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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Mini Vortex paint Mixer - Best Paint Mixer or Shaker for Miniatures & Wargames Models

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Hi guys, FauxHammer here and welcome to my first ever youtube video I know that a

lot of people out there have been really interested in finding the best device

for mixing and shaking their different bottles of paint. Now I've been doing a

lot of paint brand reviews recently and this has really encouraged me to find a

way of saving both time and my arms when shaking the different bottles

These Army Painter paints for example have been quite medium heavy, so when

you're trying to get through a review and shaking lots of them. It really hurts

your arns. There are DIY options out there such as a jigsaw which is attached to a

G-Clamp which essentially shakes the bottle up and down really really fast

and if you've got an agitator then this will mix your paints for you. Now I've

been using that same DIY method for quite a while. But I have been eager to

treat myself to something a little bit more professional

that gets the job done better. Now initially, I looked online for something

that would shake these bottles and rest my arms not having to hold on to a jigsaw

there are a number of options out there there's the Robart Paint Shaker which

essentially lets you strap the paint to it. You can get a battery-powered

version or a mains-powered version. What this will do, you just turn

it on and it shakes your paint for you. now this device here is very interesting

this is actually a mini vortex mixer it's not made for pank per se, it's

actually made as lab-equipment and the point is you get a test tube and this

test tube you can place on the top and it'll actually, mix the contents of that test tube.

It's really simple to operate, the device just sits on the desk and all you

do if you've got a test tube in the top and then the device inside will spin at

3000 rpm causing the fluid inside to mix and I'll show an example of this in a

few moments now before committed to buy this I

actually had a look online for some alternatives. Here we have what is

essentially a budget nail-polish shaker.

The paint sits in the top of here like this

Vallejo does and it shakes it side to side. That's pretty good it does the job

you just turn it on I'm ditching to the pain there is an alternative version

that's made specifically for miniature plates this is the robot paint shaker

and from what I understand it is essentially a more robust version of the

same thing the robot paint shaker comes in both battery and mains powered

version and the batteries doesn't shake it quite as well on the mains powered

version we'll shake it a lot more vigorously so that's really the version

we like to go for if there's a mains adapter available in your country this

budget version powered was less than half the price of the mobile main

treatment and actually comes with both names and battery built in the problem

with it however is that as soon as I received it but some batteries in I know

these batteries work because they were recently charged there any loop battery

is really good batteries just being in charge and working my children's toys

without problem and that's didn't turn on it simply didn't work so you do get

what you pay them for with these things which is why I thought okay I'll step it

to a robot paint shaker but in the UK they're not available so then I had a

look online for what else was available and here we have the mains powered and

the mains adapters are available in a variety of countries but the mains

powered vortex mixer so the vortex mixers themselves actually

rotate the painter incredibly rapid speed so unlike shaking it up and down

which really does help if you've got an agitator what I'm going to go through

now will show you how the vortex mixer works so this is thin Drakken off

nightshade to get it work and just press it down i'll give it a second you need

to find the right space ball press it down on the top

and then the device will force the pain to rotate as you can see as you press it

down the paint inside is rotated very rapidly and this helps to loosen up any

clogged pigment and the paint itself will shoot up the side mixing with the

medium and give you a nice consistent mix so I should press the paint down

onto the pressure pipe that will actually cause the device inside the

brick and shape we paint around the inner side of the bottle this should

loosen up any loose pigment another thing to do I like to flip them upside

down for some of the more resistant things which I shoot the medium up into

the pig will get settled upon entering in an album so let's have a look at what

we can do with an actual paint where the medium and the pigment have clearly

separated so here we have small pressure brats as you can see here there's some

clear separation between the medium and the pigment so the medium itself is in

the middle it's far slightly orange hue the pigment itself is at the bottom and

but your silvery gold pot and what we need to do is mix things back together

so that we've got a nice consistent paint what I'm going to go through here

is I'm just going to before I've mixed it I haven't used this in a year so I'm

going to squeeze out a couple drops on this paper and side

and as you can see it's mainly colorized medium and that's what we thought

so we will get that a bit better with a bit of a shake it's got an agitator

inside the agitator itself should help to mix the Enigma back with the medium

and this is how you would normally shake the paint or what things like the paint

shakers would do for you so let's have a look how this is mixed slight

improvement it's a bit thicker but we've still got mainly an orange in colour so

let's try it out in the vortex mixer so as I said just press it to the vortex

make sure there is a pressure pad in there you've got to make sure in your

hitting it's a little bit sensitive but here we are and it's shaking now you can

just about see around the centre line where the agitator is actually running

around the centre so that line there is the agitator itself being run around the

inside of the bottom several times now I was hoping that this would show a change

in color on the outside the only thing with these drop the bottles is the paint

pigment and the medium will actually die the bottle on the inside anyway so I'm

confident here through experience using it that the paint inside is mixing

consistently but we're not seeing on the outside a bit disappointing I always

like to see that change its there slightly but unfortunately we can't see

it now I like to put them upside down as well because when you've got them upside

down that the actual medium itself gets shot up to the opposite side of the

bottle so it spins up so if you've got any really stubborn pigment down at the

base of the bottle then that shooting the liquid medium up there will will

clear that out for you so here we go here's the drop

as you can see that is a perfectly mixed pink light is exactly what Skullcrusher

brush should look like perfect so here is some Balthazar doll that are mixed up

as well David have given a bit of shape and again we've got another perfect

image so this is great for Citadella because it's going to drop the bottles

it works with all the time to drop the bottles we've got Dark Star here these

are another really great metallic clean they don't settle as much but it's good

we've got some scale color unfortunately this is quite wrong mix and it doesn't

show it too well we've also got the primer again from

Arman painter again quite a thick thing but they've been fine oh just a quick

touch on there we'll keep it nice and clean so here's a good example this is

some Tamia chrome silver x11 and this hasn't actually been opened for

over ten years as you can see there it's pretty much medium on top all the

pigments at the bottom and the pigment itself has actually turned quite chunky

and thick so this is the sort of paint that would be really great to easily be

public obviously it's still quite fluid if it wasn't for then probably get some

some extra medium ending up and get a dremel with a wire brush but what we'll

do we'll just mix it up on the vortex mixer and we'll see how this looks

five minutes so here we are after the mix and as we can see no longer medium

sat on top it's almost perfectly mixed you'd probably do with a little bit more

time but as you should be able to see here in just a second the actual

consistency in the paint in the medium is a lot thinner so now it operates more

like a consistent paint here we go using it on III is gold as you can see this

quite clear separation there between the medium and the pigment itself so what

I'm going to do I'm going to speed up this video so we can see the difference

before and Africa so bear with me a second while I stick you in fast-forward

so as you can see here as we are mixing it still we now have a perfectly

consistent gold all the way up the side of the box so I'm confident now that

this paint was mixed and it really taken a lot longer if you just mix it so a

really good example there is a think that everyone's will be familiar where

it is the brand this is city management that flash now this is a great example

it's a brand new bottle it's been sat on my shelf I think I've got it was five

more Hama conquest but it's just been lying around I thought every drop about

but this is clearly separated so you've got all the pigments at the bottom the

media which is quite clear not really colorized in the middle so let's see

what we can do with this by sticking it on the vortex mixer

and they have it in Westham in Memphis we've now got a perfectly mixed left my

flush now we have an openness before as you can see it's sealed so we'll just

take a look inside and we have an absolutely perfect mitten so this is an

absolutely great device is it a necessity no not at all you can get away

with shaking you can get a cheaper model but if you've got a lot of paints or

you've got some really pigment heavy paint then this is an absolutely

fantastic tool to have in your armory you'll find them in many places online

some different pointers of them under different brands now this one's 4x what

they do actually point as different name models you'll know if it's the right

thing because you'll have a look online and it will essentially look like this

you've got the blue top you've got the semi opaque center with the swirls and

then you've got a solid metal gray base so the mixer itself is weighted on the

bottom and is approximately around 5 kilos the feet underneath are rubber so

I'll show an example in just a second this helps to absorb any of the

vibration that the unit causes it's generally quite quiet you will hear it

what nothing any greater than your average hairdryer and media so the

shaking itself doesn't affect your desk is on the saying here for example is a

mini stub next to it and as we mix this turbo door color we can see that the

mini itself is unaffected even though it's right next to us here for example

is a shield mounted to a court next to wet paint and I'm quite confident that

even the cork itself and how light it is it's not going to wobble over and fall

into the paint this really is a great luxury item for any miniature painter to

learn no matter what brand you've got them out of what bottles you've got just

a couple of seconds Wiggly pane on top of the vortex mixer

and you will help perfectly men to paint every time so that about wraps up my

first ever YouTube video I'm going to apologize right now for the quality I

have no intention right now of making any kind of YouTube channel I'm focused

on delivering great content and lots of product reviews on for Hamid Khan so

please just understand this is just a supporting video for Foehammer comm if

you're not familiar with foam hammer or any of the things that I do please see

the link below I will have links for all of these products in the description

please remember to click read more and if you like what I'm doing please like

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