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[MAMOO Game Room / 4th Game]


[Let's say hello~!] -Hello, it's MAMAMOO~ -Hello, it's MAMAMOO~

[(Excited) / Happy]


-Yes! -Yes!

We challenged for 5 mini games last time,

-did you see the video? -Of course!

[(Host)] It's a hot topic nowadays~

[Heard that MOOMOO were really happy]

[(Following her)] -Is this a hot topic? -Yes!

[(Anyways)] So, we're back with a new game.

[(Curious)] -What is it? -With what game?

Scream out!

[(What?) (What?)] What was that?

['Scream out' was said too quickly] It's 'Scream Out'

[(Didn't hear it)] Scream Out!

[(Reaction 1) / (Reaction 2)]

[Host] We...

[Screaming now]

Remember the drinking MAMAMOO video from Egotistic?

[(Having a peek)] MAMOOMarble game was really funny.

[New MAMOOMarble Game] We'll upgrade that game

Oh~ MAMOOMarble Game?

-There are pieces here as well -It will be done in 2 teams as well~

[MAMAMOOMarble / Throw dice to come back to the starting point!]

[You have to carry out the mission to move to that spot!]

[If you fail the mission, you go back to the former spot]

[(Curious)] What's in it for the 1st place?


[(Not fun to let you know now~)] -Just play first? -It's like this?

["How dare make us play without any prize?!'] -In a team... -Not for nothing!


[Let's divide teams first!!] -Like this~ -Okay~

2 Young Girls VS Yong Kong Byul Kong~


-Rock-paper-scissors~ -Rock-paper-scissors~

[Yong Kong Byul Kong starts first~!!] Let's go first~

Throw the dice~

-Let's throw! -Dice!

[6 spaces forward!] -6! -Mission is~

What is this?

[(Mission) / (Fail if you make a sound)] Hold harmonica in the mouth and get tickled.

[Can move 6 spaces if you hold back laughter / (Awed)] -For 15 seconds! -This looks hard.

[Hard for SOLAR..!/ (Interesting)] You get tickled a lot~

[Curious] Why do you have to hold harmonica?

-That way, -It will make sound~

-And lose if you make a sound! -SOLAR can't do this.

[Curious] Who's going to tickle?

[(Look forward to it) / "Us"] -We! -Us!

[Asking questions to avoid penalties] -You should hold harmonica then~ -You're right.

I don't think I can do this.

-I don't think so.. -Who'll be counting?

[(Provoking)] Will you drop out then?

[Not dropping out] No!

Okay. Hold your hands back!

[Playing harmonica] I can't do this!

-Let's start~ -Wait a minute. Hold this.

[HWASA tickling when she is careless] -Let's~ -I can't do this!

-You can't move backward -Let's just start first.

[MOONBYUL looks like an internal spy...] You are on my team!

-I think you should hold her nose -Didn't take it out yet.

[Setting up details] Start!

[Finished with quick and short play]


[Happy SOLAR / (Strong lingering laughter)] There go our 6 spaces~

I'll throw this!

[Yong Kong Byul Kong team stays and 2 Young Girl team moves 6 spaces forward] 6 spaces!

[Measure the size of mouths from each team]

[(Can move if successful) / (Possible)] Your mouth is big~!

[(Haha) / "Trying to win over me~??"] -Hey WHEEIN.. -Can't win over SOLAR~

[MAMAMOO's big mouth is happy] Can't win over SOLAR~

[Measuring WHEEIN first / (Haha)] -How do I measure this? -Wait a minute.

I'm getting stiff~

[(Wide open)] From here?

[Gathering up again] No, it's from here~

I should've drawn my lips in over-lip style today.

[Only the one who chose the mission can participate!] -I was trying to draw over-lip right now! -No, you can't do that.

-No -Only one can participate~

[I'm also curious...] -Can I just measure mine? -Try it, WHEEIN.

[Turning away from camera...] No, Let's start!

[WHEEIN is gone] No, it should start from here~

[WHEEIN is next to HWASA] Where my thumb is, try it again~

[And in front of SOLAR] WHEEIN's jaws will fall loose!

-It's okay now! -Not yet!

It's over here!

One more time.

[(Nervous) / About to reveal WHEEIN's uvula] Like this?

Let's start from here~

[(My jaws) / WHEEIN's measurement] 7.3cm!

-7.3! -SOLAR's turn~

[(Let's see)] -Wait! -We'll measure it.

-Okay -Start.

[Gathering up]

It's a bit awkward to see it from the front~

[Didn't know when measuring WHEEIN] -It's embarrassing, right? -Right~

[(Tips for measuring mouth)] -Place your tongue on the palate. -Like this~

[Experienced] Otherwise, you'll start drooling~

[Not experienced: Don't want to show uvula] It'll show the uvula as well~

[Talking about scary things] You do it your own way~

[Started measuring now!!]

-She's laughing again.. -Start!

MOONBYUL is serious now~

[MOONBYUL is tired of waiting]

[Getting ready to measure now...]

[Got scared of such a long mouth] I can't do this!

[WHEEIN was surprised] It's scary~!

[(Feeling unfair)] You told me to do it!

You told me to do so!

-It was scary.. -Ready! Sta~

-Sta~ -Wait!

-Sta~ -Wait!

[(Over 8cm) / "It's obviously SOLAR's win"] -We won -It's over 8!

[Defended Squirtle title] Wow!


-Your face was scary -1!

[(Mission)] Say 'Tang-Soo-Yook' 10 times

-You go first -Tang!

-Soo! -Yook!

-Tang! -Soo!

-Yook! -Tang!

-Soo! -Yook!

[Doing it easily]

[WHEEIN / 27 years old] -Almost done! -Wrong!

[HWASA / 27 years old] -They failed? -Right~

-Really -Did they?

[No they didn't...?!] They said Tang-Yook-Soo~

Why wasn't anyone counting?

[Feels like they failed even though they did it right] I was counting~

-8 times! -I was counting~

[I'm so sorry but I love you]

-4! -4!

[Ripped off the mission paper / HWASA...?] -I ripped it! -Hey, HWASA...

Not a big deal there~

[(Mission)] Give harmony

to opponent team's words until the next turn.

They can just go?

[Starting the mission] -Thank you~ -Will you move this MOONBYUL?

[(Low tone) / (High tone)] -Okay~ -Okay~

I'll start~

-1! -Just stop..

[Good to see them breaking rules again~] I give up!

-5 spaces! Mission! -One, two, three, four, five!

Here is the mission~

Is it two? Or one?

-I think it's two -One!

-One! -Oh, just one.

[(Oh my) / HWASA is serious about the missions] Have to do this~

[(Mission) Speak in musical tone until the next turn] Got this again...

Let's start!

[Starting right away] Why am I in such a hardship~

-Until when? -Until the next turn~

Is it me next?

-Me~ -Isn't it me?

-You! -Isn't it me?

Next turn~

[No set genre for MAMAMOO] -It's me~ -It's me~

-I have to do it in musical tone~ -Throw~

-6! -6!

Let's go!

We got 6~

-Look carefully -Look carefully~

I'll look carefully~!

[(New)] -What a mess here -Mess~

[2 Young Girl serious about their missions] -Mess -Let's open~

-Open~ -Open~

-What is it? -Don't be serious.

[(Mission)] -Mimic 'It's not a sin to fall in love!' -What is this?

-If the opponent can do better, you'll fail. -It's mimicking Lee Taeo~

-It's not a sin to fall in love -The World of the Married~

[MAMAMOO members know about this]

[It's not a sin to fall in love!]

[Scolding MOONBYUL starts] It's not a sin to fall in love!!!

[(Surprised)] -I was surprised~ -This is!

Follow this!

It's not a sin to fall in love!!!

[Who said that it was a sin...] You didn't mimick that actor~

Do it if you can win over me.

[(Curious)] -Aren't we supposed to mimic this? -Right.

[It's like an alarm] -Try to mimic that actor -It's not a sin to fall in love!!!!

-Do it! -Let's act~

[(Come to think of it)] Why aren't you two doing your missions?

You should keep doing this~

[(Musical) / (Harmony)] -Okay~ -Let's do our missions.


we have to say this, right?

-Act as Kim Heeae please~ -Did you watch the drama?

-I did~ -You did?

[Musical button ON] -Why aren't you saying in musical tone, WHEEIN? -I did!

Until the final episode~

[(Flapping)] Say 'What~

[Was there a such line??] What?!

Are you kidding me?!?!?!


Are you kidding me~

-What lines were there~? -5!

-You! -4~

[WHEEIN] -If you don't be honest now... -2!

I won't forgive you!!

[HWASA] It's not a sin to fall in love~!!

[Acting weird]

[MOONBYUL wins!!!] -I won! -What a mess~

-6! -Who's next?


-I can stop my mission now -No!

-Not WHEEIN -She can stop now because it'll be her turn next.

[I'll become sullen] 6!

-Ah.. -What is this?

-I'm not good at this.. -What is it?

What is it?

[(Mission) / (Defeat MOONBYUL to move!)] Get higher decibel than MOONBYUL!

This is hard.

[Is it my turn to show off?]

[(Participant 1) Won Cleopatra game] Ready! Start!

[What happened?]

[MOOBYUL] -108 dB~ -108 dB~

[(Participant 2) Doing abdominal breathing] Start!

-I think she'll win~ -What is it?

I think she'll win~

[Not revealing the result] -Why? -Did I win?

[HWASA] 107dB~

[MOONBYUL won by just 1dB!!]

[(Can't understand)] How can this happen?

You have a nice sound there~

[(Jumping) / Moving the carpet] -I thought you would be louder! -Me too~

[Keep throwing 6] -It's 6~ -Wait...

[First dice to be complimented] You're doing good there.

[Yong Kong Byul Kong team arrived at the desert island] What's that?

[(Confused)] Is it...?

[It reminded MOONBYUL of bad memory] I had to stay in the desert island...


[(Preview of the next game)]

Don't say a word~


Yes! Crazy one there!

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