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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The Canadian Occupational Performance Measure COPM - InfOT

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Welcome to InfOT!

Today we are going to explore the Canadian Occupational Performance Measure, also called

the COPM.

The COPM was created by Mary Law, Sue Baptiste, Mary Ann McColl, Anne Carswell, Helene Polatajko

& Nancy Pollock in 1991.

The purpose of the measurement is to enable the client to identify issues in their occupational


The COPM is a personalized, client-centred, evidence-based outcome measure, that was created

for occupational therapists to use in the beginning of their intervention.

The COPM is a semi-structured interview that uses a typical day as a reference to identify

issues in self-care, productivity and leisure.

The Occupational Therapist uses the semi-structured interview to find out which occupations the

client needs, wants and is expected to do.

Then, the client rates the importance of these occupations.

The client can choose up to 5 occupations.

These will be the interventions goals.

After this, the client also rate his/her own performance and satisfaction.

The final step of the COPM is the re-evaluation.

At a predetermined time, the Occupational Therapist re-administers the measurement asking

the client to re-rate his/her performance and satisfaction.

The COPM can be used with all individuals, with or without a disability.

It was created for adults but it can be used with children over the age of 9.

It uses a 10-point scale to measure importance, performance and satisfaction.

1 equals poor performance and low satisfaction whereas 10 equals very good performance and

high satisfaction.

The COPM has been translated in over 35 languages over the past years.

It has been used in more than 40 countries as well.


needs approximately 15-30 minutes to administer.

According to the official website, the manual costs 45$.

And here you can view the official website, where you can buy and review the instrument.

All information used in this video was found on the website.

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The Description of The Canadian Occupational Performance Measure COPM - InfOT