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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Annoying Orange LET'S PLAYLIST! Mario Kart 8 - Race #1: PEACH'S CASTLE TRACK

Difficulty: 0

- [Mario] Mario Kart 8.

- [Orange] Mario Kart 8.

(laughs) (apple groans)

- [Apple] Yeah, we all heard it the first time, Orange.

- [Orange] Hey, did you know I'm

the guy that does that voice?

They hired me to be Mario's voice for a day

and then they gave me a bajllion dollars

cause I did such a good job.

Mario Kart 8.


- [Apple] That is not you, Orange.

You sound nothing like Mario.

- [Orange] I feel like you weren't listening

to me when I said Mario Kart 8.

(Apple groans)

- [Apple] I was listening to you,

would you please stop saying it?

(laughs) (Apple groans)

- [Orange] Alright, alright.

So, who you gonna pick, Little Apple?

- [Apple] Well, I was thinking you know,

since I live every single day of my life a little apple.

- [Orange] Yeah.

- [Apple] I was thinking of going something big.

- [Orange] Okay.

- [Apple] You know, maybe like Donkey Kong,

or -- oh, I got it.

I'm gonna be Bowser.

- [Orange] Okay, finally, pick somebody, jeez.

- [Apple] You're going down, Orange.

Just you wait.

Yeah, boy.


- [Orange] Yeah, I think you sound a little over-confident.

- [Apple] Alright, time to customize our carts.

I'm gonna put some junk in the trunk.


- [Orange] What?

- [Apple] It's this thing I do on my gaming channel.

- [Orange] Okay.

- [Apple] What?

- [Orange] Picking a cart, picking a cart, it's

the cart picking song.

- [Apple] Please tell me you're coming up

with these lyrics off the top of your head.

- [Orange] Nope, I spent hours crafting this song.

Picking a cart, picking a cart, it's the cart picking song.

- [Apple] Okay I got it, no more.

I don't wanna hear this song anymore.

- [Orange] All it needs is just a little bit more dubstep.

Then it'll be perfect.


- [Apple] No, I don't wanna hear the song anymore.

Not with dubstep, not with anything.

Just pick your cart and let's go.

- [Orange] Picking a cart, picking a cart, I picked a cart.

- [Apple] Are you done yet?

- [Orange] Yep, and you know what time it is now?

- [Apple] What?

- [Orange] Picking a track, picking a track,

it's track picking time.


- [Apple] I can't take it anymore.

I have a headache already.

- [Orange] Oh, you're so overdramatic.


- [Apple] Whatever Orange, you're going down.

The Peach's Castle track is my jam.

- [Orange] Let's not get into jam,

some of my best friends have been turned into jams.


- [Apple] Well I'm about to turn you

into Mario flavored jam so watch yourself.

- [Orange] "Mario flavored jam"?

That sounds disgusting.

- [Apple] Yeah, well get ready to be it, Orange.

- [Orange] Yeah, whatever. - [Apple] Here we go.

- [Orange] Oh yeah. - [Apple] Let's do this.

- [Orange] And we're off. - [Apple] Yeah

- [Orange] Later slowpoke.


- [Apple] Whatever you know what they say,

slow and steady wins the race you know.

- [Orange] Yeah he wins a slow race,

the idea here is to be as fast as possible, little buddy.


- [Apple] I know what the idea is, thank you very much.

- [Orange] You sure?

- [Apple] That's why I'm beating you,

yeah beating your butt.

- [Orange] Oh, big words from a little apple.


- [Apple] Whatever, eat my dust.

- [Orange] I'm right on your tail, little buddy.

I'm coming after you.

Mario's gonna be winner, winner, chicken dinner.

Ah, see you later buddy.

- [Apple] Ah, I hit the wall.

I'm gonna get you, Orange.

Just you wait.

Here I come.

- [Orange] I hope you like bananas.

- [Apple] Oh yeah, triple, whiple flip.

Oh no!

(Orange laughs)

- [Orange] Taste banana, you apple!

(laughs hysterically)

- [Apple] You say apple like it's an insult.

- [Orange] Well, it is.

- [Apple] Not if you actually are an apple it's not.

- [Orange] Well, the way you're driving is an

insult to apples everywhere.

(laughing hysterically)

(Apple groans)

I hope you like bananas cause I'm laying them everywhere.


- [Apple] All I got was a stupid mushroom.

I want something better than a mushroom.

- [Orange] Oh, oh, oh no, no!

Ah man, oh crap.

- [Apple] What's going on over there, Orange?

- [Orange] I don't know.

Some stupid goombas decided to practice a cheerleading

routine in the middle of the street.

- [Apple] Weird. - [Orange] Woo hoo!

Lap 2.

Whoa, yeah, that rhymed.


Hey, little apple?

How's lap 1?

Is it fun?

(laughs hysterically)

- [Apple] Hardy, har, har, har.

I'm on lap 2 now, ya know, too.


- [Orange] You've got a tutu? - [Apple] No.

Toad, come back.

Oh no.

Would you stop putting bananas all over the track?

(Orange laughs)

- [Orange] Hey, I just thought you were low in potassium.

- [Apple] Well, I'm not.

I don't need anymore bananas.

Whoa, oh no, I almost hit another banana, jeez.

(Orange laughs)

- [Orange] Are you sure your cart

doesn't have banana magnets on it?


- [Apple] That is not a thing.

I'm 95% that that is not a thing. Aw, man.

(Orange groans)

- [Orange] Who is that guy?

(Apple groans)

Who is that guy?

He totally hit me.

- [Apple] Why do they keep giving me mushrooms?

It's not going to help me right now.

I need something better, like a star,

or maybe a blue shell.

- [Orange] Oh, I've got something for you.

Maybe another banana.


- [Apple] Would you knock it off with the bananas already?

For crying out loud.

(Apple groans)

Oh no.

I got hit again

- [Orange] Woo hoo!

Hey, Little Apple, you like my parachute?

- [Apple] Yeah, it's okay.

- [Orange] You think it's para-cute?


- [Apple] Enough with the rhyming already.

Enough, enough, enough!

- [Orange] What? You've had enough of that stuff?


- [Apple] I've had about enough of this, Orange.

That's it.

Oh yeah, how do you like my majestic Bowser kite?

That's how it's done right there.

- [Orange] That's a kite done right.


Last one, I promise.

- [Apple] I'll believe it when I see it.

- [Orange] Oh, man, now I wish I had a Mario kite.

- [Apple] You may win this race, but I've won the kite war.

- [Orange] Whatever, Little Apple.

Go fly a kite or something.


- [Apple] You know, Orange, just cause you laugh

at something, doesn't mean it's actually funny.

- [Orange] Sure it does, observe.



- [Apple] That wasn't funny.

(Orange laughs)

Stop laughing, it wasn't funny.

- [Orange] Snickerdoodle, snickerdoodle, snickerdoodle

snickerdoodle, snickerdoodle, snickerdoodle, snickerdoodle



- [Apple] This has got to be the stupidest

conversation I have ever had in my life.

If there's a dumber conversation to be had,

I don't want to experience it ever.

- [Orange] Hey, Little Apple,

what do you call a cookie's pet?

- [Apple] I don't know.

What? - [Orange] A snicker-poodle.

(laughs) (Apple groans)

Yeah, I win.

I am the champion, my friend.

- [Apple] Not yet, you're not.

We've still got three races to go, buddy.

- [Orange] Yeah, I guess you could win those races,

if I play with my eyes closed.


- [Apple] Yeah, well I dare you to actually do it.

Play next race with your eyes closed.

- [Orange] Okay.

- [Apple] Do it. - [Orange] I will.

- [Apple] Prove it.

- [Orange] Okay, sounds fun.

- [Apple] Aw, man, I got ninth place.

Let's get to the next race so I can kick your booty.

- [Orange] Yeah, that koopa really drove that poopa.



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