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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Romina, nakahanap ng testigo laban kay Daniela | Kadenang Ginto (With Eng Subs)

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Leon, Bernard, you shouldn't have bothered,

but still, thank you.

Don't mention it, Romina.

What matters now is that we prove your innocence.

According to the report, Jessa's body was found here.

Let's ask around.

I'm sure someone saw Jessa here.

- Miss, sorry to bother you. - How can I help you?

I just want to ask if you saw this woman.

She was pregnant.

We heard she was last seen here.

Sorry, I don't know her.

And I'm just new around here.

But maybe my co-workers can recognize her.

Can we talk to your co-workers?

Yes, just go to our office.

- Thank you. - You're welcome.

Ma'am, sorry to bother you,

but can I talk to one of your staff

who was questioned by the police?

I'm referring to Eduardo Cabungao.

I heard the police already questioned him,

but okay, I will call for him.

Thank you.

Hello! Is Ed there?

Please ask him to come to the office.

Thank you.

Mister Ed, sorry to bother you.

I just want to ask you something.

Do you recognize this woman?

I remember her.

Yeah, I'm sure that's her.

- You know her? - Yes, I do.

My wife was also pregnant during that time.

That woman was with a man and another pregnant lady.

Why didn't you tell that to the police?

Why didn't you tell that to the police?

because my wife gave birth.

Ma'am, can I take Mister Ed to the police station,

so he can give his statement?

Okay, go ahead.

Magdangal, I can't let Romina get away

with what she did to Jessa.

Help me find evidence to pin her down.

I just want to--


Why are you here?

Don't tell me you've finally grown a conscience?

I didn't do anything to Jessa.

I'll prove that to you this instant.

How are you going to prove that?

I brought the witness.

He can pinpoint who the real culprits are.


You're finally here, Daniela.

What nonsense is that woman spouting this time?

And where is her witness?

I don't have all the details,

but he's being interrogated inside.

Don't worry, Father.

I'm sure this is just another one of Romina's tricks.

Romina, show me what you got!

Manipulate the truth?

Isn't that your specialty?

If you think you can get away with this, think again.

Here's the sketch of the woman who was with Jessa

based on the witness' description.

Mr. Kulas, do you recognize this woman?


There's no mistaking it.


...someone else was with you.

That's not true!

Where is this witness of yours?

Why would I tell you that?

So you can intimidate or threaten him to lie for you?

Daniela, please tell the truth.

Don't listen to her!

I'm sure she just bribed the witness to get her revenge.

You know how she loves to accuse others for her crimes.

That witness was paid off.

Since you're already here,

I suggest that you start thinking up a lie

to tell the police.

Sir, don't believe her lies.

Investigate her witness.

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