Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Pleasure - National Condom Day 2020

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hi everyone my name is Julia and I'm Jeff

and we're here from SHQ for National Condom Day. We're making some videos

to go through all the different themes for National Condom

Day which are pleasure, consent, condoms and getting tested so we're here today to

talk about pleasure. All right. Ok so first question. My partner

doesn't sound like they do it in porn am i doing something wrong? So not

necessarily, so everyone is individual and everyone makes different noises

during sex, does different things. Porn isn't necessarily a great reflection of

real-life sex and we have to remember that they are paid actors and is often

different things that go on to make porn look as though it does look the way that

it does, so what's important is you remember what feels good for you what

feels good for your partner and the best way to find that out is just to

communicate with your partner, but don't have to think what happens in the porn

is what should be happening in your sex life. Allright question number 2. How do I tell my partner about my

fantasies? So getting to share your fantasies and what you want to do can be a really

exciting part. Either being in the relationship or in sexual activity,

and there's lots of different ways to do that so it's different for

everyone. It might start by having a conversation about,

well what are you into? what do you like doing? Some people find it easier

to write it down. I think its better to say that there's no right or wrong way to go

about it, as long as you feel comfortable with yourself and you're making sure that the

other person feels comfortable with the conversation as well. Cool ok next

question, is wanking too much bad for you? not

necessarily. Masturbating is a really great way to

get to know your body, its a great way to feel pleasure by yourself, sometimes with

someone else as well. Possibly, if it starts interrupt your

schoolwork, or possibly work in general then maybe it might be a little bit of an issue,

but generally, most the time, masturbating or wanking too much is definitely not a

bad thing, and it's not bad for you either. It's actually really healthy. Awesome, and the lucky last question, where is

the clitoris? So the clitoris is the only organ in the body that's designed just for

pleasure. We've got one here to show you. So what you can see on the outside of

the body on the vulva, is just the tip of the clitoris which is just here.

The rest of the clitoris, which is this here, which is actually life-size and lays

inside the body. So for people with the clitoris some people might find that

it's really really sensitive and just needs to be touched lightly, other people will

find that maybe a little bit rougher is better. Every person is different and

they differ in size as well, but that in general it's what the clitoris looks

like. Thanks guys, bye!

The Description of Pleasure - National Condom Day 2020