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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Smell-Tasting Experiment #2

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We're gonna smell with our nose holes while we eat with our mouth hole.

Let's talk about that.

♪ (intro music) ♪

- Good mythical morning. - Welcome to the season nine finale!

- Woohoo! - This episode. We will be back on August

1st though so don't fret. You will then get more of your daily dose of mythicality.

Yes. Now, scientists say something and that something that they say is that your

- taste is influenced by your smell. - Highly influenced, right?

- Maybe even a majority of your taste is actually you just smelling stuff. So you

can totally change what you're tasting by changing what you're smelling.

Now almost two years ago we did the original smell-tasting experiment but we

thought, hey we gotta check back in on the smellers and the tasters.

- Still stuff to smell and taste. - And yeah, there's still stuff so let's

get on with it. It's...

Okay and for Smasting 2016 we have an all-new smellevator. Let's just call it a

- smaster now. Okay? - Yeah. Okay.

- It's again, it's not-- - Well it elevates the smells above the

- taste so it is a smellevator. - Yeah, it's a two-part system now, Link.

- Oh yeah? - (Rhett) Yeah.

- (Link) Right now it just smells like a visor. - Oh it is not a visor turned upside down.

(Rhett) Do not take away from the genius of the smellevator.

- And then this right here goes there. - And you got your mouth hole under here for tasting.

(Link) I can't see my mouth hole anymore. Not that I ever could by looking down but--

(Rhett) I can see it.

(Link) It's there.

(Rhett) Let's smaste!

(Link) Alright, bring in the first smell which don't know what it is. Ooh. I can't see it

at this point either, it's too close to my nose. It's out of focus.

It's savory.

- (Link) I don't know what it is. - (Rhett) It's wet and savory.

(Drew) Okay, bring in the food.

(Link) Oh, the food's coming in?

That's big.

Is that cake?


It's cornbread.

It turned whatever it was into cornbread if it's not already cornbread.

- No it tastes like fruit cake. - No it tastes like corn bread. Oh I can't

even tell what it is. You got some cotton balls with some weird stuff on your nose.

- (Link) Brown cotton balls. - Yeah, yeah, yeah.

- Keep smelling deeply while you're tasting. - I can't taste anymore 'cause I ate it,

- it was so good. That was cornbread, man. - It's got the consistency of cornbread,

probably is but I say it tastes like a fig. It really does.

A fig. Was it fig bread?

- (Drew) No, it wasn't fig bread. - (crew laughs)

- (Link) Fig Newton filling. - (Drew) No.

- (Rhett) What is the top? - (Drew) The top is soy sauce.

- (Rhett) Oh it's so obvious. - (Link) Oh. Yes, it is now.

- (Drew) And then the food was cornbread. - (Rhett) Oh so it was--

(Link) Soy sauce and cornbread make Fig Newton filling! It does!

- Or they make forn bread. - Feel like I just put my nose up to the

- butt of a sushi chef. - I don't think that's how it works.

- That's not where soy sauce comes from? - No, I mean I think, if anything, they

- would pee it out. - (Rhett & crew laugh)

(Rhett) But I think they probably don't excrete either of those.

- (Link) Mm. - (Rhett) Yeah. Yeah I think maybe you

just stuck your nose into the jar - into a bottle of soy sauce.

- (Link) Really? - (Rhett) That's probably a better - a better story.

(Rhett) Okay, bring it in, the smell.

- (Link) Woo! Peppermint. - Oh. That is--

- Mm like a candy cane. - This makes me feel like I'm just - I'm

about to run into Frosty the Snowman around the next corner.

(Link) Whatcha doing with those peppermint sticks, Frosty?

- I think my nose may start bleeding, it's-- - (Link) Oh gosh.

- (Rhett) It's so strong. - (Link) It's - my left nose is really--

- (Drew) Bring in the food. - (Link) feeling the heat.

(Rhett) I think they call that a nostril.

- What - what?

- Oh I'm supposed to suck on it. - (laughter)

- Peppermint. Peppermint juice. - I was like, what kind of food is this

- that is a long plastic - a long plastic straw-like food? - I know, I was like - I was like, it's a

- noodle! It's so strong! - It just tastes like you took a peppermint

- and you-- - Squeezed it.

- you squoze it. - (Link) Gimme another--

- Do peppermints grow on trees? - (Drew) I don't think so.

- Peppermilk. - (Link) I'm really trying to--

- It's peppermilk. - 'Cause I'm trying to suck in my nose and

my mouth at the same time which is really hard to do actually.

It has the consistency of milk but it has zero taste of milk 'cause it just tastes

- like peppermint. - Yeah it is milk. I get the aftertaste now.

(Drew) Okay so the smell is peppermint oil so you're right.

- (Link) Yes. - (Drew) And then it's milk.

- (Rhett) Oh it's just milk. - (Drew) Milk.

(Link) Peppermilk. Which is a good idea.

(Rhett) Okay, bring in the smell.

(Rhett) Ugh.

- Is that cologne or cleaner? - It smells like a barbershop.

- (Link) It's aftershave. - (Rhett) It's aftershave.

- (Link) Ew my stomach turned. - (Rhett) Shaving cream. Really?

- Yes, I don't know why. - You don't like to get shaved, huh?

(Link) Well I don't like shoving my nose against a freshly shaved man's face.

Is this like putting your nose up to a barber's butthole?

- That's where that's made? - I mean, yeah. You think if everyone just

excretes whatever they deal with during their profession.

That's how you know what you're supposed to do with your life.

- That's not how life works, man. - It's like you do a stool sample and you

- take it to your guidance counselor-- - Please do not take stool samples to your

- guidance counselor. - And they'll tell you--

- (Rhett) If you want to go to college... - (Link) what you should do.

- (Rhett) do not take it. - (Drew) Okay, let's--

- (Link) You should be a barber. - (Drew) Let's bring in the food.

(Link) With feces like that you should be a barber.

(Link) It's got gravy on it. (Rhett) Is it dog food? Did y'all just

- give us dog food? - It's like a flat cold gravy turd.

- I got locked in a - I got locked in a barbershop-- - Oh can you put that back up there?

I got locked in a barbershop during the apocalypse and then after I ate all the

hair on the ground I had to turn to the dog food that the barber was keeping in the back.

I've never had any food that I thought, hm I'd like to dip this into aftershave. Uh-uh.

Tasting a little bit on my moustache now. I don't think it's dog food. I think it

- just might just be country-style steak. - Keep breathing deeply and whatever it is

- is not appetizing. - I'm starting to like it though. I feel

like if got into this situation and I had to eat the barber's dog food--

- (Link) I feel like I'm eating-- - (Rhett) I think I - I think I'd like it.

- I think-- - (Link) Yeah?

(Rhett) I've prepared myself now. I've changed - this has changed my neurons.

- I have new neural pathways that are-- - (Link) My neurons.

(Rhett) That have prepared me for the apocalypse. I'm gonna have to start going

to the barber and quit cutting my own hair. So if the big one happens, I'll be at the barbershop.

- And you'll eat what? - The dog food.

- (both laugh) - (Link) What is it though?

- (Drew) Okay, you guys are smelling cologne-- - (Link) Cologne.

- (Rhett) Oh. - (Drew) And you're eating Salisbury steak.

Oh, you can get this combination in many places in North Carolina. This is like a

- date in North Carolina (laughs). - (both laugh)

(Rhett) You could've just called this one North Carolina date.

- (Link) Oh man. The cologne's gonna-- - Oh. Ah!

- Oh no, no, no this is good. - What?

- (Link) It's like grape-- - No, it's burning. It's burning into my nose. Ugh.

- It smells like a snow cone to me. - It's a little fruity.

- I think it's snow cone uh, ink. - I can't tell man. Food please.

- (Link) Grape. - (Drew) Bring in the food.

- Ah! What? - (crew laughs)

- It's got fingers. - It doesn't have fingers but it tastes like one.

(Link) Ugh.

- (Link gags) - (crew laughs)

This is cat food now.

- It's grape fish. It's fish, man. - This is more like pier. It smastes like the pier.

I'm getting a smoky taste but I've still got this fruitiness up top. Fruity up top,

- smoky on the bottom. - It's fruity rotten fish.

- It's pier vomit. - Yeah it's like somebody--

- (Link) It's like tourist - tourist pier vomit. - (Rhett) But who had too much sunscreen on and

they got a little bit in their mouth and then they vomited on a fish that they just

- caught and then we ate that. - (crew laughs)

- (Rhett) That's what just happened. - I think they ate a snow cone and then

- caught a fish and ate that. Ew. - (Drew) Okay, so you guys are smelling sunscreen.

- (Link) Oh you were right about sunscreen. - (Rhett) Told you.

(Drew) And you're eating canned smoked mussels.

- (Rhett & Link) Mussels. - (Rhett) Like human muscles?

- (Link) Like biceps? - (Drew) No, not like human muscles.

- (Rhett laughs) Oh yeah. - (Link) Wow okay, I--

(Rhett) Pier! Pier! It had the mussels on it and the sunscreen. Pier, man. We just

- smelled - smasted pier! - Yeah, and I did not like it.

(Rhett) Smell, please.

Oh no, that's refreshing, man. Um, what is that, mouthwash?

- Piney? - Oh it's cleaner. It's some sort of piney cleaner.

- (Rhett) It's piney cleaner. - (Link) It's cleaner used to clean pine.

- Do you have any of the piney cleaner? - Is it lemon or is it like pine scent?

- It's piney-sol. - It's not appetizing. I don't know what

- I'd want to eat. - It doesn't smell like something you should eat.

- (Link) No. - (Drew) Alright, bring in the food.

(Link) But I can - I can make it kinda minty.

It's pointy, man.

(crew laughs)

- I'm - I'm afraid. - What is this?

- It's a steak, man. - What the crap is this food?

- (Link) My recommendation is to breathe-- - (Rhett) I don't want any more.

(Link) is to breath deeply.

- This isn't my nemesis, is it? - I don't think it's liver.


(crew laughs)

- I tried to swallow it a little bit. - There's a lot of it. But it wasn't juicy

- at least. It was more like a slab of something. - A slab of liver?

- I don't think it's liver. - I don't think I could be eating it if it

was liver. I don't think I could be doing this. This is like magic.

- (Link) Whatever it is, smelling cleaner doesn't help. - Yes it does. It works, man.

(Link) Yeah, I guess you're right.

- Breathe deep and swallow. - It makes me wanna vomit, though.

- (gags) - (crew laughs)

- (Rhett) You got it all down? - (Link) I got one down, I got number two

- to go down. - What do you mean number two?

- I got two installments. - Buy one, get one free? BOGO.

(Link) I mean, it's like I'm eating something nasty in a janitor's closet

- where something spilled. - I think like part of the janitor.


(Link) Okay.

- (Rhett) Oh no, no, no I need that. - (crew laughs)

(Link) Yeah that was nasty, whatever it was. I'm afraid to find out.

(Rhett) Hold on, I'm not done yet. (stomping feet)

Tell me what it is before he swallows it.

No, I don't wanna know. (stomping feet)

(Drew) Okay, I'm gonna tell you. You're smelling...Vicks VapoRub.

(Link) Oh, really? I rubbed that on my feet when I was a kid.

- (crew laughs) - (Drew) Alright.

(Rhett) I got it all down, whatever it is.

(Drew) And you were eating liver. (Rhett) What?!

(Link) It was liver!

- What - from what animal? - (Drew) Cow.

- (Rhett) It was beef liver. - (Drew) Yeah.

- (Link) Oh gosh. You conquered it! - (Rhett) I ate liver!

(Link) You conquered it! All it took was a little VapoRub.

- (Rhett) I vomited a little bit in my mouth. - (Link) The aftertaste is horrible but I'd

- like to keep this here too. Good work, Rhett. - (Rhett) That's the last frontier of food for me.

(Link) You could put that on the Vicks label. 'Helps You Conquer Your Liver Fears'

(Rhett) That's the last common food that I have never been able to eat. This is a

- seminal moment in my life and you were here for it. - A Seminole moment?

- (Rhett) Seminal. - (Link) Like the Native American?

- (Rhett) Nope. Seminal. - (Link) Cool.

(Rhett) Yeah.

Okay, last - I can't believe - I can't believe I did it, man. I can't believe I beat it.

(Link) What is this?

(Link) It's tall. (Rhett) Oh I can see it.

- What is that? - Oh. Is that a chicken head?

- What is that, fingers of something. - Is that some sort of deformed shrimp?

(Link) I cannot see it this close-- (Rhett) I'm not gonna look at yours.

- But it smells fishy. - (Drew) Bring in the food.

(Link) I think it's - I think it's a crawfish.

- Ah! What? - (crew laughs)


- (screaming) - (Rhett) Are they moving?

- Are they moving? - (Link screaming)

- (Rhett) They're moving! - (Link screaming)

(Rhett) I don't know what to do!

- Did you chew? - Yeah! (screams)

- (Rhett screams) - (crew laughs)

- What is it? - It's a baby.

- (Rhett) It's a...

- It's a squid! - The things in my mouth were moving.

- I don't know how to be a human right now. - (crew laughs)

- (Link) I don't know how to be human either. - I forgot how to hold my arms.

- I don't know what this is but-- - What is in my mouth?

- Did you swallow it? - I'm chewing 'em.

- Ew what is that on top?

- You look like an alien right now. - What's in my - look.

(Rhett stuttering) I don't know.

(Rhett) Grubs!

Ah grubs?!

(crew laughs)

I got 'em.

- (Link) They tasted like - they tasted like grubs! - (Rhett) No, they tasted like - they

- tasted like squid. Is that a crawfish? What is it? - I don't know, it's a crawfish face. I don't - I don't know.

- (Link) What is it? - (Drew) Okay you guys were smelling mini squid.

- (Rhett) Mini squid. - (Drew) And you ate live wax worms.

(Link) What (stuttering) what is a wax worm?

- Ugh I think I dropped one on the ground. - Oh what a nightmare.

- (Link) Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh! - (Rhett) It took me quite a bit of time

to realize that they were moving in my mouth.

Oh man I'm traumatized but you know what, you conquered a fear. And I don't know why

this is still there. What am I doing? Oh my goodness.

- They had no taste, man. - Tasted like a baby squid. Thanks for

- liking, commenting, and subscribing. - You know what time it is.

Hello, my name is Ashland Bock from Denton, Texas. These are my mythical

beasts and it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality.

Thank you for joining us for yet another season of Good Mythical Morning. We will

be back for season ten on August 1st and then make sure tomorrow you check out the

latest episode of Good Mythical Crew on this channel!

But click through to Good Mythical More now where we're going to make and eat some

foaming belly brew and gulp some alien guts.

Right after Appendectomy: The Musical. (singing) What is that feeling?

- (Link singing) I don't know. - (Rhett singing) Right about here.

- (Both singing) Right about here.

(Link singing) Yeah it kinda hurts. I'm going to the doctor.

- (Rhett singing) You got one too? - (Link singing) Yeah. Let's do it together.

- (Rhett singing) Let's go. - (Link singing) Or we could stay here.

- (Rhett singing) Okay. - (Link singing) And I could cut you open.

- (Rhett singing) Well I got a knife! - (Link singing) Yeah!

- (Link singing) Cut me! - (Rhett singing) The scissor's alright,

- I'm gonna cut your shirt and then cut inside - sorry. - (normal voice) No, I like this shirt.

(normal voice) Oh okay, alright, I won't cut - I was just acting (inaudible mumbling)

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