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- If I need a fork, it is not soup.

- See, I can't do this with soup.

- This is soup. Now that's a sandwich.

- Ooh!

♪ (accordion intro) ♪

- (FBE) How would you define the term soup?

- Liquid food. - Oh, it's one of those.

- Soupy? - That's pretty good, yeah.

Something along those lines. (Eric laughs)

- Water or cream based, sometimes served with like noodles,

and meat and vegetables. - Uh huh, vegetables.

- (FBE) Well according to Merriam-Webster,

the official definition of soup is a liquid food,

especially with a meat, fish, or vegetable stock as a base,

and often containing pieces of solid food.

- See, that feels very non-committal though,

'cause they're like often, usually.

- (FBE) Well today we're gonna put this definition to the test.

We're gonna bring out different liquid dishes for you to try.

It'll be up to you to decide is it a soup?

(both laugh)

- Okay. - I'm scared for what this could be.

I feel like this is very existential,

and I feel like I'm just gonna have like a meltdown

while trying to decide if something's a soup or not.

- They're gonna put cereal in front of us

and be like is this a soup?

- I think cereal is a soup.

- You think cereal is a soup?

- 'Cause it's like, your liquids, and then your solids.

- (FBE) For each of the dishes that we'll bring out today,

we polled our FBE SuperFam to get a definitive answer

do most people consider it to be a soup?

- Okay, SuperFam.

- (FBE) After you've made your decision,

we'll reveal their survey results.

Whichever person agrees with our SuperFam most,

or should I say soup-erFam.

- (sighs) Oh.

- I love it. - (FBE) Will be crowned the winner.

- I actually love it.

- (FBE) Are you guys ready for your first dish?

- (laughs) Yeah. - Let's just do it.

- (FBE) Bring it on out!

So first up, we have a classic noodle dish, ramen!

- (Eric) Oh, it's got broth, it's got meat.

- It's got solids and liquid.

- Mmm. - Mmm, I love ramen!

- It's not soup, it's ramen, and I need a fork.

See, if I need a fork, it is not soup.

It's not soup. - I love ramen,

but I agree, how can I eat this with a spoon?

- Ramen is most definitely soup. - Okay.

So, we can try it with no consequences?

- (FBE) No consequences. (Ethan laughs)

No punishments, just...

- I like that's how, that's what's her first question.

- I really am like, I don't know how I feel about it,

being a soup or not. - I already know.

I already know, it's just not a soup.

- I mean, technically... - No.

- What Merriam-Webster says...

- You cannot eat noodles with a spoon, that's crazy talk.

- What about chicken noodle soup?

- That's different. (laughs)

- (FBE) So final decision, is ramen a soup?

- Yes.

- (FBE) Yes, we both think that ramen is a soup.

Are you ready to hear what the SuperFam said?

- I swear to God, if they say it's not a soup,

I'm gonna be very confused. - It's very interesting.

- (FBE) So according to the SuperFam at our time of polling,

only 70% of people consider a bowl of ramen to be a soup.

- That's the majority. - (FBE) But that is more than half.

- That's the vast majority. - Oh, okay!

- What else would it be, like... - I don't know!

Some people just eat the ramen noodles,

the noodles itself, so then... - Not the broth?

- Not the broth, I mean, they're boring, but...

- Boring. (laughs) - Sorry!

- (laughs) Whoa! She's calling them out!

30%, you're boring!

- I do wanna take this home. Thank you. (laughs)

Please... - This soup, she wants to take home.

- Cover this for me, I would like to take this home.

- She wants to take this soup home.

- I would like to take this ramen home with a fork. (laughs)

- The category of soup.

- (FBE) So next up, we have a food we debated

in a previous episode. - Oh baby!

- (FBE) We decided chili in a bread bowl

wasn't a sandwich, but is it a soup?

- This is soup. Now that's a sandwich.

- Ooh!

- I never really thought about it like that.

But when you go to Soup Plantation,

the chili is in the soup section.

- The only time I've really eaten chilli

is on top of my nachos, like cheese, nachoes.

- So you only have it as a dip? - Mm-hmm.

- I literally come here not eating, like I don't eat coming here,

because I'm like (whispers) I might get food.

- It's a little thicker, I sort of think of more liquid

when I think of a soup, but there's still enough liquid

in here to call it a soup in my eyes.

- If anything, I think this is just like a really efficient soup.

- Technically, is it a liquidy substance

with chunks of food in it?

- That's the question here today.

- I know I'm trying it, like, yeah, this is,

like trying it's gonna help me realize it's a soup.

(both laugh)

This is the existential crisis I was talking about.

This is, like a lot of questions are going on in my head right now.

- (FBE) So is chili in a bread bowl a soup?

- Yes. - Yes.

- Yes, it's a soup! - No! (laughs)

- (FBE) According to our SuperFam poll at the time of filming,

only 46% percent of people considered chili in a bread bowl

to be a soup, so you're both wrong.

(buzzer rings) - What?

- No soup for you?

(bell rings) - Oh my gosh, yes!

- Thank you, there are some sane people in this world!

- I guess I eat it as a soup. I'm just like the weird minority.

- No, you're part of that 46%. - Mm-hmm.

- (FBE) Next up, we have a deliciously hearty dish, beef stew!

- Oh, see this, I was gonna say, see yeah, this is stew.

I'd be more willing to consider stew soup than I would chili.

- Is stew not synonymous with soup? I feel like those are the same word.

You're the chef, what's the difference?

- I don't even know. (laughs)

- I love stew. - I like stew.

- Mmm. - Mmm.

- This is a soup for me. - Mm-hmm.

- I usually love to have rice. - Rice.

- Or you know, something. - Rice, yeah.

- Rice, yeah rice in this, or like bread.

- Rice is so good.

- I think soup is just such a general term,

and then there's categories of soup in it.

- This reminds me of dog food,

like Alpo. - Well don't ruin it.

There was a moment where I'm like ugh.

- I feel like we can both agree this looks like a soup,

but maybe the cooking technique is maybe what differs it.

- I feel like everything in a stew is like marinated longer

so all the stuff is softer.

- You got a... - You gonna dab me?

- I gotcha. - Thanks man.

- Ready? - (FBE) Yep, go.

- Why am I stressed about this?

- (FBE) Yes, both saying yes.

One no and one yes. Alright, split decision!

(Krischelle laughs) - Yes!

- (FBE) Yes! - Yes!

- Yay! - (FBE) That agrees with our SuperFam!

(bell rings) - Wow.

- Yay! - (FBE) So yes, at the time of filming

72% of people considered beef stew to be a soup.

- That's a good amount, yeah. I would agree with that.

I could see room for doubt though.

- I couldn't put it past myself to not call it soup,

because even though it's stew, it still falls in line

with what a soup would be. - Okay.

I don't feel like I'm educated enough on stews

to like know... (Ethan laughs)

And 72% is a lot, so I'm highly mistaken.

- (FBE) Next we have a cream-based noodle dish, mac and cheese!

- That's some mac, this is... - Shh, let her, I agree.

Let her. (Faith laughs)

- No, this isn't a soup!

- I've always though mac and cheese was more like a pasta dish.

- Mm-hmm. - (Jeannie) I don't think it's soup.

- (Krischelle) It's labeled a pasta at restaurants.

- This is delicious.

- I don't care if this is soup or not honestly at this point.

- Yo, you should've put this in the bread bowl.

- Oh my... - That's bomb!

- (FBE) So Danny, you thought that ramen was a soup.

How is this noodle dish different than that?

- Come on!

- Because the broth before is actually watery

and more liquid and broth.

This is way more dairy and thick cheese.

- This has no broth, nothing, no liquid substance

that it really sits in. It's just melted cheese.

- Like, you can go like this and it's not gonna go anywhere.

If you did that with the ramen, it'd be all over.

- Yeah, see, I can't do this with soup.

- (FBE) Mac and cheese, would you ever consider it a soup?

- I would say no.

- I don't see any aspect of it that's soupy.

- (FBE) No! - Nope.

- (FBE) No. - Alright, SuperFam.

- No.

- (FBE) You're correct. - No, okay.

(both laugh)

- (FBE) So according to our SuperFam at the time of filming,

5% of people still considered this to be a soup.

- They crazy. - No, they just wanna be different.

(bell rings) - They just hit the wrong button.

That's all. (Eric laughs)

They read it, they're all, yes, and they hit no on accident.

- Yes, it is not a soup. - Yeah.

- (FBE) Next up, we have another maybe soup, melted ice cream!

- (Ethan) Ah, see I almost wanna say kinda.

- I like it in solid form.

- Yeah, I like it in solid form too.

- Why are we kinda hesitant to taste this?

- Right, it feels like... - It doesn't feel right.

- What the... - That is delicious.

I don't know what this is, but you should sell it.

- What is this? Is that cherries?


Mmm-mmm! Yes!

- And it goes in the airplane,

choo choo train! - Nice delicacy, mm-hmm!

- The fact that it's liquidy is kinda soup-ish.

I know what I think, but what does the SuperFam think?

- (FBE) Is melted ice cream a soup?

- Yes. - [Bleep] it.

- It's cheap dessert soup. - (laughs) I hope it's not.

- I don't think it's a soup. - I don't think it's a soup.

- Soup is made to be soup, this was just ice cream left out.

- (FBE) You're correct, our SuperFam did not think this was a soup either.

- And yet, how many? - (FBE) 21% of people

still said this dish qualifies. - That's crazy!

- I just keep going back to the definition

is what I keep thinking in my head, and I'd love to hear the argument

as to how this isn't a soup by definition.

It's milk, that comes from a cow, and beef stock and milk

both come from cows and it's pretty much the same thing,

so this is pretty much like you know, soup.

- It's a cow soup.

- (FBE) So next we have another dish that traditionally served cold,


- Just didn't want something cold, but I just had the sugar, sugar meal.

- This is a soup. It's a cold soup.

- Mmm, mmm, whoa! - I don't love it.

- Tangy, tangy! - I don't like it.

- It tastes like dip.

Like I would dip a tortilla chip in this.

I don't know if I could just eat this plain.

- Then you know... - Bring back out that bread bowl.

- It's pretty good actually. - Mmm.

What would gazpacho be if it isn't soup?

- It's just, I think it's like by definition just cold soup.

Literally so. - Yeah.

- I'd love to hear what people say about this.

- (FBE) Is gazpacho a soup?

Both saying yes! Okay.

- Yes, soup. - Yes, I think it is!

- Definitely.

- (FBE) That's correct! (bell rings)

- Let's go! - Woo!

- (FBE) So yes, gazpacho is a soup. Troy, as you mentioned,

the word soup is in the definition of gazpacho.

However, only 55% of our SuperFam considered it to be a soup.

- I just think most people don't know what a gazpacho is.

- It feels and tastes like what would be a soup.

- Oh, okay.

- I'm confused by those who said it wasn't a soup.

- (FBE) So last, but not least, we have the dish

that sparked this whole debate to begin with,

a bowl of cereal with milk.

- Alright. - Ooh!

- Let's go! - Hell yeah, baby!

- (Troy) I can see how this sparked the debate.

This is what I was thinking of

the whole time when we were doing this.

- I love Fruity Pebbles!

- Wait, are you gonna change your mind because in the beginning...

- Yes I am! - You said cereal was soup,

and now, what are you gonna say?

Are you gonna change your mind, huh? - Just wait!

- It's [bleep] cereal. - Come on. (laughs)

It's cereal. - This is just grain and milk.

- (sighs) That's it. - But it is delicious and very pretty.

- Ah yeah, and addicting, which is why I'm not gonna taste it.

- This is the one that I knew

was gonna be the hardest one to answer,

because I genuinely do not know,

because by definition, it could be considered a soup.

But it, in itself, is not a soup.

- (FBE) Is cereal a soup?

- I'm gonna say no. - I think they said yes.

- (FBE) Both saying no that it's not a soup.

- I just, I'm gonna say no.

- (FBE) Well according to the SuperFam poll

at the time of filming,

10% of people consider cereal to be a soup,

so you're correct. (bell rings)

- Whoa, yes! - Let's go!


- They have, they have... - Oh!

- That the SuperFam are down to Earth people that get it.

(bell rings) - We are tied!

We are tied, we are tied! - Tied!

- Are you telling me 90% of the SuperFam

has never gone to a restaurant

and been like "nah, no salad, I'll just take a soup."

"Could you put Fruity Pebbles in there?"

- Yeah, what's your soup of the day?

Cocoa Puffs, Life.

- (FBE) You guys tied!

- We tied! - I know we tied, that's crazy.

- (FBE) Troy, you won it!

- Mmm. - Let's go.

- Pulled ahead, man. That's not fair, he's a chef!

- Yeah, I know, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

I kinda forgot this was a competition.

- You can't eat noodles. You have to have a fork.

- Chicken noodle soup.

- I stand by my answers 100%!

- There were a couple curve balls in there,

where I could have gone either way.

- It was soup-er hard to do this, but...

- (laughs) Jesus Christ. - But like, I just went

with what I felt was soup, it was soup to me,

and so I feel good about it either way.

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