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Hi Kira Leskew here, when you work on improving concentration, your health can either help you, or it can really hinder

you. I am going to show you how your health can really affect your concentration

in 5 Minutes or less, so stay tuned.

Even if you personally have an amazing ability to concentrate, your body's health can have a huge impact

on that capacity. If your health isn't at maximum, it is like your concentration

tank went from 100% to 50% or maybe even less than that. So, by

solving some of your health issues, you may be able to increase your capacity to concentrate and grow that tank back up.

I am not a medical professional, but there are some general things that can really affect

your ability to concentrate, so if you think that some of these things apply to you, then please

so get it checked out. If your body is fighting a disease or infection,

that takes a ton of energy, and you will likely lose some of your capacity to concentrate.

Like-wise getting over injuries, or recovering from longer-term health concerns can also

really reduce your ability to concentrate. With the approval of your health-care provider, you

may be able to start doing some of the training to improve concentration, but it may take longer

to get the same result as when you were healthy, or you may have to cut back on your expectations.

You may need more rest, and that might be the best thing that can help you improve your concentration.

Brain disorders, chemical imbalances, hormonal imbalances or changes, and allergies to the environment or foods can cause difficulty

concentrating, as well as a whole host of others. In one medical article that I read,

they listed 365 different diseases and conditions for which the symptom was poor concentration.

So if you think that you may have other health issues in addition to your low ability to

concentrate, I recommend that you see a health care professional to get these things ruled

out. Once you have done that, or in addition to

that, you can start a program to improve your concentration, as long as you aren't pushing

yourself too hard. And if you want to know more about improving concentration

Please like this video and leave me comments below with your questions.

I would be happy to answer them for you. In addition to this, I'm also going to be offering a course on developing your concentration further so stay tuned for that.

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