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Do you have a charger for it?


What are you doing?!


Oh shit

Where is it?

(Intro Music)

Good day dohnation good day dohnation

Anyway, so I am starting to understand the vlog life that have gotten on my roommate Logan about we're so long look at my room

Book bag on the floor my bed doesn't even look like a bed anymore. What is this? Steady cam.

Laundry just all over the floor my closet is a disaster. Oh my gosh guys. I'm ashamed of myself

Yeah, you should be ashamed of yourself and you get busy

It's that that happened, but we're going to get that cleaned up today

It's been a crazy weekend guys super busy when I posted that seven foot tall meets four foot tall girl vlog on Friday

We had five hundred and seventy thousand subscribers right now as I'm filming this intro there are seven hundred and five

thousand of you in the donation that is

absolutely insane

130,000 new members in three days by a role. I'm super stoked to have you guys along for the journey we got

We got this 100,000 subscriber button lets get a mil next baby. Let's go. Let's get started on cleaning this room up and get the day started

But first.. *grunting* yes yes.

vegan gains

So I got my room clean check it out looking like it's normal self baby crisp and clean hey

So guys as I was cleaning my room I came across this old iPod Nano

I remember having this in like eighth grade or high school one of the two. It's like out working all the time

I thought I was a shit. I has a new iPod Nano

It's crazy how this thing has evolved iPhone 5 iPhone 6 iphone

7 so I've had all of these iphones including the iPhone 4 which

I don't have here because that things like prehistoric since having this iPod Nano

Look what we've evolved from this little guy to this big guy man absolutely insane

I really want to listen to the songs that are on this just to see if I remember them but the only problem is it

Has an Iphone 4 charging spot this like wide area and these things are like ancient now

so I can't find what I've literally been looking around the house for the last 20 minutes trying to find a charger for this because

I really want to see the old songs are on here. I'm going to continue looking and digging ah I can't wait

I know I got to find one somewhere

Logan! You turn that down awwh thanks man. Mark is that you?Yeah what's up, bro? I'll just show my

I'm just chillin' with my new hair. Ooooh let me see that. Oh, we got highlights on that. Wow that's a nice face.

I like that let me see take that off. No. You look like a young Justin Bieber right now. I know, bro!

But yo JB killed it so I'm cool with it. When is the last time you saw one of these? Yo wait WHAT?

Do you have a charger for the...that?

Dude what?

I know. Just take it back to the Stone Age Mark. Do you have a charger for it?

NO! What are you doing! STOP! Oh shit, where is it? This is bringing back memeories of when you threw my internet thing off the balcony.

I did not do that. Do do do do. I do not do that you have no proof.

Of insurance there is proof

He didn't actually throw it off the balcony, but he doesn't have a charger so imma try to find one

We have like every cord ever in this thing, so if I can't find it in here, then we're in trouble

Why you ruining my house? I'm looking for a charger. Yeah, but bro you're ruining my house.

Metamorphosis, I don't like it

I'll sure why we have this but

Ok ok

Well, I found this that's cool. You're fired. I have created a terrible mess

I'll leave it to you clean that up Logan. I gotta go find a charger ah

So unfortunately logans you have to clean that stuff up, but you know I've cleaned up after him enough

But we're going to go to this store. Hopefully they have it

I don't know if they will if items like prehistoric like no one has this anymore. It's a very big dog you have there


You would eat that little thing alive yeah, baby, who would have thought that they would still have this cord here?

This thing's like 10 years old [wow] ok we have it? We have the

40,000 pin charger and this time to open

Yeah, yes

Charging ok, so I've got my iPod all charged up

I had to close the blinds over here because the sun is setting and it's just blasting right into my face like look at this

sure, yeah no bueno, but I'm going to put this on shuffle and

Just react to the old songs I used to have

my name is

One of my favorite artists growing up with Eminem like I looked up this guy can't you guys tell my dad still the greatest?

Rapper of all time arguably you guys might have your opinions come on?

Oh, this was one of my favorite I used to listen to this every single morning. Good morning

Hey, hey hey hey, hey

somebody once told me

The world is gonna roll me. I ain't the sharpest tool in my shirt. Yo, I still listen to that song Low-key. Oh

yo, what happened to Sean Kingston used to be the shit he had beautiful go away to

Beautiful girl yet may love Em man. Come back Sean, Trey. I'm more than just an option hey

yo drake has come such a long way since this album G apparently his new album broke like a ton of records on spotify even

His old records he's just dropping heater heaters drake is killing the game. He surpassed little wayne number one

I was like little Wayne and drake

Now it's drake

Speaking of little wayne

Thank you this used to be the jam. You play tonight


It was a classic some kid cudi. It was actually one of my favorite rappers mainly because he grew up in Cleveland

I grew up in the cleveland area more so in akron. He grew up in this place called Shaker Heights

Oh, it was like 20 or 30 minutes away from me, so like we all rock to his music

He was like really hot at the time yet pursuit of happiness day and night a lot of hits he had since apparently he came

out with a new album recently I haven't heard it yet

But it was really good my friends told me so I'm out to give that a listen

But I'm gonna do one more song that'll be it. Oh


JC was Poppin

Oh my God. This is bringing back so many memories from when I was a kid

This is actually I logged into the iPod

I remember my friend Evan gave me this iPod that I could use cuz he got a new one and it still says Evan's


But this is just bringing so many memories back from high school guys

Comment down below some of the songs you guys like from high school and if you aren't even in high school yet

Comment down below some of the old songs that you enjoy

I'm curious to see what you guys find on your old iPod and the memories

so it was fun listening to my old childhood songs the sun is setting right now. I'm gonna go to the gym

Finally I need to get back in shape

I'm so out of shape right now, but eating like shit get out there get healthy get active, but also guys

I'm in a little bit of a dilemma, so I have to make a decision here logan is moving out on Thursday

I thought I was moving into my new apartment on April 9th, but it turns out

I can only move in on April Nineteen

But I got this question do I stay in this apartment two bedroom apartment by myself turn logan's room into an office slash guest

Bedroom have all this space to myself or do I get my studio apartment live by myself pay half the amount of rent

But be confined to a smaller space a thousand Square feet versus 1800

1900 square feet I don't know what to do and double the pay guys comment down below

Do you want me to stay in this apartment?

Or get a new apartment of studio change up the pace get a new look for you

I don't know. I'm in a little bit of a dilemma

It's giving me some anxiety I hate anxiety but a good way to get rid of that anxiety is

To go to the gym before I go to the gym. Just look at this beautiful sky and sunset. I would be leaving them

Should I say or should I go?

Should I stay or should I go?All right back in the gym for the first time in forever. I need to get my life together clearly

They got to figure out the apartment situation and also guys it wasn't both me and logan that got kicked out

It was more so just logan. I'm good so yeah, I got to make the decision on the apartment

Well, hopefully you guys can help me but get to get this two-mile run in but my boy Johannes is getting it right now

Oh go yes, yes

Vegan Gains

We sweating baby did two miles on the treadmill had to warm up

And then I just 100 floors on the stair master according to the stairmaster

I climb to the top of the eiffel tower, so that was cool. I was in Paris for a second

(We were staying in Paris) Now its time to blast these titties, chest day baby Monday international chest day. Let's go.


Alright. I just got back to my work out showered off back in the same clothes. I was wearing

What's up guys if you were wondering? Why my ear is so red. It's because earlier today

I went in a logan's room to get the vacuum to clean my room and

Maverick attack me and as I was running out

I hit my ear on this thing because he was attacking me that bird is Evil you're evil but right now

I'm going to go out on Hollywood take up the drum

Get some cinematic stuff for you guys at night times cause I haven't done that in a very long time

So I guess right now would be the proper time to you know what to do

Well yeah, you know. It's so good to get some cinema at night time for once it's been a while

I know


It was really cool to get that charger for my old ipod and hear the old song there were some bangers on there

I must say also guys I need your advice do I stay here do I move do I get another playing on tour like?

This type of decision making gives me anxiety I hate it

I'm leaning on staying here, but I'm not sure if it's worth it double the price

I don't know, but it's time to close the vlog off shout out to the entire

Dohnation for watching especially my guy mark shaw and the uk you got a cool name also

I see that hashtag dohnation in your bio

Yeah, and I will see you guys all tomorrow so until then say it with me one time

ah DEUCES!!!