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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: iPad Air 3 vs iPad Pro 10.5 - Which Should You Choose?

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hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech and almost everyday someone is asking me

should I get the iPad air 3 or the iPad pro 10.5 now Apple no longer sells the

10.5 pro new but they do sell it refurbished on their site and there are

a lot of different places offering discounts on them or you could buy used

so in this video it's going to be a little bit different as far as the

comparison you can see the time codes in the description but I'm only going to

talk about what's different now as far as the price they are a little bit

different the iPad air comes in at $4.99 with 64 gigabytes of storage up to seven

hundred and seventy nine dollars with cellular and 256 gigabytes of storage

when it comes to the pro the iPad pro starts at 469 with the current prices

refurbished from Apple with 64 gigabytes of storage up to 800 and $39 with 512

gigabytes of storage so you can get a little bit more storage neither of them

have expandable storage when it comes to their physical design on the front

they're absolutely identical now on the back of the device they're a little bit

different the iPad pro has a 12 megapixel camera with a flash and can

record 4k video whereas the air does not have a flash has an 8 megapixel camera

and can only do 1080p video now most people are probably going to record

video with their phones and then transfer it to these devices but if you

wanted the better quality you could go with the pro the camera also protrudes

out of the back a little bit on the pro the other difference on the exterior of

the pro is the speakers that you have 2 extra speakers on the top of the pro so

when you're in landscape they're in stereo the headphone jack and everything

else as far as the microphones and power sleep-wake buttons are identical when it

comes to the display everything is identical with the exception of pro

motion they both have the same resolution they both have the same

pixels per inch but the iPad pro has Pro motion which is 120 Hertz refresh rate

so when you're scrolling back and forth scrolling through different texts or

just pages the pro is much smoother and hopefully you can see that I'm recording

this video in 60 frames per second and this scrolling is much smoother now that

is the only difference between the displays and even the accessories that

work with the work with the air so if you have a Smart

Cover clicks on to the side of the iPad Pro when you shut it it turns off the

iPad pro and then when you open it it turns it on the same cover will work

with the iPad air works the same way again when you close it it will shut the

pro under the iPad off and then you can unlock it when you open it back up both

devices support the Apple pencil but with the pro motion display it is a

little bit smoother but if we go into notes it works just fine on the air

sometimes there is a little bit of a lag sometimes and then again to pair it with

the different devices you have to plug the pencil into the bottom they both

support the Apple pencil first-generation only on the iPad pro

the actual pencil is going to be a little bit smoother the the touch

sensitivity is the same but the actual writing back and forth is a little bit

different now when it comes to the speed of both of them they're both very

similar but the iPad air does have the newer a12 processor but the pro has the

a 10x processor so they're both very similar that way but when it comes to

things like Geekbench you'll see the scores are a little bit different so the

iPad air has 4818 for single core the pro has three thousand nine hundred and

eighty-three first single core when it comes to multi-core the iPad air has

eleven thousand five hundred and sixty three whereas the pro has nine thousand

five hundred and sixty-seven however the iPad pro has four gigabytes of RAM

whereas the iPad air has three gigabytes of RAM so when it comes to doing

different tasks they are more similar than you would think so if we go over

here we'll scroll over we'll load a game like the room we'll wait for it to load

and you'll see the air is a little bit of hand but it's so close you would

never notice it's probably half a second away if I hit continue game on both of

them you'll see they both floated about the same the pro is a little bit faster

that time so everything's going to be the same but as far as the graphics

power on the iPad pro you do have a little bit more and I have found that I

that the graphics or the scrolling or zooming seem to be a little bit smoother

so on games like the room if i zoom in here zoom in over here on the air I can

see a little bit of skipping in the frames whereas it's super smooth on the

pro so that is definitely a difference between the two of them when it comes to

a more intensive game like arc we'll open that up you'll see it was already

loaded in the background and let's see if we can go here and just run depending

on what's on the screen they're going to be a little bit choppy but you may have

seen there on the air it is a little bit choppy while it's running whereas it was

nice and smooth on the pro so you are going to see some graphical differences

between the two and the pro does have more power when it comes to that again

it has more RAM as well now if we go into something that's a little more

intensive such as exporting a 4k video in iMovie and go into iMovie and I have

the exact same video here we'll go to edit it's a video I recorded the other

day we're at a similar spot in the video this video is one minute and 34 seconds

long we'll split it right here just do something a little bit different and

then we'll add a transition in that split so we'll add a dissolve and then

we'll hit done and I have a stopwatch here I've brought in we're going to

share both of these in 4k and see how long they take to export since the iPad

air has a faster processor technically it should be faster but I have not found

that to be the case in many tests so let's go ahead and hit start and see

what we've got here

both have completed and the iPad air was a little bit slower maybe 13 to 14

seconds slower but they're both very similar and the air is plenty fast buts

the pro is a little bit faster when it comes to exporting video now maybe you

don't do a whole lot of video but maybe you like to multitask so if we go into

the App Store you'll see they loaded pretty quickly

both of them are about the same they're both connected to the same Wi-Fi network

and then if I bring in something like music to multitask here they're both

going to be able to handle it pretty much the same so I've got split view you

can see I resize it and they refresh it about the exact same time and everything

appears on the screen at the same time so really there's not as big of a

difference as you might think and when it comes to which one I would personally

choose I would pick the iPad pro once you've seen promotion it's hard to go

back it's so smooth when you're using everything from the pencil to just

reading it's really nice to have promotion once you've had it it's hard

not to have promotion also the speaker's when you're using it to play video or

just watch content is great you have a really nice stereo sound coming from

them they're nice and loud and also there's only one small difference when

it comes to connectivity they both have the same Wi-Fi connectivity a B G and an

AC but the Bluetooth is a little bit different the iPad air supports the

Bluetooth 5.0 whereas the iPad pro only supports Bluetooth 4.2 the only place I

think currently that will make much of a difference has to do with the air pods -

since they support Bluetooth 5.0 so they should connect just as well but you may

have a little bit different in sound quality most people aren't going to be

able to notice that and that's really it I would pick the pro if it were up to me

maybe find a good used one when it comes to updates they're going to get the same

updates for quite a long time the iPad pro probably has a good three to five

years left on it whereas the air probable

has at least five but let me know your thoughts in the comments below if you

haven't subscribed already though please subscribe and of course I'll leave this

wallpaper linked in the description as I always do

if you enjoyed this video please give it a like if not the other ones okay - as

always thanks for watching this is Aaron I'll see you next time

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