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After Luke Skywalker helped his father to defeat Darth Sidious and return to the light,

he searched the galaxy for ancient Jedi temples and locations.

During his search, Luke Skywalker discovered a lot of information about the previous history

of the Jedi Order and members of the old Jedi council

Im going to break down exactly what Luke Skywalker knew about Mace Windu and his time

on the Jedi council.

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So what Im going to read to you is a page out of the journal of Luke Skywalker, which

he wrote after he began his journey to discover the massive amount of history about the old

Jedi Order.

If youve been watching the other videos in this series, youll know by now that

Luke managed to collect knowledge about a lot of major events in the Galaxy, so let

me know in the comments which moments in history youd like to hear from the pages of Luke

Skywalkers journal and Ill be sure to cover them.

The following page in Lukes journal tells us exactly what Luke knew about Mace Windus

time on the Jedi council and how he eventually came face to face with Dark Lord of the Sith,

Darth Sidious.

It also tells us what Luke thinks may have happened if his father, Anakin Skywalker,

didn't betray Mace Windu in the chancellors office.

So, heres the journal entry:

Mace Windu - This respected member of the Jedi High Council and general in the Clone

Wars was a true defender of the Jedi Order and all that it stood for.

Although he fought valiantly for the Grand Army of the Republic, Master Windu was never

comfortable with how the Jedi and the senate had become so deeply intertwined.

He remained suspicious of the motives of those in political power, an instinct that proved

well founded when Supreme Chancellor Palpatine was revealed to be the Sith Lord Darth Sidious.

Master Windu led a group of Jedi Masters to arrest the corrupt leader, and had my father

not betrayed him, he might have bested the Dark Lord in combat.”

So in that page of the journal, we can see that Luke definitely realises that Mace Windu

was one of the strongest members of the Jedi council.

Luke also knows that Mace Windu only fought in the Clone Wars because he had to stand

up for people suffering around the Galaxy, but he was not comfortable with it at all.

Luke also discovered that Mace Windu was deeply suspicious of the motives of many members

of the senate, including Palpatine, but failed to act on this instinct because he was blinded

by the light side of the force.

Luke created this journal page on Mace Windu so that he could teach his own students in

the new Jedi academy to trust their instincts, and to stay away from conflict unless used

for self defence.

Luke fully understands that the Jedi were clouded by their decision to join the Clone

Wars as Generals, ultimately leading to the downfall of the order.

Its also really amazing to know that Luke Skywalker knew about the fight in Palpatines

office between Mace Windu and the three Jedi Masters, against Darth Sidious.

I wonder what his reaction would have been if he managed to locate security footage from

that event and watch it.

Maybe he was even told about the incident by the force Ghost of his father.

None of the other Jedi Masters who died in the fight were able to become force ghosts,

as far as we know in Canon and Palpatine would likely not have told him about the event,

so the only way Luke could have found about it was through security recording or the force

ghost of his father, Anakin.

But let me know how you think he discovered this information about the duel with Mace


So that is everything Luke Skywalker discovered about Mace Windu in his journal from the Star

Wars: Secrets of the Jedi book from Lukes Point of view.

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Trust me, theres some really interesting pages in the journal.

Cheers guys hope to see you in the next one.

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