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Hello netizens, today is June 18, 2020, Wednesday

Everyone is welcome to participate in Wang Jian's daily observation and live broadcast program

Our topic today is

Pompeo and Yang Jiechi go away

Hong Kong version of the National Security Law

Immediately attend the meeting

Today is an important time, this is a history

In a few years, when we look back today, we will have another feeling

Now we are watching the news

Today's news

Is the history of tomorrow

First news

The talks between Pompeo and Yang Jiechi have ended, yesterday was over

US State Department Spokesperson

Ortegas issued a statement, a short statement

Secretary of State Pompeo met with members of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee in Honolulu, Hawaii today

Yang Jiechi

Exchanged views on US-China relations, the Secretary of State emphasized the important interests of the United States

And the two countries are in business

The need for comprehensive cooperation in security and diplomatic interaction

He also emphasized

There must be full transparency

And information sharing to combat the ongoing epidemic and prevent future outbreaks

This is a

Diplomatic words, said nothing

Meaning that we didnt achieve anything

We are only

The two sides met, and then the Xinhua News Agency's manuscript.

From June 16 to 17 local time, the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee

Yang Jiechi, Director of the Office of the Central Foreign Affairs Work Committee, agreed

US Secretary of State Pompeo Holds Dialogue in Hawaii


The two sides have

International and regional issues exchanged in-depth views

Both sides clarified their respective positions

Think this is a constructive dialogue

The two sides agreed to take action to seriously implement the consensus reached by the two heads of state

Both parties agreed to continue to maintain contact and communication

This more content means that both parties have clarified their respective positions

What does it mean for both parties to clarify their positions?

It's what you said you said, I said mine

No consensus


This is the two sides

The usual practice, just what it means

Then, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Xinhua News Agency has published another manuscript

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian's comment on Yang Jiechi

Pompeo talks to reporters

This article talks about a few issues, that is

The two parties expounded their respective positions.

Yang Jiechi's stated position

Talk again

No. 1, Sino-US relations, No. 2, Taiwan issue, No. 3, Hong Kong issue

Fourth, the Xinjiang issue

This is an article

The manuscripts listened to in China mean that everyone will take a look

I'm not Li Hongzhang, I didn't do Li Hongzhang, I should have said everything, this article means this


The press release for Yang Jiechi's talks with Pompeo is

Made at 11 o'clock

After sending

Standing Committee of the National People's Congress

This draft of legislation on Hong Kongs national security laws

18 o'clock

It was sent at 6 pm

What happened? Read it again

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, June 18th, by wire


In line with the spirit of the rule of law and in line with the general public opinion,

Hong Kong Legislation on Safeguarding National Security Matters

It's actually a comment, in the comment

The 19th meeting of the 13th NPC Standing Committee will open in Beijing on the 18th. The meeting will be reviewed

National Security Law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the Peoples Republic of China


Then this method

This draft law is to implement the thirteenth national people

Adopted at the 3rd meeting of the National Congress, the National Peoples Congress

Establish and improve the legal system for safeguarding national security in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

And implementation mechanism decisions

the spirit of


Important legislative items, and then, a bunch of

it means

this time

Hong Kong version of the National Security Law


Do you remember? Just

In the Standing Committee of the National Peoples Congress, the opening on the 18th is

Open today

Actually in the news before this

The Hong Kong version of the National Security Law is not included

Legislative items

Items not included in the legislation

Then Xinhua News Agency is here

Clock manuscript at 6 o'clock in the afternoon

Say this

This one has been included

The Hong Kong version of the National Security Law has been included in the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress

What is the content of the legislation? Explanation

That's why I took it down before

Just want to take a look

How did Pompeo and Yang Jiechi talk about


Not on

Did not talk 109 00:05:51,231 --> 00:05:51,743 Just go

I'm not talking right now

Just go

This is basically the case

Let's talk about this situation, the first

Meet the two

How long did you talk about

There are different opinions, and some are only for an hour

Some people say that they talked for seven hours

It is unlikely to talk about an hour, because an hour may even have todays issue

Not finished

Then one hour is unlikely

Talking about seven hours is more likely

But it is not important, what is important

The important thing is that there is no negotiation

Why did it fail

Because the Hong Kong version of the National Security Law was held

What will the Hong Kong version of the National Security Law prove at the first meeting? Prove that this negotiation has no results and no consensus

No results


From this perspective

What does the reverse prove from this angle? The reverse proves the original

The Hong Kong version of the National Security Law is not included in the legislative process

What is the proof? prove

Yang Jiechi really took the Hong Kong version of the National Security Law

I really took the Hong Kong version of the National Security Law

Otherwise, you won't do such a strange action, that is

He was not on the agenda, and later said it was at the meeting

This is illegal, of course China, the Peoples Republic of China, his country

Features are not obvious

so he

Does not conform to his own procedure

He often does this kind of thing

This is Article 2, Article 3

Why is it going away? I have been thinking about this problem for a long time

Two reasons

First reason

For the United States

What is the orientation of public opinion at this time, that is, to fight against China

If at this time Trump and China


What will it be

No matter how much Trump gets

Everyone will think

This is a bad deal


You traded with him

Now the public opinion is

You don't want you to follow

China Transaction

You just want to fight him

So what is the first reason, the current public opinion orientation

Need to fight with China

Instead of trading with China

What are you doing to deal with China now

Although he proposed to meet with you, you should meet him. Who asked you to deal with him?

It should be this, this is Article 1, Article 2

in case

He doesnt want to deal with China, if Trump doesnt want to

Trade with Xi Jinping

What does that mean and what will he say

That is

10 requirements

What do you want to talk about? Tell me about 10 requirements to meet these requirements

Let's talk down

Do not meet these requirements

Don't talk

There is no way to talk about this

and so

I think the reason for this disappointment is that the United States does not want to deal with China at all

Although China is carrying the Hong Kong version of the National Security Law

But the Hong Kong version of the National Security Law does not work, too few

Then I have prepared 10 items now

You even these 10 items together

Meet me together

Only if we can trade, can we have a consensus, can we reach an agreement

Otherwise don't mention

Can't reach an agreement

Article 2 is that the United States has not given China

Chance of concession

This is

Diplomacy, Article 3

Article 4

Hong Kong version of the National Security Law Conference

First Standing Committee

All suspense is gone

China and the United States officially opened

China and the United States officially started, this thing began

We said earlier that there is no turning arrow when opening a bow, this is really a bow


The whole western country will join

American camp

G7 yesterday

Issued a statement, the joint statement is proof

It is not

The problem that the United Kingdom and the United have joined together is the problem that the entire Western countries have joined together. This matter is very troublesome in China.

This is the 4th, 5th

Actually before this happened

The fight between China and the United States is already a thing of the past, only

I think Yang Jiechi went to meet Pompeo

This move is a bit

It feels like a dead horse is already a living horse doctor

Just know to fight

But still have to try

If you dont try, how do you know if it is done?

This is a grey rhino

Trump is going to fight

Its just playing, its in line with public opinion and election

If he accepts

If he accepts the Chinese concession

That happens

Bolton's new book is just right

Owned by Trump

Is the judgment right?

and so

I think this gray rhino

in fact

Since when

The one at Trump Rose Garden


Its already settled, this grey rhino has gone forward

There is no possibility of going back

So its Article 5, Article 6.

Hong Kong

What will Hong Kong be in the future

The future of Hong Kong is the storm eye of the confrontation between China and the United States, all the focus is on Hong Kong

Hong Kong's future is everything


and so

just wait

Many shows will be staged in Hong Kong

Everyone, be careful, be careful

at Hong Kong

Anyone who has any assets, still have to pay attention

Is if you have a lot of assets in Hong Kong

Then you have to make some arrangements quickly

Hong Kong

It may become a ruin, not necessarily


Hong Kong as a financial center

All of his

Tall building

Is built on a

Very sensitive basis

This sensitive foundation includes what I said


Contact with the United States, everyone

Dont think that contact with the US is not important, it is very important

There is a lot of your infrastructure and talents

Funds, etc.

Then its foundation is very sensitive

Or I can turn these things over and talk

Its foundation is very fragile

What is fragility

If you really remove some of the foundation

He will fall

Let me give an example

Before Numqin, the US Treasury Secretary said, we are studying some

Is the measure of capital problem in and out of Hong Kong

This is very important, financial center, if you have no money, not called financial center

You have money now, no matter how much money you have

Mobility is the most important, the financial center is asking for money

This is called the financial center

If he takes some measures to prevent some funds from entering Hong Kong

He will become a dead port

This is very important

Of course there are more, such as the linked exchange rate of the Hong Kong dollar

The linked exchange rate of the Hong Kong dollar is actually

Numchin speaks a sentence, or the Ministry of Commerce speaks a sentence

Hong Kong dollar linked exchange rate will blow up the wind

What words

We are considering

Think about the issue of US dollar settlement in Hong Kong financial institutions

Can the Hong Kong dollar linked exchange rate be maintained? If the United States really says that

Then I don't know what the consequences are

So there are a series of

Very serious consequences

The US President said that Trump said we would cancel and gradually remove

Hong Kongs special treatment, everyone will feel oops, dont give me special treatment.

Do you think that behind this is special treatment? no

What is special treatment

The special treatment is that I give you this right to let you do this

If I dont let you do this, you cant do it.

This consequence is very serious

and so

All storms will be in Hong Kong

Scrape up

and so

People who have assets and industries in Hong Kong now need to start preparations, not now

Seeing the wind is rain, now it is

The No. 8 typhoon has hung up, Hong Kong people can understand what I said

Typhoon No. 8 hangs up

What do you mean by the typhoon signal No. 8, do you know?

According to Hong Kongs laws, as long as the No. 8 is hung, the No. 8 typhoon is hung.

You should

Stay where you are, stay where you are, dont go out, dont go on the street

Don't take the car, all insurance will be invalid

All insurance is invalid

All taxis


Taxi cannot be opened, why

You cant drive if insurance is invalid

Now the problem

Everyone must know that the No. 8 typhoon is hanging


The situation in Hong Kong now

Article 7

This one needs to be answered

Is there a secret agreement

Is there a secret agreement, just think about it

Will Trump have a secret agreement

Trump has a secret agreement

Trump is a man who deals with secret agreements

I think

Pempeo was the one who helped Trump make a secret agreement

Pempeo is such a person

But this time there must be no secret agreement, why

It's very simple, because the Hong Kong version of the National Security Law has already been held

The Hong Kong version of the National Security Law will prove that

Trump is innocent

Pempeo is also innocent, he has no secret agreement


America moves fast

All actions in the United States will begin soon

will not

There won't be any


Probably like this, this news

There is not much stretching, probably this kind of thing


Okay, we have a lot of news today, so I will pick up a few related ones

Major news, report it to everyone, I dont like it

Open a Chinese medicine shop, one program opens many Chinese medicine shops

However, the news Im talking about is all

Relevant to this topic, there is another very important development, such as the Beijing epidemic, I still have to talk about

Then also invite netizens in Beijing or netizens around Beijing, or domestic

Of netizens

Tell me about your epidemic situation, can you broadcast it?

In this way, it is very helpful for us to understand the situation in Beijing

How are you

Related news first

The United States rejected the submarine cable project connecting the United States.


s reason

Recommend FCC veto

Pacific Fiber Network

U.S. and Hong Kong submarine cable commissioning plan

Instead, the Ministry of Justice made suggestions that he

You can connect this network from the US to Taiwan or the Philippines, but not to Hong Kong

He said so, he said

Mainly consider the factors of national security, because the important investors of the Pacific optical fiber network

Is a Hong Kong company

This company is China Telecom

Subsidiary of the next subsidiary

So he thought it was unsafe

Beijing will collect data from the United States


Federal Communications Commission

It was originally approved

The submarine cable connecting the United States to Hong Kong, he said you dont

Don't go to Hong Kong, if you go to Taiwan and the Philippines, I will approve

go to Hong Kong

I dont approve,

do you see it

Hong Kong is a very important

Internet Node

If the United States starts doing this action, what does it mean

Hong Kong is not a node of the Internet

Connect later

The US optical cable will not go to Hong Kong, but will go to Taiwan and the Philippines

Is it important?

Speaking of North Korea, North Korea was not yesterday

take this

The North-South Liaison Office was bombed on the 16th, and the North-South Joint Office of the Kaicheng Industrial Zone

Then, it was yesterday

Yesterday Trump thought that the North Korean authorities continued to make extraordinary threats and ordered

Extend current sanctions against North Korea by one year

Very tough

Trumps notice to Congress stated that he is extending the

National emergency deadline

This item was issued in June 2008

Executive order

Demand for North Korea's nuclear program

Nuclear ballistic missile plans to sanction

The reason for the extension is

Nuclear weapons materials on the Korean peninsula not only exist, but also risk of proliferation

And the actions of the North Korean government

And policies continue to the US national security, foreign policy

And the economy poses an extraordinary threat

and so

To extend it, I wont read it later


Isn't North Korea moving?

Then hit it

Hit it, anyway, there are three aircraft carriers there

If it doesn't work, just blow it up

Now America

America is now

China has no strategic containment of the United States

Influence, if he does not have this strategy to contain influence

North Korea actually, now North Korea does these actions

Are very dangerous and risk their lives


Because Trump

Trump has a characteristic, that is


He is deliberately managing his image

Then this unpredictability

What are the consequences

Actually, when North Korea is doing these actions,

Actually he is a little scared

You don't know what Trump will do

Trump is actually unpredictable.

Okay, lets talk about the Beijing epidemic

There are two developments in the Beijing epidemic. What is one development?

The official tone has changed

Yesterday, Pang Xinghuo, deputy director of Beijing CDC

At the press conference on the afternoon of the 17th, what are you talking about?

Speaking of this Beijing epidemic situation is still on the rise

Rising period

Then he said, because now all the outbreaks are showing

From Xinfadi Farmers Market

Considering this market

Beijing is the largest, very large

Wide flow of people, wide range of logistics, dense flow of people, this proliferation risk

Very difficult to prevent and control

and so

He said not to rule out

The number of sick people will continue to rise in the future

It will happen, not to mention the rise, it will continue for a certain period of time

But what is his basic judgment

The epidemic is still on the rise

To today

This one

This tone


This Wu Zunyou came out and said, Wu Zunyou is a very shameless guy, basically

All from the CDC

All the talk about this is by Wu Zunyou

He is the chief expert in epidemiology

He made it clear that the Beijing epidemic was under control, I dont know how he came to this conclusion

He said that Beijings epidemic 13 was a peak

It was only seven days in total, the peak came out already

He said so, he said that if the patient is sick

Time to make a curve

The peak occurred on June 13

That is

Is there no case report tomorrow, no, there will be

These cases

Will be less and less

A total of seven days

The peak is on the 13th, the 1st occurs, and then the peak is on the 13th

Deceived, really, deceived, this nonsense has reached such a shameless point


Actually, what is spreading now is

Now I know that it is from Beijing to Hebei in Liaoning

Sichuan, Zhejiang and Tianjin

Is the spread of the epidemic related to the new place, there are already six provinces and cities

Tianjin already has


Five provinces in Hebei, Liaoning, Zhejiang, Sichuan

Five provinces and cities

Think about it

There have been five provinces and cities since the new development

Already spread, the known cases are already known

I dont know, because there are still many asymptomatic

Then think about it

What is the local spread in Beijing

The local spread is simply

And you push forward, if you want to push for a month, or even a month and a half, what is the situation

You said it is under control now

This Wu Zunyou


I can't say

I think bullshit is no longer possible

Describe his shamelessness

So what is the situation now? The current situation is

Starting on the 17th

The entire Beijing has entered a semi-closed state, please invite netizens in Beijing to correct it

What I have now

Not necessarily all accurate

Please netizens to correct me, except that the people left Beijing

Outside of strict control, Beijing went to various provinces across the country

People from Beijing will be strictly monitored

This is a situation

Another situation is that we have seen a lot of videos on the Internet in the past two days

Beijing is testing

This test is simply human

A perfect scene for cross infection again


So why, the Beijingers' Association

Look at that scene, that is, people are crowded, people crowded

It must be a cross infection, if there is one in the middle, it must be a cross infection

Why beijing

I don't care about the safety of my life

Prove that there is a situation, let me explain to you

Why do everyone have to go in a hurry

Do the test

Beijing, the six types of nucleic acid detection people must do the accounting as soon as possible


Which of these six categories of people are included, and one is new


Its the one associated with the new place, the first


Related people in the community are those near the new development site

There are also permanent residents of towns and villages in high-risk neighborhoods

He divided Beijing into

Divided into several risks

As long as you are moderate and high risk

You have to do the test

And its all at their own expense, no money, no government money, they can even do this


There are also employees of medical institutions

It is estimated that these people are free

Then there is the public service staff

Then students and faculty members who have returned to school

And participate

Key areas, frontline workers in community prevention and control

These six categories of people

At present, there are 98 institutions with detection capabilities in Beijing

The maximum detection capacity per day is 90,000

They all have to make an appointment online

Many are not able to go on site

So why are these six categories of people

You must be in a hurry, if you go, you can go, see more people go back, no


This is the health code

You didnt follow this rule, please ask netizens in Beijing to correct me if you are wrong

If your health code is not tested on time, you will get the pass and your health code will change

Will even turn red

Home isolation

Then you cant go to work, many people have to earn money and have to eat

Why is everyone testing in a swarm, if you dont detect in time

You can't even get out

That's the case

This is typical

I can't cure the disease

Can't I cure you yet? That's the problem

The CCP is the problem, so we say that the health code is a

Very powerful thing, this is the reason

That he can get you out


Endless trouble for you

That's it

Then you can watch

Situation on site

This is not just a question of maintaining order on site

Then the number of people is too much to control

That's it

Beijing was announced on the 18th

From now on

Adjust the proportion of public traffic limit

Control full load rate

Bus full load does not exceed 90%

Rail transit full load does not exceed 80%

Then save

In and out

Inter-provincial travel chartered in and out of Beijing


June 19th

All inter-provincial passenger terminals in Beijing are out of service

What does inter-provincial passenger station mean?

All passenger stations leaving Beijing and Beijing are closed

The suspension is just not to come in and go out

It's exactly the same as before, now in terms of taxis

Suspension of cruise vehicles, online car-hailing, and ride-hailing services

Taxi driver suspended

Operating track

Traffic Driver Qualification Test

That's it, if

If you have started now

All controlled, what should be controlled like this

This is actually

You can see that Beijing has started

I have entered the stage of lying, I said yesterday

From now on, we dont have to believe

Can already ignore

The situation of this epidemic announced by Beijing

That's probably it

Okay, so we will talk so much today

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Mr. Wang, come on, please ask Mr. Wang for a cup of coffee, there is always a question

Chinas per capita GDP is 10,000 US dollars, 70,000 yuan, and per capita disposable income is 30,000 yuan

Where did the gap of 40,000 go?

Just two different calibers

Not a gap

Statistical caliber

They don't exist

Plus or minus relationship, he just

GDP is just

Just follow one of it

Scale of occurrence

Is it such a large economic scale or transaction scale?

Per capita income is how much money you really receive

They are two different statistical calibers, and there is no relationship between addition and subtraction

Do you want to say that the middle 40,000 yuan was taken away by the government, without this relationship, without this

There is no statistical addition and subtraction relationship between them

Just say it doesn't contain it

It doesnt contain it either, they are different



Viewpoint: Talking about collapse is a good thing

If you don't talk about collapse, it will only be given to China

More time for Tai Chi

Anything promised will not be executed

This is the majority of netizens

Common wish, then this result

This result responds to everyone's ideas

But there is one

We still don't want to use God's perspective

What is the perspective of God, and the perspective of God is all living beings, ants can see

I am not, I never use God's perspective

I am still

Still a head-up, what is the head-up, that is, I will see a living person

A lot of people

Talk about national events

Have a God perspective

This person, people and ants, even ants can see

Its not like this.

What is hit

You see, you see fight

Hitting is hitting, hitting is killing

Live one by one

So dont talk lightly about war or this kind

How to say, you dont have a way when it happens

but if

Not happening better, why

There are many


Livelihood is here

Not so, everyone can live so easily


I'm not so happy, to be honest


Think about it

What is the consequence if the United States exerts a thunderous force on Hong Kong

Who will bear the consequences

Hong Kong people are here together

You said, we are going to occupy that city, fight

Ordinary people are inside

Unless everyone withdraws

How do you love how to fight

But there are many people who cant leave

and so

Before you hit, I think

Of course it is better to succumb to soldiers without fighting. At least this city does not need to be charcoaled.


What is life charcoal, life charcoal is really a person was killed on the road

That's where the creatures are charcoal and the brains are smeared

If you think about these scenes, you know

Actually, its okay for us to talk about war

These devastating behaviors

What we all have to think about, I am very against

Against that God's perspective

Its standing tall and high, people cant see it.

I just want the result

I don't like this

At least I am not like this

Viewpoint: Chinas strategy on the Hong Kong issue is related to North Koreas bombing of North Koreas liaison office building

The same thing


Not so good

Mr. Wang admires your interpretation of the Peng Yang talks, if Yang really uses the Hong Kong version of the National Security Law as a bargaining chip


It would be too self-righteous to think that this is a matter of CCP's own initiative

I also want to learn to increase tariffs in Trump's trade war

The practice of using tariffs as chips

Dong Shi Xiao Yi only

It's a little different, what's a little different is

U.S. plus China tariffs

Behind him, everyone can go to the office of the US Trade Representative

To see

Before the US increased tariffs, there was such a thick book

Investigation report

This investigation report will

How have you violated in the past few years

His previous promise

What kind of losses have been caused to the United States

Such a thick report, how many pages

Hundreds of pages of reports

His report is very informative and also a textbook-level report

His report is very clear

I will increase your tariffs, you have no way to refute

Later, the Ministry of Commerce made a rebuttal, but the rebuttal was all slogans, these two

When you look at this thing together, you can see the difference in level

One heaven, one earth, there is no comparison

So, it is

The United States does these moves, he really does it well

I make it clear what my reason is

The Hong Kong version of the National Security Law that you are doing in Hong Kong, China, you have violated your promise

You are untenable in reason

So why western countries

Will unite in this coordinated position

A unified stand against this matter, the reason is here

Completely between the two

One is based and the other is against his own promise, these two are fundamentally different

Opinion: King Sir is good

Although we all know that Hong Kong needs Nirvana to be reborn, but when this day really comes

Inevitably still sad

May we all be strong and heartbroken


I really think so

Of course some netizens, he did not

I dont feel so much about Hong Kong

Is a perceptual knowledge, or he doesnt have so much experience

I can understand this, that is

You dont have a sentient understanding of this city, you are not connected

After all, I have lived there for so many years

I have many friends, many

Relevance is there, I dont want this city to be destroyed

There are emotional factors here, so many netizens do not have these factors

Understandable, understandable, but I remind everyone

When we are thinking about the problem, we cannot

Just want one

Think more about it, okay

Viewpoint: As a mainlander, we always feel that we all have a responsibility to see the sinking of Hong Kong, but we are powerless, really

Sad, yes, it is like this

We still have to be empathetic

Opinion: China's system sucks

Because this system does not have any self-discipline and self-reflection mechanism

Very right

This system

What are the characteristics of the authoritarian system

The characteristic of the autocratic system is that it does not have the ability to correct errors


Western democracy

The biggest advantage is not how good this system is

This system is very inefficient

Discuss a political discussion for a long time

why? Because everyone has to speak

All speeches have to be heard

And you have to take it into account, you think about how long this policy will take

So you see, Western countries repair roads for half a day

I haven't repaired it for several years

The curse is dying, the reason is here, this system

Democratic system

low efficiency

But what is the biggest advantage of a democratic system

Strong error correction ability


The person you are in power over here has made a mistake, the people below are all pointing at you, you change quickly, you dont want to step down

Dare people who come up make mistakes?

Change it if it is wrong

I corrected the mistakes and quickly changed the system

Then, no such thing will happen

So he is very error-correcting

Does the dictatorship correct errors, no


I can't cure the disease, can't I cure you? He does not solve the problem

He solves the problem

This problem was solved, he didn't need to solve it at all

and so

The dictatorship has no self-correcting ability, so you can see

On the issue of epidemic prevention and control

Chinas current approach is no different from that of 2003. It has not made any progress. What is the reason? Because it is dictatorial, he does not need

There is progress, its okay not to progress

That's it

Question: Can Mr. Wang analyze why China should initiate negotiations?

Yang Jiechi

At most talk about the Hong Kong version of the National Security Law and the Sino-US trade agreement

How could this be successful

Inside, I chatted with my friend yesterday

I think so

There are two points

Point 1

I still think Trump has misjudged

You see, from last year to now

China has been holding Trump

Is holding Trump all the time

Pinching what


Is an order for agricultural products

China uses agricultural products orders on Trump

Helped him a lot

Trump walks around on many issues

Go around here, go around there

Go around, you can watch

You watch our video

Including the Hong Kong Bill of Rights, which he signed for 10 days

Because if he doesnt sign again, it will automatically take effect

So he signed

He didn't

Once Congress passed

Ka Ka Ka signed it, he didn't, he dragged it for 10 days, to whom

Drag it to Xi Jinping

So, in fact on this matter, you can watch


The order of agricultural products really pinched Trump

This matter is misleading to the Chinese side, or

The Chinese

Trump's current idea

Is wrong

Where is the misjudgment

I said

Trump is pinching this now

Phase 1 agreement

The first phase of the Sino-US trade talks was a bit awkward

I can't say that

But he cant do it right now, Trump is a repeater

As long as he thinks what works

He doesn't care about the occasion

Regardless of cause and effect

He will repeat it again

Speaking up, we have one. He wants to let everyone know that Sino-US trade negotiations, we have an agreement

He will say at any time, for no reason, hey, we have a great agreement

This agreement has brought us many, many orders

China is sending money to me, repeating it every day

He just wants to use this method, Trump is

Trump is not complicated at all, Trump is actually very simple

Im going to send you a message, dont you say it to me?

He is like this

So you see

Trump's result, now you see if Trump talked about the Sino-US trade agreement again

Never said why

Can't talk

The whole domestic atmosphere has become like this, you also said, your Sino-US trade agreement, I dont want to agree with him

I want to fight him, I want to fire with him

This is the fire held by the United States

Trump is well aware of this


You still use this thing to pinch him

Does it work

Doesn't work

I think the first condition is this

You are right, this netizen is very clear

in fact

Yang Jiechi came with two things

The first one is the Hong Kong version of the National Security Law

the second

Is the first phase of the agreement

Promise of

I continue to execute, okay, I continue to execute this


The Hong Kong version of the National Security Law will be withdrawn, will it work?

Trump did not want to trade with him at all

So on this question

China has a misjudgment

This misjudgment is

He thinks that pinching this order can still kill Trump

If Trump now deals with China

Then he's done

He is sure his choice is

It must be a major frustration because it is a directional error

So I think

The reason why we cant succeed is this way, the reason is

Trump no longer cares

China-US Trade Agreement

Because at this time the Sino-US trade agreement

It may become a negative asset every minute

So he can't hold it

And can't be pinched by it

Think about it

Viewpoint: Teacher Wang is estimated to be the only one who dares to criticize Trump

And Chuanfen's media people

Im not talking about Sichuan fans anymore, Ive corrected it

I have put the content of the previous Bolton book

Share with friends around

In the end everyone said Bolton revenge

Can't see Trump's greatness, the post is Bai Zuo

And I found that Sichuan Fan has a broad political spectrum

Previously known in China

Little pink

Since the fifth, basically support Trump one-sidedly

As for overseas democracy movements, extreme anti-communists also supported Trump

Really amazing

Trump can get support from both

Also I want to say that Trump has a lot

An excellent place to do, but just like rational patriotism, everyone must rationally love Trump

That's it

Extreme anti-communist

The extreme anti-communist is also Sichuan Fan

And they are all brain stumps



Count on Trump

Kill the CCP

What is their inner logic, that is

Hope Trump goes to the Chinese Communist Party

The President of the United States that we saw, we dont count before

The American presidents we can see are all

Blended with the CCP

Starting with Bush

All blended with China

To Trump

Trump said fairly

Trump is the only president we have ever seen, the President of the United States

It was Trump who opened fire on the CCP.

This must be admitted, this

Everyone must recognize this

and so

Many netizens say

We want to support Trump

It has its rationality, and its rationality is that Trump is the only American president who officially fired on the CCP.

This point is

Extreme anti-communist


It's Fan Trump

main reason

Also Little Pink Pink Trump

There are other reasons, we will not expand

Opinion: Trump's character has a big problem, which is obvious in Bolton's book

It is also conceivable that if Biden is elected, he will likely continue to criticize the CCP, but privately and Wall Street


Provide substantial assistance to the CCP

Internal emphasis on political correctness, providing universal medical insurance

Support illegal immigration, the national strength of the United States 4 years later

It is likely to be further weakened, and the CCP is likely to




Make sense

and so




5000 3000























I say




I really do not know



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