Practice English Speaking&Listening with: WRESTLING DATING SIMULATOR?! | Wrestling With Emotions

Difficulty: 0

Hello everybody, my name is Markiplier and welcome to Wrestling With Emotions

Now this game has something to do with wrestlers... and possibly dating?

I'm not 100% sure- Woah



Oh, friends! I wish I knew what that was.


That's the coolest te- oh.

What the hay?

What the who?

I can feel the deal

What did that say?

Oh, okay. Hi!

I have no idea what this game is about, but it's promising to be a little bit weird

Oh, fuck. 'Sad? Bored? Lonely?'

'Well then try Wrestling with Emotions speed dating!' *laughing*

In Cuddle Town?! Oh! That's so nice!

Oh, am I doing somethin' here? Oh, oh!

Hi... How are you doing? Is that me?

Oh, nice *laughing* nips (Thank you Mark)

Well this is not what I anticipated it being, but here I stand.

So... oh, 'Okay, let's do this!' (Are you sure about that Mark?)

'New town, new league, nobody knows me! I can be whoever I want.'

'So who will it be?'


What.... the- oh...

*laughing* OHoH OH Oh Oh..

Owhh, Owwh..

Oh, I get to pick my titles?! Oh my god...

Oh, well I've gotta be Doctor. (Of love?)

Oh, I'm- *laughing* Dr Mystery, oh hell yeah

Oh my god.

Dr Unstoppable... Dr Funky, Regular, Avenging...

Oh, I gotta go with Dr Mystery here.

Dr Mystery Mega?

Dr Mystery Death... ( Yes, very appropriate for a date Mark.)

*laughing* Dr Mystery Average, Dr Mystery Average Man-

Master, Dad- *laughing*


I like how 'Dad' put chest hair on me. Also shoulder hair.

Not too sure about that. Oh, is that a sad face written right into my chest?! (That symbolizes your love life)

Oh, boy. Man- I'm gonna go with Dad.

I'm Dr Mystery Average Dad.

'Is this look going to find me the perfect match?'

Wo- I don't know, buddy.

Ooh, I really don't know about this.

Oh, punch myself in the face because I'm so confident.

Woah, 'Dammit! Get it together Dr Mystery Average Dad!'

'No-one's going to love you until you learn to love yourself!'

Oh, shit dude. Oh, I'm sorry!

Okay. Well this is quite a lesson to learn

Shit. Oh fuck

YEAH! ...I guess??

Well I guess we're on to a speed dating course in Cuddle Town!

Look out everybody! Dr Mystery Average Dad is coming to get ya!

-With his love! And cuddles! (I don't want that to cuddle me)

I guess. Am I supposed to do something?

*Pressing sound* Oh, I was. Okay.


'Good evening everybody!'

'I'm your host, MC Manny McMan!'


That's totally 2013 Markiplier going on there

I don't like that you robbed my look there buddy boy-o

'Get ready for the ride of your life'

'as you speed-date your way through eight fighters in your quest for the perfect match!' (Wait, what?)

'Will you find the opponent of your dreams?'

"Or leave the ring unsatisfied?"

I'm not gonna touch that one

Let's find out!

"Welcome to Wresting with Emotions!" (Just like Mark)

*incoherent screaming* ooohhhhhh (The frick?)

Oh, hi, hoh

[THE ARMS:] Drop what you're doing! The Arms are in the house!

[Mark:] Arms, more like twigs...

*laughs* Oh, he's devastated

[T.A:] What would you do if I had your he-- ([Mark:] breaks into surprised laugh)

(still laughing) between my le-e-egs?" (Smexy time!)

(Mark reading out options) "Break some legs to see some eggs?"

"Un-possible, no legs can hold my head?"

"Find" (laughing) "something good to bite?"

Whoa..... whoa!

I've gotta go with find something good to bite, I guess...


[T.A:] Oh! You like it dirty huh?!

No, absolutely wrong

There's got, there's been a grave misunderstanding here! (Really Mark?)

(options) "What's your dream match?"

"If you could see me in anything *chuckle*, what would it be?"

"What do you look for in an opponent?"

Hey, what do you see me wearing, huh?

and don't say you, ha ha, ha

[T.A:] "Pink spandex leotard, all the way baby."

Ok, time's up

"You're a mystery I'd hate to solve-- (breaks off laughing)

(options) "Alarms Arms!"

*giggling* "Love is in the air!"

"Later- " oh,

"See you never Arms."

Alright, bye, fffuck you

AND your boobs *laughs* Arms

*sighing* Oh boy,

I'm gonna call that trite, (adopts British accent) very trite

and ugh..... (no more accent)

And also, he- (british accent again) he was quite pretty, I would imagine

but also, what the fock

(Still inexplicably British) Alright, good with that one



Hi (timid)

[MR. PIGGY:] "Ssprrrread 'em! I'm Mr. Piggy!" (Oh God.)

[Mark unintelligibly laughing]



Evening officer.

[PIGGY:] "I'm looking for a real bad boy! What's your offence?"

(options) "I body slam *laughs* men until their hearts bake!" (?)

(still laughing) "I don't use steroids"

And "I steal moves from other wrestlers"

If that in any way relates to my YouTube life,

then that's EXACTLY the adequate one!

"That's taking it too far! You make me sick!"

Uh, "What's your dream match?"

"Prison cell fight." Pillows.

Okay...... "Move along!"


"Put me away officer!"

(scared) ok, alright, fine, alright, uh, ih, oh, ah

Can I just-

Oh! I CAN write! Oh, ok!

Well, I theem to have started drawing a dick

I did not even intend, to make that a dick (Mhmmmm. Sure.)

but, ah, (unintelligible) there we go, alright

K, alrighty then.


[KPG:] "Bow down? King Pretty Guy stands before you!"

(British accent) "I'm- I'm honored" oh, drrr, ugh

(Irish accent) Bring out the bugles, blast it for King Pretty Guy!

"I'm honored!"

[KPG:] "Only the finest men may lay with me!"

"Why should I pick you?"

W-oh-ho-ho-ho, whoa


"I'm a noble knight! Let me challenge you!"

"I'm a filthy peasant (chuckles)! Let me defile you!"

"I don't care. Puck off, Your Majesty!"

You know what, if there's anything to describe me,

it's a filthy peasant, so I'm gonna go with that one

"You- You animal! (British accent) oh!"

Me? an animal? (horse heard in background)

I shant dare!

[MARK:] "What do you look for in an opponent?"

[KPG:] "A true prince who can match my muscle!"

Alright then..



*princess voice* Farewell

Ti- Til next time, my pretty!




(checking boxes) Handsome... Indeed!

Nice eyes, ...funny, pretty,

... Also, what the fuck...

...Okay! That's pretty good!


How are yo- woah


[RADICAL RAY:] "Hold on to your moon bag! Radical Ray is here to rock you!" (Ummm...)

[MARK:] Kill me now. Please. Just kill me

(laughing) Kill me now!

[RAY:] "If you bagged a bodacious babe like moi, what would you do with my bod?"


Bronco Buster the night away, in the most gnarly way!

Piledriver till you can't breathe, finish you off with a jack-

I'm just gonna, I'ma, I'ma gonna just default just some good old fashioned wrestling moves here

I don't think we have to do anything fancy.

My evening is filled with boringness. I watch documentaries for a living. It's great


[RAY]:"Gag me with a spoon! That's totally bogus!"

Nah, I'm not into your fetishes man

I won't- I don't-

I won't gag you with anything let alone a spoon

Ahh. If you can see me in anything, what would it be?

[RAY]:"You need to get with it if you catch my drift! Where the shades at?"

I don't know

Shade over there it's a- dark corner that you can stand in with over a bag over your head. That'd be nice

You could just never look at me again and bring your- ugly ass away from this place

[RAY]:"Rads and Dads just don't mix stupid"

Okay... Later Radernator

Seeya Rad... Uhh... (Well hey I'm {me as in Kat} here now I guess XD)

S-smells good (He smelt like too much cologne ~.~'')

Smells good and that guy's probably kid-friendly just like that Markip-- *chuckles**mumbles* Markiplier fellow

Ah fuck it! Oh boy-- Death-- HI! (That stomach tattoo though XD)

You're dead?! *reading tattoo*

[SENOR MURDER]:"Hola! Today you face death, and his name is Senor Murder!"

KILL ME NOW! But in a good way! Kill me, c'mon! (In a good way?? How???)

[SENOR MURDER]:"?Cual fue su momento mas aspasionado en el ring?" (On google translate apparently this means; What was your most talked about moment in the ring?)

Hookay... Oh boy... (Oh lord)

-que luchar, por lo que esta por venir! (The full one translates to; We still have to fight, so it's about to come)

today we have a match? I have no idea what that mean but I'm gonna go with that one

Take me now?! *Hesitant* Uh... (This makes more sense with the translated version XD)

Okay Senor Death...

Senor Muerte or whatever your name was... (*eye twitch* Senor Murder)

What's your dream match?

[SENOR MURDER]:"I don't do dreams ou idiota! Only nightmares!" (Sounds like me hah)

I don't think Mr Mystery Average Dad is too much into this- radical death way of living (I agree)

Adios! Alright see ya! This- this has been...

This has been pretty unpleasant. I-I-I'm not gonna lie about this I-

I feel like we didn't connect on any level... (Thanks for your honesty XD RIP Senor Murder)


Nice eyes I guess. That's all I could see so good. Alright (Nice tattoos?? XD)

HelllllLUUAAAA!!! *disgust* (0^0 oh god)

[BARE BEAR]:"Hey handsome! Are you man enough to bear with The Bare Bear?!" (No plz)

I don't flaaflafla. I don't know 0^0''

(staccato-like) I don't know about that. I don't care bear *Russian accent*

I'm just gonna blush *blush* (Is this an anime now??) Ah your teeth!

[BARE BEAR]:"If I gave you a belly to belly surplex, what would you do?" (Uh, run for my life?)

*Visibly disgusted* Take it like a man, then come back with a strong camel clutch!

Cry *giggles* Cry. Cry. Yeah I'd probably cry. I'd just cry (Is Babyplier coming back?)

[BARE BEAR]:" AAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHH!" *cue manly screaming*

AAAAGGGGGHHHUULL *manly screaming*

What do you look for in an opponent? (The opposite of poor Mark lol)

[BARE BEAR]:"A big man. The bigger the better."- (Mark diverges from dialogue)


(Mark continues dialogue)[BARE BEAR]:"Sweaty too! The wetter the better!" (That sounds wrong oH)

Ok. Alright then

Oh [BARE BEAR]:"You're bearable" (Hah, unbearable puns)

La-Luull-Till next time my pet. Uolf! Shi! Oof! Ha! Hi! *cringes*

Clammy. I'm gonna- I'm gonna go triple check on clamsss! (Definitely XD)

Hooo Boy!

Oh Hi!

How ya doin'?

Ohhhhh...! (Holy magicarp can we not?? XD)

[DWEEB]:"Hey buddy! Ready to get funkeeee wit Da Dweeb?" (0_0'')

Houh.... *cool music fades in*

Hough! *Mark enjoying the music*

Heh! *cool music*

HEH! *cool music*

HOUGH! *cool music*

Heh! *cool music*

HAH! *cool music*

Hee! *cool music*

HAH! *cool music*

I am dancing to this groovy music! (Oh god here we go)

I like it a lot! (Yeah I do too)

I feel really hip now that I'm dancing really tightly! (Please no ^~^'')

I think that's a good description! Of this dance? (Uhmm, N-Noooo..?)


I'm a gangster some may say! Holy hoola hoopy do! (That was not badass Mark, sorry ^v^'')

*sigh* fuck ('Holy hoola hoopy do'?? XD)

Pretty sure "Holy hoola hoopy do!" is probably the...least badass thing I could have possibly said, but okay! (Exactly my thoughts XD)

Salutations, Sir! How you doing?

[DWEEB]:"We're on the periodic table, I'm oxygen, what element are you?" (Oh no science XD)

Uh... *brain fart*

(options) "Hydrogen! We could get together and make things wet!"

(options) "Table? Sma-" I'm gonna go with Hydrogen.

[DWEEB]:"HAHAHA! Oh my soul!" Oh, your fedora! Oh, okay.

(options) "What's your dream match?"

[DWEEB]:"Dreams are but an illusion!" (REALITYISANILLUSION! Gravity Falls fandom anyone? XD

Okay! Thank you. I mean, you're not wrong, but... *Mark trying to be nice*

Also, fuck you. (Nope no more nice Mark XD)


(options) "Later, Dweebinator." All right. See ya. (Never come back please XD)

"Good biceps", I suppose.

Let's see...uh...sure. All right, let's go.

Wait, I'm saying "yes" to everybody. I just reali- ohhhh. 0_0'''' (oH MYGOD)

[FREAKSHOW]:"Gurk." (oh no)

Wha-what ARE you?... Shrek!?

[FREAKSHOW]:"Grr hict bruahg."

Pretty sure... (options) "Ummm...Piledriver?"

*nervous muttering* (Ehh scary >~<)

Pretty sure this is Shrek after he fell into his swamp. (I think its a radioactive human thing??)

Too deep into the swamp. Is this the bottom layer of the onion? (Alien maybe??)

Oh boy. (options) "If you could see me in anything-"

"A vat of ooze!" (Radioactive goo??? WhAT--)

Okay! *Mark is weirded out and disgusted*

[FREAKSHOW]:"You are not Father" (Luke???)

I mean...maybe. (Mark is Darth Vader???)

(options) "You make all my dreams come tru-" Uggh! *Freakshow leaves*

You got a face on your arm.

Eh, "kid friendly." "Smells good." (He smelt like the sewer Mark)

And a "no". Big "no" on that one. (First 'no'! Yay~)

[MC MANNY MC MAN]:"Well, you've seen all of the dreamy options!" (DREAMY?!?)

[MANNY]:"Now it's time to choose your favorites!" (what.)

[MANNY]:"It's a tough choice! But remember: You can only choose three!" (Why three?)

Oh boy. I'm not sure this was a good choice all across the board here.

Not really what I wanted. Well, Radical Ray is out, Senor Murder rubbed me the wrong way.

I am all aboard the Bare Bear. (Oh no)

I guess...The Dweeb? You know, just to give myself a little bit of a chance? (why??)

And it's between Arms and King Pretty Guy. Eh...I'm gonna go with King Pretty Guy. (Okay that makes sense)

Yeah, let's see. That's good. I'm a king of a few things. (King of FNAF, Squirrels and more)

Oh boy. The fuck was that?

NO! That's not what I wanted! Oh no!

Why him!? No! ( ;-; )

Hi. Oh, okay. ( ;^; )

YEAH! What the fuck is happening?

Oh God, nice nips. (The nips tho XD)

Ah! Ow! My face! Why are you doing this? This is supposed to be a date! (RIP Mark's face)

Oh, hey. *laughs* (and that dude)

Oh God!

*Mark's disgust and..chest.. jiggling.? *

Fuckin' hell...The fuckin' hell happened here? (I'm so confused)

Oh. My. God. Ohhh boy. (Oh it's over)

Ugh! Heh! Ohhh boy! (That was fun..?)

Aaaalrighty then! (XD)

(credits) "Code and Feel." Woah. Thanks, Richard. (Geez Richard)

Arright, guess that's it, then. We're all done with this one.

Thank you, Team Lazerbeam. (:3)

I need some bleach for my eyeballs now, but you know, I feel like I'm a better person for experiencing that, except in all the ways that I'm not.

So, THAT'S something that I'll take home to my grave! Yeah. All right, then.

Anyway, Dr. Mystery Average Dad...found love! (Yay!!) King Pretty Guy, who I'm pretty sure is supposed to be an analogy of ME. (Wait wat)

Or maybe not? I dunno. (*confusion*)

Who am I to judge? Who are YOU to judge? Who is ANYONE to judge? (I swear I'm not silently judging you lol)

Maybe you can have a better chance at this, finding love for your, your...

*laughs* Your wrestler of YOUR dreams? (I don't even want to know what he is thinking right now XD)

I dunno. You can play this game for yourself. (Mmm rather not, thanks Mark XD)

It was on, name your own price, and you can play for free if you want to, but uh...

They did pretty good. I like it. Good on you, Team Lazerbeam, even though I'm gonna go home and cry myself to sleep tonight. (Nuuh don't cry Mark XD)

That's okay! I'll just wrestle with my emotions as I wrestle with my pillow. (Didn't one of the guys like pillow fights? <.<'')

So thank you everybody so much for watching. Hope you enjoyed this one, let me know what you thought down in the comments below. (Yeh!)

And as always, I will see you in the next video.

Fuck! *Mark does a thing* Bye-bye! (Bye guys~)

*outro music plays* (Hey guys just so you know I am some random viewer/fan who loves reading the subtitles so I thought I would do some~ I'll comment who I am on other videos if you guys like it idk XD ~Keep Smiling, Kat)

*outro music winds down and stops*

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