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Yes, buddy?


Who's this?

Bok, this is Elmer.

Are you drunk?

Chill out.

I was only kidding.

You know what? You're just like my father.

You're both too serious.

Is there a problem, bok?

A problem?


There's no problem.

No, wait. My father...

My father's the problem.

Or maybe...

Maybe I am.

Bok, maybe I'm the problem.

I don't understand...

...why I had to live.


I thought we're not going to get serious.


Let's start drafting those bills.

- Congressman. - Oh. Hi, General.

Congressmen, this is General Mondejar.

He's a good friend.

General Mondejar?

Aren't you the Commanding General

of the 4th Infantry Division,

which is responsible for Saal Alhuraji's death?

I've got to hand it to our Party Chairman.

He may have lost the governorship,

but he is still well connected... the right people.


Keep this in mind, my friend:

A true politician knows the value of his friendship.

That's why I'm still your Party Chairman, remember?

Because I know how to take care of our party's members,

our allies,

and our enemies. Right?

And I never lose elections.

I was cheated, and you know that. Right?

I'm leaving soon.

But I won't go home yet.

I don't want to see Daddy yet.

Bok, can I crash at your place?

Hold on, bok.

Are you driving?

Don't do that. It's dangerous to drink and drive.

Why, bok?

Do you also not have faith in me?

Are you just like my father?!

Jethro, here's what you'll do, okay?

You'll pull over and tell me where you are.

Stay there, and I'll come get you.

I can do this, bok!



Je-- Jethro?!









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