Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Comoros, the islands of the moon

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The Comoros archipelago is located at the northern entrance of the Mozambique Channel

between Madagascar and the east coast of Africa

In Mayotte, flying by air, there is a wonderful show

one of the largest lagoons in the world

then you fly Grand Comore and one of the largest craters

of the world, Kartala, which rises 2361 meters

The Comoros are romantically known as the islands of the moon

you will be enchanted by the volcanic landscape: streams of more recent black lava

overlap in the middle of a brown lava, older, in contrast with the wealth vegetation

and the surrounding blue sea

Thanks to its tropical geographical morphology and its insularity

Comorian agriculture in general and fisheries in particular

is a key ring of the national economy

All fishery products are marketed locally

or for self-consumption

There are about 3000 Galawas in the independent Comoros

The hull of these fragile pirogues of Melanesian origins,

is built in mango wood and the rockers with ylang-ylang

Fishing has an important role in providing food to a population of which 33%

is in a situation of absolute food poverty and more than 60%

in a state of undernourishment

Fishermen are considered the lowest caste of society

Fishing in the country is self-sufficient and for subsistence

Fishing techniques are unsophisticated

The fishing line is the most widely used method

The hook is disposed between two stones and bonded with ten rounds of nylon

a simple knot, detachable by a single shock, prevents the unwinding of the assembly

The fisherman who knows from experience the depth

place the exact length of the line to be close to the bottom

and with a kick he releases the hook from the two stones

Independent Comoros, despite their beautiful landscapes, do not have a well-developed tourism

but recently, the government is interested in the

development of ecotourism

in fact, the wealth of the archipelago consists

by its fauna and flora

not only whales, dolphins, corals, but also

sea turtles, and giant bats

We end our trip with a call to each of you to visit at least once

these beautiful places.

Directed by Marco Magini

The Description of Comoros, the islands of the moon