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- [groans] - [laughs]

[Devo's "Uncontrollable Urge"]

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- Go.

[cheers and applause]

- Welcome to "Ridiculousness." I'm Rob Dyrdek.

With me as always Steelo Brim and Chanel West Coast.

Our guest today is the host of MTV's "Catfish."

Give it up for Nev Schulman.

- Ohh!


What's up? What's up?

What's up? What's up?

- Welcome. Welcome.

- Hi, guys.

[cheers and applause]

What's up? Hi.

- Mwah! - Ahh.


- Man, just a couple of just MTV war dogs, man.

- I know, I feel like people watching right now,

who just probably saw an episode of "Catfish,"

are very confused.

- Right, right.

- 'Cause it's, like, we're just--

it's just me and you all day every day.

- I know, and look, we should have integrated this show.

Like, we should have surprised, like,

two people that were fake dating on the internet.

Like, I'd be, like, pull them up on stage

and did it in the middle.

- [laughs]

- How--how--look--what?

She's, like...what?

- No, I'm just thinking how funny this whole conversation--

- You been catfished before?

- Um... - Okay.

- I think back...


No-- - Uh...

- Oh, thank you for the answer.

Thank you for the answer.

- Back in Myspace days,

I thought I was talking to, like, a somewhat, like,

you know, he was a cute guy, and then I was like,

"Damn, he's got all the same taste in music as me."

I was like, "This is getting too good to be true."

And then it was, like, I tried to talk to him,

like, on the phone, and, like,

I finally got on the phone with him,

and I swear he sounded like he was, like, eight.

He was like, "Hey."

[laughter] I'm, like, 19 at the time.

And he's like, "Yeah, what's up?"

I was like, "Oh, my God. I got to go."

- Oh, damn. - Oh, that's good.

- Damn, I didn't expect that, because another strange thing--

- She has the same taste in music as an eight-year-old?


I mean... - No.

- No, he was trying to have the same taste as me, okay?

- Well, look, sometimes you get catfished,

and you find out that person,

and you may want to fall in love,

but if they act like anybody in this category,

you've just got to get rid of them.

Take a look at Throw 'Em Back.

[cheers and applause]

[rock music]

Ohh, this is what I need.


Okay. All right.

Oh, pause it. Pause it.

Okay, we're talking full clown here.

We're talking, like-- like---

- I don't know who's the creepier.

- Man. - Is it the cameraman?

He gettin' pretty close. - I--look, or is it us

for letting the video go on for so long

without some significant ending?


Oh, man. Oh.

- What is she, a-- is she a Smurf?

- She a Smurf. - Man. Man.

- But it's not even a [bleep] costume party.

- Yeah. - She is an actual Smurf.


It's just a regular day.

It's a Wednesday.

- I feel like that guy is thinking right now, like,

"Man, you're profile said you were four feet."


- [indistinct], man. - You're not even, like, 3'6".


- I just met her online. - Oh.

- It's online dating, yeah. - Oh.

- Yeah, it's a thing called-- holy--oh, oh.

Oh, oh-oh. - Whoa.

- Hey, somebody needs to get him.

- Reel it in, grandpa.

Reel it in.

I love the idea. He's like, "WorldStar."


When you're hungry for love, man, you'll take a shark guy.

I'm just like I look in the photo.

I just wear this out 'cause I'm so famous.


Oh, boy.

Oh, yeah. Oh, man.

- Is this real life or a video game?

- Look, this is-- this is two people

that are fully committed.

- What the... - Oh, oh, oh.

- Is she using a bottle as a fake [bleep]?

Huh, what's she got?

- Like, I think that's Purell, by the way; I think so.


- I hope to God she was like, "Hold on a second."


There you have it for Throw 'Em Back.

[cheers and applause]

Okay, so a lot of times, you know,

a really funny one is, like, the guy that thought

he was dating Katy Perry for six years.

- Yeah.

- For six years. - Yo, six--six years.

- Wait, you want to hear the craziest part of that?

So he--I don't know if you've seen the episode.

He thought he was dating Katy Perry,

and we brought him to England to finally meet the girl

that was catfishing him.

He thought it was this elaborate hoax

that we had set up to finally meet Katy Perry.

Anyway-- - What--what, he was like,

"Okay, fine, show my Katy."

- But he--he now thinks that because of the episode,

now Katy Perry will know who he is,

and maybe she'll reach out.

So he's, like still hanging on to a little hope.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah. - Well, I was--

I was gonna say, like, well, like, you know,

when I first, like, talked to you on Myspace,

I didn't really think it was you,

but here I am, so it worked out for me.

- It wasn't. It was my cousin.

- Yeah. - You know what I mean?

Yeah, yeah.

Okay, look, the thing about famous people is,

they are super tricky to catfish,

'cause you've got to be really dumb, right?

You've got to believe that this famous person

is all about it,

unless you actually look kind of famous,

like all this Faux Famous people.

Take a look.

[cheers and applause]

- Drake. - Oh, what's up, Drake?

- Drake. - Yo.

- Where y'all at, boy?

- He's so used to...

- Oh, my God. - [laughs]

- What up, Drake?

- You've been working out with [indistinct] a lot,

haven't you?

- You...yeah. - Damn.

Hey, he mackin'. Okay, Drizzy.

- "Okay, Drizzy." - Oh, man.

- He said, "Okay, Drizzy."

- Oh, you've been working out, Drake.

All right.

- [indistinct] - No, we need to shotgun.

- Okay, this is a Lady Gaga.

This is a Lady Gaga.

Yeah, oh...oh, okay.

Lady Gaga's not very good-- oh, [bleep].

- The hat.

- Not very good at shooting beers.

- All right, all right, where's everyone else?

- Oh, oh, oh. - Okay.

She's in-- she's in the shallow now.

- Yeah, she's in the... [laughter]

Oh, [bleep].

Jamie Lee, get out of the bar.

- Jamie Lee.

Jamie Lee, get off these young fellas.

- That does feel a little bit like Jamie Lee.

- She's [bleep] got a great digestive system,

so she's at the bar tongue-ing down kids.

- Yeah. - Kids, kids.

- Later. - Whoa.

- Oh, Seth Rogan's a cop hater.


- [laughs] - Yo.

- He ran so slow. - What if that was really

Seth Rogan? - Yo, Seth Rogan was like,

"[bleep] that. Legalize weed."

[laughs] Like...

- Okay. - Uh-oh.

- [speaking Spanish]

- What? - [speaking Spanish]

We'll be right back with more "Ridiculousness."

[Devo's "Uncontrollable Urge"]

- ♪ Yeah yeah yeah yeah

Yeah yeah yeah yeah Yeah yeah yeah yeah

♪ ♪

[Devo's "Uncontrollable Urge"]

[cheers and applause]

- Welcome back to "Ridiculousness."

Give it up for our guest, Nev Schulman.

[cheers and applause]

- Okay, Nev,

you are a true runner.

Like, you run the NYC Marathon,

and you beat everybody, right?

- Well-- - Every celebrity.

- Yeah, I got into it. It was a challenge.

My dad ran the marathon when I was a kid,

and I kind of always wanted to do it,

and then I set a time-- an ambitious goal--

to try and run under three hours.

- Okay. - And it took me four tries.

But I did it, and I actually have

a little gold necklace my-- my wife got me with my--

my official time on it.

- Man. - Yeah, 2:58:54.

- Man, man.

[cheers and applause]


That's so sweet. I'm just--you know,

I love love, and I just love that you're in the front row

and we got to bond over, like, a 2:59-er.

2:58. - Let's--2:58 banger.

- 2:58. Thank you.

- Okay, well, look, this entire category

is dedicated to people that just

are not that good at it, Run and Done.

Take a look.

[cheers and applause]

[rock music]

- Oh, oh. - That guy's struggling.

- He got to [bleep].

- Oh, I got this [bleep].

- Oh, get there. Come on. You're almost there.

- Oh, oh, man. - Oh, man.


Did that ever happen to you, like, in the early stages?

- Not quite that.

Maybe he's just drunk.

Maybe he just... [laughter]

- Taking shots along the way. - That is lots of little--

yeah, right.

- Here it is.

If he was Nev, he'd have four bloody spots.

- Oh, man.

Oh, man. - Ohh.

- What the [bleep]?

- Man.

- Wait, I don't understand.

This is, like, a real thing that happens?

- So what happens is, your shirt, it--

just from going up and down

over the course of hours just chafes.

- Bloody messes. - It can be messy,

so you have to cover everything that's sensitive with, like,

Vaseline or some sort of other thing.

- A shirt can do that?

They're running too much or something.

- Dang. - Yeah, it's a lot.

- Or they've got too sharp of a shirt on.

- Yeah. [laughter]

- Here we go.

Here we go.

Oh, heel sprint, heel sprint.

Go, Debra.

all: Oh!

- She was going hard, though.

Get up. - Nobody's helping her.

- Nobody--nobody's even, guy,

"Are you all right?"

- That's her trainer. "Get the [bleep] up, Debra."

- Oh, man. Man.

- "We worked too hard for this [bleep]."

- For real. - [laughs]

♪ ♪

- Ohh. - Oh.

- Ohh.

- This like "Mario Kart"?

You put down some oil? - Wow.

- Next person will slip in it. - But I like that he's just--

he wasn't 'gonna step in it.

- Oh, he may have also shaved a little time off

by leaning forward, you know?

That's a good technique, actually.

[laughter] Yeah.

- He's in a zone.

Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay.

- Oh, my goodness. Wait, he-- - All right.

Look, I think they call it runner's high...

[laughter] Where you just flow,

and you just don't even make turns anymore.

- Detour, bruh.

- Yeah, he's like, "Hey, man, this ain't the race."

No, no.

- Ay-yi-yi.

- There you have it for Run and Done.

[cheers and applause]

All right, Nev,

dare I say you have one of the more famous

hairy chests in the world, man?

- It's true; I think it's sort of my trademark, like,

source of--of power.

My masculinity is very much my chest hair.

- Before you discovered it,

did you try to, like,

wax if off or shave it in the early day?

- No, well, it really didn't sprout like this.

- Yeah. - And then, I don't know,

it's, like, I woke up one day, and I just...

- [laughs]

- You were like, "Damn"-- - My chest was gone.

Yeah, yeah. - And then that was it.

Like, as it--as it evolved--

So--well, I did once. I trimmed it.

Because I thought, like,

this is getting a little out of hand.

But the--but the problem is, when you trim it,

the edge--the ends of the hairs get sharp, and then--

- So then it's, like, poking through your shirt.

- Yeah, well, and it also just itches like crazy,

so I'd have to go all the way or just let it be, man.

I just--yeah. - Look, I just--

I just, like, want to go back to the visual that Chanel

just hit me with.

Because she immediately went to, like,

"Oh, it pokes through the shirt," so...

- That does happen. That does happen.

- So then I just pictured, like, putting on a T-shirt...

- Porcupine. - And it just full...

[laughter] Full porcupine.

Well, look, everybody in this category right here

is full of great chest hair.

Take a look at Chest Blessed.

- All right. [cheers and applause]

[rock music]

- Ohh, it's a little bit of sauce.

Let me get some. La-la-la-la.

- What?


- What...why? - Hot sauce or ketchup.

- I don't get. - 'Cause it's just--I mean--

I mean, anyone every requested a ketchup lick-off?

- Yeah, I don't know. No, not--no, not ever.

♪ ♪

- It's ladies' night.


I haven't always been pimpin',

but when I do, it's easy.

- See, but he's got-- he's got the T-shirt,

'cause it goes over the shoulders,

but she shaves, like, his neckline...

- Yeah.

- So it just really looks like a vest,

like he's wearing a... - [laughs]

- John Harambe.

- Oh, here we go.


- Oh, that is... - That is disgusting.

- Okay. - [laughs]

- Ain't that a-- ain't that a way to party?

- It looks so dirty.

- It just looks so milky.

[all groaning]

- Here we go.

- Ohh!

- Oh! Ohh.

- Ahh!

- Ohh. - Oh, oh, man.

- That wasn't the first time they did it either.

You can see he's got, like...

- Man, one at a time until I'm bare-chested.

Oh, get out of here.

Yeah, it's hair. It's chest hair, man.

Okay, all right.


Okay, guys.

All right, I don't know if this is legal.


I'm--oh, no, no.

I've got-- I've got nipples, Greg.

Can you milk me?


Okay, you just witnessed something

very disgusting and unpleasant.

We'll be right back with more "Ridiculousness."

[Devo's "Uncontrollable Urge"]

- ♪ Yeah yeah yeah yeah

Yeah yeah yeah yeah Yeah yeah yeah yeah

- Go.

[Devo's "Uncontrollable Urge"]

[cheers and applause]

- Welcome back to "Ridiculousness."

Give it up for our guest, Nev Schulman.

[cheers and applause]

Okay, you've got a lower-back tattoo, man.

Well, shall I say, you used to have

a lower-back tattoo?

- That's true.

- What did you refer to it as?

- A champ stamp. - A champ stamp.

Man, man.

- Oh, my God. That's hilarious.

- And finally enough was enough

in the last year or so, and you got it--

- Well, you know, I got tired of being embarrassed....

- Yeah. - At the beach or, like,

by a pool. - Yeah.

- But it wasn't until we had our first kid

and I said to myself,

"I do not want my kid to think of me as a guy

with a lower-back tattoo."

- Yeah.

- That's fair. That's fair.


- Yeah, okay, look,

everybody in this category right here

is getting hit in the lower back

and leaving a mark.

We call it Champ Stamps.

Take a look.

[cheers and applause]

[rock music]

Hello. Oh. Okay.

- What is going on here? - Okay.

- Oh, God. What? - Oh, my God.

What's with the edge of the--ohh.

- What is even going on?

- What was the plan?

- Okay.


- I think they both got hurt. - Yeah.

That's a little thing called instant karma.

- But he put the "ouch" in "couch," man.


- Go. - Go.

Put it up high.

all: Ohh.

- Man. - He almost had it.

- Wow. - Oh, man.

- He was asleep. - Man.

- He was asleep. He woke his ass up.

- Oh, okay, I get it. I get it now.

- Saint Patrick's Day. - It's Saint Patrick's Day.

All right. - Saint Patrick's Day...

- Ohh. - In Chicago.

- Man. - [laughs]

- At least she can enjoy herself.

He's [bleep].

Just a green beer haze.

- Next stop, the ER.


- Kee-yah!

all: Ohh!

- Not on the first step.

- Oh, man.

- But he-- - He knew, though.

- He knew. He knew it was icy, yeah.

- 'Cause he went down that step so slow.

- The way he popped up,

it was like he knew the camera was watching.

- Hello.


Oh, damn it.

Oh, boy.

all: Ohh!

- Yeah, that head whip was so for real.

- Man, back whip. I mean, head whip, bike whip.


- He almost had it.

- He did, man. He did.

Here we go. Pull.



- Oh, bruh. - Oh.

- He just trying to walk it off?

- Oh, oh, oh.

- You've got to just walk it off.

- Look, look.

- You've got to just walk it off.

- Like, he got stamped and then was so embarrassed,

like, he's didn't want to, like,

"No, I just--I stepped out,

"stepped out for a second.

Just stepped on out."

all: Ohh! - Bam.

- Which-- which way is the bathroom?

Is it this way?


- Okay, no, it doesn't make a bit of sense.

We'll be right back with more "Ridiculousness."

[Devo's "Uncontrollable Urge"]

- ♪ Yeah yeah yeah yeah

Yeah yeah yeah yeah Yeah yeah yeah yeah

[Devo's "Uncontrollable Urge"]

[cheers and applause]

- Whoo!

- Welcome back to "Ridiculousness."

Give it up for our guest, Nev Schulman.


[cheers and applause]

- Okay, we've got ourselves

a cute little video from Instagram.

Let's take a look at this real quick.

Just cruisin' in my light shoes, livin' life.

What's up? How are you guys--oh!

all: Ohh.

- What--what's happening here? What's happening?

- Oh, well, that's--

That's our daughter. - Man.


Man. - She loves to pull

those suitcases around,

'cause she sees us do it all the time.

- Okay. - And--and this was, we--

we had nowhere to go.

She just wanted to walk around the block.

- I get it. I--I get it. I know how it goes.

- And she got her new running shoes.

She was really excited, and...

- Well, look, just like your daughter

had a case of the Mondays and those light shoes

and a nice travel bag to put her down on the streets...


Everybody right here, Mondays Go Away.

Take a look.

[cheers and applause]

[upbeat electronic music]

Let's get--oh!

Pizza party with some carpet on it.

- How they all fell facedown.

- All flipped... - Come on.

- Like, one after another.

Not one survivor.

- At least it didn't fall on my chest.

- But they could have just ate it right off of it.


- Oh, no. - Just working hard,

living life.

- Oh, no.

all: Ohh!

- Oh, no. - Man.

- Man, he just-- just started drinking.

- I feel like that's how,

like, a new superhero is born.

Like... - It is.

- Like, wino man... - Yeah.

- Like, emerges out.

- Turns into, like, a [bleep] super-muscular grape.


- Oh, my God.

- [speaking native language] - Oh, my God.

- Holy [bleep]. - Are you kidding me,

a speeding ticket?

- What? - Ohh.

- Who's speeding ticket?

- Oh, my speeding ticket.

- When? - Just now.

- Why? Holy [bleep].

- Oh, my God.

They're, like, literally the same person.

- I've never seen--

- The print her a full paper? Yeah.

- Yeah, I've never seen a full 8 1/2 X 11.

- Yo, in 2019, you get a [bleep] printout.

- You get a little booklet.

- Man, just back to work

making sure nobody crosses this line right here.


- Oh, my God. What?

- Man, he just got-- everyone's in shock.

No one even tries to help him.

- Oh, [bleep]. I got hit by a tire again.

- Hey. - Oh, [bleep].

Oh, no. - Hey, get loose.

Oh, no. - Get loose.

all: Ohh!

- [screams]

- Oh, oh.

- You miss one rehearsal.

You've got to come to rehearsal, man.

- I mean, I'm just saying, like,

I don't know if we should show this.

- This is so funny. - Like...this is not--

- I hope they turn up like this at my funeral.


- Oh, man, like they [bleep]... they get to boppin',

drop you out of the... uhh, like, [bleep].

All right, that's enough for me.

Okay, that's it for our episode today.

Thank you to Nev Schulman.

For Steelo Brim and Chanel West Coast,

I'm Rob Dyrdek.

We'll see you next time on "Ridiculousness."

[Devo's "Uncontrollable Urge"]

- Whoo.

- ♪ Yeah yeah yeah yeah

Yeah yeah yeah yeah Yeah yeah yeah yeah

♪ ♪

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