Practice English Speaking&Listening with: How to Promote Your Business on Social Media in 2019 | London Keynote 2018

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- [Man] I wanted to ask, apart from paid advertising

on Facebook and Instagram, what would be your three tips

for standing out - You know I'm gonna fucking

punch you in the face, right? - from the noise?

(audience laughing)

What would be your three tips

on standing out from the noise?

- Dude, I don't have any idea what's going through

your fucking head,

that you just literally watched that presentation

and decided that to be the question.

(slow downbeat music) (yelling)

You got your perspective.

(downbeat music)

I just wanna be happy.

Don't you wanna be happy?

(slow downbeat music)

- Ladies and gentlemen, the time has come!

Put your hands together for Gary Vaynerchuck!

(audience applauding)

(audience applauding) (rock music)

Congratulations. - Thank you.

- My honor. - Thank you.

- Ladies and gentlemen, give it up to him!

(audience applauding)

- What up?

Thank you.



Sit, sit.


Thank you, sit, sit, sit.


Let me talk.

You've been waiting two fucking days for this, so

fuck, sorry about that.


super excited to be here.

Thank you so much.

I've been really looking forward to this talk.

(audience hollering)

So there's a couple different things I wanna talk about,

and then I'm super excited about the Q&A

that we're gonna have towards the end of this.

I think the thing that most interests me is

if you're at this conference right now,

obviously, in looking at this event from afar,

how heavily it was promoted around me,

and I think about why would you wanna come,

why, what value am I bringing,

what are you trying to figure out?

For me, it's incredibly important when you give a speech

that the speech is completely predicated on the value

you can bring to the audience,

not in what the audience can bring to you,

and so for me,

(audience applauding)

and so for me what's super important in this talk is,

I think what's most remarkable,

and if I could help it,

what I would most wanna get through to people that are here

is regardless of how big you think this opportunity is,

and when I say this opportunity,

look, this device,

let me make it very clear,

because I don't think I've articulated often,

in 2007 or six, or whenever the hell the iPhone came out,

it was very basic.

I saw it that the iPhone came out,

and I made a singular bet, which was that this device

was going to be the most important device in the world,

because over the last 10 years,

from '96 to 2006 at that point,

I along with my dad were able to build a very large business

on the back of the internet itself.

I watched a single store liquor store

in Springfield, New Jersey able to reach national awareness

at a very low cost on the back

of something called the internet.

How many people over 40 in this room, raise hands.

(audience whooping)

Don't be embarrassed, be louder about it.

Over 40?

(audience applauding)

Fucking go, we still have it.

One more time, I wanna see how many hands of 40 and older?


(audience whooping)

so for all the youngsters in this room,

the hands that just went up,

what the advantage they have in today's business world

is we have context of what

the world looked like pre-internet.

We lived a full childhood pre-internet.

We lived life without the internet,

and what that did was allow me to context what was possible

and how much it cost pre-internet versus what was possible

and what it cost post internet.

What I was able to do to bring to my family business

in the growth and revenue would have not been possible

if we opened up a second store, third store

with that same amount of money.

In understanding that it made me understand

how powerful it was.

In 2006, and again this is just very important

to lay this down as a framework for everybody here,

in 2006, what I realized is holy shit,

the internet can be with you at all times.

Now this sounds outrageously basic,

but it has only been about a decade

that the internet has been at our fingertips,

regardless of where we are.

At this point, everybody in this room,

when their internet gets a little bit slower,

freaks the fuck out.

Like literally, I'm not in the US,

and my plan, after a certain amount, slows down my data

in the market I'm in.

Literally while I was waiting to get picked up from a car

about an hour ago, was when I switched from my normal speed

to this half speed that I'm on right now.

Literally the last hour has been the worst fucking hour

of my life.

(audience laughing)

Like I just can't even open a tweet,

like I can't do anything.

I'm crippled by something that is only new to me

in the last 10 years.

It is now my norm.

You get really used to things really fast.

On that bet that this was going to be

the most important device,

I've been able to achieve a next level of success,

predicated on a couple of things,

but most of all, if you look back at my career,

me investing in Tumbler and Facebook and Twitter

was predicated on the fact that they were app companies

on top of the phone.

My friends, Facebook, Inc.,

which includes WhatsApp and Instagram,

is basically on its way to becoming

a trillion dollar company on the fact

that it's just an app company on your phone.

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp are apps on your phone,

apps, three apps on your phone worth a trillion.

You have to understand how unbelievably

important attention is.

Attention is the only asset.

The one thing that I know I can bring to this entire room

is that regardless of what you're doing,

you sell sneakers, you're a lawyer, you're in real estate,

you're an investment banker, you're an actress,

you're an actor, whatever you're trying to achieve,

the one thing, the only thing I could talk about,

besides us being humans, that connects every one of us,

is that we are all striving for other peoples attention

to then be able to tell them what we want.

Whether you want to raise money for a nonprofit,

become the mayor of your town

or build a billion dollar business selling sneakers,

you need attention.

The attention of our society lives on this device.

The attention of our society lives on this device.

Let me make you one promise in this room today.

Unless you are producing content

that is meaningful to an audience on this device

across seven or eight platforms,

Podcast, LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram,

Twitter, Tumbler.

Like unless you're producing content in written form,

audio form or video form across seven to 10 apps

on this device,

unless you are relevant on those 10 apps,

LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram,

if you are not you are fundamentally irrelevant in society.

This is a very important thing to understand,

because I know there's people sitting here

who have 11 million dollar business and are super happy

and aren't even on social media.

I get that, but what you're not factoring in

is what happens next.

To me what's most important is not today.

I stand up here and so unbelievably appreciative

of that reception that I just got

that knowing how many of you came here to hear me speak,

but I promise you, as I breathe here right now,

I recognize that literally everything I did

an hour ago and back is irrelevant

if I'm unable to execute going forward.

Tomorrow, if I start making the wrong decisions

and not executing, begins the vulnerability

of unwinding everything I've done,

and I think we all understand society.

We react much heavier to mistakes than we do to successes.

The reason I'm pushing that you're irrelevant

if you're not here,

is I don't think everybody here, including myself,

has factored in how much more attention is going here.

Let me promise you this.

No matter what you think about technology,

your kids on iPads all day, you always on the phone,

nobody talking to each other, how you judge kids,

'cause they don't shake people in the hand

and look in the eye,

and all the other horse shit that demonizes technology,

right this second, the way we interact with technology

is the most basic you will ever see in your life.

10 years from now, every one of these phones,

every one of these video game platforms,

every one of these websites

are gonna seem like a fucking beeper and Myspace.

You have to understand this.

Here's why.

There is nobody here pot committed enough to this,

including myself.

There is nobody in this theater right now pot committed

to this enough, including myself.

When I say pot committed to this, what do I mean?

I mean, every person in this room

needs to take a substantial step back and understand,

am I producing enough pictures, videos, written words

in these platforms to achieve what I want,

and the answer, and I'll save you time is no for everybody,

and for somebody who's putting out 85 pieces

of content a day across audio, video and written word a day,

my answer is staggeringly no.

Meanwhile, there are people here who take

four and a half hours to figure out

a perfect Instagram post,

'cause they want it to look good

when somebody lands on their fucking profile.

It's true.

(audience applauding)

The quickest gateway, the quickest execution

for everybody here to get whatever the hell

they're trying to get out of here today

is to produce content on 10 websites.

The quickest way for you to get what you want in your life

is to produce videos, pictures and written words

across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn,

YouTube, Podcasts, your website, email,

text messaging platform, period.

You know what's crazy, I literally wanna say right now,

thank you London, I'm out.

It is like, I'm thrilled to go into the mindset,

I'm trilled to tell you,

and if you follow me in Instagram

this is where I've taken most of my content,

I'm thrilled to tell you that the reason you're not

producing enough content

is unfortunately you value other people's opinions

more than your own ambition and happiness

that literally pants47 could leave a content

that you're ugly and it makes you stop posting.

I can go into that, I can go into a million other things,

but I make this very clear and obvious.

The reason I am just beginning to succeed in my ambitions

is because today is the least amount of content

that I will produce, because I will produce more tomorrow

and more the next day.

You have to understand, media dictates everything, right?

There's a specific reason that when there's a coup

in a country that the army goes and takes over

the TV network and the newspaper.

Communication is the game.

Maybe because of being born in the Soviet Union

and raised in the US, I had this paradox

of being fascinated by a closed and open system

of communication.

Maybe because I'm an extrovert and I talk a lot,

I don't know why, but something came natural to me

my whole life, which is communication.

What are the things that make people do this, right?

What I'm fascinated by is the mockerization of media.

What I'm fascinated by is that everybody here,

how many people here have been following me

for more than one year?

Raise your hand.

The fact that 90% of this audience knows

that all I want you to do is run Facebook and Instagram ads

and you still aren't,

makes me want to punch all of you in your fucking face.

(audience laughing)

I mean, literally, all I've been asking you to do

for the last two years is run Facebook and Instagram ads,

and you fuck faces still aren't.

(audience laughing)

And I say this, because I put it on film,

because I'm gonna run this exact video against you

in five years on some platform telling you

that you missed the golden era of Facebook and Instagram,

because now it's appropriately priced,

and you guys have heard me, if you follow me, say this.

I regret that I wasn't able to build

my dad's business bigger,

because I didn't spend enough on Google.

I didn't spend enough, I had it figured out.

It was called Google AdWords.

It was working, yet I still was doing newspapers

and direct mail and radio and television,

because I didn't understand the context of the moment

that I was living in.

I didn't have enough experience to know

that I bought something so good, so under priced,

so scalable that I didn't squeeze the fuck out of it

enough when Google AdWords was the best.

If you follow me, you've heard me say that Amazon

was the number one spender on Google AdWords

in those early days

and literally used that under priced attention

to be what they are today.

I want you to spend on Facebook and Instagram,

because there's a possibility that never in our lives again

will you be able to get in front of people at that cost.

Let me just say it one more time,

'cause I really need you to understand it.

This right now,

and this is why I yell at myself

for the 50 or 80 or $100,000 of my own money

that I spend on ads on these platforms

that continue to build brand.

The truth is, I should spend more,

and this is not a joke.

If I didn't have such a high expense to run my lifestyle,

'cause I have a family that's fancy now,

(audience laughing)

let me make it more basic.

If I was single right now,

I would literally go move in back with my parents

just so I had more money to run

on Facebook and Instagram ads.

I'm gonna say it one more time.

(audience laughing)

We have never lived in a time where brand

was this under priced.

Let me explain.

What is the biggest difference between me

and a lot of people that look like me

or me and the companies that I work with

and I get them there?

It is the fact that I do branding, not sales.

Branding is different than sales.

I love when people come up to me like,

"Gary, I'm a marketer."

I'm like, "Cool, what do you do?"

"Well, I am affiliate marketer,

"and it's conversion based top of the."

I'm like, "You're a salesman, bro.

"You're not building a brand.

"You have 747 URLs that you do

"landing cage optimization against and you convert

"and that's amazing."

Being an affiliate marketer is amazing,

other than the fact that it should be called

an affiliate salesman.

Brand is why you buy Nike.

Brand is why everybody who's wearing jewelry and watches

right now are wearing what they're wearing,

'cause they bought a brand, not somebody cookied them

on Instagram and remarketed to them,

and then they bought that watch, for the most part.

And so I brand, and why I love brand

is because it's in perpetuity.

When you build a brand,

you can play on that brand for a very, very, very long time.

Why Facebook and Instagram are special

and more special then Google is,

is in Google's heyday,

it was not that I was building brand for Wine Library,

I was sales, because when you go on Google,

all of our businesses are the same,

'cause they're blue letters on a landing page

that you click.

Brand is when your pictures and videos look different

in a feed.

Look, I think I'm coming out of the gate in this talk,

and I'm gonna macro it up in a minute,

but I'm coming out the gate in this talk very tactical

about the details.

In all my rara and fuck what people say

and self esteem and all the mental shit

that I believe in tremendously,

because that's what gives you the engine.

You're not gonna execute shit

if you're depressed or insecure.

So like, I believe in it,

but I'm putting it on a shelf, UK,

I'm putting it on a shelf with you right now,

because an event that is so heavily marketed against me,

knowing that you've heard a lot of this,

I need one thing.

I need two people to leave here

who've been hearing me pound 'em in the fucking face

about running ads on these two platforms

to finally say, fuck it's enough, I'm gonna do it.

And watch this, this is very, very important,

and please don't bullshit.

Raise your hands.

How many people here have run Facebook and Instagram ads

and it has not worked for their business?

Raise your hands.

Raise it high.

Me too, because not every execution works.

Not every execution works.

It doesn't mean it's not ROY positive.

The ROY of a basketball, for me, is $0.

It's a billion for Lebron.

Just 'cause you didn't execute Facebook

or Instagram properly doesn't mean it doesn't work,

it means you suck.

(audience laughing)

This is going to be the era of regret,

and I promise you that.

This is going to be the era of regret.

The prices of Facebook,

how many people here have been marketing successfully

on Instagram and Facebook for the last three years?

Raise your hands.

Three, I need three years, and I need your hands.

If it's less, don't raise it.

I just need people banging on it successfully

for three years.

Raise it high, I just wanna get a sense.

Keep it up for a second.

I love some of the gangsters here, they're like this,

'cause they don't want people to fucking know.

I like it.

What all of you know that I know,

thank you,

what the 20 to 50 of you know

is it's not as good of a deal today that it was a year ago.


Just look around at all the heads that are shaking.

It is not as good of a deal today as it was yesterday.

Here's where it gets scary, and I'm getting goosebumps,

and I know there's a bunch of fucking cameras,

so maybe you'll zoom in before it goes away.

The reason I'm getting goosebumps is,

you can't imagine the weird life that I live,

and let me break it down for you

as I've never articulated it before.

I live a life today where I spend three hours

with three different clients,

spending all my time trying to convince them

to move their money from television and billboards

and dressing up double-decker fucking buses in London,

(audience laughing)

and take that money and spend it on Facebook and Instagram.

I then get in the car and come into a room

of entrepreneurs and SMBs

and tell them to spend money on Instagram and Facebook.

What's really crazy about this is the following.

They, them, corporate,

I understand why they're not doing it,

because they are stuck, right.

They have,

the way they score their marketing doesn't show

that it works,

because they score their marketing not in real life,

they score it based on awards and reports

and stuff that isn't the actual sense

of actually selling stuff.

We do.

The reason the prices have gone up

is because other entrepreneurs and small businesses

and mainly silicon valley startups

are pouring enough money in

to what is a very simple supply and demand platform,

and they rose the price,

because there's only one feed,

and if I wanna get in front of my homey here,

before, if 27 other startups didn't wanna get in there,

the cost of getting into his screen was less.

Now that there's 28 of us, it's more.

That's how Facebook makes money,

that's how Google makes money.

Supply and demand platforms, basic as fuck.

Do you understand?

Here's the problem for everybody in this room.

The second the domino falls,

and the biggest thing that you should be thankful for

if you're a Facebook entrepreneur making money on Facebook

and Instagram is that the Russians hacked

the American election,

because all that propaganda made a lot of big companies

pause and be mad at Facebook

and not pour the appropriate money in,

which bought us executing entrepreneurs another year

of taking advantage of under priced attention,

but don't clap, even though that dude woohoo'd,

(audience laughing)

because what's about to happen next

is gonna make all of you regret

to not listening to me for the last three years.

What is going to happen in the next 10, 12, 24 months

is that Evian and Coca-Cola and BMW and Rolex

and Puma and Nike and GE and everybody else

is gonna wake the fuck up,

'cause they're gonna have no choice,

and they're gonna take their 200 and 100

and 400 and 800 and 900 million dollar budgets

and put it into the system,

and for all of us that it's working for,

'cause it works at $8 a CPM,

$8 to get in front of a thousand people,

42 of which app, 17 which have convert.

That $8 is gonna become $28,

where our models break.

Attention is like real estate.

Attention is like real estate.

When Malibu beachfront property

or property and buildings in shortage 20 years ago

go up for the market, and you buy it at the right price,

and then the market changes, you win.

The attention on this device and the platforms

is going to change very soon.

You are a very unique group of people

that feel that the pied piper of this opportunity

is worth spending an afternoon with

or two days or an hour or what have you.

It devastates me that you even pay attention to me at all

and don't execute on the biggest gift

that I'm trying to give you.

It devastates me that you pick,

I don't want your likes, I don't want your following,

I definitely don't wanna sell you some bullshit

in the back of the room.

(audience applauding)

I've already made more money than I need to

in my entire life, and I did it long before

you even knew who Gary Vee was,

'cause I just don't need a lot of money.

I need admiration.

You know how I get admiration?

That you listen to me, execute,

your life's a hell of a lot better,

and you email me in three 1/2 years

and say, "Thank you so much coming to the UK.

"Then, it finally hit me.

"At the time I had been following you for two 1/2 years,

"but something about the way you spoke that day

"and being in the room, finally made me say fuck it.

"It took me three months and a couple thousand dollars,

"but then I figured it out,

"and over the last six months."

Guys, if you noticed,

I started getting back into sports cards.

People are selling me like Michael Jordan rookie cards

for like 100% less than market,

because the emails come,

literally, a baseball card dealer emailed me

and said, "I was $280,000 in debt 19 months ago,

"and now I have millions of dollars

"just by actually finally listening to you."

Guys, one more time.

People winning on Facebook and Instagram, raise your hands.

The people that have their hands up,

by show of hand or wave your arm or whatever

the fuck we're gonna do, admit to yourself, then me,

then them, that when you first started doing it,

we didn't know what the fuck we were doing,

but it's so easy and so under priced

that anything we did worked.


Under priced attention.

It works every time.

It's about to go away, and let me be very clear.

For all the nice little things I said about everything

over the last eight minutes,

this talk for the last 10 minutes is selfish.

I cannot wait, and I mean wait,

to run this video to the world when this goes away

and everyone's crying and all you fuckers

are gonna email me and say,

"Gary, you have to help me.

"What's next?"

and I'm gonna say, "Sally, nothing dick, you fucked up."

(audience laughing)

2004 to 2014 was a long decade before something came along

that even remotely looked like Google AdWords early for me,

and there is no guarantee in augmented reality or voice

or any other technology, AI, that's coming

that we will have this opportunity to communicate

to people about what we want to at such a price

that even if you're average, you will get business results.

My friends, you should leave this keynote right now,

get in the fucking tube, go home

and fucking figure out how to start running ads,

and I don't mean go home and hire some 26 year old

to run ads for you.

I mean, you, you, you have to go home

and spend 10 hours reading and watching videos

of how to actually run a Facebook ad,

how to actually make a picture and video for it

and watch the results so you taste it.

You have to taste it.

You have to be a practitioner of it,

because it is the lotto ticket of the moment,

and everybody is just letting it slide by,

and I'll be honest with you, I'm thrilled.

To be frank, it's better for me if you don't do it,

'cause it makes it cheaper for me to do it,

but in my complete obsession with being historically correct

and admired, I'm giving it to you.

What's fascinating is a long time ago,

I figured out why I don't sell my best advice,

why I give it away for free.


Because 99% of you aren't gonna do anything about it.

(audience applauding)

It's the biggest brain fuck ever.

I mean, I would argue that that was a pretty compelling

15 minute rant to get you to run a fucking Instagram ad,

and 99% of you are still not going to.


Brother, I don't give a fuck.

Just do it, don't tell me.

(audience laughing)

Just do it.

(audience applauding)

This is so ridiculous.

Let me bounce around a couple other things.

Let's talk about content,

'cause I just talked about distribution.

The other thing is you gotta fill the ads.

The reason I film myself fully,

besides being a narcissist is

by filming myself, I've been able to create

a system that allows me to produce

more content than anybody.

What I find fascinating about Gary Vee, my persona, me,

it's actually me,

but what I find fascinating about it

is I spend 18 hours a day running a company.

I am not an influencer.

I am not a personal brand.

I am an operator, a business operator.

Not only running Vayner,

but all the other things that Vayner,

actually, there's PureWow or One37pm

or something else we're about to announce,

15 minutes ago speaking to AJ about VaynerSports

and what we're gonna do there.

He runs it, I obviously do my thing.

On the phone with my dad and Brandon last night

about a thing.

I'm in it, I'm fucking working every fucking minute,

every second, all the time, always

and I'm putting out more content

than people that are a personal brand for a living.


Not because I'm out hustling them,

because I outsmarted them.

It's based on understanding what I'm actually doing,

and what I hope a lot more of you do.

The reason I film myself is the following.

By filming myself, it gives me unlimited opportunity

to not only create video but to create audio

and written word,

and one of the biggest things I believe in in the world

is you do not create friction for the end customer.

If you wanna consume me in Instagram,

I'm gonna give it to you.

If you wanna listen to me on podcast form

while you're running, I'm gonna give it to you.

If you wanna consume a one hour keynote

and watch it on Roku, I'm gonna fucking give it to you.

I create no friction for any of you to consume me.

So many of you are producing content,

and you create friction,

'cause you only fuck with Instagram or YouTube,

but you leave everything else out.

So you narrow your upside,

because you're doing what you wanna do, not what they want.

Literally, every single maneuver I make in business

is 100% predicated on the audience, 100%.

So people always love to razz me.

They're like, "Gary Vee, you're such a fucking digital guy.

"Why do you write books?"

Because people read 'em, asshole.

(audience laughing)

I don't read them, but people read them,

and so I am unbelievably imploring you to understand

a couple things.

I have a top 100 global podcast,

yet I never sit down and do a podcast.

Why, 'cause I'm able to extract the audio.

This talk right now is an episode

of one of my podcasts in seven weeks.

You know it.

This is how it is.

It's also going to be an article in LinkedIn

called Last Stance for Instagram Ads, You Dick Faces.

(audience laughing)

It's also gonna be three little clips on Instagram

of especially Q&A, where I'm able to talk about new things,

instead of the pillars that I believe in

and on and on and on.

I can't implore you guys more

to get home and get serious about content creation.

If you are fortunate enough to be extroverted

or lack insecurity in front of a camera,

you should be filming yesterday.

If, but I also have empathy that it's not for everybody,

and if it's not and you love writing,

I am thrilled that you'll be writing,

and let me tell you something about writing.

One of the things that I see so many of you,

and I've been watching people mention this

and looking at their Twitters

and looking at their Instagrams and DMing some of you.

So many of you are relying too heavily on just

the pictures on Instagram and not adding context and copy.

I believe copy, the written word,

is the great underdog right now in content creation.

We become so visual with pictures and video,

we've punted written word.

I can't write for shit, and I'm doing it.

I really implore most of you to do the following.

Take a step back and figure out

how you communicate to the world.

How do you communicate to the world?

Are you best at audio, are you good at video, do you write?

If you're lucky enough that you can do video,

that is where you go,

because what video does is it allows you

to then edit it underneath it into audio and written word.

If you don't, that's fine too.

Forcing it will never work.

We've seen a lot of people try and do video online,

and it's been scary and ugly and a train wreck.

It's just not for them, and that's fine.

So, what I'm thinking a lot about is how to put you

into a position to succeed in content creation,

and then figure out how to be great at distributing it.

When you get to the distributing part, my friends,

you have to respect the context of the platform.

I'm watching so many people that are in B2B

try to win on Instagram,

but they're acting like Instagram is LinkedIn.

It doesn't matter if you're a lawyer or a financial advisor

or you sell concrete,

if you treat Instagram like LinkedIn,

even though your business is more LinkedIn, you will lose.

If you do not respect the context of the room,

you will lose.

These platforms are rooms.

They are rooms.


It's just so intent.

Like I'm just,

the reason I just went there,

I'm just thinking, I'm like,

how the hell do I get them to understand?

Like how do I get people to understand

how big of a deal this is?

Like nothing is more valuable than attention.

It's the only,

I literally value attention equal to oxygen.

I couldn't get you to understand it more

if you got inside my head,

and I can't figure out how to break people through,

which is how,

ironically, I think you'll find this interesting.

I think the reason that I was willing to go back

to mindset and motivation over the last year and a half,

where after four years I was basically quiet about that,

because I didn't wanna be a motivational speaker

was because I'm so desperate for you to communicate

more to the world.

As I met more and more people, I was like, oh fuck,

they're not not doing it because they don't know

how to make a picture or video written,

it's because this is broken.

They're insecure here.

That's why they're not making, and that's the problem.

I mean, there are people here that literally

post on Instagram, and if they don't get enough likes,

they delete it.

They delete it, because they think it's a scarlet letter

that shows their audience doesn't give a fuck.

They're playing the wrong game.

Like do you know how many people email me every day

saying, "Gary, how do I get to 10,000 followers?

"I'm at 4,000."

Like that means something.

We just have to change the paradigm of this conversation.

We have to.

Let me talk about a couple other things.

How many people here in B2B,

how many people here are entrepreneurs?

Raise your hands just for a sec.

How many people here are employees at a company?

Raise your hands.

So for many of the entrepreneurs here,

another thing that I would highly recommend

is looking very deeply at influence or marketing.

I can't get over the fact of how under priced influence

or marketing is, how much it converts

and how wild, wild west it is.

Here's what I mean.

Just 'cause somebody has 800,000 followers on Instagram,

and you pay them a thousand bucks,

and somebody else has 40,000,

and they want a thousand bucks,

I'm surprised how basic people are,

and they think the 800,000 is the better deal.

I understand it makes sense, the math is pretty clear,

but a good affiliate marketer can tell you

the conversion's gonna really matter.

If you're trying to sell something,

whether it's a service or a product,

I couldn't push you harder to get into the culture

of DMing influencers that you think may represent

your brand properly or just have big audiences

and start asking them what they would want

for them to post about your B2B SaaS product

or your new app or your hula hoop

or your fucking cool T-shirt or whatever it may be.

All I ever think about,

I'm very basic.

I keep shit super simple on supply and demand.

I overlay attention and then culture what's happening in it,

and that becomes me, and I will always do that.

No question, the other territory

that I'm completely blown away by is influencers.

Super under priced, potentially super overpriced,

but not allocating a couple hundred bucks,

a couple thousand bucks, tens of thousands of bucks

depending the size of your business

and putting it into that tunnel and that funnel

and tasting it for yourself

is a huge missed opportunity, huge.

Let me talk about another execution.

I'm really excited about how tactical I'm getting today.

Pre-roll YouTube.

How many people here consume videos on YouTube?

Raise your hands.


Pre-roll YouTube.

There's a way for you to segment and target people

based on what they searched on Google,

and then pre-roll them based on what they're

doing on YouTube,

meaning, there is a segmentation that allows you

to target every single person that searched open houses

in downtown London.

If you're a real estate agent selling in downtown London,

and he's searching open houses in downtown London,

but then four hours later he goes to watch arsenal videos

on YouTube, your pre-roll can show up first

based on the context and data that that person created

in YouTube search.

It is one of the unbelievably strong brand

and sales executions in the game,

and you should literally go home and Google,

'cause I don't know what Google's proper terminology is

of this segmentation,

how do I segment based on Google search

as a pre-roll YouTube app?

Verbatim that.

How do I search pre-roll YouTube ads

based on Google search queries?


Thanks dad.


This is the next version of this.

We just talked about being a great advertiser.

Let me tell you about the ultimate in being an advertiser

to become a media company.

The number one piece of advice I would have for this room,

besides perfectly executing on Facebook,

Google and Instagram in 2018,

is to start thinking of themselves as a media publisher,

comma whatever you do for a living.

When you start thinking of yourself as I do,

as a publisher, as a media entity,

I think of myself not as a Tim Ferris or a Tony Robbins

or a shark on Shark Tank,

I think of myself as Wall Street Journal

and business insider and fast company.

I think about the world as a publisher, not as a human.

Why this is important is for all the same reasons

I said about advertising.

If you are capable of putting out content

as a media company,

which means you're trying to bring value to the audience

in entertainment or utility, not selling them something,

when you switch from being a commercial on TV

to being a TV show, you start selling a lot more.

When you switch your mind from being an ad

in the Wall Street Journal to being the Wall Street Journal

in the videos, podcasts, emails and LinkedIn posts

that you put out to the world, everything changes.

My friends,

this is undeniably the biggest shift

of attention that the human being has had.

This internet thing, it's big, and it's just starting.

My great concern,

how many people here are retiring in the next 10 years?

And I don't mean you're gonna fucking kill it

and go fucking buy an island.

I mean, you're fucking old and you're finished.

(audience laughing)

Raise your hands.

That old dude, two, three.

No way, you're way too young.


So for six people in here, I have a little more empathy,

but for the rest of you,

if you do not start becoming perfect at Instagram,

Facebook, LinkedIn, Podcasts,

you're in deep shit,

because what's coming behind this

is like a marathon versus the treadmill

that I'm trying to get you on,

and what will happen is,

and this is why,

actually, another show of hands real quick.

How many people here are having

their best business year ever?

Raise your hand.

First of all, let's clap it up for everybody.

It's awesome. (clapping)

(audience applauding) One more time, high.

You'll find this interesting.

So that's fucking awesome, and that makes me super happy.

It also makes me worried.

The people that I am most worried about in this room

are the ones that are having a great year,

because if they're not doing what I'm talking about

and they're having a great year,

they can only take it with a grain of salt.

That becomes their vulnerability.

There are so many people that make ridiculous statements

in their own head like,

"Gary's awesome and super motivational,

"but this shit doesn't work in my industry."

You're a fucking idiot.

(audience laughing)

Communication works in every industry.

Customers attention works in every industry,

and the reason humongous companies go out of business

all the time in the world is they become audacious

that the new technologies don't effect their business.

There's nobody in here that is big

as the billion dollar companies

that are going out of business every fucking year

because of the technology shift.

So please, on your 20% growth this year

or on your cute double digit massive explosion,

please do not become audacious

and think that everything that's being taught for that year

doesn't count for the real estate industry

in the west side of blah, blah, blah.

(audience laughing)

The level of destruction that is coming is substantial.

The opportunity right now is substantial,

and I highly and desperately, like desperately, desperately

am passionate about this audience,

who decided to allocate me with the thing

that I value the most, attention,

goes and takes theirs.

Every single time I do this,

a month or two later, I get one or two of people that do.

It is fundamentally full proof if you're willing

to make 100% of an effort, and when I say full proof,

nothing is full proof.

If you're willing to unbelievably work

and understand how the ads work

and unbelievably work and understand how the pictures,

videos and written words work, you will hit pay dirt,

mainly on the back of what I did earlier

when said, "Hey, for everybody that's got it,

"wasn't it so weirdly easy?"

The answer's yes.

The attention is just so closely under priced,

and it won't be,

and so I'm passionate, as you can tell,

and I'll tell you something.

How many people here actually even,

20, 40,

how many people have been following me

for more than seven years?

It shouldn't be a lot, but I wanna see 'em.

Raise your hands.

So for the 20 or 30 of you,

you know, I got quiet in '12, '13, '14, '15,

like I was quiet, there wasn't content.

Wine was done, I wasn't making business videos.

Like once or twice a year a keynote from a talk,

'cause I was doing a little talking.

I got quiet, 'cause there was nothing to yell about.

Facebook and Twitter were organic.

The ads weren't working this way.

People were spending time still on television and TV

and print and other things and other websites.

Remember other websites?

Remember other websites?

Remember we used to go to other websites?

Like look what fucking,

I mean, look what Instagram has done.

Like it's sucked everybody in there.

You don't go to a sports site,

you don't go to as much.

You just the highlight from 433.

They've sucked us in.

It's there for the taking.

As much as I'm pumped that you wake up,

and you see a quote of mine on Instagram,

and you get fired up and you're ready for the day

for three hours, but then some bullshit happens

and you're depressed again,

(audience laughing)

as much as that's fun for me,

what's way fucking more fun

is if you go put in fucking work for 20 to 50 hours,

actually figure out what the fuck I'm talking about.

Watch what I'm doing, not what I'm saying,

and you get the benefits of what's going on, not just me.

London, thank you so much.

(audience applauding)

Thank you so much.

(audience applauding)

Thank you.

(audience applauding)

Thank you.

To be frank, and I wanna make sure the team's ready,

I cut it five minutes short,

because I know we're about to do Q&A,

and very honestly, I think I've made my point.

I'd like to go into details,

and by the way, I know a lot of you have context.

You can ask me a wine question or Jets question,

I don't care, but I'd love to get into Q&A.

I'm trying to get a sense.

Do you guys have the mics?

You guys feeling good?

Oh, the final thoughts from everybody,

and then the Q&A, cool.

We're gonna get final thoughts from everybody,

and then we're gonna go into Q&A.

Thank you so, so much for listening to that,

and please for the love of god, go execute on it.

Thank you.

(audience applauding)

Thank you.

(audience applauding)

- [Man] Hi Gary, I traveled 10,000 miles from Pakistan

to make sure I am in this,

I attend this event. - Thank you so much.

- Two main questions.

Fear of failure and shame are like taboos in our society,

Pakistan, India (mumbles). - Huge.

- What other people will think.

And it's something that you really press on.

Could you please share once again some wisdom

on how can people grow out of this,

like what would other people think,

and before I go, one last thing brother,

can I come and hug you?

You are a true inspiration, please.

- Yes, you can, come up.

(audience applauding)

- You are a true inspiration.

- Thank you, brother, thank you.

Thank you so much.

Look, I think,

you know, it's really interesting,

I was so outrageously fortunate that I was parented in a way

that it wasn't about what my mom wanted,

it's what I wanted for myself,

and she created a framework for me to be able

to live within that.

Unfortunately, I genuinely believe that 98% of parents

want and view their kids as a product

and that their success is an indication on them.

It becomes more extreme in the Middle East and Asia

and Southeast Asia, where it goes so batshit crazy

that it's like,

like I'm planning a pretty substantial trip

to India and the Middle East next year,

and I can't wait, because literally the only reason

I'm going is to punch every parent in the fucking mouth.

(audience applauding)

The way to break away from fear of failure

is to stop valuing the person that judges you

that you failed.


(audience applauding)

I mean, it's very cliche, but it's very true,

life is fucking remarkable when you don't give a fuck

about anybody's opinion.

(audience applauding)

You have to break away from that facade,

and you know what's really sad,

parents that were forced by their parents

to be engineers and doctors and hated it

are forcing their kids to be engineers and doctors.

It's a vicious cycle.

The only way to break it is to actually understand

that the best thing you can do to love your parents

is to make yourself happy,

so that you don't resent your parents

for the rest of your life.

(audience applauding)

- [Audience Member] Hi, Gary Vee.

- How are you?

- [Audience Member] I'm good thanks, how are you?

I wanted to ask, apart from paid advertising

on Facebook and Instagram,

what would be your three tips

for standing out - You know I'm gonna fucking

punch you in the face, right? - from the noise?

(audience laughing)

What would be your three tips for standing out

from the noise?

- Dude, I don't have any idea what's going through

your fucking head that you just literally watched

that presentation and decided that to be the question.

(audience laughing)

And I'm not trying to razz.

Like I'm listening to you,

everyone's really uncomfortable right now.

I'm not trying to razz you.

Listen to me, brother.

Have you played poker?

- No.

- Me either, but here's the good news.

(audience laughing)

In poker, I know enough about this.

Sometimes, you get the nuts, you get the best hand.

I'm telling you what the best hand is,

and you're asking me which cards to throw back into the pot.

I'm not gonna answer your question, because I don't know,

because I can't spend any time looking at anything else

than how to maximize Facebook, Instagram, YouTube

and influencers right now.

- [Audience Member] Okay, thank you.

(audience applauding)

- [Person] Hi Gary.

- [Gary] How are you, get closer to the mic, brother.

- Sure, sure, super duper nervous,

so forgive me if I stutter or anything else

like that, right.

So basically, I'm about to embark on a project I've--

- [Gary] Can you get closer to the mic, brother?

I'm struggling to hear you. - Sure, sure.

Is that much better?

- [Gary] Yeah better.

- I'm about to embark on a project,

which is gonna make me kind of go head to head

with some giants in a particular industry I'm in

in media real estate,

and I'm kind of daunted about the prospect

of going up against some of these giants,

if I'm honest with you.

- And where is the giant located?

- So I mean, basically, I'll try to cut a long story short.

I have this domain, it's called

Shameless plug, forgive me.

Now I know it's really important,

because I've been receiving phone calls

for like 50k to take my domain from me,

so I've kind of like looked into the spare room market.

I mean, I got real estate background anyway.

So forgive me, basically, there's a company right now,

and they have like 67% market share

of this particular industry.

It's like spare rooms and

things like that. - That's good.

- But if I launch, I'm going up against the big dogs,

big time, and I'm not,

I'm a small guy in a big--

- But what's your alternative?

- Well, I could keep doing my real estate business,

and keeping working that out,

but this is an opportunity for me to do something big,

but there is this prospect of going up

against big money and big companies.

- Brother, there's the prospect that you don't do it,

and because you didn't do it,

you went on a flight tomorrow to a different place,

and the plane crashes and you die.

- Okay.

- No, no, I'm being,

I know it's an extreme example.

Like everyone always worries about the prospect of losing

without realizing there's a million things,

like life is such a matrix.

Like sure there's that prospect.

Tomorrow that big company may have a huge scandal,

and the entire C suite is blown out,

and they have to recalibrate for two years,

which was the reason you were able to go on the offense

and scoop up.

And life is pretty basic.

You're either on the offense

or you're on the defense, right?

My biggest thing looking at you is you're so young,

like even if you lose, you have plenty of time

to rebuild again.

A giant that owns 60 to 70% of market place

is normally the most vulnerable thing

a small entrepreneur can go up against.

That's why they fucking wrote David versus Goliath.

Like that is the opportunity.

I would hate if there was eight people in the middle,

13% each, then I'd be like eh.

I love when there's somebody that's 70% of the market.

That means they're sleeping and underestimating.

- [Person] Can I get a hug please?

(audience applauding)

- [Gary] How are you?

- I'm doing good, thank you.

- [Gary] Close to the mic.

- Okay, okay,

so I was just wondering-- - What's your name?

What's your name? - Sorry?

It's Roy.

- [Gary] Nice to meet you.

- Thank you, you too.

So I was wondering, actually,

because my thoughts are so fucking scattered all the time,

and I do E-commerce.

I'm doing application right now and the software as well,

and I'm just so scattered with my time,

and I just don't know what to focus on.

As I said, everyone in this fucking room

has time on their side.

Like right now, we have like one more year

before these big companies catch on to Facebook

and pour more money back into that, as you said.

Like I know that, but what should I do?

I mean, I'm doing all the ads,

and it's working out for me fine, but I feel like,

should I move just into one thing

and pour like all my money back into it?

- [Gary] Well, what are you trying to accomplish?

- I mean, like I'm trying to hustle

as hard as I can currently with my--

- Yeah, but to do what?

Are you trying to maximize money,

are you trying to have fun?

- No, I'm trying to maximize money.

Like all my money that I have right now--

- If you're trying to maximize money,

you pour it into the thing that's bringing you

the most return.

- Okay, okay.

- Like I do 87 things,

all of which are a complete waste of time,

including like, I don't know if you guys are following,

I go garage sale-ing on Saturday to make like $8

on flipping fucking stuffed animals.

- I've seen that.

- Because it makes me happy.

- [Man] Yeah.

- So like, you have to know what you're

trying to accomplish.

The reason it's fun to be an entrepreneur

and do eight things is it's fun,

but if you're trying to maximize money,

and you figured out Facebook to some degree,

well then you put it down the funnel

that's maximizing the money.

- [Man] Okay yeah, I'll definitely stick to that.

Do you mind if I take a picture with you?

- Sure.

- [Man] Okay, thank you so much.

(audience applauding)

- [Parma] Hi, I'm Parma Parma, so good they

named me twice. - Hold up.

- Oh good, I get to hold the mic for awhile.

Hi everyone. - Hi.

- I'm Parma Parma, I'm so good they named me twice.

I am 50, doing it for the women.

Finally getting there.

I love your post the other day about getting out there

and doing it.

Everyday people say to me I'm resilient,

and that's because it's authentic,

because it's my struggles I've had.

- [Gary] Yes.

- I would like you to share with us one experience

that you're happy to share that has made you

the most resilient person that we all love and admire,

because that's what gets you again

and again being consistent.

- You know, it's interesting you ask that,

and obviously, not in these formats,

but a lot of times when I'm being interviewed

for a profile, a lot of people go there,

and it's really tough.

I think authenticity really plays,

and I think the thing that has really worked for me

is being authentic.

It's a really tough question for me,

because I'm so ridiculously fortunate.

I was unfortunate in the fact that I basically lost

three grandparents before I got to know them, right.

I've been fortunate in the fact

that like the only thing that feels like something

that I would want to be resilient to,

because I have a very interesting framework.

Basically, all I care about is the health and well being

of 11 people.

So, the fact that the closest people to me in my life

have not died or been terminally ill,

everything else feels so secondary.

I don't think about when the kids in Dover

made me drink pee out of a Pepsi can as an issue.

I don't think about having,

like my whole life, my school told me I was a loser.

Adversity for me was always in play.

Like I was small, so I wasn't an overt athlete,

I got bad grades.

Like pretty much,

everything inside my house was perfect,

and everything outside was adversity but nothing extreme.

I've never dealt with being sexually harassed

or having a tragic accident,

all the things that I look in society,

and I have so much empathy for as such a tragic event.

At the same token, people shit on me everyday,

because they're like,

"You're dad gave you three million bucks,

"we shouldn't listen to you,"

without realizing my dad didn't give me anything,

and I spent my entire 20s and mid-30s

building a business that I own 0% of

and basically, I started Vayner Media

out of somebody else's conference room,

'cause I had no money.

I was 34 years old.

Like when I tell all of you to be patient,

how many people under 30 had no fucking money?

Everybody fucking wants to be a baller at 26 on Instagram

and fucking be on Jets.

Had no money, I played patient.

So, it's really interesting, when you ask the question,

the answer's nothing and everything.

I learned how to lose from the beginning.

I learned how to lose from the beginning.

I was an immigrant, we came from very humble beginnings,

we walked to K-Mart.

Like I've always learned I was losing from the get.

Teachers said I would never be anything,

but I didn't hear them,

because I had such great infrastructure at home

telling me I was the best, and then I found my thing,

and then I was patient,

and everyone says I'm so lucky.

I gave up all my high school years, all my college years.

I had no fun, there's no memories, there was fucking work.

I put in the work.

The answer is,

the adversity has been in my system from the get,

and the biggest reason I worry about modern day parenting

is everybody here with kids is trying to eliminate adversity

from their kids, which basically turns them

into zoo animals,

which is why they don't know how to deal with negativity

when they go into the real world.

(audience applauding)

So the answer to your question is my entire fucking life

I was told my the establishment that I suck,

which is why I played outside of the establishment,

which is why I'm fucking killing the establishment.

(audience applauding)

I guess that's the thing.

I get it.

I was about to say no just to make it weird.

(audience laughing)

- I'm a very passionate woman.

Aw. - It's a pleasure, thank you.

Thank you.

- Can you take a photo, my dear friend?

Thank you.

Thanks so much. - Awesome, you're welcome.

My guy.

- Hey Gary, love you man.

- I love you back.

- I wanna say that you've inspired me in many ways,

because I can relate to you on different levels.

I work seven days a week in my dad's restaurant,

and still I've branded myself since 2014

in the Crypto space.

I'm known online as the Cryptovader,

'cause I motivate people,

and I believe that what you said about Instagram

and Facebook, the next challenge is basically

people branding themselves with Crypto.

- [Gary] I understand.

- And I think Blockchain is the future.

I think not many people understand this,

99% of the population of the world,

but the other thing is

when the government tag everybody,

and we all kind of are controlled,

and we wanna brand ourselves with Crypto and this education,

the thing is, what I'm facing right now

is a lot of people that are my followers,

they're ex marketers or they wanna get into the Crypto space

and last year they did,

and they're kind of going back to selling water,

because the Crypto has gone down,

but it's very difficult for me to position myself

as an influencer and get people out of that mind

sort of making quick money to thinking longterm.

Now what would your advice be,

because I have the Cryptocurrency course.

I'm trying to brand myself.

Am I doing the wrong thing?

- My advice is what I did,

which is all that Crypto is is another land grab

for people that are looking for a quick buck

versus people that are in it for the longterm.

When social media came out in 2006 and seven and eight,

and I was one of the voices,

a lot of voices in that space

were doing real estate five minutes earlier

and are now doing Crypto.

So, I think the biggest mistake that I heard from you

is "I'm struggling to establish myself as an influencer."

When one tries to establish themselves as an influencer,

it often is the quickest way

for them not to be an influencer.

I think what you need to do is put out content

and be historically correct.

You need to bring value.

I mean, I think the biggest problem with Blockchain

and Crypto is that people don't know how to look at history.

Blockchain is an unbelievable technology.

I couldn't agree with you more that personal brands

and reputation is gonna get tokenized.

I couldn't agree with you more,

but the problem is that 99% of the current Cryptocurrency's

are gonna go to zero--

- I agree. - The same way

that all the 99% of the browsers

and 99% of the search engines

and 99% of the social networks went to zero.

The problem is we're now living in a world

where Crypto is popular and happening

with social media as the foundation.

So what you have is a lot of people

trying to build personal brands.

They're hyperbolizing, making ridiculous claims.

The amount of poor kids that maximized their credit cards

and bought bitcoin at 15,000

that are now underwater is extreme.

It's never talked about.

I personally have a hundred emails of it,

and I'm not even talking about the space that often,

so imagine what's really going out there.

My answer to you is very simple,

and this is my answer to everybody,

which is why it's long winded.

If you wanna be in authority or an establishment

in your craft or your passion, none of it is short term.

You don't get to be the expert overnight.

The amount of people that are fucking full of straight shit,

like my favorite person ever is the 19 year old life coach.

(audience laughing)

You're fucking 19,

and you're a life coach.

(audience laughing)

You know, I think you need to be patient.

It's early, and I think what you need to do

is put out quality information and let the chips fall.

If I ever wanted to be the social media guru

it would have never happened.

I wanted to me an operator of a business

who talked about social media from his perspective,

and I ended up being disproportionally historically correct,

which gave me the leverage.

I think that's what you need to do.

- Thank you very much.

- You're welcome.

(audience applauding)

- Hi Gary, I came from Ireland to be here.

- [Gary] Thank you for coming.

- Very excited to see you speak.

I have a question about publishing.

Can you hear me?

I've just written a book.

- [Gary] You created a book?

- I created a book.

- [Gary] Are you self publishing?

- That's what my question is.

So based on what you were just talking about,

I mean, I like the idea of being entrepreneurial

and not needing to go to a publisher.

- [Gary] Can I give you the answer,

'cause I've lived it so hard?

There's a very simple decision you have to make

about the book.

If you sell it, if you try to sell it to a publisher

and get it published,

you get the brand equity of getting published

by a publisher.

- [Woman] Yes.

- But understand this about book publishers.

All they do is kill trees.

They will do nothing.

There's not a publisher in the world

that will sell one book for you.

They don't exist.

So, the only reason to go with a publisher

and share economics and give them 50 to 80 cents on a dollar

is 'cause you wanna walk around and say

that Simon & Schuster bought your book,

and that's not a bad idea.

Maybe that's something you've always dreamed of.

It's also good for your brand,

but I would highly recommend now that self publishing,

because of Amazon and other things,

is not spammy like it was 20 years ago,

is on a good plane,

that as long as you go in eyes wide open

to your deal with your publisher,

knowing that they're not gonna sell a single book,

then I would say you can make a decision based on you.

- Okay. - Does that make sense?

- [Woman] Yes, it does.

You're actually in it. - And the other thing,

I'm sorry?

- You feature in my book.

- Thank you.


That will probably sell you more books

than your fucking publisher.

(audience laughing)

The other thing to keep in mind

if you have a compelling enough pitch as a first time author

that they give you a big advance,

it is sometimes good to get a bankroll, some dollars in,

that could be greater than the way your book actually sells.

Most people get overpaid for their advance

and never make back the advance.

The reason I became a big writer

was my book was making money for the publisher,

which created my demand, which leveled up my price.

- And how would I go about getting an endorsement

from Gary Vee?

- So, here's the biggest reason I don't endorse books.

If you look, the only endorsements I've ever given in books

is about the person writing it, because I really know them.

Like all these people are like,

"Gary, read my book to give me an endorsement,"

and I'm like motherfucker, I don't read books

for casual reasons.

So I can't do that, but yeah, I just can't do that.

(audience laughing)

- Could you tweet it if I send you a copy?

- I don't know who the fuck you are.

Can you romance the girl a little bit?

Can we build some fucking context before you ask

for the fucking score?

- I've been trying to DM you,

and I didn't get a response.

- [Gary] That's a good start.

- I got sponsored in here today.

- [Gary] That's like buying me a drink.

You just try to take me to your room

without even fucking romancing me.

(audience laughing)

- I keep romancing.

- [Gary] Got it.

- Hi Gary.

- [Gary] Hi.

- I'm one of your followers for a couple of years now

who hasn't done anything.

- [Gary] Who hasn't done anything?

- No.

- I love you.

By the way, I already love you so much,

because the first way to start doing shit is admitting it.

- [Follower] Sorry?

- Admitting it.

You're now on the verge of potentially doing something.

- [Follower] Yes, definitely.

But one of the things you said when you were talking

was that once the big guns come in,

it's going to be really difficult.

So because I'm coming in quite late--

- You're not.

- Okay.

(audience laughing)

- I don't know when the big guys are coming,

I don't know what your niche is.

For him and I, it might work when it's $11 a CPM,

$11 to get in front of a thousand people,

82 of which see it, 17 of which convert.

For you, it might be worth $400 a CPM.

How many people here did SCO and SCM internet marketing

in their career?

Raise your hands.

So if you guys and gals remember,

back in the day there was all those words,

like some of those weird cancers

were worth like $300 a click,

and everybody was building sites

to show up organically.

Every market is different.

You are absolutely not late to Facebook and Instagram.

If you were late, I promise you,

the 45 minute talk that I just gave

would have been about some other subject completely.

- So when it does actually happen, how--

- [Gary] I'm not Nostradamus.

- No, no, no, I didn't ask you when you knew.

When it happens, how do we,

have you got tips on how we would stay afloat

or how we would be able to survive that?

- You're worried about something in the future

when you haven't done shit in the present.

- Yeah.

(audience laughing)


- Got it?

Got it?

- [Follower] Got it.

- You'll fucking figure it out.

Watch my vlog, I'll tell you.

- Yeah, okay.

Thank you. - Cool.

(audience laughing)

- Hi Gary. - How are you?

- I just wanted to say thank you,

because you gave me the confidence to quit

my nine to five job that was making me fucking miserable

back in July to pursue my dreams.

I've got a fashion blog called She Goes Wear.

My niche--

- [Gary] I didn't hear that last part.

- I've got a fashion blog called She Goes Wear.

It's a work wear blog for women in business.

I pitch to brands everyday,

and so many of them, they're just so follower focused.

- [Gary] Separate yeah.

- I've got 10,000 followers on Instagram,

it's growing everyday, but that's all they look at,

and so many of them want me to work for free.

How much should I be working for free,

and how many--

- You know, I'm a big fan of beggars

can't be choosers, right?

I gave a lot of speeches in 2006, seven and eight for free,

a whole lot.

Now I do not.

(audience laughing)

So, my answer to you is,

look, I think this is how you do it.

You ask for money.

They say no, but they're willing to give you

some clothes for free or whatever,

and then you decide, well, I fucking like that blouse,

so fuck it, I'll say yes.

To me, I think that I'm a very big fan of free

if that's your only option.

Here's what I would say to you.

How many brands do you reach out to on a daily basis?

- [Woman] About 10 to 15.

There's so many. - Good.

Good, and to me, like I would make that 60 to 80,

'cause it gives you a better chance to say no.

- Yeah. - Do you understand?

- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

- You're limiting your opportunities to 10 to 15,

thus you may have to work for free more often.

If you ask 180 people a day,

which I genuinely believe it possible,

because there's a trillion brands.

Now there may not be enough brands

in what you're looking for, and I have empathy for that,

but here's what I would say.

The best way for you not to work for free

or just for clothes is to ask more people

to give you dollars.

- Yeah, 'cause it's not a huge problem,

because some are paying me and some

are coming back positive, but the majority are--

- Let me give you a really good piece of advice.

Brands very quickly, and I think by 2020

this will be more of the market, not less,

are caring a lot more lately about depth, not width.

So let me tell you how I would audit your Instagram.

If you were like my sister and like, hey, help me,

I would look in your comments,

and if you are not replying to every single person--

- [Woman] I do.

- I love you.

That is huge, I'll tell you why.

That will pay dividends for you.

The other thing you should do

is you should 100% reach out to people

that have 250,000 followers or more

and ask if they wanna collab with you.

- Yeah, that's what a friend I just met told me today.

- Your friend's smart.

That's exactly right, and I would highly do it.

Look, your job is to be in business development

comma a lifestyle personality.

Meaning, if you were like,

"Hey, how do you think about my business?"

I would say, you should sit on your fucking couch

and DM and email for nine hours a day

and spend one hour a day creating content.

- Yeah, 'cause I think I'm taking too much time

sending really long emails.

I should just start DMing really quick.

- [Gary] No one wants to read your fucking shit.

- Yeah.

- Like make the email like, "Yo, you wanna give me money?"

- [Woman] Yeah, yeah, yeah.

- Like, nobody wants that much,

especially brands or people that are managing brands.

The other thing you could be doing is tagging brands

that you wanna work with in your post

so that you become aware to them,

but I think collabs.

Whoever your homey was that said that,

I would spend a lot of time on developing your,

building depth with your audience, which you're doing,

right, replying,

doing collabs to grow your base,

because more awareness will come to you

and spending an unbelievable amount of time

business development to get dollars in.

- Okay. - Rinse and fucking repeat.

I answered every single tweet that I got on Twitter

from 2007 to 2011, all of them.

The least fucking scalable thing of all time.

So, depth.

Cool. - Thank you so much.

- You're welcome.

(audience applauding)

- Hi Gary, great talk.

My name's James Ski.

I'm founder of

We all know that you get a lot of our attention,

because you're in our feeds every two seconds,

but before you get up and get on the feed,

what are the first thoughts that come into your mind?

What are you actually thinking when you first wake up?

- That's interesting.

The first thing I'm thinking is,

please God, let there be no fucking fires

at the London office,

because the London office is ahead of me

when I wake up in New York.

I have enormous anxiety when I wake up,

and I don't really have anxiety,

so I call it micro business anxiety

that I literally flip over my phone

and I look at all the texts, praying to God

that there isn't some fire

that I have to address immediately.

Luckily, often I don't.

So that's my first thoughts.

What fire do I have to put out right now?

The next thought is depending on the season.

So my next thought, currently in the fall,

usually goes to, what are the Jets gonna do this Sunday?

Then, I poop.

(audience laughing)

Then, I look at all my email and all my social

to see if anything is brewing.

Then, I look at my calendar to figure out what I'm doing

those 90 days,

and then I'm thinking about what I want my first post to be

based on an enormous amount of content

that me and my team have been thinking about.

Pick one, right the copy and start my day.

- Fantastic, and just one final thing,

which is the Columbo trick, if anyone's ever heard of it.

I'm in New York in February with Sales Confidence.

What does it actually take to get on the Gary Vee Show?

- You'll definitely not get on the Gary Vee Show.

- [James] Boo!

(audience applauding)

- But you should absolutely email me.

I got this flight tomorrow, I got to answer a fuck load

of tweets, and I'll go through email.

I'd love to know what your thoughts are

or why you're asking that or what you're trying to achieve.

- [James] Appreciate it,

thanks for your time. - Thank you, brother.


One more.

- Hello Gary.

All right, so--

- [Person] Just one more question.

- Yes, yes.

- [Gary] Sorry everyone.

- You made me drop out of college and my life is wonderful,

first of all.

- Thank you.

- It was two years ago.

I dropped out of college, did many businesses, six figures,

I'm 19, and right now I'm mainly focused--

- [Gary] Are you a fucking life coach?

- No, no. - I'm kidding, I'm kidding.

(audience laughing)

Keep going.

- Right now I'm just focusing into taking

all the leverage I've got

and all the brands I've built and sell them right now,

and then go and do full on applications

and software businesses. - Okay.

- SaaS businesses.

- Are you doing that because you know that SaaS businesses

are more valuable than media properties?

- Sort of, but I like to have a recurring revenue

every month, and then if that--

- But are you capable of building a SaaS product?

- [Man] I do believe so.

- Okay. - And applications.

So I've been a gamer for like my entire life,

and I've been in Twitch a couple of times,

not really that big, but now I'm focusing

to building an application on the Android phone and iOS.

So, what would you say,

do you think it's a bad idea to stop doing

my other businesses and selling them off, to just go all in,

like $100,000 investment in applications,

or should I just hang back for a bit?

- You know, I like the,

in this scenario, which I've seen a lot.

Let me tell you how it plays out 99 out of 100 times.

Kid sells thing for 400,000,

puts it in a much more competitive market place

with way worse timing, because you built those properties

in a time when the land grab was real, fails,

gets sad, starts over.

One out of every 100 times,

she or he builds a huge business and she was right.

I like, kid finds other hustler kid that's his homey,

gives that kid 25% of the action

once he vets six of his friends,

finding out five are lazy and fucking suck.

- [Man] I've got one already.

- They all suck, right yeah, I get it.

No, I'm just kidding.

My intuition is money's cheap,

so you might be able to raise capital

off the back of the success you've had.

- [Man] Okay.

- You're giving up something that's working--

- [Man] Yes.

- To then take a bet on what I believe is always

a thesis that it's bigger, which is why I asked you.

- [Man] Yes, yes, that's why.

- I don't like you doing it 'cause of a thesis.

I like you doing it, because you can't breathe.

You have an app or a SaaS product that you have to build,

'cause the market needs it.

Is that the case, or is the case that you're smart,

and you realize these are bigger and better businesses,

let me figure it out.

- The former, because I've always been into gaming.

I just want to build the app, like I can't breathe.

- Have you thought about building apps in Twitch,

which I think is a grossly under priced

marketplace right now?

- I considered it, but I found Android to be a bit more.

- Cool, listen, here's what I would say.

Do you know the best fucking thing about being 19 is?

- [Man] What?

- You could fuck up for the next 20 years

and still be young as fuck.

(audience laughing)

So, for me,

it's true.

(audience applauding)

Who here is 39 or older?

Raise your hands.

You still feel young.

You imagine if these fuckers understood

what it actually felt like.

I would tell you to go high risk, high reward,

because you don't wanna regret it,

and at 19 you have 17 more rodeos in you.

- [Man] Yes, sir.

- Awesome, good luck.

(audience applauding)

- [Shiny] All right.

Okay, that was the brief Q&A.

Ladies and gentlemen, please give it up to Gary Vee,

one more time. - Thank you so much.

(audience applauding)

Thank you, thank you.

- Come on, London.

(audience applauding)

- Poland girls, yeah.

- Come on, London!

(audience applauding)

- Hit me up, I'll answer.

- All right.

So now, we are going to have a photo session

for those of you who have black or silver wrist bands.

Can you please line up right here for your photo session.

For the rest of you, you're going to have a breakout session

after this. - The rest of you,

fuck you, get out of here.

- Thank you so much for being here.

On behalf of Success Resources,

we thank you for being here today and yesterday,

and we are going to see you in our next event.

London, thank you so much.

It was a pleasure serving you.

I am Shiny Burcu Unsal,

and I would like to see you in our next swang.


(audience applauding)

- [Trish] Gonna ask Gary Vee the question.

I'm with Gary Vee, and I'm here, Trish Chanda.

Let me ask it.

Gary, like literally, can you just show?

I am with Gary Vee right now,

told you, let Trish in, we had the hashtag going,

Gary, let Trish in.

I'm in, I'm asking a question.

Gary, if it's possible. - Yes.

- [Trish] Sorry, I'm so nervous

and excited. - No worries, don't worry.

- [Trish] Literally, a year ago, I started following you,

and when I was,

can I have a mic so other people can hear what I'm saying?

- It's not gonna happen.

- [Trish] A year ago I was following you,

and when I was following you,

I'm at a point now, I don't know what to do.

I'm on YouTube, I did everything,

I'm on YouTube, I'm on Facebook, I'm on Instagram.

I'm literally in the process of that, and I'm quite past,

but I feel like--

- You're not growing.

- [Trish] I feel like I'm not growing,

but it's not that.

I'm just like, people listen to you,

because you've got something to say.

- Yes.

- [Trish] Why are people gonna listen to me,

what do I have to say that they'll want to listen to me?

- The only thing--

- [Trish] I've tried everything.

- The only thing-- - I've tried everything.

It's like I keep trying, I'm trying, I'm trying, I'm trying.

- Listen to me, listen to me, listen to me.

- Yeah?

- The only thing you have to say is your truth.

- My truth?

- Your truth, your life, your experiences,

how you see the world, your skills.

The biggest problem about being young

and building a personal brand is you have less experiences

than others.

I fucking built this $60 million business

and worked for 15 years before I made one piece of content.

- I just feel like I'm behind.

I literally can't say, and I'm like,

I feel like I'm so behind.

- You feel like you're behind,

because you have unrealistic goals.

Like people shouldn't listen to you

if you're talking about shit that you don't know

what you're talking about.

The only thing you can talk about is your truth.

- My truth is that I just like talking to people,

I just like being me.

- That's great. - Talking about my life,

is that a skill, do I tell it?

- It depends, being an extrovert and being a people person

could be a skill.

It depends on you package it,

or to people that are nervous and talk to people.

You have to figure out how to package it,

and you have to talk about your truth.

Like, this is a long game.

Like if you wanna be an influencer and make money,

it's not so easy, it shouldn't be easy.

- [Trish] Yeah.

- A year?

- Yeah. - Two years, I mean,

I laugh at that.

- Yeah. - What,

so you make money about being you?

Do you know how hard it is making money being you?

- No, I just wanna talk.

- I get it, but you don't wanna just talk.

Then you wouldn't care about how you're growing.

You wanna do something else with it.

- Yeah.

- You don't wanna just talk.

Otherwise, if you just wanna talk,

you'd be happy as fuck, 'cause you're talking.

Got it?

- Yeah. - You gotta be patient.

Here, you have to be patient.

- Thank you, thank you.

- [Woman] Just on the x there, please.

(downbeat music)

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