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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Nipsey Hussle - The Movie Scenes

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Ricky -What's up Cuz? You a problem or something nigga?

-I got my eyes on you. We gonna fuck you up rookie

Cuz! I am not turning down for nothin'! What...?

-That's enough. Knock it off. You are going back to your cage. You are out of line!


Why you telling this huh?

What you want some sympathy from me or somethin' nigga?

No, not me nigga. Nigga I don't want no sympathy

We father and son. My last day on this planet I thought we could have a regular ass conversation.

I said all that shit about you being dead and all that.

That shit is cool real cool. I was dead to you. I wasnt there for you. I was dead to myself. I was dead to my family.

You're right. I deserve that. God works in mysterious ways.

I was a cancer to my family so god blessed me with cancer.

That's how god works son. You gonna get back what you gave out.

JD- What now?

Ricky- You Tell me!

JD- My boy that you killed.

Ricky -Look here homie I aint kill nobody.

Ricky -I was trying get yo mothefuckin' ass.

JD -Well you should have,

So when I say all I been thinking about is gettin you.

Ricky I'm so happy to see you, I aint been thinkin' bout nothin'

Money, freedom, bitches... Nothin' Nigga! Just You

Ricky -I didnt mean to kill your partner though

If it's on it's on. You wouldn't even be in this shit if you didnt kill Mike though

JD -At this point I dont give a fuck about what got us here. All I care about is being here. That's what you should be worried about.

Ricky -Look my nigga I told the homie to wait until we see.

Cuz just started hoping out and started shooting. I didnt really mean to kill your partner.

That aint really how I get down.

We gonna see you get down soon enough

Ricky -Whatever then my nigga, I'll tell you this though. You're mom and your daddy your lil funky ass kids...

Starring down with your casket nigga, looking over your dead bloated body

That's the lock that you just turn the key on

Ricky -What's happenin???



Bang! Bang

Bitch Ass

Get your ass up nigga!

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