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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Sunday Live English - Learn / Improve Your Listening - 22nd July 2018 - Road/Traffic words, idioms

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oh hello there here we are again these Sundays keep coming around so quickly

don't you think coming up today we'll be talking about lots of things including

meditation it would appear that more and more people are taking up meditation and

becoming more mindful what about you do you ever meditate we'll also be talking

about driving and words and expressions connected with the road with mr. Steve

of course who will be joining us today also I'll be testing mr. Steve on his

knowledge of road signs and you are more than welcome to join in today on the

live chat after all it's a Sunday afternoon here in the UK it's just after

2 o'clock and this is live English

do-do-do-do-do-do how are you it's super duper Sunday it's live English yes here

we go again hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in

England how are you today are you ok I hope so are you happy are you happy I

really hope so I'm feeling quite happy today because

the weather is lovely we aren't going outside by the way I should mention that

straightaway because we have lots of tiny flies lots of insects in the air at

the moment causing all sorts of chaos so sadly we won't be outside live but we

will have a little look out the window in a few moments so that's one thing to

mention also I'm very happy because it looks as if my hay fever has completely

disappeared I went out for a lovely walk yesterday

and I didn't sneeze once not once so it would appear that the hay fever season

for me has finally disappeared I'm pretty thankful for that to be honest

I'm so happy now I can walk outside and I don't have to worry about sneezing I

don't have to worry about the pollen in the air everything is lovely the only

thing I have to worry about now are all the tiny insects lots and lots of

insects they are very very annoying they get everywhere in your eyes in your ears

all over the place in fact in some places that I ident

so let's have a look out the window oh just to prove how lovely things are

today and there it is a live view so that is the view at this very moment out

of my window a lot of people ask mr. Duncan is that really a live view yes it

is and I will prove it I will now put my hand in front of the camera so just a

moment why I go over to the camera just to prove

that it is live so now you know it is a live view that you have on your screen

let's have another angle shall we because it's such a lovely day it seems

a shame to waste the view so they're looking across into the distance you can

see the birds flying around the birds are going crazy at the moment I think

the birds you can see at the moment are Housemartins

can you see all the Housemartins flying around and what they are doing is

feeding they are flying around and they are picking the insects out of the air

as they fly so those those birds you can see flying around at the top of the

screen they've gone now but they'll be back in a second they are actually

Housemartins and there are lots of them at the moment there they go again so I

hope you're enjoying that live view as well lots of things coming up today oh

my goodness I don't know where to start we have lots of stuff coming up and

don't forget we are only on for one and a half hours yes we have shortened the

live English to one and a half hours in around about 20 minutes mr. Steve will

be here yes mr. Steve is back of course he

wasn't here on on Wednesday last Wednesday he was away and I had a really

good time but I have a strange feeling mr. Steve might have a few things to say

about my behavior on Wednesday night that's what I think anyway also coming

up we are talking about something that has become very trendy very fashionable

at the moment do you know what it is it is meditation a lot of people seem

to be taking up meditation as a way of coping with life in the 21st century a

lot of people say that life now is too hectic there is so much going on we have

to have some sort of escape from our daily routine so it would appear more

and more people are getting in touch with their their mind they are becoming

mindful it's a great word and I'm sure it's one that you've heard a lot over

recent times so mindfulness talking of mindfulness here is something to help

your mind float free so this is the view of the other night looking across one of

the fields near to where I live and you can see in the distance the Sun has

already set and if I'm not mistaken I think that particular field has barley

so I think that is actually barley growing in that field and there you can

see looking into the distance lots and lots of crops waiting to be reaped and

some of the farmers have actually started collecting and gathering their

crops already so it would appear that many of the farmers are actually doing

their their reaping they are bringing in their crop early and the reason for that

is all of the hot weather that we are experiencing at the moment yes I think

that's barley I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong but if I'm not

mistaken I believe that is barley in the field I have a feeling someone is going

to correct me about that and talking of farmers yes the farmers at the moment

are bringing in their crops and here is a scene that I filmed this week you can

see there is something called a combine harvester

combine harvester it's a great piece of equipment that not only takes the seeds

takes the grain but it also leaves all of the stuff that isn't needed behind so

a combine harvester is an amazing piece of kit it's an amazing machine so there

it is in the distance let's have another look another view getting a little bit

closer now oh yes so you can see the combine harvester is collecting all of

the grain and out of the back it is actually dropping all of the chief or

chaff in the back so all of the things that aren't needed are expelled from the

back of the combine harvester and there you can see the combine harvester moving

along gathering the crop and as I mentioned earlier the reason why they

are doing it early is because of the weather oh my goodness and guess what

this week guess what there have been threats of hose pipe bands can you

believe that so there is actually talk at the moment of banning hose pipes so

it looks as if we might be on the verge of a water shortage here in the UK so

certain parts of the UK the water levels of dropping dramatically because of all

is the hot weather although having said that we did have a little bit of rain

yes it's true we had a little bit of rain so the rain has come and gone and

now we are back to the hot weather again and apparently next week it's going to

get even hotter can you believe it it's going to get even hotter next week with

temperatures apparently going as high as 33 degrees now I've

traveled to many countries I've traveled to countries like Malaysia where it gets

very hot there and the average temperature in Malaysia is about 33

degrees so next week it's going to be as hot here

in England as it is in the tropics of Malaysia I can't believe it but it's

true oh I see the live chat is very very busy

at the moment let's have a look at the live chat shall

we or else I will get told off people will be saying mr. Duncan can we have

the live chat please on the screen ok then and there it is the live chat is up

and running and let's have a look who was first

I don't know I have no idea who was first today but we are all about to find

out Shirin congratulations Sheeran you were

first on the live chat obeid obeyed or obeyed revision was second Blue Thunder

you were third and Alam Alamgir Husein was fourth also hello to Layla also to

aguilar and also to Patricia hello Patricia a big bonjour to you watching

in france blue thunder says hi to everyone including Alamgir that's very

nice I like it when people in the live chat say hello to each other isn't that

nice sujin hello sue Jean nice to see you as

well Xing zenyk is here hello to you also

hello from Egypt Sofia watching right now in Egypt hello

to you Jamelia Jamelia is here mikka owed says hello from a very hot

Japan yes I I have seen on the news now after all of that rain after all the

rain that they had in Japan now they are having a heatwave so it would appear

that it's also very hot in Japan so not only here in England but also in other

countries as well so normally in the summer we get we get high temperatures

that's true but very rarely does it get as high as

33 degrees here in the UK but next week it's going to get very hot tsukete is

here hello big hello to Argentina also Irene I think I've said hello to you as

well Chris Murrells hello Chris nice to see you welcome back Kevin Cheung is

here hello and a big hello to China wow I must be honest I don't get many people

watching on the livestream in China so maybe you are one of just a few who can

watch because of course as I often mention YouTube is blocked in China so

sadly I cannot be viewed but there are some people who can get around the Great

Firewall of China and they can watch me so thank you Kevin

Chung for joining me today lovely also Louis Louis Mendez is here hello Louie

nice to see you again or Louis I still haven't got the hang of your name hyung

Tran is here as well hello to you ts hello T s nice to see you again

also avatar and Helena Wow so many people today joining me also we have sue

Jean hello sue jian watching in south korea

I am very high to hear that your hay fever has

disappeared yes I'm glad as well because it means I can

go outside now without sneezing it's very embarrassing there's nothing more

embarrassing than going into a cafe or a restaurant and then you start sneezing

as soon as you sit down and everyone is looking at you they don't like it you

see you're not really you're not really supposed to sneeze in a cafe or a

restaurant you're not supposed to sneeze in there you see yes my hay fever is

gone annamaria nice to see you as well

princes queen is here hello princes Queen where is it do you

mean where am I now I am now broadcasting live to you from England I

am now broadcasting live from England and just in case you are wondering when

I am on you can catch me every Sunday 2 p.m. UK time and every Wednesday yes I

am on twice a week Wednesday at 10:00 p.m. UK time so there there is no excuse

for not knowing Alamgir says it is evening here now that place is much

Wenlock in England yes that is where I live a lovely little town very sleepy

very quiet a very serene place to live sue Kat says I saw a photo of the

Housemartins and yes it looks like a swallow

yes that's true swallows Swift's and also Housemartins they all look very


silvano is here hello silvana hello to you as well

nice to see you Chris says I hope your day was great and lovely I've just had a

fantastic dinner beef and vegetables with delicious sauce

oh can I just say that I haven't eaten anything yet I've eaten nothing today I

haven't eaten a thing so I'm if I'm feeling a little bit

hungry at the moment of gun of gun music says hello to all the people who are

watching this fabulous teacher all over the world yes I am now broadcasting

around the world live on YouTube so if it is your first time here please let me

know Pedro says mr. Duncan do you know which country is the hottest country of

the world well I normally think of maybe India

India or maybe parts of the Middle East I know they can get very hot sometimes

40 or maybe 50 degrees 50 Celsius that's very hot so yes and also welcome Pedro

welcome again Hasaan is here watching in Kenya oh hello there can I send a

special hello to Kenya welcome to the live chat 25 past 2 on a Sunday

afternoon I hope your Sunday is going very well because mine is it's not going

too badly at all I always watch your videos says allene

alene Oliveira thank you very much for that I'm glad to hear it yes there are

lots and lots of video lessons on my youtube channel and you can watch them

anytime you want they are all free and my playlist is underneath this video so

let's have another look at something oh yes the back of the house the cows and

the Bulls all of the cattle are still there can you see them there they are

the lovely cattle at the back of the house aren't they

lovely and unfortunately at the moment in this weather I think they are getting

very hot but thank goodness they have plenty of water in their field to drink

although that might change soon because we are about to have a water shortage

here in the UK certain parts of this country are running short of water so it

would appear that over the next few weeks we might have some water shortages

here in England on the live chat has now says hello hello to you we have been hot

with the weather these days The Hobbit hottest temperature in Japan today was

39 39 Celsius that is very very hot Thank You Mika for telling me that

well at least next week it won't be that hot here but it still will be quite hot

33 degrees next week here in England hello to my English professor from the

university of san agustin thank you very much thank you too Chris yes why the

Bulls don't have horns well actually they do have horns but the

cattle you are looking at or the cattle you were looking at is young so all of

the cattle you can see here they are all very young but I can assure you they do

have horns if you look very closely you can see the horns but at the moment they

are not very big because these are just young cattle they are not very old so

that's the reason why I am hungry and I have to eat something

Alamgir yes well if you feel hungry you must have something to eat I

I feel hungry at the moment I wonder if mr. Steve will bring me something nice

to eat I don't know I I'm hoping it is you never know today we're talking about

mindfulness mr. Steve is a big fan of mindfulness and meditation and it does

appear to be something that his becoming it is becoming very popular at the

moment so do you ever meditate do you ever become mindful of your

consciousness and of course your subconsciousness yes so do you ever do

that all that coming later on also mr. Steve will be talking about words

connected with driving and being on the road and the road in general and I will

be testing mr. Steve on his knowledge of road signs as well so all that coming up

later on I love cows says blue thunder do you really well that's nice I like

that very much what's the difference between Bullock's and cows well Carol's

give milk they are the female of the bovine

species bulls and Bullock's are male or male bovine animals so the Bulls are

adults and the Bullock's have had their let's just say they've had certain

things removed from their body certain things have been cut off maybe mr. Steve

will explain that later maybe why haven't you eaten yet it's not healthy

not to eat anything until now go and grab something to eat Thank You Simona

for that yes I will get something to eat in a moment

because we are about to have a look at something we are about to take a look at

something I did way back in 2013 and this is to get us in the mood for

talking about driving and being in a car do you remember my dunk Toby lessons

well we are now going to take a look at one of my mr. Duncan dunk

Toby lessons that I made way back in 2013 and in this lesson we are going to

be driving around in the car 31 days of dunk Toba day 13 hi everybody and good

morning welcome to day 13 of 31 days of October today I am doing something a

little different because I'm going out on the road

we are driving through the middle of Much Wenlock this is the main road going

in too much wind block but we're not going to Much Wenlock today you know

we're going somewhere a little further come on granddad put your foot down

now here's something I've never done before I'm making a lesson in the car

while the car is moving today I'm going to banbury and the reason why I'm going

there is because I'm going to see mr. Steve's mum because she was in hospital

earlier in the year and I'm going today to try and cheer her up and perhaps also

she'll be cheering me up as well because she's lovely a lot of people ask me mr.

Duncan why don't you have a car why don't you drive and well there isn't a

simple answer it's just probably because I've never really been interested in

cars to be honest never I used to play with cars when I was a kid but I never

really grew fond of cars I never really got into them in a big way my passion as

a teenager was motorbikes I loved motorbikes a lot and I used to

ride a motorbike as well a couple of my friends rode motorbikes one sadly died

and the other was seriously injured on his butt I continued to ride mine until

one day when I had almost an accident not quite an accident

but it scared me enough to get rid of my motorbike

after that one terrible incident I never rode a motorbike again and I solve it so

these days I like to sit in the car as a passenger it's much more comfortable and

of course mr. Steve is a very good driver

there he is behind the wheel it's mr. Steve I don't look at the camera mr.

Steve because I don't really want the car to crash into a tree thank you very

much there is mr. Steve he's a fantastic car driver he's probably the best driver

I know do you know sometimes when you're in a car and you're with someone and

their driving is so terrible that the two buttocks clenched together you're

actually holding onto the seat with your fingers because you're so afraid that

the car might crash at any moment Oh mr. Steve is not that type of driver he's a

very good driver

oh we are becoming very creative with these angles aren't we there is a phrase

in English to lose your nerve if you lose your nerve then you become

terrified you suddenly lose your confidence you lose your nerve you can

also lose your bottle it's a great phrase that so if you suddenly get

scared or you suddenly panic you can say I'm sorry

I've lost my bottle I've lost my nerve

don't worry I haven't lost my nerve today I'm still feeling very confident

and I hope you are too

do you open a car would you like to own a car do you know how to drive a car

would you like to one day drive a car some people don't like driving they hate

it they hate to sitting in the traffic jams

they hate waiting in the cubes driving a car can be a very stressful thing to do

just in case you thought I had forgotten about them

here are today's special hellos a big hello to Kurt go Shane hello Nathan

Xavier hunt Eamonn rajashekar Khalid Jemma Adelson penny

don't forget tomorrow I will begin saying hello to places where are you

know please let me know

okay we're just coming into Bamburgh now or day is about to begin and this is

where I leave you this is mr. Duncan in England on day 13

of 31 days of donkey Toba saying enjoy the rest of your day and I will see you

tomorrow bright and early for day 14 this is mr. Duncan in the car in England

saying thank you for watching and of course guitar for now

dip dip dip dip dip Badou it's a Sunday afternoon it's a beautiful day here it's

so hot and it's going to get hotter next week so I thought I would put my

supercool sunglasses on and guess what mr. Steve has decided to do the same

thing typical what do you mean mr. Duncan they were my glasses and I gave

you a pair oh I see okay because I was out with friends this week hello

everybody I was out with friends this week and we went to a pub and if you

bought a j2o you got a free pair of sunglasses are we being sponsored by j2

own well not yet maybe in the future who knows it seems highly unlikely now

because we've just done it for free and they were given free pairs of glasses so

my friend bought a j2o a non-alcoholic drink and I mr. Duncan

why haven't you taken that this off Tov oh you look silly mr. Duncan whereas I

look this fashionable this is not a label this is a nose protector this

keeps the Sun off your nose don't you know these things sometimes I worry

about mr. Steve he doesn't seem to know anything this is this is to protect your

nose you you put it up when you don't want it you put it up there and then you

put it there when you want to protect your nose actually some people leave the

labels on their fashionable clothes if they've got a piece of fashion wear that

they're very proud of and they want to show off they sometimes leave the tags

on do they not mr. Duncan I've seen that no do they do because they want

everybody to know they want this tag to flap around people go what's that oh

it's a facade she or it's a it's some of the high-fashion they want be able to

envy them and look at them and say oh look at it look at that person that

high-fashion clothing I'm jealous of them that's what they want you so

whereas these I don't think are any particular make then they are not it

says something about find your mode it says on here find your mojo welcome

to mr. Steve reads everything out that he sees in front of him yeah well that's

a useful because what does find your mojo means that if I was to say to you

mr. Duncan why don't you find your mojo first of all what does mojo mean well

it's your your sort of energy or spark isn't it safe you safe where's your mojo

it's it's the something that separates you from other people it's something

special that you've got a spark something special I always thought it

was your Lois thought I always thought it was your sexual energy not

necessarily no it doesn't have to be that because for example at work if you

were doing work very well and then for a number of years you stopped doing well

at something say you were in sales and you didn't do very had a few years where

you didn't do very well and then suddenly you got all your enthusiasm

back for the job and you went out and you did very well people would say to

you all Stephen you've got your mojo back in fact they did say that to me

once you've got your mojo back and you go to the top of the charts and you do

the wrapping it can mean sort of sexual excitement well I wrote it's more I

think it can be used in all sorts of ways mojo you just get your you get your

energy back because I remember in Austin Powers Austin Powers - Austin Powers had

his mojo taken away they took it away it can't mean that

and it wasn't sexually attractive anymore he was going hey baby

hey I can't mean that yes shagadelic you right you lose your sexual allure for

some reason maybe it's just an expression is you you're feeling down or

you're not enthusiastic about life anymore

suddenly you get that enthusiasm back and you've got your mojo back and you

can do anything so there we go mr. Duncan I you going to take this he's

gonna leave them on isn't it I know what mr. Duncan's like he's going to leave

them on the entire time so I'm gonna put mine back on as well well it's a hot

sunny days look I'm Kevin what green with green look look outside

today it's amazing there is the view outside that's a live view the Sun is

out that the clouds are clearing it is an absolute scorching day and the

weather is going to get even hotter next week it is going to be as hot as

Malaysia it's pretty much the same view you've been showing for the last two

months that would I would venture to suggest mr. Duncan that whenever you

show the view because we've had such good weather it hasn't been that much

different anyway anyway mr. Duncan I've got a bone to pick with you look look

there we go well that's a different view what do you want to see I mean it's just

showing good weather do you want to see a big pile of dog poop or something you

know there's plenty of that in there just saying to you that there's plenty

it's very similar is plenty that there's plenty of dog poop to film you know I

could film some of that if you want to see something different but you know I

just wanted to show the nice views that were around today and if I talked long

enough mr. Steve might forget that he hasn't got a bone to pick with you

mr. Duncan a bone to pick which means I've got something I want to have

something I'm annoyed about that you've done that I want to mention to you and

get off my chest because I was away on Wednesday anyone watching on Wednesday I

happen to see because a friend of mine watches your videos and showed me what

you were doing while I was out on Wednesday night I don't know what you

mean inside my car mocking me you are wasting

water in the garden with the hose and what's this what mr. Duncan is this

actually it's quite it's quite realistic isn't it hmm

it's life-sized what is this and you were kicking it around the garden it's a

life-sized mr. Steve's head do you like that that's that's better than the real

thing okay you just stay there now I'll

animate it hello my name is mr. Steve and I like meditate

I like eating vegetables and sometimes I like to chase things around in a field

because I'm a bit weird like that so mr. Duncan oh yes you do and your

really good job there Steve because it's opposite I can't do it it's like a

mirror image yes I go the real thing this afternoon we might sell those by

the way if you want to mr. Steve masks because I've got another one over here

wait there what are you doing mr. Duncan I've got some if anyone wants a mr.

Steve mask that they could they want to wear

look it's life-size it's actually the same size as mr. Steve's face look in

fact that looks better in fact for the rest of the livestream I will just hold

that there in front of mr. Steve there we go let's see how long it takes before

your arms start to ache I think I've distracted him enough yes shopping the

heads off my flowers well which flower Oh which flower are you talking about

I'm talking about the flower that you well know have been growing and

nurturing and feeding yes or many many weeks now because it was given to me by

for one what is the name of that flower it's I want to say begonia but it isn't

I keep giving it the wrong name so the flower that you're so so in love with

you can't even remember the name of it it's a daisy you were near its Dahlia

daily AHA just testing well done mr. Duncan well done you weren't testing me

but look look what's happened to your day Leah it's gone all floppy and limp I

think it's it's had its time it looks like I think you've killed it no I

haven't I've been watering it but I think it was so energetic to begin with

it is now run out of energy and I think that's it I think that flower or plant

is now spent I will let it die back and then replant it again next year it looks

as if that plant has lost its mojo it definitely has lost its mojo yes in

fact that's how I feel today when I woke up this morning I felt all

floppy and droopy thank you Steve that's lovely mr. Steve just coughed in my ear

I also saw a lovely video that was it TS yes put together this wonderful video

with the help of many of your loyal YouTube Watchers and what do you do mr.

Duncan et it's so rude isn't it don't you think it's very rude of him to eat

while I'm trying to convey I'm talking I'm hurting I thought was I'm hung

magnificent video that TS had put together I'm hungry and it was in

celebration of your two years on YouTube which I thought was wonderful it must

have taken many hours to put that together and to coordinate all the

different people I think Belarus she was involved who else was involved Arthur

was it Arthur there were quite a few people involved in putting this video

together leaker zoo cat Albert Belarusian anybody else

Albert Albert and lots of people were involved and I think it was a wonderful

thing for them to do to celebrate your two years on why doing live streams on

YouTube I feel like him in the Pet Shop Boys the Pet Shop Boys often look like

this they had dark sunglasses and they looked very serious I knew I shouldn't

have brought these how Pedro also put a video on which I saw which is very good

showing how how well his English has become over the last a few years we had

a lot of lovely comments actually on Wednesday because Pedro sent me a

message and he asked is my English good enough and I thought it was amazing and

so did many of the people on the live chat talking of live chat mister don't

talk you've got a light only the live chat yet mr. Steve always gets very

excited about the live chat so here it comes the live the live chat is here so

let's have a little recap apparently some people are interested in buying mr.

Steve's face okay well it's very expensive of course

needless to say mr. steve is a desperate driver Am I

Mika says I love driving a car I used to ride a motorbike

well Mika you are not the only one who used to ride a motorbike I also used to

ride a motorcycle as well SEC East I'll point out that I own a Mercedes that it

is correct but it's quite old it's quite an old car now it's 8 years old and can

you believe this I have it's been a very reliable car I've got to say it's been

very good value for money because in eight years I could have had two or

three other cars in that space of time but I haven't and it's now racked up as

we say racked up a hundred and seventy six thousand miles on the clock that's a

lot of miles or to put it another way I would say somewhere around two hundred

thousand kilometers so in your car you have done two hundred thousand

kilometres yes more than that in fact in eight years it's so that shows you if

you buy something of quality it will last a long time and I think there's

many years left in it yet very nice I'm going to keep driving it for the time

being mr. Duncan until I find something else that takes my fancy touch Jana is

here hello Tatyana nice to see you here today I haven't seen you on the live

chat for a long time watching in Ukraine well thank you very much for joining me

from Odessa Odessa there was a film of the Odessa file yeah what was it about

it was some kind of spy failed spy film who was in it Michael Caine hello my

name is Michael Caine not a lot of people know that wasn't not a lot of

people know that it yes it was a film probably made in the 1960s I would say

Leo desafíos of files it was a kind of spy Cold War sort of Americans or

British against the Russian type film it doesn't sound as if you know it doesn't

it doesn't sound as if you know the plot of that film well it's a spy film you're

being very nasty to me again today mr. Dale I'm not you are I'm not

being nasty Sergio has spotted your driving mr.

Steve is a desperate driver what does that mean I'm not a desperate driver Oh

God c'mon is a drinking vodka and dry your hand on his bicycle at the same

time he's a very happy man I'm not surprised you shouldn't drink in cycle

it's bad for you love was out last night so I had to be careful not to drink and

drive I was out again mr. Duncan yes as socializing we don't care about your

socializing Alex in that case I'll go every night Alex says in my country many

people become very aggressive when they are driving yes just like mr. Steve it's

not anymore mr. Steve gets very aggressive he's sometimes shouts and

screams hello Mika he sounds his horn be be cheering Sergio hello everybody

that's saying hello in case I miss somebody apparently in Japan at the

moment it's boiling hot I saw that I saw that and there we go

because sooo cats come up now that's a reminded me yet again but I have yet to

watch delicious that's it I've still got to an interest and you know if I'm going

to talk about petrol later on huh and words connected with with cars and

driving yes something else we mentioned briefly earlier was meditation has

become very popular I don't know if you've noticed Steve but there are lots

and lots of websites now lots and lots of people promoting meditation and

something called mindfulness mindfulness which is something that has been around

for a few years but actually not many people are aware of but these days more

and more people are becoming very aware of the way they think and the way they

react to things so so mindfulness where we when we talk about mindfulness what

do we mean it means being aware really if you're mindful of something you're

aware of it so you're in the moment and

mindfulness is a kind of relaxation technique involved to try and help

people overcome anxiety or stress yes and it's designed to quieten down the

mind from all that or the or the chatter that goes on constantly in our heads

I see at the moment you see we're very mindful at the moment what we're doing

is mindful because we are concentrating 100% on what we're doing because we have

to otherwise we look foolish and as a result of that I'm everything else

that's in your head I'm not concentrating on anything but when

you're the average human but I've forgotten how many thoughts we have a

day thousands of three wake up in the day and you find yourself cleaning your

teeth or doing something like preparing a meal and you've constantly your mind

is turning over with events and you're having conversations with people

sometimes past conversations or made-up situations your mind is constantly

active so right now as I'm doing this I'm aware that I'm not thinking of

anything else apart from just doing this live stream with you so this is probably

an example of mindfulness and what the techniques that they use there are many

books on this are basically to try and focus on parts of your body so you start

by focusing on your feet and you concentrate and work your way up and all

sorts of things like that your feet well you start I think you can start with

your feet and you work up to your arms and you have to focus very carefully on

all the feelings everything that's taking place in that particular part of

your body so you focus so it's focusing your mind on something just in the same

way that meditation gets you to focus on a candle flame or

on your breath or on your breathing it as a way of because if you focus on that

one thing for say 10 or 15 minutes you it quietens down your mind from all the

useless chatter that's going on and it's a useful technique to try and help with

stress anxiety and just to just to calm down so

would it be fair to say that much of the chatter is negative not necessarily but

when it is negative that's when it can lead to psychological problems so if you

are worried about something worried about your appearance for example which

which many people are you might worry about something about you that you don't

like and then you then you might think well what are people thinking about it

and you fantasize about that about what people might be thinking then you feel

bad about the more you focus on some anything that the more it grows in your

mind so if you focus on a negative thing that negative thing will get bigger and

bigger and take on proportions which are so out of proportion to to what they

really are so for example you might have a little spot on your face mm-hmm for

example and you might one day look at that in the mirror they want it like

that that looks a bit ugly and then all you and then you focus on you keep

thinking about that for days weeks months you go to sleep thinking about it

and every time you look in the mirror you see it and and it takes on

proportions so that then makes you feel bad about yourself and those that those

sort of negative thoughts over a long period of time can can cause stress and

anxiety and the way that one of the ways one of the ways to alleviate that is to

try meditation or mindfulness mm-hmm it's very interesting how it's become a

very big thing there are lots of companies now even on YouTube you will

see lots of videos now being featured on YouTube and they all relate to the same

subject which is meditation relaxation techniques it's all of these things it's

become a very very I think it's safe to say it's become very big business so

relaxing yourself has become very big business there are lots of people

holding classes yoga meditation all sorts of things and also lots of books

lots of literature available as well about how to meditate and relax but the

reason is because life has become so hectic I think life now is quite hectic

don't you yes and of course so media is often blamed for a lot of

stress amongst young people because I know when you and I grew up anybody of

our age have mobile phones you'd have social media so you went home and then

you were with your family who loved you and cared for you and there was no

negative influences but now you go home children go home and they're on the

internet that on social media and there's people comparing who that looks

like to somebody else and you you seeing all these beautiful people and you're

comparing them with yourself and it can cause stress that's bullying online

isn't it I mean when we were at school if you were bullied at school at least

it only happened at school hmm you went home and then you were with

your family for I don't know you could get quite a lot of bullying in your

family maybe yeah maybe get it when you get home with your parents make do they

start bullying you as well well oh yeah but I'm what I'm saying is

that now if you if you say you let's say you've got a nice family which I think

most families are probably supportive of their children but you go you get say

you get bullied at school but then you go home you've got 12 hours and you're

not being bullied at school whereas now you can go home and be on social medium

be bullied 24/7 so things and the past was so much better we had we had less

bullying we were done in fact we would only get beaten up for for short periods

of time of the day where is nowadays we get beaten and got to treat this

subjects here we get beaten up all of time on the internet but at least on the

Internet you don't get a black eye yeah so there's no let-up now there's no

chance to relax there's many ways to relax people go to the gym people go

from running exercises a very good stress reliever because it's sin as you

if you do vigorous exercise it puts endorphins into your system and

feel-good chemicals into your brain and makes you feel good and there's many

ways you can meditate you can join classes where there's the socializing is

a very good way to to relieve stress there's many ways there's no one method

that works for everyone you've got to find what works for you as many

different ways many different ways of relaxing and

arming yourself down I mean some people just like to go for a walk or some

people some people listen to music or maybe watch TV for a while and that

relaxes them so so it's different things work in different ways for different

people sometimes you although there's some people of course tend to alcohol or

drugs to relieve their stress but quite quite often those things create even

more trouble in problems well down the road

yes I know I'm not I'm not condoning mr. Steve and mr. Duncan are not promoting

drugs or alcohol can we just make sure that we're clear on that because YouTube

you should be so sensitive at the moment they get very sensitive about everything

so shall we just say that drugs and alcohol are bad okay although if he saw

me last night you would wonder whether I was getting up to mr. Duncan I was with

a group of friends oh I haven't seen for a long time and let's just say they're

lively and well if I hadn't come home last night I may I could have been

really worse for wear today I could have been easily influenced into what what

are you suggesting are you suggesting that drugs and alcohol were being

exchanged certainly alcohol was but there you go but I didn't get involved

because I was driving very I had to come home so because I knew I had this live

stream that I had to perform with mr. Duncan tomorrow and I need you to be at

peak mental and physical condition because she is strain and energy

necessary to do these live streams with mr. Duncan

anyway that's fine but I love it really it's three o'clock everyone and this is

live English mr. Steve and me mr. Duncan live on YouTube I hope you are having a

good day it into into what interestingly I exercise that they say relieve stress

it does but I think you have to choose the right type of exercise I find if I

just go for a walk my mind is still very active I don't find walking relieves

stress because walking I think is so easy to do your body does it

automatically and so you're still thinking about all

the stressful events whereas if you do something like for example if I go

swimming because I find swimming very difficult it takes a lot of my mental

powers to make sure I'm not drowning in the pool and there's a lot more going on

and I find that totally switches my brain off swimming okay where it's

walking doesn't because I think it's just you need more mental energy to just

to do swimming so so if you go swimming with things on your mind

you're likely to drown no it's just that when I find if I'm swimming because I

find it if you do if it's something's hard to do oh okay like this is quite

hard to do so you have to concentrate 100% so I'm not thinking about any

problems I've got at the moment now that I've got many well there's one but you

know being here live means I do I can't think about that because if I was think

about that I wouldn't be in the moment and people would wonder what I was doing

so work there so there you go sujin likes to relax

sujin likes to relax with sewing that's it everybody needs to find a way to

relax you can have a hobby that relaxes you Patricia says yes yes drink some

beers one beer a day we're nothing wrong with that lots of people have a little

toddler little toddlers it's not totally a total a touch of alcohol before they

go to bed for example I'm going to have a total of beer Mina says are drugs

allowed in England no than out there all in Eagle well

well some some are illegal but then they're not illegal if that makes sense

well alcohol is legal but there's a for example marijuana so that there is it

weed there is a very active debate at the moment here in the UK for what they

call medicinal marijuana now I don't know how what's the difference between

medicinal marijuana in just marijuana surely it's just the same thing it's

like it's like saying medicinal it's like saying medicinal alcohol so you get

a bottle of whiskey and say oh it's okay I'm not

feeling very well I'm going to have this medicine and it's whiskey

no with no that's different because with what they've discovered with marijuana

is that there are many many chemicals or drugs in that particular plant and there

are the psychoactive ones that make you or they give you the the euphoric

feeling but if you but there are lots of other chemicals in there which can have

a better been shown to have a beneficial medicinal effect and so medical

marijuana has had the the psychoactive bits taken out but it's so you don't get

a high from it but the the medicinal factors or chemicals are still retained

within it yeah so yes so if you go to the if you're I don't know whether you

can cab I don't know whether you can get marijuana prescribe medicinal you cannot

in at the moment it it isn't allowed but they are planning on introducing some

measures that will allow marijuana to be prescribed for certain illnesses or

ailments I believe things like I think dementia I want to say dementia and

other things that it is supposed to allow the body to be more active does

something with the nerves or chemicals in the brain but anyway well as Lucy's

having a party yes I'm sure because it's it was Belarus

ears birthday last Wednesday we did we get an invite he'll know we're too far

away but we could have got an invite anyway

well I think I think I think we always we always get an invite and so if we

Belarus is in Argentina I think is that right was it sound Erica so anyway we

have we got time to fly over how long does it take about eight hours probably

twelve to Argentina min Sullenberger it is yes but I was trying to be more

precise as to the exact location yeah we I was at a party last night yes I could

do two parties in a row but I'm quite happy to go we are talking about

something very interesting today because as we saw earlier sorry I'm eating a

biscuit because I'm very hungry he's very

rude isn't he hunting while he's alive I've eaten some biscuits I was so hungry

but all I was doing was taking the advice from from from you out there you

said mr. Duncan you must get 72 eat so that's what I'm doing I'm eating

something now somebody said earlier that that I'm a lot - fitter than mr. Duncan

and don't you remember how what you discovered seeing yourself on camera

from a side profile I was I was surprised profile I was last

week I was yes yes we've got it I was I was surprised to see that I am a

little bit fat I seem to have put a bit of weight on and I don't know if mr.

Steve is trying to drop a hint but last week he brought he bought this he bought

this jar of mayonnaise and I don't know if you can see but the shape the shape

of the jaw looks very similar to my stomach

in a moment so if you eat too much mayonnaise I think this is what you end

up looking like this is the shape that you eventually become so they've

mayonnaise is a highly calorific dressing full of fat and they've shaped

the jar interestingly enough even the jar looks like a fat person looks like a

fat person so they're almost saying if you eat too much of this this is what

you and you could put arms on that couldn't you a couple of arms some bags

in a head yes no mister mister Steve's head can go on there there we go this is

what mr. Steve would look like if he eats too much that's out of proportion

so I actually look slim are we advertising Heinz mayonnaise by the way

well we are now are we being sponsored by Heinz Heinz

probably pronounce it as you were in Germany Hanks hmm but there is something

there is something so amazing about mayonnaise I don't know why does like

mayonnaise I do like mayonnaise I could just I

could just put my finger in there now and eat the mayonnaise Rose has made a

good point there that Belarus has been celebrating for at least the last seven

days how I see it's been one long party at Belarus ears hell I like I like the

idea with that that's great so you celebrate your birthday for a whole week

I like it but I think it was a special birthday wasn't it it's a bit like a

Chinese funeral they the big four Chinese funerals go on for many many

days yes you comparing ballerinas fortieth birthday celebration to her

with a funeral in China 50th 50th oh it's Belarus oh you don't look 50 you

don't look anywhere near that you see that's why I said 40 Belarus you will

think I'm wonderful now unless somebody does strolling listening to music going

out for a dance going disco dancing not that we say that anymore did we do we

say disco dancing what do we say going out to a club I need me went out to a

dance club last night you go clubbing go clubbing that's it but I think I'm a bit

old for it now but I used to find that but was was very stress relieving but

there we go what have I pronounced correctly yes

Heights Heights so so this particular brand that we are not being sponsored by

at all you print out it Heights Heights if you were German if you were German

here we said is pronounced with a t apostrophe s and I believe also that if

it's that way around the because it's an i and in E and and I but you pronounce

the I don't you if the e was the other way round we would say hints but the I

comes out of the easily with a nasty it's not quite as poetic as Heinz is it

hints can you pass me the hints Lily pronounces ed as a but the Germans

Bonanza is a T apostrophe T apostrophe s this is going swimming we're teaching

German now mr. dink amazing well you are I only know that from

having to sing in German I still haven't worked out I still haven't worked out

what I'm teaching it's some kind of English mr. Duncan

do you like my thing there look are you learning to speak English mr. Duncan yes

some people said that this is because I'm on the left but it isn't this is

something that you put on your car on the Left well L for left all right

the wood left begins with L on the left of what you politically you okay but I

yes but yes no but you're on the right of me aren't you

or does everybody else see it the other way round it's mr. Steve's taking go for

now I'm just going for a lie down in a dark room by now mr. Duncan I don't know

how you see it you see at home there see yes the junction is that right of me

that there is what people see at home so there it is on the screen there it is so

you're on so it's the reverse of reality so in fact on the screen you're on the

left of me but me standing here you're on the right of me are you sure

you didn't take any drugs last night I'm talking the truth mr. Duncan

I am on the Left in your on the right yes but in reality where the other way

round what yeah because you're on the right of

me no you are I'm on the left of you this is my right hand in your yo there

that's your yeah but that's your left and right yes I know facing that way

exactly the cameras over there facing this way so it's reversed

well that's what I was getting at mr. Duncan anyway I'm going to put this over

my face to cover the fact that I'm grimacing and making horrible faces at

mr. Duncan and I'm going to put my sunglasses back on put those on mr.

Duncan well now gotta put mine on I want to I want to remain how is this

educating people it is of course well think of all the wonderful words that

we've used today Rita says they're people with Ortiz

are benefiting from medicinal marijuana said no autism was was was going to

benefit from that but I know there are other conditions that's probably one of

them as well hmm I know if you've got severe pain and I

think it's also autism so that probably means it explains rights for people with

it was suffering from sort of bad memory and things like that or got a bit of

Alzheimer's as well hmm maybe that might be things or

Alzheimer's I thought that's what you've got autism is something else but yes it

probably is used to treat autism because they don't know yes I've heard out

outside was for years I think I think it's a very bad memory but it was very

embarrassing the on ok ok I went to meet we've only got 15 minutes left but we

haven't even done the car things yet that's what I keep trying to do what you

keep mentoring on like an old woman shall I tell you about last night I went

out Thank You Rosa Rosa went outside do you have any experience to the IELTS

test I don't because we speak English you see mr. Duncan has of course because

he's had to teach it let and leave is confusing to me says Rosa let and I

leave but they're completely different words well let let means allow and leave

means to depart that's it let me teach you how to speak English it yes anyway I

am now leaving I I've spent a very long time today

planning something that we're probably not going to have time to do we will

because I can do it very quickly you know how I can speed up and react to the

moment mr. Duncan so wait a second wait a second we are talking about cars and

driving because mr. Steve likes to drive I need and he has a car and at the

beginning of today's lesson you saw me driving the car so now we are going to

talk about words and idioms connected with driving and being on the road words

and expressions connected with cars and driving you don't know you've cut my car

in half mr. Duncan do you live oh very good very good indeed I must have it I'm

getting very creative I'm gonna have to examine my car later see if you've

damaged it in any way right I'm going to read a little passage here which I which

I thought was very good its words connected with driving and there are

many words connected with driving and many differences between this actually

this passage here highlights the fact that within the words expressions using

driving there are paths there are a lot of phrasal verbs yes a lot of phrasal

verbs which are what's or actions mr. Duncan V well they're like metaphors so

they are their words or sentences that express something without directly

giving the meaning all the the actual action but it's um it's describing some

kind of action that's it yes it metaphorically there is a specific

vocabulary associated with driving words but some of them and I've picked out a

for you have other meanings in everyday English as well and I will mention some

of the differences in the American and English words you want me to do that mr.

Duncan he doesn't what I will do anyway for example in in the UK there the piece

of glass in front of you as you're driving we call it the windscreen but in

America they call it the windshield much the same really the the boot in England

is where you you you store put all your shopping in the boot of the car the back

in America they call it the trunk not quite sure why but the boot in England

the trunk in America and then you've got the the bonnet which is the covering

over the engine or in America you would say the hood so I'm just going to read

out a very quick passage here which describes words connected with driving

when you get in your car you fasten your C

belt and start the engine by turning or switching on the ignition most cars in

the US are automatic whereas in Britain most people still drive a manual car

where you have to change gear or in the u.s. you would say shift gears by using

the gear lever or the gear shift you would say in America you start driving

in first gear and then you move up through the gears so you move up into

higher gears into the second third fourth fifth sixth set cetera before

changing gear you press the clutch pedal which is the pedal on the left and then

you operate it with your foot it is important to let the clutch out gently

otherwise you can stall the car make it stop

going to go faster you press the accelerator or the accelerator pedal

this causes the car to accelerate or move but much faster to speed up in

order to slow down or decelerate you need to press the brake pedal brake is

also a verb and in commonly used in the phrases brake gently or brake sharply

brake sharply of course means to brake very suddenly at junctions which are

places where roads intersect one another and in fact in America they call them

intersections you need to press the oh I've got lost here mr. Duncan at

junctions or intersections as they say in America you stop completely you need

to put on the hand brake it's interesting we'll use the emergency

brake it's interesting that Steve's reading is similar to his driving he

gets lost a lot he gets lost I've gone off track mr. Duncan but I've gone off

the main road onto the side road see what happens III disappear for a few

moments and then Steve just goes I have no idea where I am

let me carry on mr. Duncan the writings very small miss that wide roads such as

motorways or in the u.s. they call them highways have two or more lanes or three

in the UK some does have five or six in the US the inside lane or the slow lane

is where you drive until you need to overtake or pass another vehicle then

you pull out moving into the middle lane or the fast lane by looking in the

rearview mirror do you like this mr. Duncan is very good

you don't mr. Duncan doesn't know how to drive when you've passed the other

vehicle you pull in again if you pull over so you pull out to overtake you

pull back in after you've overtaken if you pull over

that means you stop on the side of the road or into a lay-by so somebody in the

back of the car might feel a bit sick and say or pull over quickly I'm going

to be sick all the policemen might look at you and say pull over because you've

committed a speeding offense when you want to turn left or right you indicate

or signal if you're in America using the indicator or the turn signal to drive

backwards you reverse for example you might reverse into a parking space if

your car breaks down it stops working and if you run out of petrol or gas as

they call it in America you will need to fill up your petrol tank but don't fill

up your petrol tank with diesel mr. Duncan or you will break down again

didn't you do that I did do that but I didn't put much in and I got away with

it so you fill up at a petrol station or a gas station if you're in America now

incidentally do you know where Americans call the fuel that we put into a car gas

gas but we call it petrol petrol do you know why that is

today that's who I know why I'm asking you well I well one is gasoline and well

done and the other one is petroleum so it's just basically the two words that

are as no flies on you mister dunk there are no flies on me but he's very clever

and quick and fast yes petroleum is is basically just the

black oil that comes out of the ground unrefined oil and so when it's refined

its refined into lots of different fractions or lots of different parts and

one of those parts that comes off is gasoline so gasoline is actually the

correct phrase for what goes in to a petrol-powered car or gasoline so that's

why the so that the Americans actually that is the correct phrase to say

gasoline or gas so if you say petrol petrol is short for petroleum which is

unrefined black oil so what about in fact the Americans are correct

what about diesel diesel is another part of what comes off petroleum or unrefined

oil but diesel comes up now there used to be there was a German man called

diesel who invented the diesel car I can't remember what his first name was

but the man diesel is called diesel I think because of the land that invented

it in Germany mister diesel mr. diesel was his name that is correct how can we

don't see any mr. Diesel's around anymore hello I'm mr. diesel hope you

like that even though I went off track of it mr. mr. Steve was driving on the

road and then he swerved and then he lost all of his words and he went

careering clearing off careering off just as you would if you were driving

now I picked out a few words here wait there a second I've got something to

show you as well because we were talking about diesel but here's another thing

here's another thing sometimes they call diesel d'oeuvre it that in America isn't

it yes so what what does that come from oh that's interesting don't know where

that comes from because you used to see the sign here as well in the 70s and 80s

they used to put d'oeuvre as well on garages they would put petrol and

d'oeuvre d'oeuvre and I was wondering why people use the word Durr somebody

can tell us why do you say d'oeuvre for diesel because in America they don't use

very much diesel at all no I think sort of 90% of their cars are powered by

petrol whereas in the UK it's about 5050 I think in most of Europe it's probably

in the rest of Europe I think they're probably more power cars are powered by

diesel than petrol hmm but of course that's in Reverse now because diesel is

a dirty fuel gives us lots of particulate matter so they're trying to

ban it apparently it's Rudolph Rudolph diesel Rudolph I don't think that's

right that doesn't sound right does it might be it might be right well well

you're saying it doesn't sound right but you don't know what the answer is anyway

I don't it might be Rudolph wouldn't it be funny if they called it Rudolph

instead of diesel I've got to go to the garage to get some Rudolph I've got to

put some Rudolph in my car I'm running low on Rudolph is it strange to drive on

the left side I don't know is it strange to drive on the right side it's all we

know is it strange all we know well some people might say it's strange to drive

anywhere we're used to driving on the left but of course when you go abroad

most countries drive on the right and in fact apparently the only reason we drive

on the left is because we wanted to do the complete opposite to what Europe

we're doing we were just awkward we just thought no Europe or driving on the

right this is probably well over 100 years ago we're gonna drive on the left

so so as you can see the British have been awkward for a very long time we are

we are an awkward nation of awkward people and that's probably why we have

brexit on the way we are talking about cars today cars today we're talking

about cars and being on the road words and expressions connected with car

and driving it just looks like my class cut in half missed okay well I couldn't

very good I couldn't fit the rest of the car on because it's it's too big he's

three little words that I've picked out from that statement words that are used

to describe a car connected with driving but also in other other examples of also

stalls stall so in a car if you if you talk about stalling in a car it means

you cause the engine to stop suddenly so the vehicle to come to a halt you can

stall the car or the engine and that's usually in a manually driven car when

you are you can stall at traffic lights you can stall at a junction because

you're not operating the clutch effectively and if you bring the clutch

out too quickly the engine stops yes so can you stall the car also if is it true

also if the revs that the revs of the engine are too low yeah that's what

happened it can stall that's what's happened you in the Reds anyone that

drives a manual car will have experienced when they're learning

stalling the car at junctions which is very embarrassing because you then have

to restart the car again and get the car in the right gear and you hold everybody

else up behind you so you're stalling the car my car stalled at the traffic

lights I stalled my car are on the driving test and failed but to to stall

outside the coming soon you means to delay or put off an action so if you

delay or put off an action you stall something so for example you get in the

car and start the engine while I stall him for a few moments you stole them for

a few minutes while I get the presentation ready so you could for

example if I was going to say something mr. Duncan and I wasn't quite prepared

I might whisper to you well carry on talk

while I just get this ready store them meaning you the viewers while I'm

getting myself ready stall for time stall for time but a stall is also a

separate area where animal is kept so if you keep an animal in a store it's a

small little area fenced off where that animal is kept the animal store hmm

so an area that is designated for one thing can be called a store also the

old-fashioned word for you know when you go to the toilet how I was about to say

that Mister Donut this is for men oh you you then you say it a small enclosed

space used for a particular purpose for example a bathroom stall which can be a

shower but quite commonly in America they call the stall the area where men

go to the toilet it's but it well it's the enclosed area bit where you would go

for a number two I believe there's no traffic it is okay I might be wrong but

it's a small enclosed area or space right the other one is clutch so we

heard the word clutch in that last passage to describe a clutch is a device

which allows turning movement to be sent from one part of a machine to another so

in the case of an engine you've got the engine which is turning

round and round and round and that is then connected via the clutch to the

gearbox and then to the prop shaft that drives the wheels so you're transferring

the revolving energy of the engine onto the driving wheels or clutch allows that

to happen and because you need to be able to change gear for it all to work

properly so there we go are you getting this no just a little

quick lesson car a mechanics there this is how this is how the engine of a car

works well what you need to do is disagree when you're changing gear you

need to disengage the end engine from the gearbox so that you can

change gear move into it into a into a different cog and you can't do that

while it's connected rather driving wheels are connected to the engine so

you have to use a clutch which then disengages the engine from the drive

shaft or it's just going to the wheels and then when you change the gear you

then let the clutch back out again which closes the plates that connect seals

that connection back from the engine through to the driving wheels so that's

what a clutch does but also missus if you hold tightly onto something often

because you're frightened then that's clutching on so if I was to see one of

those big spiders that we have in their Cup coming into this room huh I might

clutch on to mr. Duncan in fear of my life because as a big spider come on I

got worried then the child clutched on to his mother it's not Friday Thea it's

not Friday night a small group of eggs what's that mr. Duke I thought it was

Saturday night anyway a small group of eggs inside a nest is a clutch of eggs

so if you've got a sparrow that lays four or five eggs in a nest you describe

that as a clutch of eggs you can also use it but it's not very commonly used

these days yeah a small group of people apparently you you would could also

describe as a clutch or a small group of animals but you don't usually use that

like chickens chickens or hens yes a small group you could call a clutch so a

group of chickens

wow that was a terrible impression of a chicken whoa whoa a small a small bag

without a handle or a clasp that often used by women to hold small personal

items is called a clutch so it's a small little bag

hmm just maybe he's got a little faster on the front you just you're clutching

onto it you're holding onto it and it's got a few personal items in it oh how

you doing mr. Duncan I'm just looking inside my clutch a small bag mr. Duncan

hasn't got a closer a small bag that women right carry you don't want a big

handbag handbag over your shoulder just a small little bag just two current

carry a few personal items in it's called a clutch

what about Burberry Burberry this week they apparently burn all of the stuff

they don't sell I met somebody last night so where they don't sell the stuff

the stuff they don't sell they're just they just burn they incinerate it

because they don't want they don't want plebeians like us getting hold of their

very expensive clothing so that's why they burn all the clothes so you won't

find Burberry clothes at discount outlet stores like TK Maxx like TK Maxx we've

got here yes well I mean if you want to protect your brand that's what you've

got to do I mean food manufacturers burn all unused food some people were getting

very angry because they said that Burberry should be giving all of the

clothes away to charity no I I don't know if you've seen some of the Burberry

clothing but it is really horrible it's stuff that you would never wear in a

million years so I I just have this wonderful image of people who are

sleeping rough and they're all wearing this Burberry clothing very colorful I

mean it would be it would be nice to see I'm sure but I would I wouldn't wear

half of that stuff even if you paid me to wear it well if I yes that's a

difficult subject is now many of you if you built up an exclusive brand and you

want that to remain exclusive then you would if you've got clothes left over

you wouldn't want them to be given out and to be worn by people that well for

example I'm gonna Majan Burberry clothes are very expensive they are

so just for a coat it's about maybe four or five thousand pounds well that's it

so you say you are somebody who can afford

to spend four thousand pounds on a Burberry coat you wouldn't want to see

somebody walking on the streets you know who was driving around with a beaten up

old car wearing the same coat as you or an expensive coat what about homeless

then that would you would think well I'm not going to buy another Burberry coat

because anybody everyone's wearing that but what about homeless people well

that's it you wouldn't want you you know if you were spending that much money so

I don't you know I can see why they want to do that but of course you know it's

still a waste of clothes what a horrible what a horrible world we

live in don't you think so it's always been like they're saying they're saying

we don't want common people or or dirty people or poor people wearing our

clothes we only want wealthy people who have more money than since well did you

know did you know that car manufacturers such as Mercedes if what happens is they

make lots of cars do they do they crush them when they don't sell them they do

mr. Duncan I was talking to somebody who works for Mercedes my car in for service

and what happens is and they all the manufacturers do the same thing if they

they for example make 10,000 cars and export them to the UK or to any any

country if after a period of time they don't sell them because often the cars

aren't made to order which means that you don't that they just make a lot of

them that you they're not making them to order and well if they're left for a

period of time at the docks or wherever they come in they're all sent back and

crushed they don't sell them off cheaper for anybody to buy I thought they'd send

them back to wherever they were manufactured and then they crush them so

what did they do with the big the big metal cubes afterwards they melt it down

and then they turn them into new Mercedes turned them into new Mercedes

just as he Ford and Vauxhall

manufacturers like that would to get rid of cars that they've over made they

would sell them off cheap they put them in Christmas crackers it's

sort of half price but manufacturers like Mercedes and and I don't know

whether how did after you probably the same BMW so what I Skoda what Novus go

to vote you see they'll sell him off cheap they I was told by this this man

who worked for Mercedes that they don't sell more cheap do they send them back

to Germany and they're crushed and recycled back into new cars huh there we

go so traffic traffic oh I wasn't in my little speech earlier but as we know

traffic is is in fact the amount or the volume or the number of vehicles on the

road in the case of cars but traffic can also refer to marine traffic so it can

be boats and aircraft traffic so you can have for example the aircraft traffic is

increased by 30 percent over the last 10 years is a phrase that we often hear now

aircraft traffic or the amount of traffic an amount of aircraft that are

flying is increased dramatically over the last few years over the last mile

over it's constantly increasing yes traffic can also refer to something like

Internet traffic the activity of messages and data passing through

communication channels so it can be phone traffic telephone traffic you have

lots of people all talking on the lot lots of people phoning all the times

there can be telephone traffic or it can be on a website or some kind of system

you can have Internet traffic Twitter traffic that's how that can be described

so the people that follow or watch something on the internet we can call

that traffic quite often traffic is two-way as well so that's right you can

have you can have traffic going in a certain direction but quite often

traffic is both ways so for example on the Internet it's people uploading and

downloading so the traffic goes both ways quite often

that's it isn't that here's another example of using the word traffic we are

on we can give you advice on how to improve your site traffic and generate

more sales yes so as always people out there trying to advise you so the site

is the place the the internet site Tomic has been very clever and has come up

with another use of the word traffic which I was going to mention after this

so well done Tomic yes it's all behind or selling illegal good this almost goes

back to what we were talking about earlier with the old marijuana yes so

well done if you if you were it can be anything but doesn't have to be just

drugs but if you're if you're buying if you've off if you're selling eggs from

birds that's illegal in this country that that could be described as illegal

traffic illegal goods but commonly it's used to describe drugs things that are

prohibited or illegal or not allowed and you secretly take them from one place to

another you traffic some drug trafficker was arrested at the airport so to

traffic can be a verb you traffic exactly smuggle smuggle you're

trafficking moving dealing in illegal substances or goods so that's a few

words from that little speech I gave earlier a lot of people asking what does

the L mean it means learner learner so you often see this on the back of a car

or the front of a car and the person driving it is learning to drive we

haven't got time for the test unfortunately Oh today any more words if

you have any more words a couple of more we will stay on for another five minutes

okay then right mr. Duncan you are in the driver's seat okay if you're in the

driver's seat literally that means you you're driving the car but it also means

that you're in charge or in control so it doesn't have to just relate to

driving a car or a vehicle so mr. Duncan is in the driving seat when it comes to

his live English lessons but sometimes mr. Duncan might put me in the driving

seat and let me just talk by myself so there we go

mr. Duncan has now put me in the driving seat I'm under pressure to perform in

front of everybody you can use the synonym synonym hot seat as well would

be a similar phrase to being in the driving seat somebody at work might say

your boss might say there's a new project at work and you might say right

I'm putting you in the driving seat as far as this projects concerned report

back to me in two weeks so it means you're in charge of something doesn't

have to be just driving now do you live life in the fast lane mr. Duncan does

not live life in the fast lane and nor do I it means to have an exciting

possibly risky lifestyle very busy very fast-paced for example or after they

moved to London they lived a fast-paced life and live life in the fast lane it

means that they were working hard going out in the evening partying going on

risky holidays abseiling doing all sorts of risky things just leading a very busy

fast-paced life and it could possibly be risky because they could get sick

because they're doing too much all the time or they might do some risky

activity so if somebody says to you you're living life in the fast lane then

it means you're just living a very busy active lifestyle and you've probably got

lots of money in your wealthy those elves we put those on the back of our

cars in the UK did you note that we are not haven't yet passed a driving test a

test drive test drive so if I see a nice car in a showroom and all that car looks

very nice but how does it drive then I will go to the dealer and say can I take

that car out for a test drive so you go out for a period of time it could be

half an hour it could be you might even have it for a couple of days but you

take that vehicle out for a test drive but but you can test it you can test out

an idea you can test drive an idea so for example at work that new promotional

materials are out why don't you test drive them on a few of your customers

and then report back and tell us how it went so like like trial a trial exactly

trial test drive an idea you try it out to see how well it works here's a good

one here's a good one backseat driver is this your mum backseat driver

anyone that drives will have had the experience of somebody a passenger who

sits there sometimes in the back seat sometimes in the front seat giving you

advice on how to improve your driving oh do you have to drive so fast you have to

try Oh slow down a minute slow down look look look you're going too fast look

this is a 30 mile an hour zone you're going to cool too fast slow down and

come off of that Junction come on for the next Junction oh that's not the way

you go you're in the wrong gear changing through another gear anyone who's

experienced that knows how annoying it is because it's often very easy and a

lot of situations rickly in driving needs a lot of concentration and

somebody just watching and observing can often pick faults but if they are quite

often backseat drivers don't drive themselves have no idea what it's like

to drive but somehow think that they can tell you how to drive backseat driver

but it doesn't have to just apply to driving you can use that expression in

other in other things that happen in life and you can describe them as a

backseat driver if they they don't do something but they're criticizing other

people that do do a particular thing so they are not actively involved but they

are very quick to give vice on the thing that they don't

actually do that's right so for example people we we talk to people don't worry

about about what mr. Duncan does we're teaching English and people have no idea

whatsoever they have no idea how to give advice to mr. Duncan so you can describe

them and they're like a backseat driver often when we come on this is the last

word mr. Duncan okay before the live stream starts every Sunday we should say

to all the viewers out there fasten your seat belts this is going to be a wild

ride so when you fasten your seat belts in a car its to protect you against the

possibility of having an accident so it's indicating that a situation is

becoming risky dangerous or possibly unpleasant it's obviously risky to drive

a car so you put a seatbelt on but if you fasten your seat save you had a new

boss at work and everywhere he's got a reputation from coming from under the

department and everybody knew he sort of fired people and shouted at people he

might be the man suddenly is assigned to your new department somebody might say

well fasten your seat belts we've got a new we've got that new boss from

accounts it's gonna be get it's gonna get very heated in here over the next

few months so to indicate something wild is about to happen over a period of time

fasten your seat belts for the next hour and a half

it's mr. Duncan's live English show anything could happen it's risky yet a

lot of people reacting to this today I wasn't sure how how well this would go

down but a lot of people reacting he's here's one of my own mr. Steve so here's

mine and something that's been mentioned already Sunday Drive and a driver that's

a good one a Sunday driver and I thought that was suitable because

today is Sunday very good one day driver so a Sunday driver is someone who goes

out and they they never go over a certain speed wherever they are if

they're on the motorway or a main road or a small road they always drive at the

same speed very slowly and carefully and they drive

like everything Sunday Drive is somebody who drives very infrequently and as a

result of that they tend to go back when the weather's nice on a Sunday afternoon

they tend to be probably elderly they don't drive very much and of course they

lose their skills in driving and as a result of that of driving very slowly

and annoying everybody else and holding everybody else up on the road my father

used to always talk about no oh look at these Sunday drivers get out of the way

I've got son I've got to get to my destination Jeff interestingly enough

said fasten your seatbelts are you set mr. Duncan Jeff's got in a

use of the word set I can always rely on Jeff it's not it's not happening that

well we're virtually getting them all in every week yes but there are about 400

of them so it will take about another 8 or 9 years to actually get through all

of them Thank You Louis fortunately Thank You Luis Mendez said we're giving

useful words I like to I can talk about cars all night you can all afternoon but

you will be doing that by yourself mr. Duncan we are not backseat drivers we

are just students and we thank you for your efforts and of course mr. Steve

thank you has now for that that is just about it before we go I'm going to show

you some oh what was that Leon says what time are we going to be here next Sunday

well every week we are with you at the same time I will show you now on the

screen so every week it is the same time live English Sunday 2:00 p.m. UK time

and also on Wednesday 10:00 p.m. UK time late and live so they are the times we

are on twice a week Sunday 2:00 p.m. Wednesday 10:00 p.m. don't forget they

are both UK time so you have to work out the time difference for yourself ok we

are almost out of time well in fact we are out of

time I thought before we go we would have a little look in the garden and

this is a this is a live shot of the dunk ulis look now I have a very sad

tale to tell you about this plant because during the winter it was

completely destroyed by the snow we had three lots of snow during the winter

that is just past but as you can see the dunk ulis the dunk ulis has come back it

is back and it's looking very very healthy it is revived so well done to

the dunk ulis for for making a very brave comeback as I always say nature

always finds away nature will always find a way to survive it's true so we'll

have one last look at the live chat and then we are going oh look

Jamilah has put lots of car emojis on the screen thank you very much for that

I love your car emojis well it looks like a police car an ambulance a taxi a

fire engine a blue car an orange car that looks like an SUV and also a van or

lorry a support utility vehicle an SUV very popular now used to be they came

from the United States and now everyone wants one in the UK SUV despite the fact

that they're very heavy and use up a lot more fuel than than the ordinary car on

which their saloon car which they're based they are not very environmentally

friendly to be honest everyone feels safe because they're higher up a

crossover vehicle is is somewhere between a hatchback or a small saloon

car and an SUV so you've got you've got the saloon car and then you've got the

SUV which is the the jacked-up or higher version of the same car and in between

you but the you've got the crossover vehicle with you but coming popular now

because they're cheaper I think he asked you anymore anyway anyways I could talk

about cars all night as you know mr. Duncan yes you've said this already and

I feel as if it is going on all night good afternoon everybody please say my

name please can you say goodbye to me goodbye blue thunder goodbye Irene

goodbye ught goodbye JC Geordie good goodbye

Anna we are going lorry in England truck in the US that is correct yes we say we

say lorry here or hgv of course heavy goods vehicle and they say truck truck

in the US saled saled Ahmed says thanks mr. Duncan goodbye and thank you to

Burrell up thank you very much Luis Luis says I am sorry mr. Duncan those plants

in winter almost disappear and they come back in spring yes but they were growing

back and then the snow came and destroyed them completely they were

completely destroyed so we thought we thought the plant was dead it looked

dead for a long time didn't arrived itself goodbye Oh Barry goodbye Damian

Chris Tomic Liane salad Patricia put Estes goodbye and see you I should be

here on Wednesday Lydia I love that name Lydia Lydia Oh Lydia guitar Jeff have

you seen Lydia Lydia the tattooed lady

and no see ya Oh see ya it's what the youngsters say now it's what the young

the young people say now second star goodbye from Japan with their video

games in their roller skates and their Nintendo's goodbye vodka drinker

Milton I love that name by the way Milton Milton yes do you don't see that

that you don't see that word very often do you know you don't is the name of

poet of course yes it's a lovely name I met somebody last night like whose name

was Psalm Psalm P S A L M I don't know you're telling me you're telling me no we

haven't got time to write down somebody's name who I've never met in

probably it's not coming up right on the subtitles anyway PSALM it's a it's

Psalm as in a passage like it like a biblical passage

so Psalm Psalm what a lovely name I keep getting it wrong there and he was

quite annoyed then when I knew what it was all right we were best friends

forever huh great but no marijuana I know good

I'm very pleased to hear that we are going now this is mr. Duncan that's me

and mr. Steve saying with me thanks for watching us thanks ever such a lot for

tuning in for the past hour and 55 minutes we are back on Wednesday 10 p.m.

UK time so we will see you then thanks mr. Steve thank you I'm going off to put

the tea cakes on because I'm making tea cakes and tea for mr. Duncan and and

myself I am so I'm so hungry bye bye and mr. Steve has now gone we

will go we will all go it is time to disconnect from the internet and it's

time to allow my computer to cool down and for mr. Steve to change his

underwear I will see you Wednesday 10 p.m. UK time and well it's been an

interesting one today on a very hot day I hope you will stay cool during the

week and I will try my best to stay cool here because the temperature apparently

is going to get very very high very high indeed this is mr. duncan in the

birthplace of english saying thanks for following me and watching me and i will

see you later on and of course you know what's coming next yes you do...

ta ta for now 8-)

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