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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Kuruluş Osman 9. Bölüm 3. Fragman Gündüz Bey Ölüyor Mu?

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Selamun Aleyküm Foundation Osman Lovers

The series is getting more and more excited and the audience is slowly getting used to the series

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As can be seen from the 3 trailers of the series, a bomb-like episode is waiting for us.

The vocal duel of Şeyh Edabal with Alişar made us feel as if he had returned to our essence, as if the resurrection Ertuğrul was as excited.

That's what the audience was waiting for.

We think that if you add water to the soil, if you add slime to blood, it will become a homeland, obviously it will affect you, just as it affects us.

It is obvious that Alişar Bey came here to ask for his daughter Bala Hatunu.

The most important scene in the trailer is the Day Brain. Gündüz Bey, who is read by ambushing, will be seriously injured.

It is the Alişar Bey soldiers who set this ambush.

Nothing will be as before anymore. Alişar Bey's head will also be asked to play from the ground.

But Osman Bey Bala Hatun's love, which is also the subject of criticism, will appear here

When Osman says in his brain, a power occupation takes place in Oba.

Alişar Bey threatened with the execution and exile of Dundar Bey, who was incompetent in the room, now shows that the knife rests on the bone.

Of course, Dundar Bey will remain silent again.

Let's see what happens in Chapter 9? an action-packed episode awaits us

The Description of Kuruluş Osman 9. Bölüm 3. Fragman Gündüz Bey Ölüyor Mu?