Practice English Speaking&Listening with: #ReciclagemSemEscândalo : Procure pelo sorriso eureciclo

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You are concerned about the environment

You live with less,

you try to master the art of minimisation

You reuse, reduce, recycle

You use less water,

conserve electricity,

live with simplicity

You separate the trash...

sometimes coming up with new ideas

To do your shopping,

you make conscious choices

But you think all of this is not enough!

You bring your own bag,

try to minimize packaging

But you still think that

you are not doing enough

So you start taking care of other peoples garbage

** high-pitched voice shouting **

You cant save the planet single-handedly

but we are here to help you

The little smile is the Eureciclo label

that ensures that your favourite brands

embrace the cause of recycling with social responsibility

and is complying with the recycling law

Just keep an eye on the packaging

We take care of the rest!

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