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this Video is about creating

a completely new nebari on a Chinese elm

Some of you are have a really nice bonsai

but are not satisfied with the nebari of the tree

Maybe this video helps you to create a new rootbase

This chinese elm was a extra cheap offer

because it looked crazy

due to chaotic branches and an ugly nebari

But the tree trunk was quite fat

so I decided to do some experiment

At the beginning of the video

you see the bonsai in a partly styled condItion

At this point in spring last year

I decided to apply an air-layering method

Should be called a root-layering method in this case

First of all I removed the bark thoroughly

Be sure all the layers are peeled off

Before the new potting I used sphagnum moss for better rooting

like I would have used on air-layering

I didnt use any rooting hormones

Then I potted the tree

so as to have the surface of the soil

well above the cleaned bark area

This region has to be humid all the the time for the next months

The chinese elm bonsai grew very well

In summer I did the normal trimming

and took some cuttings for propagation

See the cuttings become new Chinese elms after a few month

I will do some videos about cuttings, subscribe

the next year I repotted the tree

Surprise !

I found the new roots building a new nebari

Of course

I have to work on the new roots,

stay tuned

I think I will repot the tree

to have it deeper in the soil again

I have lots of ideas about bonsai,

do not miss them

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Thank you very much for watching

See you next time

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