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Life is a movie starring you. So who are you, where did you come from, where are

you going, how will you get there? CrossPurpose is a great platform to develop

personally as well as launching your career. CrossPurpose is a career and

community development program for motivated people who want to grow

personally and succeed professionally. We focus on you as a person because we know

that's gonna help you succeed in the long run. The program is six months and

has three phases. In Personal Development

we dedicate six weeks because we believe that we're developing you personally so

that you can succeed professionally. In Skill Development you attend school or

do on-the-job training through an apprenticeship for the job that you want.

In Career Launch you'll work with our well-connected and highly skilled career

placement team. We're also a community development program because we believe

there is no significant change without significant relationships. You're not

doing this alone and you've got a whole network alongside you. "Something that

really stood up to me here at CrossPurpose is having a community and

the support that I needed to succeed. I've never been so supportive to hit my

goals and through CrossPurpose I have that support. "We're a program that will

actually pay you, to train you, and connect you with employment." Are you

ready to meet your potential?

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