people

like me I remember when there were no cell phones there were no mobile phones

I can remember a time before computers before we had computers

in our house before everyone had at least one computer device in their house

somewhere I remember the time before that happened in fact I remember when

people were first talking about the age of computers before that age arrived so

what did we do before cellphones and I suppose I could also extend that by

saying computers as well can you imagine what it must have been like well I don't

have to imagine because I lived through that time so what we used to do when we

were young when I was young when I was living at home with my family we would

have one of these can you see it just behind me we would have one of these in

the house a telephone one telephone in the house that's all we would have the

only problem was of course you could only use the telephone in the house yes

hello yes mr. Duncan here what you want me to go into town to meet you okay then

I will see you in 10 minutes oh there is a problem here I want to

take my phone with me but I can't I can't because it's attached so this

particular phone cannot come with me because this is fixed so before we had

mobile phones before we had cell phones all you had was one of these quite often

in your house or sometimes you would share one phone in a certain area so

that's it so before we had cell phones you

to take your telephone with you if you were going to be late you were late you

couldn't even tell the other person who was waiting for you in town that you

were going to be late there was no way of letting that person know so when we

talk about different types of telephone in the past most people would use

something called a landline or home phone so your landline would be the

phone that is fixed in your house you would have no choice that is it that is

the only way that you could contact people immediately by landline or by

your home phone now we didn't have a telephone in our house until around 1983

so before that we didn't even have a telephone so it was even harder to let

people know where we were and what we were doing when we were away from home

so we didn't have ha our first telephone until 1983 and that was something called

a landline so the landline means the cable that goes all away from the post

office exchange all the way to your house and quite often we would also call

it your home phone so the landline or your home phone landline of course we

still have landlines but quite often now they are very high-tech they use fiber

optics to bring superfast broadband to your house if you are lucky enough to

have that of course some people don't if you couldn't contact someone

straightaway of course there was an alternative you could use a pay phone or

call box so you could use a payphone which means that you would go into a

little box and you would pick up the phone and then you would dial the

number and if the person answered you would have to put some money inside the

telephone so that was the only way of contacting someone at home and of course

quite often the person you were calling might also be out so you can't contact

them directly so before we had cell phones before we had our mobile phones

it was very hard to get in touch with someone in fact the only way you could

do it was by using a pay phone or call box of course there is another way or

there was and there still is another way of getting in touch with people and that

is through the postal system does anyone still use the postal system now maybe

you send parcels or gifts or cards to people maybe on their birthday but for

most of the time we don't send letters do you still write letters to people so

if you use the postal service it means you send a letter or maybe a

package from one place to another so quite often the postal system was the

only way we could stay in touch with someone over a long distance or someone

far away so beside the telephone you could only write a letter can you

believe that and to make matters worse that there weren't even any computers so

people didn't have computers at home you couldn't send email because there was no

email you couldn't write a text message because you couldn't do it the

technology didn't exist however you could send something called a telex

which came along later so you could kind of send something through the telephone

we would come out at the other end and of

course later they were known as faxes so a fax machine allowed you to print a

letter or a note in your home and it was sent from another place although

nowadays I don't think anyone uses fax machines who remembers the fax machine I

remember when they first came out and I thought there were the most amazing

thing you could actually send a letter through your telephone incredible so a

lot of things to talk about today and I thought that was a good thing to talk

about because we were talking about it the other night

sometimes me and Steve we talked about all sorts of things all sorts of deep

topics what about you what are you talking about today what do you want to

say Patrick is here I remember when I first downloaded a song from the

internet it took me ages so if something takes you ages it means it takes you a

long time to do it maybe 24 hours for one song and of course in the early days

of the internet when the internet was still a baby we only had a very slow

connection around 56 kilobytes which is nothing so I remember sometimes I will

open things maybe a photograph on my computer and it would take ages for the

photograph to open so the photograph would slowly open on your screen like

that and then slowly you would see what the photograph was you would eventually

get the whole photograph on your screen but because the connection was so slow

it would take a long time so yes Patrick I understand what you mean arts be says

telephone box is yes you can also say box so here in the UK we will often say

pay phone or call box or telephone box having said that you will find that most

towns don't actually have telephone boxes anymore

and if they do you can't put money inside them so I don't know how you use

them nowadays I think you use your credit card or your debit card I think

that's how you use them I can't remember the last time I used a pay phone or a

call box or a telephone box I can't remember the last time I actually used

one in the little village where I live we have a telephone box

however the telephone inside has been removed so we don't even have a

telephone in the little area where I live so there is no telephone box near

my house but fortunately we have our mobile phones we have our cell phones so

it is very easy these days to keep in touch blue thunder says oh I like your

kitchen camera yes we are in the kitchen today a lot of things to do today and

already it is twenty-five past two I am going to show you some of the things

that I eat and you will notice straightaway that many of the things are

quite unhealthy now I make no apologies sometimes I like to have a snack I like

to have a meal sometimes maybe I'm a little bit lazy and I don't want to cook

in fact that happens quite often Oh last night by the way last night we had a

lovely meal I did mention this yesterday we had a really nice meal and there it

is that is the actual meal we had last night some Indian food oh my

so I will tell you the names of this food first of all on the the right so if

you look on the right on your screen you will see something that looks like it's

a triangle so two triangles and they are called Somozas so samosa is the name of

that particular food it is a type of pastry that is folded over and quite

often it is fried inside you can have vegetables or you can have meat such as

chicken or maybe lamb so last night we had lamb samosa so that is the word

samosa I will show you the other things that we had last night as well

the one in the middle can you see it in the middle now those actually look the

same so the ones in the middle and the ones on the far left look similar but

actually they are different so the ones in the middle are called would you like

to know what they're called they are called pakora pakora it is a type of

food that is normally mixed with vegetables and quite often you will use

something called gram flour gram flour so pakoras are normally made with

vegetables or sometimes meat and quite often they are made using a thing called

gram flour which is basically ground-up chickpeas so you grind the chickpeas

into a powder and then you use it in the same way as you would use flour so the

the one in the middle we'll show you again the one in the

middle is called pakora and then the one on the end the one on the far left has a

very interesting name the name of that one is BA G bar G so that particular one

is very similar to pakora except the flavor is slightly different and quite

often you will make the bar G with onions and once again sometimes you will

use something called gram flour which is made from chickpeas can I just say that

barges samosas and pakoras are quite delicious

very nice would you like to see them on the plate okay then here they are on the

plate after being served oh yes there they are and can you see something else

is there as well one of my all-time favorite foods baked

beans I absolutely love baked beans they are so versatile baked beans are a type

of food that go with so many things I would describe baked beans as versatile

I like that word versatile so something that is versatile is something that goes

with many things or it can be used in many ways you can use it in that way or

you can use it in that way in fact you can use it in many ways it is very

versatile versatile what is some user Somoza is a type of pastry that is

folded over and inside you quite often have meat or vegetables inside Somozas

and all of those things are actually typical Indian food Fabiana says

unfortunately when I went to London I saw that people were using the red

telephone boxes as toilets can I just say that has always happened I remember

growing up if I had to go into a telephone box quite often it would smell

of someone's urine so that wasn't unusual even 20 30 40 years ago so

telephone boxes were well known for being used as toilets and I'm sure they

still are probably more so hello Rakesh mr. Duncan you are teaching about

samosas bhaji it is Hindi language not English well I know that I know that

it's Indian food and I absolutely love spicy food I really do so that is what

we had last night to eat we had samosas barcia's and also pakora with one of my

all-time favorite foods yes baked beans shall I show you my baked beans right

now so this is a very versatile meal something very simple all you have to do

is open the cab pour it into the sauce pan and gently

heat it don't boil it never boil your baked beans because you will spoil the

taste so that is something I love eating in fact can I said can I just tell you a

story about these baked beans because last night

we were going to have baked beans but unfortunately we realized that we didn't

have any so mr. Steve ah mr. Steve is so sweet

sometimes mr. Steve went out in the car and he went into town to buy some baked

beans is not lovely although I'm sure one or two of you will be complaining

because it isn't very environmentally friendly to go out in your car to buy

some baked beans not only that but the baked beans will also produce methane

when you start farting so I would say that everything that happened last night

is probably not very environmentally friendly so mr. Steve went into town to

get some baked beans and then the baked beans after we eat them will makers fart

and then the methane will go into the atmosphere so I would say that baked

beans are probably not environmentally friendly I think it would be fair to say

however they are delicious I think we might be having them tonight as well

with something else I will show you that later hello to the live chat what type

of spices are used in Indian food well you can have chili you can have garam

masala garam masala is a very lovely flavor you will often find it in all

sorts of food mr. Duncan I can teach you about life I want to know about life

actually what is the most important thing in our life please mr. Duncan

reply says Rakesh well I suppose the most important thing in your life is to

stay positive and happy I know it's a cliche and I know that nowadays many

people talk about happiness and how to get it but I think it is important and

I've just noticed that this tin of beans actually matches

my shirt it's the same color as my shirt how strange

I've just noticed that how bizarre so happiness is something always be

fascinated by life always be fascinated by the world around you I am every day I

try to learn something new about this world we live in so always stay curious

always stay inquisitive always pursue knowledge try to learn something new

every day and of course I suppose doing something you enjoy so if you are lucky

enough to find a job that you really love doing or maybe something in your

life that you do but also something that allows you to live then you are a very

lucky person indeed every morning when I wake up I always wake up with a smile

people don't believe me but I do every morning when I wake up the first thing I

do is smile because I know that I am lucky to see another day I get to do

this all over again how amazing is that it's incredible

so I will put my baked beans over there

and there is the word baked beans so baked beans have been around for a very

long time and they are very popular if you want to make a meal quickly if you

want to make a meal in a hurry we often we often cook baked beans

apparently Cowboys eat a lot of baked beans they really do win for Cambo says

I also noticed that your shirt is matching the beans

who thinks oh how strange is that hello also - Nadia hello Nadia nice to

see you here would you like to see something funny I love receiving your

messages hello to Irene and thank you very much for the video that you sent

showing a very unusual moment of time it is a dog and a crow playing with a ball

look at that now that is so unusual apparently the dog is called bit off and

the crow is called camel or maybe it's the other way round I'm not quite sure

Thank You Irene for sending that video it is something you don't often see in

fact I'm so fascinated by it let's have a look at it again so I think the dog is

called Camille and I think the crow is called B cough I think so if Irene is

watching maybe you can tell me if I've got that right or wrong thank you very

much and of course I love hearing from you if you want to get in touch with me

you can you can follow me on Facebook and also you can email me

as well look you can email me you can send your emails there it is look look

can you see it there and also there Facebook I have an official Facebook

page as well so there are many ways of getting in touch with me many ways

indeed Meeker thank you very much Meeker you have sent

something quite amazing now Meeker has been away on a lovely sightseeing trip

and Meeker went to a very interesting part of Japan would you like to have a

look hello I visited Tohoku the Tohoku area

which is the northern area of Japan and I enjoy driving on the mountain road the

leaves hadn't changed enough their color but a fantastic view from a mountain

impressed me a lot so these are some lovely photographs

that Mika has sent all the way from Japan and you can see there are some

lovely views it it looks as if the weather was quite nice in fact so you

were lucky enough to have some really nice weather although it looks a little

bit cloudy there can I just say as well how how glad I was to hear that you you

weren't affected too much by the terrible typhoon that hit Japan look at

that now that I like that view you've got the beautiful mountains in the

background and look at the trees many of them are already starting to turn oh my

goodness I do like that I love looking at forests

I love being amongst trees I love being around nature and there is nothing

better than being around trees look at that isn't that amazing

thank you very much these are great scenes and I hope you had a great time

during your holiday and let's have a look at another photo here it comes

right now oh look at that now is that the sea in the distance that looks like

the sea it isn't mist no definitely I think that is definitely the sea in the

distance so thank you very much Mika for your lovely photographs from a place

called Tohoku Tohoku thank you very much for that Wow how kind of you and I do

appreciate when you take your time to send things to me so even though Mika

was having a vacation she was still taking some photographs but for us isn't

that lovely so thank you very much for that how kind

of you and yes nature is life oh I like that

thank you shinobi I also Christina says I will send you my next video about my

trip to Crete I have never been to Crete I've been to Corfu but I've never been

to Crete I believe it's a very nice place very historic rakesh and also Anna

is here Thank You Mika for the beautiful photos I don't know if meteor is here is

Mika here today I haven't seen her on the live chat so I don't know if beaker

is here a very unusual situation you don't often see dogs playing with birds

or birds and dogs together it is a very strange combination I must say shall we

have a look at another one of the things that I like eating because yes it is

true I do enjoy eating food so over here

quite often when I'm eating something I like to put something on top of the food

sometimes I will use this salad cream so this is called salad cream it is quite

tangy you might also say that it is a little bit salty so inside this you have

things like vinegar and also eggs however there is something else that I

like putting on my food mayonnaise I also like putting mayonnaise on my food

so actually quite often I will put salad cream and mayonnaise on my food at the

same time both together so when we talk about mayonnaise well that is something

that is made with eggs so this particular thing has a lot of eggs salad

cream is seen as a healthy alternative so many people prefer salad cream

because they they feel that it is not as unhealthy as mayonnaise what about you

do you like to put mayonnaise on your food I know I do yes we know you have

very bad eating habits I will show you the words salad cream salad cream we can

also call this salad dressing as well so something you put on salads or something

you pour over vegetables or maybe salads so things like lettuce or tomatoes

something to add a little bit of flavor we will call that dressing

you can have salad cream or something that I really like mayonnaise mayonnaise

this particular one is made mainly from eggs which is why this is often seen as

being quite unhealthy it is food that some people avoid of course there are

many different types of food when we talk about varieties of food we can say

sweet sweet food for example chocolate so an example of sweet food oh there is

chocolate you can see here there is a bar of chocolate so this is sweet food

and quite often it is seen as being unhealthy we also have dairy so when we

talk about dairy we talk about things that are made using milk and there are

lots of dairy products there are lots of things that are available to eat that

are classed as dairy I suppose the most obvious one is milk so milk is literally

dairy it comes from cows and it is dairy it is food that contains milk in fact

all this is is milk it is milk another dairy product oh I absolutely love this

food now this is one of the types of food that is seen as being very

unhealthy oh dear look

that a lovely beautiful unopened block of cheese I absolutely love cheese and

this particular cheese is extra mature it is cheddar which is produced in a

place called cheddar and this is very strong so the flavour of this is

actually very strong so when we say extra mature what we are actually saying

is extra strong so this has been left for a very long time to mature so this

particular cheese is very strong just the way I like it

I like my cheese strong of course there are many different types of cheese

cheddar is one of my favorites however there are many other types of cheese as

well I suppose I should mention butter butter is something that is a dairy

product it contains milk and there it is some

lovely butter this is a special kind of butter because it's combined with oils

as well so vegetable oils so this also has vegetable oils inside as well so it

isn't as unhealthy as pure butter so when we talk about dairy products that's

what we talked about also there are fatty foods fatty so when

we describe a certain type of food as fatty it means it contains a lot of fat

so I suppose when we think of fatty food we

often think of dairy so dairy food is often seen as fatty it contains a lot of

fat hmm I wonder what is happening on the live stream

greetings mr. Duncan I am from Iraq I am pleased to join the listing thank you

very much Patrick says cheddar can be yellow as

well and you can make Welsh oh I know what you're going to say one of the

things you can do with cheese is you can cut it and you can put it on bread or

you can put it on toast and then you can melt the cheese on top of the bread we

call it cheese on toast very nice Christina says in Italy we have the so

called stinky cheese yes that is true it is a type of food that can have a very

strong odor so some cheese can have a very strong smell and some people find

it very unhealthy Cory says cheese is very fatty I know I agree and I do like

eating cheese talking of cheese tonight can you guess what we are eating tonight

so take a look over there take a look at my selection of food

can you guess what we are eating tonight

tonight we are having pizza I know I know what you're going to say mr. Duncan

mr. Duncan you must take care of yourself I do I do take care of myself

but sometimes I just like to have a meal that I enjoy so tonight mr. Steve and

myself we will be enjoying a deep pan triple cheese pizza tonight so that's

what we're having I will put it in the oven it will take about 15 minutes to

cook and then we can have it and look can you see the price it's it's only 2

pounds so this whole pizza is only 2 pounds so not only is it quick and

convenient it is also quite cheap as well oh and also quite unhealthy

unfortunately I'm sorry about that however sometimes we do eat healthy food

we eat a lot of vegetables at the weekend we eat fish so we don't always

eat fatty food we don't always eat unhealthy food although today we will we

will be mr. Steve is a little bit of a health freak he does like eating food

that is healthy for example every morning Steve always likes to eat

porridge so quite often in the morning Steve will

start his day with some porridge personally I don't like porridge I think

it tastes quite disgusting so I don't like porridge however mr. Steve does

I normally have this for breakfast so my day normally starts with this particular

product by the way I'm not advertising this I'm not being paid by anyone it

doesn't look like I have a shop behind me yes

Rakesh Rakesh says Mr Duncan it looks like you have a big shop it does it

looks like I work in a grocer's shop yes so there's my breakfast every morning I

have two of these with a little bit of soya milk so that's it you see so

sometimes I do eat healthy food and of course this food is organic as well it

is made using organic ingredients so there there are no pesticides there are

no chemicals there are no additives so that's pretty good sometimes we like to

make food sometimes we like to have spicy food especially on Friday mr.

Steve will often make curry and this is one of the things that we use so you can

see here we have some instant curry mix so this is actually curry sauce and this

particular one is Balti so this one is Indian sauce and it's called Balti which

is a type of Indian dish very delicious especially with chicken or sometimes

with fish so normally when we make our own careers we normally put fish in the

curry instead of meat and as you know I love Italian food I like Italian food

and mr. Steve will often make pasta so we use this particular source

so this is sauce that you can buy and then you pour it into the saucepan and

then you can add all of your own ingredients and make yourself a nice

Italian meal it's nice to hear that Ana Rita likes sushi can I tell you

something I have only tried sushi once and I didn't like it very much I'll be

honest with you I prefer my fish cooked to be honest I'm not very keen on raw

food especially fish it's almost time to go I can't believe it

I can't believe that time has almost beaten us today

another type of food of course this is the thing I mentioned earlier healthy so

there are many types of healthy food that you can eat so when we think about

healthy food we often think about vegetables maybe certain types of food

that have very little fat because of course fat is one of the big dangers as

you get older if you have a lot of fat in your diet it can cause all sorts of

problems as you get older and as I mentioned earlier a lot of people

nowadays like to eat organic food so they will eat food that has been grown

naturally without any artificial chemicals or additives or during the

farming process when the food is being grown there are no pesticides

it hasn't been genetically modified so something like that I hope you've

enjoyed today's very interesting lesson and the other thing I didn't mention is

today around the world is World Food Day isn't that strange

so today is actually World Food Day so I don't know how I did that

but it is a coincidence so today I'm in the kitchen and I'm talking to you on

World Food Day and as you can see behind me there is a lot of different types of

food behind me in a moment or maybe this afternoon I will have a cup of tea with

mr. Steve and this is the tea that I like to drink I like to drink some some

Earl Grey one of my favorite flavors of tea is Earl Grey and in the morning I

will always have a cup of tea and in the evening I will always have a cup of tea

with mr. Steve however at the moment I think I am going to have a cup of coffee

so as soon as I finished this livestream I am actually going to make a cup of

coffee in the morning you can have an egg omelette for breakfast yes netra

Thank You Netra that's a good suggestion I do have some eggs in my refrigerator

but I didn't get them out so yes eggs another thing that I like eating with

Steve sometimes we will have an egg with some toast or of course you can make an

omelet Steve likes omelets I'm not very keen on omelets to be honest I'm not

very keen on them however omelets are something that you

can make quickly and you can put all sorts of things inside them and they are

very tasty Lewis says I am not very good at cooking at all fortunately my wife is

very great in the kitchen well all I can say Louis is you are very lucky very

lucky fortunately for me mr. Steve is quite good in the kitchen I I'm not

so good we are coming up to three o'clock it's almost time to say goodbye

I can't believe how fast this hour has gone by can you believe it I can't

believe it I'm sure you can't believe it I can't

believe it none of us can believe it it's unreal I

will show you very quickly some ice cream because this is one of my all-time

favorite foods besides chocolate I also like eating ice cream again it is

another dairy food so ice cream is made using milk so that is also dairy it is a

type of dairy food ice cream oh my goodness so in a moment I am going to

have a cup of coffee as soon as I finish of course I haven't mentioned fruit now

Steve is a big fan of fruit can you see here what I have in my hand there is a

banana this is the last banana just to show you how how little food we have

left we we almost have no food left in the house we only have this this is all

food we have left so I think this afternoon I should order some more food

from the supermarket so this is the sort of thing mr. Steve likes to eat mr.

Steve likes his bananas it looks as if this banana is about to go bad so this

one is very ripe I think that's almost it I will say a quick hello to some of

the people on the live chat hello Pat you dairy food so when we talk about

dairy food it's things that contain a lot of milk

of course another thing that is not good for you it is the food that I do like a

lot sugar I do like sugar so sugar is something that is consumed by many

people in many different types of food sometimes there is sugar in food even if

you don't realize that there is sugar inside it so maybe you buy some health

food such as yogurt and it has been proven that some health food actually

contains a lot of sugar so I think sugar is something that many people are

addicted to perhaps I am I'm not sure maybe I'm addicted to sugar do you think

so am i a sugar addict maybe maybe not what

about you do you like sugar do you like eating sugar Thank You mr. Duncan for

this lesson you are welcome one last thing I want to show you this is

something that is very popular in the UK when whenever you have food like fish

and chips something that you can cover with tomato ketchup there it is tomato

ketchup and you can see here this particular tomato ketchup is organic

isn't that nice so tomato ketchup or quite often we will

call it tomato sauce is something you pour over your food to give it flavor

but did you know that tomato ketchup weather was originally invented during a

period of time when people couldn't preserve their food they couldn't keep

it fresh so to hide the bad taste of the rotten

food that they had to eat they would pour tomato sauce over the food so that

is how tomato ketchup was invented it was invented to hide the terrible taste

of the food that was starting to go bad but nowadays we put it on everything so

that's it it's almost time to go I am going to have a cup of coffee thank you

very much for your company I hope you've enjoyed today four spoons

of sugar in your coffee mr. Duncan you're crazy

no not anymore so normally when I have a cup of coffee I normally put two two

spoons of coffee and that's it so I don't eat as much sugar as I used to I

used to eat a lot of sugar but I don't eat as much as I used to and as you can

see I am I'm looking quite well these days I have lost weight I think I'm

looking rather well these 31 days of English lessons is keeping me very fit

and I will see you tomorrow for day 17 of 31 days of learning English during

October 2019 don't forget I am here every day

and there are the times on the screen right now I will see you tomorrow

thank you pat chew thank you also to arts be also Cristina also to Rakesh

Thank You Rakesh for your lovely messages today Louie Louie

also Irene I am glad you have enjoyed my video thank you mr. Duncan see you

tomorrow Thank You Irene for your lovely video

showing the dog and the crow playing together thank you also to meeker for

your lovely photographs thank you a beer Thank You Julie thank you also to

Palmyra and once again Mika Andrea thank you

very much to everyone for joining me today in my kitchen

this is mr. Duncan in the birthplace of English saying thank you for following

me today thanks for watching see you tomorrow 2 p.m. UK time and I will be

back in the studio and of course until tomorrow you know what's coming next yes you do...

ta ta for now 8-)

The Description of 31 Days of Learning English - DAY 16 - improve your English - In the Kitchen / phones - 16th October