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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Hagrids Motorbike Adventure: A Tale of Ten Hours

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Welcome to hell.

So good morning, it is Universal day again today we are going for the opening of Hagrid's Motorbike Adventure

or whatever you call it. And from what we've seen on Twitter there's already over a thousand people there.

There's queues to get into the car park... Why are we doing this? Our alarms didn't even go off, mine did go off

but it was, like, silent for some reason... Thanks for that. Er and Jody snoozed hers in her sleep.

Who knows what we're walking into (sigh).

I mean it's very pretty in the morning. It's all fresh, we're not fresh, but it's fresh.

I mean this is already better than we were expecting to be honest.

We're in!

We made it. (Jody) Yay!

Okay so we've made it to the queue, it starts here.

Are you ready? It begins.

So update, it has been half an hour. If dehydration doesn't kill me, this music will.

Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god there is movement!

Sweet lord there's movement. Still got about half an hour until that movement gets to us but there's movement.

We are one hour in. Shade is disappearing and Zuess Landing music is driving me to insanity.

We may die here.

We're crossing into the lost continent. We've just been told that our wait is

potentially over four hours, four hours after the park actually opens.

(Jody) In an hour, so we've got five hours.

So yeah, we're looking at five, we're looking at five hours.

So they're sending us into Poseidon's fury .

(worried groan)

(Jody) Are we going like, backstage?

This is some Horror Nights kinda thing.

We are two hours into the queue, disease seems to be spreading, no one's quite sure of the source.

There is legend of Tom Felton at the entrance but we common people know it only as a myth.

The sun has arrived, she is unforgiving.

It's Warrick Davis, he's going around.

(Jody) He is, he's talking to people, no!

Ofcourse we're going through just as Warrick Davis is coming down and saying hello to everyone. Gutted.

So we're half nine, we're not three hours in. Resources are very much depleted.

(Jody) We missed Warrick Davis, he's back there.

And we missed Warrick Davis.

We pray to these now, these are our gods.

And here we have a melting Jody.

(Fountain) You missed the people who were here about five minutes before you when the line was here before.

They were from England, they came all the way from England to see Harry Potter (plays laughter track)

(Jody) me.

Didn't have time to get the vlog camera but we're going in!

(Delightful Team Member) Have fun, go Hufflepuff!

Thank you, woo!

(Sings "oh my god" to the Harry Potter theme)

It's happening! In like two hours, but it's happening.


We're breaking in.

Oh my god, it's happening.

Oh my god, I'm so excited! I'm gonna cry.

Oh my god... oh my god.... oh my god.

(Jody) Looks amazing.

We are four hours, four and a half hours... five hours into waiting.

The queue is there, the ride is there. Still probably about an hour and a half.

(Jody) We're on the home stretch.

No we're not....

Five and a half hours in. (Jody) We're almost there!

Well, we think.

Sweet lord, we're in. We're in the aircon.

(Team member) Thank you so much for your patience. Come on in, this will be your first class of today.

(Hagrid) Arthur's been doing a bit of tinkering with the bike, making some improvements you might say.

(Arthur) Careful Hagrid, your dragonfire is for emergencies only.


We're at hour seven. At this point I think they're literally just cattling us out. I don't even think we're in the

ride anymore. I mean they're, it's just caves. I mean nice caves, but caves.

(Jody) They're getting smaller.

Actually.... oh I wish that was me.

We've come across this, there's hope.

So we've decided, I'm doing bike, Jody's doing side-car. You can't see us.

Ah no.

(Hagrid) Just keep moving, those are students down there, not supper!

(Arthur) I'm beginning to understand Ron's fear of spiders a bit more.

It is down due to the weather, if I hear this show one more time, I will end it all.

(Arthur) I'll take a good look at this one which is clearly not behaving. But not to worry, the rest will get the

students safely about their lesson.

We are so close to getting on. (Jody) So close, we're in the queue for the ride.

So close, it's like, it's there. It's been nine hours! (Jody) NINE HOURS!

We finally did it! (Jody) We did it! Ten hours and we did it.

Ten hours. It was amazing, I'm not gonna lie, I thought like the set pieces and animatronics were gonna

be a bit more epic. (Jody) There was only a couple.

Yeah, they were still good they were just like... sparse. (Jody) I think it's more of a rollercoaster.

(Jody) So I think like Gringotts and Forbidden Journey are more about how they did it but that's just a fun.

(Jody) That was just an amazing rollercoaster. (Sam) Oh my God, if you can, do the bike, cos it's like.

Ah it's so good. (Jody) And you get to push- I don't wanna spoil it.

A big button- oh yeah. (Jody) You get to push a big button.

Ha, I don't wanna spoil it, YOU GET TO PUSH. Erm, it's so fast, like, do it, it's amazing.

So, still shaking from the ride. Not gonna lie, probably lack of food and... like water.

But just nipped into Honeydukes cos I promised my friend I'd buy them Bertie Bott's every flavour beans.

And this is my reward for what I just endured. Thank you.

So as a celebratory meal me and Jody have decided to treat ourselves to Hard Rock Cafe.

Hard Rock is closed, I don't wanna talk about it.

So we are now leaving Universal I'm gonna grab a Starbucks and then we're just

gonna go back to the room and get McDonald's. (Jody) I just want my bed.

(Jody) I was falling asleep in the queue, like... no. Like, I was like head on knees. Slept for like

twenty minutes at a time. (Sam) You were an inspiration, I'm not gonna lie.

So yeah, see you at the room.

Hello, so it's the next day for us but seconds for you.

We just crashed when we got back to the resort yesterday, this was the damage.

Yeah we were broken, we were broken human beings. I think the

adrenaline of the ride itself carried us until we got here and then we were done.

So just thought I'd do a quick summary of final thoughts on Hagrid's Motorbike Adventure.

So obviously the queue, ten and a half hours... probably more than I would recommend waiting for it.

We heard a lot of hype about the queue and the queue is really well themed. But I think the hype of the queue

was undermined by the length of time we spent in each section. I think if you

were walking through the queue you'd be amazed, but sitting in a dark cave-tunnel

for an hour, I can only compare to some kind of asylum. Otherwise really well

themed, really good queue just you don't want to be spending too much time in it.

The ride itself, as I sort of touched on yesterday; the animatronics already

seemed dated and I I kind of expected ,like, cutting-edge animatronics, big

impressive show scenes and the rollercoaster would kind of go into each of them.

But the placement of them just seemed a bit random, we will be riding it again

Monday so maybe opinions will change on that. But yeah, I think expectations for

animatronics/show scenes were high and kind of a little bit disappointed by them.

But what I was overwhelmed by was the actual ride. Like, I kind of thought

it'd be a mediocre rollercoaster with cool show scenes but this was like an

epic roller coaster with mediocre show scenes. I say mediocre, they were still

good. Like, it was just that it was the problem of hype that always

happens but yeah really good, really fast. I'd recommend the motorbike Jody had the

sidecar, was it still a lot of fun? (Jody) It was yeah you still got like the speed,

the view, like everything like that I don't know if it would be worse if you

weren't at the front side car? (Sam) Yeah.

(Jody) Because obviously you're lower so the people in front might block your view. But we were lucky that we

got put right in the front so I had like an amazing view. Yeah, there's a bit where you turn on the

side near water and you're like right near the water, that's cool. But if Sam

says the bikes amazing I can't wait to try the bike. If we get on it on Monday, we're gonna swap and then come to

a consensus on which is better. (Sam) And you get the button, which, boom.

(Jody) Yeah, I feel like in the motorbike you'll be able to feel the speed more becausei n the sidecar you're

obviously lower and like shielded a bit. (Sam) I can't begin to describe like, how fast it felt

when you're just on a bike. (Jody) I mean... yeah. It was amazing.

(Sam) Yeah. (Jody) It's honestly one of the best rides I've ever

been on, it's crazy. But I do agree about the animatronics. I feel, like, we were saying

a bit earlier weren't we that it could be because the ride's so fast that they

thought they could cut back on the animatronics cos you don't actually get to

see them for that long. You kind of like whiz past them. You do slow down, you do slow down, you don't like,

go past straight away. (Sam) Oh there's fluffy-

Yeah... don't know what that was...

(Jody) But erm, by the time I realised that there was an animatronic we had

kind of, I was like oh, and we'd kind of gone past it.

(Sam) Yeah. (Jody) Like we got off and I was like there wasn't any

Pixies and Sam goes "oh no there were they were like on this bit" and I was like oh.

(Sam) On the car yeah. (Jody) I didn't see them. Yeah.

But no, the roller-coaster itself is amazing. Like all the different parts to it and it did feel long, it did feel

like a long rollercoaster, not ten hours long but it did feel like a long rollercoaster.

It is the, supposed to be the longest in Florida so...

(Sam) There you go and erm we actually had our ride breakdown. I won't explain

what happens ride-wise but the Devil's Snare part for anyone who has ridden it.

And you'll understand once you have yeah. After that we just

stopped for like a minute, so I think the storytelling part of it kind of cut off for us.

We were having this conversation earlier, where we were

spending so much time in the queues, we HAD to block out what we were hearing

for the sake of our own sanity. So, for us the story didn't flow because, like.

I've watched some of it back and it makes sense, a lot more sense once I've been

like "oh yeah this happened and this happened then this happened".

But when there's like six hours between each pre-show. (Jody) We had no idea what was going on.

(Sam) We couldn't, we didn't really-

(Jody) I think, yeah, we didn't really... When we got on the ride we didn't really understand the story.

(Sam) Yeah. (Jody) Also I feel like the only other shame of waiting

that long for that ride is. We were kind of then thrown on the ride. Like, we had been waiting for so long.

And then, literally the storm went away, they turned the ride on and we're on the second car.

(Sam) They were like go, Go, GO.

(Jody) So they were like "Ok go go, you're at the front, go" and we got on the ride, Sam turned to me and he goes.

"OH MY GOD JODY WE'RE DOING IT, Jody we're on it!"

(Sam) I was like "It's actually happening, it's actually happening!"

(Jody) And then we were kinda on the ride and I was kinda having to say to myself like "Jody look you're on it

you've wait ten hours for this go" and then I was a bit like... what happened? It was just a bit of a blurr.

But it was still an amazing ride.But I can't wait to do it again on Monday

hopefully with like, a more of an understanding. (Sam) I can't wait for you to experience the bike,

it's gonna blow your mind. (Jody) I'm so excited.

But anyway, we'll wrap this up because we're rambling. But yeah, thanks for watching.

You're getting this one a little bit earlier just because people are excited about it,

so I thought I'd put out. So it's gonna be a bit disjointed for vlogs coming later

because this is, like, part eight... somebody just walked past... part eight or

something of a long series. But here you go, here's a bonus one.

Bit shorter than the others probably will be. Think that's it so erm... yeah.


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