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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Nuclear Medicine Technology - Wisconsin Technical Colleges

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[Myra:] There are times when an x-ray will not show a break or fracture

and nuclear medicine will show activity in that area 'cuz it shows

where the bone repair is going on.

[Tami:] The neat thing about nuclear medicine is

that we are looking at function, not just anatomy.

We can actually watch how your stomach is emptying;

we can watch how your kidney flow is going; we can watch blood flow to your heart.

[Myra:] We can see the heart muscle, how the blood is flowing in and out of the heart.

[Tami:] We inject a radio pharmaceutical into your blood stream and that is tagged

to a material that will go to whatever body part we want

to image whether it be your liver or your bones or your kidneys.

[Myra:] Nuclear medicine is getting more into the treatment,

into the therapy area and that's very exciting too.

[Tami:] Our cameras are just big Geiger Counters and we can see what we need to see.

It's pretty neat.

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