Practice English Speaking&Listening with: SUB) 지나고 나면 아무것도 아닌 일들에 대하여 About things that shall pass

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We often live in anxiety,

while forgetting about the fact that it too shall pass.

We worry about the future that is not here yet.

We waste our energy to stuff that's not important.

Today, I'm going to talk about how I comfort myself.

Another day is here.

I wake up and make my bed

Even though I didn't get a good night's sleep.

I make a warm cup of tea for myself.

Added some milk for a milk tea🥛

I make myself a drink and start my day.

Big and small problems have happened to me.

They are taking my time away.

I'm worried that I might get burned out.

Cleaning is as good as working out.

I clean so I can forget.

Being diligent is not the key to everything.

It does not always guarantee a good result.

I guess that's why it's hard.

We already know very well that

Worrying will not solve anything 🙈

It's a bit early but would you like some beer? 🍺

Add tomatoes, onions, cheese on top of some nachos..

It'll tastes like crunchy pizza.

Like drinking a cold can of beer after cleaning,

Look for a way to make your day even better.

Sometimes, it's okay to drink in broad daylight.

Because it makes you feel like you're taking a break from daily routines.

There was something that made me cry.

Little Captain got a deep wound right next to his eye.

It made me feel so depressed for a couple of days.

But I felt a bit better after thinking that something worse might have happened.

Is avoiding misfortune a part of happiness?

Little Captain had to get 8 stitches.

But he was very brave.

Now, he's doing great.

Take out all the left over banchans(side dishes) 😉

In dramas, when the heroine is stressed, she eats bibimbap.

Suddenly it crossed my mind.

Bibimbap is easy to make.

I like it because it makes less dishes to do 😁

Even when I'm feeling down,

My appetite comes back when I smell the sesame oil 🤣

You gotta mix your bibimbap with your chopsticks 🥢

That way, your rice grains won't get smashed.


Everything tastes good when you mix it 👍

Homemade bibimbap

To ease your stress 🥙

I invited some friends over.

I burnt my garlics when I first tired to make gambas.

But I feel good today.

Another way of comforting myself is

Enjoying good food with my favorite friends.

And chatting with them endlessly 👩🏻‍🦰 👱🏻‍♀️ 🧑🏻

I'm sure that there's a scientific proof somewhere

That chatting is good for easing stress.

Just by talking to my friends,

I've already solved some of my problems of the day.

Don't worry about it alone.

Even though it's tough right now,

That too shall pass.

🧑🏻 "Is it good?" 👦🏻 "Yeah"

Little Captain's attitude comforts me again.

👦🏻 "Let's make strawberry ice cream next time"

We should all worry less ☺️

Often, the more complex the problem,

the more simple the answer.

One by one, the problems that have been bothering me

are being solved or becoming faint.

My husbands's coffee is my favorite.

When you make french toasts,

If you only put egg yolk, it'll taste even better.

Eating outdoors makes everything taste better!

It's more exciting because my husband's cooking for me.

'Golden french toast'

If you're currently struggling,

It means you're doing something very important to you.

It means you're working very hard.

Thank you for watching til the end.

The Description of SUB) 지나고 나면 아무것도 아닌 일들에 대하여 About things that shall pass