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I heard your Grandpa came by last night.

He did. He came by to give me a notebook

and teach me how to use escrima sticks.

He said you won first place

because he was the one who trained you

He also gave me some pocket money.

Xavier, your Grandpa gave this to you?

Tell him your teacher said you can't handle money yet.

I'll keep this, okay?


I was hoping to go to the Internet cafe.

Look at my son pouting.

Don't worry, Mommy will take care of it.

Let's just save the money you got from Grandpa, okay?

Yes! I love you, Mommy!

I love you!

Alright. Get to class now.

Here's your food.

- Bye! - Bye! Be good, okay?


Looks like Mia's a single mom.

How can you be sure?

We've been following her around

but there's no sign of her husband.

So what if she's not married?

Well, what if Mia was really the one who helped Tina?

Then, we'll get rid of her.

But what about her child?

Who's going to take care of him?

We'll just get rid of him too.

They'll both die together.

Stop here, please!

I know you've been following me!

Why did you abduct Cristina?!

How did you know about her? Are you a friend of hers?

Just answer my question! Why did you kidnap her?!

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