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Hello everyone, my name is Vlad A4.

Kobyakov, Glent.

And welcome to the new video.

Today we will crack open a real ATM with you.

So that you understand, just a couple of years ago, this ATM stood somewhere in the city.

People came up here, entered here a PIN code, withdrew money.

And now it's standing here. And we will hack it.

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Guys, because it's 18 million of us, we are trusted with such things.

And it is thanks to you that this ATM is now standing here.

If we had a small channel, then we wouldn't have been trusted with such a thing.

Well, if there are 25 millions of us, do you even imagine what they can give us?

Ilon Musk himself will call us, give his rocket, it will fly here, we will review it.

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So, guys, there are two reasons why we should hack this ATM today.

Firstly, everyone, and we too are most likely interested in how the ATM is working.

How protected is it? How many layers of armor are there?

What is there, what are the microcircuits inside?

This is the first, and the second one, you know what, boys?

Uh ... is there any money?


Guys, a thousand bucks is walled up there right now.

And we have the motivation to get them out of there.

Now, as you know, this is impossible.

It is ... closed.

Yes, we cant do it with our bare hands. But this is not necessary.

Today we will have 20 different tools,

which we can use to crack it.

Let's go look at them.

Look at our arsenal.

We have a sledgehammer, bat, chains.

Shovel? I don't know why.

There is this crowbar.

There are even pins. If there is any lock, we'll try to open it

Saw and even a real crossbow.

Well, guys, I think we can start from this very second.

Okay, time! Let's break it.

Do you know what interests me the most? How strong the glass is.

Or is it ordinary glass, what do you think?

I think it's armored glass.

Why armor glass?

Well, so that people don't break the screen.

So what? The screen can be broken, and nothing will happen.

So, let's check it out.

Well, guys, right now we will find out whether it is armored or not.

Stop. You forgot about the safety measures.

Of course we need glasses.

Wow, what a color.

Okay, that's it, I can't wait to do it, that's all. There are glasses, safety, gloves, done.

Well, boys, your bets. You say it wont break.

On the contrary, I think it will break.

- Will break. You? - It won't.

Well, I told you.

Stop, but, you see, it crashed inside. Outside, it did not break.

Well, actually ... Remember the movie with armored glass and a strong man?

The glass also broke on the inside.

And outside, as here, it was whole.

Guys, where do you think the weakest point of this ATM is?

I think the keyboard.

- Look! - And now from this side.

Oops, oops, so now we can break in there soon.

Guys, now try to guess how much this ATM weighs.

Try to guess in the comments. Now I won't tell you about this.

You write your opinion, and at the end of this video Ill tell you the real number.

Well, a bunch.

And the one who answers correctly, I will give you a "heart".

A little dent here only.

Damn, guys ...

I am very worried that there are a thousand bucks, that's somewhere hidden there from the safe.

And if we dont get them ...

We'll get it, I wont leave them.

So, let's go see some other tools.

Vlad, I suggest taking a trusty tool of all the robbers. Bat.

No, a bat does not help to crack ATMs. Bat helps to crack ... skulls ...

I think the bat has no chance in this game.

I think even a frying pan will have a better chance.

Because you can pick something up with a frying pan.


- Ready? - Come on.

The top fell off!

See the mechanism. Here, in my opinion, it gives out money.

Oops, all kinds of wires ...

This is a computer, this is a computer. Really a computer.

I wonder if Minecraft will work on it?

Boys, stop, let's analyze how this all happened.

Look, it seems to me that here are some rivets that you just demolished.

And then there was no lock or what?

No, why lock here?

Well, got in here, and look.

Damn, I thought you'd get the money.

No, money, I know that they are down there. Here there is the most protected place.

Here on top are just all sorts of microcircuits, screens, you know.

And the money below, under reliable protection.

I really feel like some sort of burglar. You know, like:

"Checks, oh, what is it? Is that, can it be sold to anyone?"

This is all, of course, fun, but what is the main task? Get $ 1000.

Doesn't look like the $1000 is here.

This method turned out to be effective, I want to try it again.

Oh guys, everything is so new here!

- What is there? - There is a toilet paper stand.

Fine, take it.

- We need an ... - Oh, look, cards go here.

- Yes-yes-yes. - Here's where a card goes.

Want a joke? Someones forgotten card was lying here,

inside the ATM right here.

And here it is. Someone forgot it, really.

Validity terminated in 2019. Cool.

It seems to me that you need to throw the kettlebell again so that a third thing opens.

Phew guys, twenty minutes have passed.

I wonder how long it will take us to get the money.

How much do you think?

- I think about an hour and a half. - An hour.

The kettlebell is something.

Look, I found the alarm system. We are now ...

Wow, ala ... How do you understand that this is the alarm system?

Well, it looks like it.

-How did you determine this? -Oh, it's disconnected.

- No, no? Now no one will come to us? - Yes.

Oh, something is going. Quiet, come on, come on!

So, wait, wait, wait, I know what I need.


Come here!

1, 2...


You saw it?

Here a card is inserted, here in this device.

Some sensors, wires ...

Now Ill get everything out. Oh!

I got the monitor.

And he, look, it's whole, look, here is the glass, which is armored.

I told you so.

I agree.

So, you know what I want to do now?

- What? - Break it to the end.

They call me, they say that people didn't like.

- People didn't? .. - Didn't like the video.

-Who's in touch, subscribers, right? -Yes.

Subscribers, guys, well, you yourself understand, here we got an ATM.

It's serious here, we are trying.

And we would be pleased if you give, for example, a million likes, right?

-Million likes. -And ... Guys, please give a million likes.

And you cant even imagine what kind of videos well filmnext.

You will be stunned. Thanks, I love you. Hugs and kisses.

Got it.

Youll push it back now.

Guys, this is really armored glass.

Oh, I see, I see, I see.

Look how thick it is.


Well, this is the glass.

By the way guys, maybe you dont know

but armored glass, it is generally safe for the skin

Ordinary glass can cut the skin, while armored glass, its kind of soft.

It is all very, very soft.

But its better not to touch it anyway.

I want to get a card reader.

I do not understand how to do this, but it is very interesting.

You decided to collect your own ATM from all the parts.

First you need to get rid of the wires, it seems to me.

Really got rid of it.

So, now you need to break it out.

Everything moves forward!

Damn, guys, have you seen? I am just a professional ATM cracker.

With a new blow, a new part appears.

Done, now nothing bothers us.

Oh come on, come on!

Go away!

Here you have the card reader, take it.

How many different chips.

It would seem like an ordinary ATM. Take the money, give the money.

And then there are some wiring boards.

Some kind of barrel here. Battery? Or what is it?

- Necessary? - Necessary.

I suggest, since we have already decided on a strategy to break everything.

I propose to get rid of everything from the top.

Get them, Kobyakov, all these wires.

We made a mistake.

No mistakes, we have a sledgehammer.

Thirty minutes have passed, and we already have an ATM without a top.

Oh! oh Come on, come on, come on!

This thing, guys, gives joy to all people on Earth.

Look, Vlad, here it goes, so that its just one bill thats just entered,

so that two do not stick together.

And so here it comes in here.

Then here it is turning over and counting money for you.


Boys, in theory, if this thing is giving out money, then the money is already somewhere near.

Exactly, they must somehow go down to the bank.

Yes! There is a hole for money!

Now I have a thing that issues checks.

It seems to me that this is the interweaving of all wires in an ATM, this is the main heart of wires.

We will cut them now and we will be able to get everything.

Does not work.

Maybe you know what we will do? Use a grinder?

Do we have a grinder? Start up.

Nice, Glent.

All wires are gone.

I am the master of wires now.

In short, while Glent dealt with the grinder,

I decided to use this thing.

Done! Guys, it only remains to break the door.

And it remains to break ... Done, nothing more.

It's shiny, it is either hardened, or what it is, I do not know.

Guys, we took apart the ATM.

There is still left. Kobyakov? Who will cut it?

Okay, Kobyakov, prepared the wires.

See how many bearings are here.

Can you make spinners then?

Yes, you can make a lot, a lot.

Are you definitely not born in the jungle?


Well guys look.

40 minutes passed and we got rid of the entire upper part.

See how many different parts we got from the ATM.

But there is one problem.

That money is still not to be found.

So, well, does anyone get in there, take a look?

Maybe someone will find the money?

There is a narrowing, apparently, in order to prevent this from happening.

Done, the hand does not go further. But the money is definitely there.

Money is 100%, there are 1000 bucks there.

No, you see, everything narrows there, does not allow the hand to go in.

Let's deal the first damage to the bottom with this baby.

-Thats the only blow that struck ... -This paint.

Look, the paint just broke off.

So guys, let me look for weak spots.

Boys, this is it, I understand, the door that we can try to remove.

I see Kobyakov has already prepared the crowbar, and ...

So, but along the way this is a simple, weak defense. Here. Here is the safe.

Look, there is a combination lock, digital.

Guys, maybe you can just do it ... No, you cant.

Let's probably break this door. For fun.

There is an instruction!

Instructions on how to crack an ATM?


Now written "Kobyakov sucks"

Guys, in short, the force here will not help, it seems to me, to us. You have to think with your head.

Sledgehammer does not help.


Oh! There is!

Then a little small hole appeared.

Let's do it the other way now.

1, 2...

Come on!

Well, guys, heavy artillery in the form of a drill is coming.

Here, for example, a hole, we will try now a little bit.

Does it work?

Well, it, of course, can take a lot of time, but it can turn out.

So, it's been 55 minutes. You said in an hour, yes?

We have five minutes, let's try.

I suggest drilling the loops.

Look, here, start straight from the top. Oh, like this.

Bank A4. The best bank for lending.


... and get a little lath.

Oh, in more detail.

Nothing changed.

I think I see money.

Look, over there, you see, the tail sticks out of a bill.

Need a flashlight, urgently.

This is really money. Here it is on top.

So, it seems to me, can they be reached?

So, boys, there you just need to break it, break it off ...

And the hand will get in to get the money?

- Get the money... - Hold it.

You just closed the money now.

-Yes? -Yes.

Only it got worse?

Well what have you done ...

Guys, well, I thought it would help.

Guys, check it out, the money is over. See? There.

Over there the bucks are.

It seems like they can be reached by hand.

Give it to Glent, he will get it for sure.

Hold it like that. So, just with a finger. Yeah.

Boys, so I'll get it now.

- No way. - Yes.

Ho... Hold it here. Yes Yes Yes. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

I feel ... I feel!

- Are you getting the money? -I'm getting it, I'm getting it!

- Come on, Glent! - Quiet, quiet. - Yes, yes.

- Quiet, quiet. - Quiet, glove.

- One. - A hundred bucks.

- Still there, still there. -There is also? Yoohoo!

I just grappled.

-Took it? Got it? -Yes, yes, yes, really good.

- 200. - 200.

- 200 ... - And all?

No, it cannot be.

That's all, no money.

- Yes no more. - Are you kidding?

And where? .. And where is 800?

Done? Only 200?

Guys, nothing is visible.

- There... - Damn, guys, it seems to me that they are just even lower.

This is the top level, here it is, we got it.

And the money may lie somewhere here or here.

Good. What can we do?

Boys, there is an idea.

We need to call the guys, professionals who will bring different equipment,

grinders, files, metal cutting, and entrust it to them.

So, wait, but we have to share the money.

Well, we'll share and give them 10%, pay them 100 bucks for help.

- And for us 300. - And 300 will remain for us. - By 300?

- Call. - Call up. - Yes, agree?

Agreed. Agreed.

Well, I went to call.

So, I have two comments on this.

First: well, we found such a professional.

And the second comment: damn, something is smoking there,

and I'm worried that the money can catch fire.

It will be awkward.

Boys, now, it seems to me that as if nothing is happening.

The paint just burns, and thats it.

But what if you ask him to cut off from above?

There are already holes there, just cut off the square and get everything inside.

And get the money.

This is better than the money burned.

Right here, the metal has melted. Nothing here.

It stinks of apples.

I see that a lot of sparks get inside.

And maybe some spark will hit the money and that's it.

It won't

Careful, it's very hot.

It fell down.

Put it out, please.

Ah! Money is burning there!

Give me some water!

Give me water, faster, money is burning there!

Dry the money!


Here, inside, oour inside!

Everything is already extinguished, extinguished.

Crazy. Take a look.


-Where is the money? -Where is the money, Wazowski?


Wait, Vlad. You see the same thing that I see.

-Yes. - Looks like the money just burned out.

I see the ashes from the paper, but apart from the dollars there was nothing more.

Guys, say that we didnt burn $ 800.

I think we did.

We just burned them, from them not even ... not a single Franklin was left.

Well, not a fact.

Guys, I see the ashes.

Maybe there besides dollars some pieces of paper were laying?

No, I dont see anything.

Just dont say that $ 800 burned out while we were opening the safe.

Well, the temperature was hot.

No, well, we saved $ 200.

What is 200 dollars? Its not even a win for one person, guys!

Ok guys, we probably give up.

We will now ask for the key from our banker, so that he opens the safe.

And take a look with our own eyes what happened to the money.

Did you know the code all this time?



See what's left.

What it is?

-Well, look, this is ... -That's all that ...

- Guys ... -There are not even single ones.

Then you can glue it.

Take another piece, Glent.

This is all that remains of $ 800.

Yes, the hack was unsuccessful.

But the bank just will not accept this one?

If they accept, then she is mine. Anyway.

Yes, guys, even though we sawed an ATM, but, unfortunately, the money burned out.

No, well, at least it can be turned over for scrap.

You will do it.

Also, guys, for those who were waiting for the weight of this ATM.

The correct figure is 600 kg. This ATM weighed 600 kg.

Do you know what, guys, is the saddest thing?

That everyone pulled in the money to put inside.

And they burned out now.

Therefore, guys, the only thing you can do is support us,

Like this video.

And write in the comments what kind of losers we are.

We deserve it.

Yeah, you right.

Well, of course, the best motivation, and the best gift for us

This is the Subscribe button. Make it gray.

Well, that was me, my name is Vlad A4.

Glent. Kobyakov.

Bye, bye.

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